Who The Heck Is Sergio Felix?

Okay folks, it’s time to get personal.

I recently joined a marketing challenge created by Dean Holland.

It is based around “challenges”.

And everyone is being ultra responsive about completing these challenges since we started the training (hint!).

The Video Challenge

The latest challenge was to create a video about the training.

No strict rules, just say you’re enrolled in the training, what do you expect to learn from it, stuff like that.

So far, I have seen VERY creative videos and other videos that maybe aren’t that good but nevertheless, people are taking MASSIVE action.

Me… I’m not very good at following step by step things.

I tend to check out what the goal is and then I do it MY WAY.

So I created my video.

Even though I DO mention Dean Holland’s Challenge, the video can be watched by anyone who wants to see what my current situation is.

Warning: There is absolutely ZERO sugar coating on this video.

The first step in making things right is accepting there’s a flaw so I’m GAME for this.

The video is unedited, the only thing I did to it was to take the original audio out and synchronize an audio file recorded with a lapel mic and an audio portable device.

Also, the video was not scripted (heck I don’t even know how to do that) so I missed important points like:

  • money made so far
  • how much have I invested online
  • what the follow up plan is
  • etc, etc

But it still provides a really “take no prisoners” breakdown of where I’m actually standing right now.

So Who The Heck Is Sergio Felix?

Have you seen how almost every guru has a very humorous story before becoming rich?

“I was living at my grandma’s”

“My girlfriend was paying for my tuition”

“I was maxed out on all my credit cards”

Well this is my “I was living under a bridge” story only that I’m still in a rags to rags story.

I’m sharing this with you now because I need to believe this in order to achieve it.

Not long ago I spoke about how I made $1,500 USD with just one offline client using WordPress and guess what?

That’s NOT the Internet Lifestyle.

That’s me doing a site for a client and it is lightyears away of what I want to do online.

I have also mentioned a few times how I made about $30,000 USD developing just one site…  that’s STILL something I had to exchange my time for and made that money only once, so guess what?

Still… NOT the lifestyle I’m after.

Raw Uncut No BS Video

So here it is… are you ready for it?

Honestly, it is embarrassing as hell but making this public is the only way I actually make stuff happen.



Please… be real.

If you were able to watch the whole thing please let me know in the comments area (if you want).

If you couldn’t watch the video (for any reason) please do not pretend you did, that’s even worse than not leaving a comment. I’m a grown up and I know time is the least thing we have available online, I can take it. ;-)

Another thing you should know, is that I’m not aiming for guru level.

The only things I could be a guru about is playing my guitar to a drunk audience, playing fifa (football) on the PS3 against a drunk player and partying with drunk people.

That’s it. That’s my story. I embrace it.

And I hope my girlfriend doesn’t kill me now.

Me, out.

You, feedback.


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    • Cararta
    • June 20, 2012

    hmmmm. You want it like it is?

    Well, not my favorite Sergio Video.
    Get some strings for the Guitar and do a little chord practice while you are talking…your sound wasn’t as clear and good as usual think you changed your mike?
    I have zero live video experience so know it must be hard, but look at some of your other videos…and keep in mind

    a video needs a script so just write out a post (which you are Excellent at doing) then
    use your big white board or buy a poster board like the kids use at school and lay out

    your Post Highlights making sure you have included all the points you want to make
    in order and use it to make your video audio.

    Videos are nothing but Audio Posts.

    You are a Genuine Whiz at writing great posts, so…
    Don’t loose your spontaneity which is a great part of your charm and you can SMILE a little bit more…that big smile at the end when you knew the torture was over was Almost paid for watching the video.
    Finally. My personal pet peeve.
    Get out your edit button and change all your 4 letter French Words to FISH. My gift to your.

    When you are stuck for an uneducated descriptive word you may use FISH, with my compliments.
    I know that occasionally someone includes 4 letter words in their post or sales pages etc. but your goal attainment will be hindered….by using them.
    We live in Google’s world so you don’t want to get moved to a “BAD neighborhood.”

    If this isn’t what friends are for, uncomment this and substitute “That looked difficult, but you managed to get through it.”

    1. Reply

      Hey Carolyn,

      I think that whenever someone uses a “talking head” video like this there’s simply no escape, people can see right through you.

      Recording this video felt like the first ones I used to do, uncomfortable, stressing, in one word: PAINFUL.

      The good thing is that now that I finally got it off of my system, I feel a lot better now but most important, I’m ready to get uncomfortable in order to make it to the next level.

      If I don’t, everyone will know and public failure is something that should be motivational enough to make some real progress.

      Thanks a lot for your feedback Carolyn, it is always well appreciated, take care! ;-)

      PS. I’ll try to smile more the next time!

  1. Reply

    Hi Sergio
    It is nice to see the real you.
    You obviously work really hard and are very gifted.
    I think we have the same canon video camera – we are really pleased with the quality.
    You have so much equipment! Like the microphone – cool!
    You better get planning something for your 4th anniversary…..
    I watched the whole video! Do I get a prize? :-)
    Have a lovely day on 22nd.

