Why I Am Deleting My Whole Subscriber’s List

Say whaaat?

Isn’t the money in the list?

Well yes and no…

You see, the money is actually in the relationship you have with those people in your list.

You can have a huge list of subscribers and still make zero money from it and you can have just a couple of hundreds and you can make thousands out of that…

If and only if, you have a great relationship with them.

What My Problem Was

I started building my list without giving anything in return (no freebies) apart from my blog updates.

The idea behind this was that I didn’t want to create a list of freebie seekers.

This is what happens when you try to reinvent the wheel… You either hit it big or flop miserably.

And I did the latter.

I thought that my advice was solid and strong enough that there was no need to entice people with something as a freebie to sign up and receive my updates and recommendations.

Big mistake.

Believe it or not, people did sign up to get my tips and updates receiving nothing else in return.

I may have not built a list of freebie seekers but I did create a highly unresponsive list of people instead.

You see, I had no relationship with my list anymore.

I said open this, look here, check this out, no action.

Heck, most of the times people wouldn’t even open my e-mails.

Was it my boring headlines? You got bored of me? I’m not sure but what it was great before, turned into a one way communication only.

We were like a really troubled married couple without any love left for each other… (lol where did that came from?)

Money Loves Speed… Keep Track Of Your Stats

I was aware of this situation so I came up with a plan of attack.

Decided to start publishing new and fresh content consistently, same day, same time, etc.

I checked my google analytics account, my clicky stats, my aweber opening rates…

But the numbers simply weren’t there.

Since I’m about to launch my first ever formal wordpress training I thought “maybe I can hold this off a bit until I release the training and then I can see what to do with my list…”

But I just can’t.

Your Blog Is Your Marketing Hub, Not Your Time Sucker

Producing a good blog post takes me about 6 to 10 hours to complete and that’s only if I don’t have to do any research…

You know, just typing it from the top of my head.

At a very low $100 hourly rate (my real hourly rate is actually way higher than that) I would have to be earning anywhere from $600 to $1,000 per published post and it’s not happening.

So I can’t keep giving up on this kind of time and money anymore.

The whole idea of a blog is to write about your current marketing situation, teach others what you have learned, create your brand, establish your authority, etc.

You create an audience, nurture that relationship with them and then take it to the next level.

I actually teach all of that inside Authority Blog Profits.

But I think I have written enough already and I’m willing to reset now.

Getting People To Know You

I know I’m far from being an amazing blogger but I do know one thing though, I started my blog to be known so when I created something, you would believe in its quality and have some trust in my work in advance.

People know about my latin accent when I speak, that I love beers and running, that I was in IT before doing internet marketing, that I live in my own apartment and I’m getting married soon, etc.

To me, that’s more than enough.

No need for more branding.

Sure, there is always more ways to improve our reach but the basic point of putting yourself out there has been reached already.

So why push it?

There’s a product that still requires attention and yet I keep writing more and more information here because well, I thought you needed it in the first place.

I have people that have e-mailed me thanking me for producing such amazing content and that have started their blogs just from information they got from here.

They didn’t even needed to opt in to get it!

Even Alex Jeffreys (the dude that made $1 million dollars in 21 days) came up to me and told me I had a really cool writing style.

He was reading this blog!

I have made similar connections to other internet marketing top players so should I blog for eternity or should I take it to the next level already?

Taking It To The Next Level

Good writing, a nice attitude, transparency, caring for others… all of these are great assets to have but they will only take you to a certain point.

To be able to keep growing, making progress and moving forward you have to stick out at some point.

You won’t achieve that by writing even more blog posts (unless you’re Seth Godin that is).

You achieve that by creating something that’s unique.

A product, a consulting service, anything that is unique because it has the YOU factor in it.

That’s when you break the “great blogger” barrier to become a “great marketer”.

The great blogger or great writer labels do not cut it anymore for me so I’m willing to take it to the next level starting today.

Reinventing The Wheel… Yay Or Nay?

I already talked about this, I think reinvention is always good as long as you have a solid justification for it.

If you’re just trying to be different for the sake of being different, chances are you are going to get burned sooner or later.

What I’m going to be doing next, is take care of my unresponsive list problem right from its roots.

I’m getting rid of my complete list of subscribers.

While it’s fun to see open rates and click through rates, if there is no cash flow going on in both ways, then something is definitely wrong and needs immediate attention.

