Hey what’s up my friend?

I’ve been asked several times from other friends and bloggers what’s the current situation of my upcoming WordPress training so I thought out of writing this article instead of answering everyone the same thing on different channels.

You finally finish your training and then what?

Well, that simplistic sounding “then what” happens to be a ton of stuff and since I don’t want to take much of your time, I’ll briefly mention what still needs to be done.

Sales Page

I’ve got some help writing the sales page, now I think I may rewrite the whole thing again, not sure if it will convert as well but at least I can blame myself for it instead of someone else.

  • Get the sales copy story to flow properly
  • Include some eye candy including graphics and pictures
  • Add some screenshots from the training itself

Content Creation

I still need to finish creating some stuff that should be ready already but it is what it is.

  • Record the Welcome Video
  • Finish recording the first three videos for Module 01
  • Finish writing the fast-track report
  • Create the mindmaps
  • Finish the checklists
  • Write the case studies for the $700, $1500 and $40K websites
  • Create a free report for those people who decide not to buy
  • Shoot a brief sales video (this will be implemented at last)
  • Create the resources page

Affiliate Material

I could probably outsource this (and I may) but that’s beyond the point of this article so this is what needs to be done:

  • Finish the JV Blog
  • Create all the affiliate material including swipes, social media updates, review examples, etc
  • Create the banners, just two versions (static and animated) of the most common sizes will do although I may create more when the training is released
  • Test and implement an affiliate plugin that works directly with Clickbank

Adding More Value

There seems to be a lot of debate about upsells and downsells, to be honest I’ve never seen anyone going apeshit when they are asked “Will you like fries with that?” so if the offer is right, I don’t see why I shouldn’t do it.

Now having said that, I don’t truly believe in one-time offers per se because it literally forces you to make an impulse buy and that’s not cool with me.

I WILL create some upgrade offers but it will be up to people to get them as soon as they make their initial payment or when they have seen some of the training and decide they want more (so they can still get the offers from inside the training).

  • Create the “Done For You” material
  • Define a compelling personal coaching offer
  • Define an automated pay and sign-up calendar for Skype consulting calls

Technical Related

This is all the geeky related stuff, it’s actually what has been sucking my time like there’s no tomorrow but at least I can offer to do this as services later myself.

  • Finish creating all the different levels
  • Implement security with the membership script
  • Define, install, configure and test the helpdesk software
  • Plan out what a free member has access to including resources and probably Module 01


The sales page has been the most difficult part of all of this but mainly because *I* overcomplicated it.

There’s no doubt that if you have a great program but a lousy page, it won’t sell (unless you are already a known marketer) so I didn’t want to take that chance.

I have several friends that happen to have huge subscriber’s lists so in an effort to help their students out, they created this insane “must have” checklists, I freaking panicked when I saw them the first time.

So I decided to not give a damn about what these big affiliates may think about it and do what I feel is right instead (otherwise this training is never going to be launched!)

For the content creation part, that’s all my fault. I had to learn a lot of new programs and things to get all this working like it’s supposed to including mindmapping software, video editing, graphic software, audio editing, the list just goes on and on.

This is exactly when I understood I’m not really an Internet Marketer, I’m still the same IT guy that loves to learn how things work and even though money loves speed, I’m pretty sure I already got the hang out of all of this which is a good thing, because now I know how long does it take for each activity to be completed and I can outsource these tasks properly and accordingly.

The affiliate material will be created in probably just two days at most so I’m not too worried about that.

For the upgrade offers, the only thing that worries me a bit is that nobody takes them but the worse thing that can happen is exactly that so I’m still going to go forward with those.

And for the techie related stuff, that’s exactly what I’m working on today, finishing all the levels, securing the content and hopefully finishing the sales copy as well (the written part).

Your Time To Shine!

I know my product creation process may sound too complex (believe me, it’s not THAT crazy I just kind of overcomplicated things myself) but I still want to know where you are at in case you’re currently creating an information product yourself.

Let me know in the comments area and thanks for reading all about my product creation experience!


PS. Did I say I want to have ALL of this ready for next week? Yikes!

Sergio Felix
Sergio Felix

Hi, I'm Sergio Felix, founder of Marketing With Sergio. I work full time as a digital marketing expert for the retail industry managing a team of experts in departments of SEO, SEM, front-end web development and conversion rate optimisation and in my spare time I love conducting offline digital marketing workshops and teaching other entrepreneurs how to build and maintain business oriented websites with WordPress. I'm highly passionate about blogging, writing, music, jogging, entrepreneurship and personal development.