    1. Reply

      Hey Kay,

      I’m still testing that video camera out. I did some test runs yesterday but I was starting to procrastinate so I recorded this video with a Flipcam instead and got it going.

      Cararta (first comment) pointed out she didn’t like the audio quality. For this I used a lapel mic with an mp3 setting (instead of wav) this was made on purpose but I wasn’t expecting low quality from that setting…

      I’ll check the sound on the headphones later today (it’s 5:27am right now, can’t sleep) and make the neccessary adjustments for the next videos.

      The equipment was bought little by little and still a long way to go for better gear but this should do fine to get started (I think!)

      Fourth anniversary… yikes YES! I’m still figuring that out (by far the hardest part) LOL

      Hmm I didn’t think about giving a prize away… haha but I’ll think of something!

      On a more serious note, thanks a lot for your time Kay. It really means a lot that we’ve barely just met days ago and you are already a big supporter and star, I love that!

      Take care and let’s make this IM thing happen, dealio? Cheers! ;-)

      1. Reply

        I’m FIRST on the Prize List…..have to admit that was a looooooooooooong video

        There should be a prize (I watched instead of going to bed two days of watching…last yesterday and first today according to clicky)

        1. Reply

          LOL Carolyn, you’ll get a prize, don’t worry. ;-)

          1. Reply

            Hey the prize was MY idea….. :-) lol
            2 days of watching? Thats cheating Carolyn – hmm I wonder what the time was in this part of the world…….
            Ok then how about this..
            “I didn’t even get to write my comment until 5:06 am and I started watching it – actually this isn’t going to work because you are 6 hours behind UK…. and now I’m confused……
            Oh Bother! OK Carolyn you win :-) lol

            1. Hi Kay
              Thanks for the concession!
              It was really 1:05 a.m. when I posted, but I started watching the video at about 11:45 pm and had to pause it to get Hambone the dog back in.
              Since I am in Tennessee, USA know Sergio is in a different time zone from me. I think it posts in posters time zone…never thought about it.
              Be careful of prizes…If I was Sergio I might be inclined to present a
              Knuckle Sandwich to me I mean ……..but he did say he could take it.
              The stress was awful…recorded for all the world to see!

      2. Reply

        Dealio! :-)

        I didn’t think the sound was bad. Sounded OK to me.

        Thanks for your support and friendship too!

    • Janie
    • June 20, 2012

    Hi Sergio. Wow! Your office is WAY tidier than mine :) I love your pirate hat too!

    Like you, I design websites and could claim to be already making money online that way, but I know what you mean about that not being the internet lifestyle you’re seeking. I’ll always be involved in website design I think, as that’s where my passion lies, particularly in getting the little guy out there and able to compete in the marketplace, but in some ways that is trapping me into being a service provider and I want to move more towards being a consultant. I’m rebranding my business just now to reflect this, so it’s a busy time between that and the new blog. You’re doing great, and I liked the honesty of your video.

    1. Reply

      Hey Janie,

      Well it normally looks a lot worse than that and I have a serious space problem going on lol but I’ll figure something out.

      It’s funny that big marketers are always seeking how to get rid of time consuming tasks and I’m exactly the opposite, always trying to learning something new so maybe we’re similar in that area.

      I’m pretty sure that there must be hundreds of ways to scale up your website design passion, I have an offline project where I’m trying to find out how to do exactly that but it’s still in a very early stage.

      You can read a bit more about it here: Ways To Make Money With WordPress Consulting, $1,500 USD Income Proof Inside

      And finally but not least (I never link to places where I could lose potential clients but I’m making an exception here) based on your background, passion and skills, I think you are going to love this site: http://www.bigbrandsystem.com

      (As soon as I saw your avatar and read your comment, that’s the first thing that came to mind so hopefully you’ll like it.)

      Thanks a lot for your time Janie and all the best on Dean’s Challenge, if there’s anything I can do for you, just give me a shout! ;-)

      PS. That pirate hat was very cool indeed haha!

    • Jeevan Jacob John
    • June 20, 2012

    Well, that was great.

    Awesome video, Sergio. You did great, even without the script (I can’t actually do that, I tried that with podcast, but didn’t work, so I had to prepare the script for the podcast). Anyways, lot of questions went through my mind while watching your video (I don’t actually remember everything, because you presented a lot of stuff). Anyways, don’t worry, you have achieved a lot in 18 months of blogging. Keep trying and you will get far ;)

    Here are my questions, Sergio: Are you considering any other ways (such as eBook writing and others related to blogging)? I think you should try writing a Kindle book – it is same as an eBook, but has more advantages (like more exposure because you put it up on Amazon). You should try writing a Kindle book on marketing or on any topics related to IT (like you mentioned in the video, Mysql – there are a lot of people who doesn’t know much about those things; I think it would be helpful).

    Thank you for the video,

    Jeevan Jacob John

    1. Reply

      Hey Jeevan,

      Well I haven’t seen the video again to be honest (I was at risk of not publishing it if I did) but I’m sure there were many points I didn’t talk about that needed to be said.

      Luckily the strongest points were mentioned and I’m happy with the outcome which was to step my game up by making this public.