I told a close marketing friend about this situation and he was very straight forward about it:

“You need a buyer’s list”.

I swear a light bulb just went on above my head… well not really but you get the idea.

New Delivery Formats

I think I have been blogging for a while now and I have been asked if I’m going to write a book anytime soon.

This actually has happened a few times already and I’m starting to identify a need here or probably just a good recommendation.

Whatever the case is, I think it’s a great idea to start fresh after deleting my whole list of subscribers.

I can start writing a few short guides and reports that teach you how to do something very specific in the best way possible and then scale that up.

Another friend to whom I was talking yesterday on Skype told me something like this:

“You’re too good, stop caring so much about people.”

He didn’t mean it in a bad way, he was only pointing out that I sometimes stop making progress because I think doing something in specific can piss some people off.

So maybe I’m actually going to play by the rules now…

You know, create a few cool freebies, force you to opt-in to get them and then you decide if you stay on my list or not.

I am not going to fall for the freebie seeker’s trap though.

I plan to place some “Buy Now” buttons here and there and also monetize the reports so you can either support me by buying my stuff and get amazing value in return… or do nothing at all.

This would still be a win-win situation because I would be focusing my time on things that can actually bring revenue and the branding on the blog is already done.

So paid reports, kindle books and a few basic video based trainings is what I’m going to be creating right after Authority Blog Profits launches to the public.

Authority Blog Profits – Almost Ready To Launch

I planned to silently release Authority Blog Profits to the public since I didn’t want to make a formal launch with my first product as the guinea pig.

First I need to have raw numbers, full conversion stats, EPCs and all that mambo jambo real marketers talk about all the time.

The idea of just releasing ABP and not tell anyone about it, was to allow affiliates to make more sales before actually starting to do big promotions with top affiliate marketers.

After talking about this with Joey Kissimmee (who worked as a JV Manager in the past) he recommended to create so much buzz about it that everyone could get excited.

And that’s exactly what I’m going to do.

I’m going to be talking all the time about ABP from now on.

Tell you about what I have been struggling with, what has been done already and what my current situation is so you know exactly what is happening.

The idea for this is that you know what to expect from doing your first formal product and launch and I think this is going to be a great case study for any upcoming products.

So Long And Thanks For All The Fish!

Here’s a quick video I made for you. ;-)

[youtuber youtube=’https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W4tbcKPltac’]

I’m not going anywhere though, you can still connect with me on any of these social media platforms:

And I’m also going to keep writing on the blog (just so you know I’m not going to dissappear from the blogosphere) I’m not going to have a schedule though.

Authority Blog Profits Early Bird’s

I’m not 100% sure when this is going to be released yet as I’m still working on the sales page.

Clickbank also has to review the content first in order to approve it.

But it’s going live really soon.

Authority Blog Profits



For now I’ll sort some stuff in my bank so I can do a few needed marketing tools purchases in the upcoming days.

I’ll put everything else in order around here in my home office and create a new content delivery strategy that is properly monetized.

I definitely won’t be reinventing the wheel again, I learnt my lesson the hard way.

And I obviously won’t be sending you any more e-mails in case you were on my list.

Having said that…

I want to Thank You if you were on the [MWS] list (you can unsubscribe now).

I had lots of fun with it and it was a great learning experience but it’s time to move on.

I’ll be creating a video series campaign soon and I’ll have an opt-in box for it in case you’re still interested in my stuff.

Take care and I’ll talk to you some day soon again! ;-)


“Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.” ~ Stephen Hawking.


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  1. Reply

    Alright, fair enough. I can see that happening to you and I admit to being one of those unresponsive subscribers myself (but don’t worry, it’s not you, I have over 4000 unread emails in my inbox right now :P) but this one definitely got me to open. I personally have not even bothered to send email updates of late cause 1) I have super small list 2) it is somewhat unresponsive as well.

    It definitely makes sense to build a list that is much more engaging to get conversions. Since you’re doing such solid job I’m sure it will turn out a good decision regardless. When you provide value, people will come.

    1. Reply

      Hey Jarkko, I’m not pointing fingers at anyone in particular man but I’m glad I wasn’t the only one you were avoiding LOL

      Thanks a lot for the kind words, I certainly appreciate them and they actually lift my spirit! ;-)

    • Dave E Wilkes
    • May 23, 2013

    Hi Sergio

    Well done.

    You have already separated yourself from the timid.

    Starting again!

    What you were doing wasn’t working for you and so you are making a fresh start – but this start will be from a whole different position and perspective.

    I must confess that I only rarely did what you said to do. Yes I was part of that unresponsive list.

    But I do really enjoy reading your posts and I have learned a lot from you.

    And now I wish you the best of the best

    I almost feel as if I am saying goodbye to an old and trusted friend.

    But in actual fact I am greeting a different part of you.

    Well done. The old Sergio is gone. Long live Sergio the new…..

    1. Reply

      Hey Dave, not sure if I still look timid on my videos because it’s been a while I no longer feel like that.

      Like I told Jarkko above, I’m not pointing fingers at anyone, you came here and interacted several times and I certainly appreciate that and your honesty as well.

      I will definitely change my mindset to something more entrepreneurial, hence why I’m making these changes.

      If I can’t help you make money online in some way, then this huge effort from me will become a huge failure and that is not something I’m willing to accept.

      Thanks for the kind comment, being a friend and being in touch man, I really appreciate the time you have spent here Dave! ;-)

    • Alvin B
    • May 23, 2013

    So long Sergio, I understand my friend, been there done that. It is nice to stay up 6-8 hours per day blogging for people to get free stuff but when you are not making money or spending enough time with family, that’s no joke.

    1. Reply

      Hey Alvin, I’m not going anywhere my friend but you have a really valid point there.

      If you’re not providing and spending quality time with your family then you can’t be messing around on the internet.

      Much less playing to be an internet marketer without actually being one.

      Thanks for stopping around man.

  2. Reply

    Who said to you that you need a buyers list :-D

    Don’t give up the blog man, just prioritize your tasks. Your product is long overdue so get it done, then move on to the next one. Give your readers some food for thought after your launch in the form of a post, this is not going to take an age and you don’t have to do it every week. You only have to provide people with what you feel they need.

    I will leave you with this. I was talking to a friend not to long ago and he said to me. Dan, it may sound selfish, but think about the money tasks first, then think about everything else second to your business. This guy earns five figures per month and works only a few hours per day.

    Take some time away Sergio and get shit done. Your blog readers and FB fans won’t miss you that much. I’m still AWOL and loving it at the moment. I’m working less and earning more.

    You know where I am if you need a chat dude.


    1. Reply

      LOL Dan, you did man… And the blog stays, it just won’t be my priority anymore.

      “Money tasks first…”

      I’m actually going to write that down on my whiteboard so I can see it every day until I get my wordpress training out.

      Sadly but honestly speaking, I know people won’t miss me much. They have proven this to me already so I’ll try to help them in a different way now.

      People tend to under estimate the real value of the information they are being offered when it’s free.

      That absolutely KILLS my good will man but hey, it is what it is.

      If people need to be charged a shitload of money to pay attention to our advice, then so be it.

      First products are going to be affordable but I’m scaling this really high and FAST.

      I am not going to be playing games anymore.

      Thanks for all the solid support, huge advice and being there for me even when I know you are super busy man.

      This is something I’ll never forget! ;-)

  3. Reply

    Interesting Sergio. I’m not sure I entirely understand. I’ll think this over..

    My list is small and at least moderately responsive. I do make people work a little to get on it. :)
    It comes mostly from my first free publication, and I send a newsletter a couple of times per month…

    You’ve got my email and twitter if you want to chat. Skype is tom.wacker13

    I wish you the very best, my friend.

    1. Reply

      Hey Tom, nothing to think about my man.

      If your list is responsive and you talk about marketing, then you’re golden.

      You write good articles, people are getting to know you, you’re doing an excellent job sticking out as well.

      Don’t even think about getting rid of your list man, this is something that is very specific to myself.

      Thanks for offering your help, I certainly appreciate it too man, take care! ;-)

  4. Reply

    Hey Sergio, how are you doing.

    In many aspects of marketing you need to experience your own methods and learn from your own mistakes, and if mistakes are made then is nothing top feel ashamed about. All marketers face this in some form or the there. Well don’t in self identifying the issue and noting it. Businesses need to ‘assess’ themselves regularly, and their efforts and progress.

    Your blog as a marketing platform is great, and nice to see you have placed social sharing links as I mentioned last time.

    As for email marketing the money is in the relationship with the list and how this is done is an art. I’m sure while deleting your list that many of your subscribers will be upset to see you let it go. But you did help many people as they read your blog posts.

    Tracking is one of the most important elements of your business, as it can help you
    improve you marketing efforts as you can see what is working and what is not.

    You can track your email click rates, your clicked links, your traffic source, etc.

    TIP – DO TRACK !

    Otherwise it is great that you are getting your product up and running.

    Matt Morgan

    1. Reply

      Hey Matt,

      I always learn from my mistakes and I have always been transparent about everything I do online, even when I was still living with my parents being 35 years old (who the heck is sergio felix?).

      Anyone who says he (or she) is an internet marketer and is not currently tracking EVERY single thing they are doing online, is not being serious.

      I wasn’t progressing because I was thinking too much in not pissing my subscribers off and now that I think about it, I’m really laughing a little bit at how naive I was.

      It’s not going to happen again though, if someone is offended, pissed off or whatever, then I will gladly show them the door.

      I already invested three entire years of my life into learning every single thing about Internet Marketing I can, have separated myself from my family, friends and everything I had a relationship with, I even stopped caring about my own health, only to teach unknown people what I know.

      If people can’t actually see this huge effort I’m doing, then I’m sorry but I would have to tell them to simply fuck off then.

      I have even been “recommended” how I should talk and I actually listened.

      That’s just beyond hilarious to me.

      But anyway, thanks for helping with your tips man.

      I know that if any of the readers actually read other people’s comments here, they are getting a ton of value from your input and that’s something I’ll always be grateful for.

      Take care and talk soon man! ;-)

    • Carlie Hamilton
    • May 23, 2013

    When I first saw this blog I knew it was one that I want to keep my eye on. You are just a little step ahead of where I want to be. Well done! :) I’m looking forward to what you have to say in the future :)

    1. Reply

      Thank you Carlie, coming from someone who writes such amazing articles and has a great taste for creating good looking websites, this is indeed a great compliment.

      Thank you for signing up to ABP, I know you’ll be delighted to see what I have put together in that training. ;-)

    • Patrick Griffin
    • May 23, 2013

    Hey Sergio,

    Well this does not come as any shock to me at all.
    As you know I did exactly the same thing a couple of months back, for almost the exact same reasons.

    I think when I was updating my blog five or six times a week it was a pretty decent read – I certainly got great feedback – but it wasn’t making me any money.

    I was effectively spending all my time working for free so I decided to do exactly what you have announced here today.

    I love Dan’s comment “…focus on the money tasks first…” and while it seems like the most obvious thing in the world to say it is something that does not always come naturally to many people…myself included.

    I know you will do well. In fact I have no doubts at all about your future online success. These days, as you know, I have switched my efforts from online marketing to writing about shiny new phones.
    However when you are ready to launch your new product then let me know because this is one I will most certainly want to promote.

    Good luck.


    1. Reply

      Hey Pat, I still remember when you did the same thing to your list man.

      Pareto’s law is not even a 80/20 rate here, people are doing 100% of the efforts to get 0% in return.

      I’m pretty sure they:

      1. Do not have any obligations or families to take care of or…
      2. The whole internet marketing thing is just a hobbie for them.

      I’m not in any of these situations, I actually have to provide and I really can’t understand why it took me so long to bail out on this one.

      I will certainly let you know when the training is ready man and thanks again for all the support, help, patience and faith on myself.

      That has helped like you have no idea and I know I’ll make it rain and somehow, make you part of it.

      Just stay put and you’ll see!

      1. Reply

        Ahhhh, the light bulb comes on and stays on. I get it, I think.

        It took Patrick’s response to make me think of why. When Patrick pruned his list, and even before, when he cut way back on his blogging, I couldn’t understand why such a talented guy would go away from his obvious talent. It took me a while to work through that.

        I had the same reaction to Sergio’s announcement.

        But I have an end point in mind for me, too. I’m working to a place, with a time to arrive scheduled.

        It’s really NOT all about the list, it’s all about the living and life. The list is a part of the path, not the path to success.

  5. Reply

    This makes a lot of sense to me Sergio.

    I’ve been doing everything as you have been, thinking people would sign up to hear my great wisdom :-).

    I’ve been putting off finishing my giveaway for ages and that’s me being very lazy and not prioritising the right stuff as usual.

    I’m going on holiday next week but after I get back I MUST change the way I do things (that’s me telling myself that :-))!

    You and I are just too nice.

    1. Reply

      Hey Tim,

      Yeah man, this really doesn’t work at all.

      Play by the rules, create that freebie and start building your list the right way.

      I would even go as far as including a paid offer (if possible) right there on the spot.

      We are in this industry to exchange knowledge for money, there’s nothing wrong asking for more than a name and an email address to give more value to people.

      Thanks for stopping by man and hope you get that sorted out soon. ;-)

      PS. I’m already working on my “freebie”.

    • Theodore Nwangene
    • May 24, 2013

    Hey Sergio,
    You’re going no where :), just kidding. You look more handsome on that video, I can see that your fiancee is doing a good :) Lol.

    Man, i was smiling and nodding my head when i was reading this post because I’m 100% with you on this. Come on man, In as much as we want to teach others what we’ve learnt, we also need to get rewards for our efforts right? I remembered the comment you left on my blog last time about this very issue.

    You will just end up bearing the name of a good writer. Its just like someone that finished his P.HD and has no job and no money, he will only be blowing grammar everywhere and soon, they will nick name him…. Mr English because, that’s what he is good at :).

    That’s not what i want too man. Stephen Hawkins has said it all because, change is constant and only the wise and intelligent adapts to it.

    I also has about 700 subscribers on my list that hardly open my emails and i was just thinking of what to do with them.

    I think its about time i also start afresh and start seeing things the way they are. We should all tell ourselves the truth man.

    As you’ve known, I also plan to get involved with somethings like Niche site marketing, Kindle /ebook publishing and other things and i really have to get more serious at it.

    You see my man, this post of yours is just an eye opener and I’m not going to play with it because, I’ve never read this kind of post before :).

    Thanks a lot for this thought provoking post, hope to be catching up with you on Facebook and Skype man and I’m also wishing you the best of luck. I’m sure we will all succeed man because, you’ve invested a lot. Please, don’t forget to notify me when you launch ABP, i will like to write a review/testimonial.

    Extend my warm regards to your wife to be :).

    1. Reply

      Hey Theodore, there are a lot less drastic ways to get an unresponsive list back to life man.

      My decision of getting rid of it completely was drastic but also a bit based on the fact it wasn’t big.

      I think I would try to gain their attention back again if I had 700 subscribers though.

      Thanks for stopping by and still being interested in ABP man, you already have your ticket reserved! ;-)

    • Oluwaseun Babajide
    • May 24, 2013

    My first time on this blog and I must say your writing style is lovely! You will be seeing more of me here :D

    1. Reply

      Hey Oluwaseun,

      Welcome to the site man, hope next time you can write more than one sentence and actually provide some feedback on the article.

      Then I’ll probably allow you to have a link pointing back to your site, cheers! ;-)

  6. Reply

    Hi Sergio,

    I like “Money tasks first.” I think we all need to remember that. I hope you won’t abandon the blog completely, I’ve really learned a lot of reading it!

    1. Reply

      I’ll be around George, I just deleted a subscriber’s list, I didn’t kill myself LOL

      Thanks for the kind comment man! ;-)

    • Frederik Jorgensen
    • May 27, 2013

    I’ve been doing the exact same thing… I was getting a lot of leads but most of them were unresponsive.

    Now it’s time to do it the right way, let’s do this Sergio! :-D

    1. Reply

      W00t, glad you agree with this Frederik, time to make things right man! ;-)

      PS. Oh and welcome to the blog btw!

        • Frederik Jorgensen
        • May 27, 2013

        Thank you for the warm welcome! :-) Do you have any tips for creating the best possible ‘first hand impression’ for new subscribers?

    • Linda
    • May 27, 2013

    I really suck at keeping up to date with my lists. I just started JV giveaways again – but kinda slacked off there too – too much going on with other projects that have made me money! But, my problem with lists is that I get subscribers and then don’t do anything with them because I don’t have the “time” or maybe the “desire” so when you go to send them a message, you do get flagged as spam and at that point you get pissed and if you get too many you get kicked out, right?

    So, it’s not going to help me in any way if I have 100 or 1,000 subscribers and I go to launch my first product – I still will end up back at the beginning – that is my biggest fear and one of my biggest STOPPERS!

    I am really going to miss you, I read every one, but I don’t respond to ANYONE who constantly sends things out about making money – every single person whom I have ever joined up for training – that is all I ever see – they SUCK and I open NONE of them – they are worthless to me!

    That’s great you are still going to be blogging – I don’t do much more of that myself anymore – things have changed all around for me – I am moving on or maybe in transition.

    I really want to do the web designing thing and do something where I can REALLY make money – you can’t make money blogging – well you can, but it’s not really for me – I gotta produce RESULTS and Happiness – I don’t feel you can really be happy being a blogger and making a serious income at just that – no way! Plus I can never dream up anything to write about anymore – my brain is FRIED ;-)

    Anyway – you know I will be in touch and I appreciate everything you have done for me in the past and I know I can count on you in the future.

    Best of luck my friend – see you at the TOP!

    1. Reply

      Hey Linda,

      Not everyone has to do broadcasts, if time is an issue then you could create a basic e-mail sequence that follows up on the freebie and teaches your subscribers who you are at the same time.

      Whenever you need to send something, you just broadcast it to your list.

      That way people do not “feel” like you’re alive for a few days and then go completely AWOL for weeks.

      Blogging per se, is not hard but it is really hard if the main goal is to make money out of just writing and don’t have a product of your own.

      I learnt that the hard way.

      Writing is actually fun for me so my “aha moment” was to instead of writing for free, start writing reports, guides and books and sell them!

      Not particularly for profit but to make people value my content more and make them more action-based marketers, not just people that read and watch and do nothing in the end.

      Web designing is fun and can put some real good money in your hand right away, the only problem is dealing with clients but if you come up with a great plan (to protect your time and your work) then it is more than doable and a great experience.

      Thanks for stopping by Linda and all your support!

      PS. I am in the process of going back to offering IT services so if that goes well, I’ll have some great case studies that could probably help you as well. I’ll let you know if it happens!

  7. Reply

    Hi Sergio!

    Congratulations a great looking blog.

    I must say it’s a very brave move deleting your list… I know I wouldn’t have the guts to do it!


    1. Reply

      Hey Rob, welcome to the blog!

      And yeah, I am in no way recommending anyone to do this, just something I needed to do myself. ;-)

      Anyway, thanks for stopping by and the nice comment.

      PS. I loved your About Me story on your site and you seem to have some pretty cool videos there as well, will visit back soon!

  8. Reply

    Well, Sergio you did it again!

    Chop and Change! Your middle Name….

    I’ll admit to not opening your emails…mostly because by the time I found the email
    in my over run account, I’d already been here and read your post.

    I’ve had a week with my computer work that compares to your email list…
    First my
    mouse quit working…Computer kept making that ominous boomp and the pointer wouldn’t move…error code Your usb is not working….thought it was the computer
    but it was the mouse AND

    it took the printer with it….Permanent paper jam, but no paper jam….went through all the steps…called it a day and bought another.

    As for email lists….I had an email list of two….2…
    and sent out a short note about John Thornhill and Dave Nicholson’s Christmas offer…
    they both opened the emails…more than once.

    The guy who opened his email 6 times finally bought the offer and the upsell….the most I have ever made from an email!

    Too bad if you have deleted your List….

    I think you ought to run a contest and give the winner a week of “Guest Blogging” (writing emails) to your soon to be deceased email list!

    The subject could be something like this… Grandma Chicken Says..You’d Better

    and leave them hanging until they open the email and you explain that you are forwarding them an email you received from Grandma Chicken (I’ve used that name to do reviews on Amazon)….or who ever your first weekly winner is…

    Just a thought…

    You would get a response….they either unsubscribe or start opening and reading!

    I posted on the Tim Ferris Blog where I was reading his request at the end of a post for anyone who need help with something to comment and let him know what the need was?
    (Sneaky way to find out what to market next?)

    Since the post was all on theory and inspiration rather than any hands on how-do-I-do this type of thing…..
    I threw a curve ball….

    “I know this isn’t what you wanted to know, but this is what I need. Does anyone have an idea or method for organizing and keeping a house clean that will work for someone who hates, no abhors housework?”

    I signed up for follow up comments…there have been a few and the cutest was from someone one who recommended a cute little website…their first advice was
    Number 1. Clean and Shine your Sink Each Day…

    Easy! Right? not really, to clean and shine your Sink every day ..means on dirty dishes left in the sind… Sneaky!

    1. Reply

      Hey Cararta, thanks for the great, long, thoughtful comment!

      And to answer your question what’s done it’s done so no, I won’t be doing anything with that list anymore. I keep up my promises and I did say “this is the last e-mail you receive from me” and I really meant it.

      I tried to make the list more responsive but it didn’t happen so I’m not wasting my time with uninterested people either, I have waaay too many more important things to do than deal with something like this.

      The funny part is that I have now twice the subscribers I had on my blog’s list in only three days of creating the free training and everyone currently on the training is loving it so far so at least, something is working like it’s supposed now!

      Take care and talk soon! ;-)

      PS. Loved your experience on the Tim Ferriss blog, I actually saw that comment of yours because I commented first there but Tim didn’t reply… and then I wept. LOL j/k but yeah, great comment and it sounds like you have a great non-IM intro for an article there.

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  10. Reply

    Hi Sergio,

    that is a brave move to delete your mailing list.
    I think a lot of people can find theirselves in this post and hopefully this post encourages them to take action.

    It can’t be the reason to build a mailing list just to give away free products. Like you said it’s about building relationships with communication in two ways.

    It’s something that I have to learn for myself, but I think I’m on a pretty good way :-)

    Best regards,

    1. Reply

      Hey Jan, I couldn’t have said it better myself man and I think you’re on a great path already to create great relationships with your audience.

      Keep up the good work man and talk soon!

  11. Reply

    Hey Sergio, great to read something so real! And deleting your list – way to go. I am only starting on mine, and your comments have got me thinking more about it. So thanks. I will try to keep your words of wisdom in mind as I (hopefully) progress! only 3 months into this game! I will keep reading some of your older stuff I think to see if I can gleam some more wisdom!!
    PS – you a Douglas Adams fan? read his Dirk Gently stuff too? classic Brit humour

    1. Reply

      Hey Ash, I am not recommending anyone to delete their current lists man.

      I had to delete mine because I just couldn’t make my subscribers take action upon anything I sent them and I felt I was wasting my time and their time as well.

      Only three months with Internet Marketing? That’s quite an accomplishment man so no wonder why you are into web developing (you currently have a great looking site) and I really like that you’re promoting Matt Wolfe’s book, I just love that guy!

      Take care and I wish you the best man, thanks for stopping by. ;-)

      PS. I would strongly suggest to come up with a freebie of some kind for list building because people are no longer excited to receive just “blog updates”.

    • Raaj Trambadia
    • July 7, 2013

    Some innovative decision made out there, Serge. One of the main reasons why the relationships don’t exist between the subscriber and the sender is because the subscribers are only provided with unwanted offers.

    That might bring in some money, as someone might go and purchase the promoted product, but then there’s hardly anything such as ‘relationship’ that exists b/w an internet marketer and the subscribers.

    This has to change.

    Raaj Trambadia

    1. Reply

      Hey Raaj, completely agree man however that was not the case here.

      I’ve never sent any unwanted offers to my list, the list was built mainly for updating people of new blog posts and that was exactly where the problem was.

      Subscribers got used to visit the blog instead of clicking my email links which turned out to be a problem because they would never go anywhere else besides my blog.

      I can’t stand marketers who send offer after offer even if they are valuable, it’s just not my way of doing things.

      Thanks for visiting the site and checking out the article man, have a great weekend! ;-)

        • Raaj Trambadia
        • July 7, 2013

        Sure, Serge.

        I was actually referring to the ones who practice the same.

        By the way, once in a while, I practice the following –

        List up some great articles of the month, organize them well (with the images & excerpts) in the broadcast email editor, and then send it on to my list. It worked well as it generated some good amount of page-views and interaction which was more than the usual.

        Try practicing that rather then sending an email for every new post – because too many emails might just annoy the crap outta people.

        Cheers Mate. Let’s connect. Find me on Twitter :)

        Raaj Trambadia

        1. Reply

          LOL people do read these comments that’s why I had to clarify. ;-)

          About the weekly roundups, I’ll implement those in the future but not any time soon.

          I’m focusing on product creation 100% as we speak but thanks for the tip man, I’m sure that has to work great for more page views and interaction.

          I don’t see the point in just sending blog updates (like I used to do before) now I actually send offers too, actually I already explained all of this here: https://www.marketingwithsergio.com/free-seven-day-internet-marketing-plan/

          Thanks again for visiting twice today lol ;-)

    • Raaj Trambadia
    • July 8, 2013

    Good to hear that.And I’m focusing on my business as well (incase you didn’t know, I’m the founder of thesislove.com).Here’s to success! :) Raaj Trambadia

    1. Reply

      I’m aware Raaj, good stuff! ;-)

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