      Yeah I’m aware that Kindle is rocking right now and have downloaded plenty of Kindle books already from people using that technique for traffic and/or affiliate marketing (really low quality content btw) and yes, it is something I do have in mind.

      I may start with something free and then something maybe at $1.99 not sure, will think about that when I have something for the Amazon market.

      I love databases and writing queries, I can actually write very complex queries in my sleep as I worked for many years right in front the sql console on a Monday to Saturday full time job.

      But the thing is this… MySQL (or any other database system) is not that sexy and let me explain why:

      The latest “big” project I worked on, I was hired mostly for doing servers and operating systems’ work.

      We ended up having no project manager and the php/coldfusion programmer and myself offered to do the project without a project manager.

      After all, the PM guy was only going to write database queries and we both (the coder and myself) already knew how to query a database so we got a green flag and went on with the challenge ourselves.

      This is where the actual plot is…

      I was expecting the coder to be a database whiz (he wasn’t) but he could still write very complex php and coldfusion programs.

      So I was like wtf? And the thing is this, when you’re just a programmer you only need to know a few database instructions and you’re set to go.

      Not even DBA’s use every single function inside a database so a programmer is exactly the same only that much simpler.

      It’s very complex to describe a real case scenario but for simplicity just imagine something like this:

      “Sergio I have a new requirement, I need you to query all the managers from this and this and this departments, find out if they are earning more than this amount, if they are on this plan and they have been working for us for more than five years, then that’s going to be our sample.

      After you manage to get that sample, I want you to go to Human Resources, get authorization to access those databases, then go to SAP and ask for permissions to use the required transactions and write the ABAP report that brings up these people so we can have a rental houses report for these managers.

      After you have beta tested this with a Human Resources person on the testing environment, go to SAP fill the forms to migrate the query to the next server and after it has been beta tested again, then pass it on to the live system, then go to the HR director and let him know his report is ready.”

      That is a summary (it’s way, WAY more complicated) and I had to deal with three different database systems at the same time.

      So back to our little website scenario, where we had to code a site in a weird mixture of Coldfusion/SQL with PHP/MySQL (it was a complex setup) we got down to writing code.

      The programmer was literally BLANK when we were handed a bunch of databases (with more than 300 tables each one) and reports started coming in.

      To make things worse, the databases and tables were poorly designed and there was absolutely no structure whatsoever.

      I was like “dude, just start querying the damn databases, if we don’t do this together we are NEVER going to know which are the tables we need to work with”

      Dude was blank again. And that’s when I understood that a programmer has a very basic approach with databases vs a guy that just queries the heck out of a database.

      So to answer your question about the MySQL book, I could write a few chapters for programmers and then that would be it, nothing else. So it’s not something I look forward to do.

      But I have to agree that MySQL and database systems are, something I actually love working with.

      Hope this answers your question Jeevan!

      PS. Longest response ever btw.

        • Jeevan Jacob John
        • June 25, 2012

        Lol, that was long ;) The longest comment I have ever seen :D

        Great. I think you should read Steve’s blog – Steve Scott site on Kindle publishing and money making. He wrote and sold a Kindle book based on old posts (He mentioned in his post that he not only made money but also drove traffic from Amazon).

        Wow, that must have been a real bad experience – Yeah, I know a few programmers, and I know that working in that field isn’t really easy.

        You could figure something out – well, maybe like you said, some beginner book for people like me – I don’t know anything about MYsql – although I did use it for setting up WordPress :D

        Or maybe a video course or something :D

        Thank you for the reply, Sergio (I do appreciate the time you took to explain the scenario! Thanks!).

        1. Reply

          Hey Jeevan, not only I read Steve’s blog a lot, I have also bought Affiliate Marketing Without The Bullsh*t” from him and I love his course!

          I know he’s into Kindle right now and I’ll be more than eager to enter that marketplace very soon.

          I think it’s funny that you asked about MySQL for yourself because I always had the idea you were very knowledgeable about that topic.

          Anyway, the pleasure is all mine Jeevan to offer stuff that you find valuable, take care my man and speak soon! ;-)

    • Mark Salmon
    • June 20, 2012

    Hi Sergio,

    I watched your video and was impressed by the amount of technology you have around you. I work off only one PC with everything auto-backed up online so if it fails I can download all files to another machine.

    It looks like you have been preparing for success by buying a lot a lot of kit. You now need to ‘pull the trigger’ and create your own products for sale. You don’t need any more kit!! You are ready now.

    The biggest advantage you have is you are not burdened by possessing a house (needs financing and maintaining), having children (need your time & money), having a job (needs your time & energy) – the only thing standing in your way is you as far as I can see!

    You should concentrate now on churning out high-quality content and product. It’s the same for me.

    kind regards


    1. Reply

      Mark my man, you’ve just nailed it… That’s exactly my problem, ME!

      I think that’s a clever way to work Mark and I’m actually going to need that as I’m planning to be on the road for a while after I start making some real money online. (want to see the world)

      I think the real issue is that I’m not uncomfortable enough (for the same reasons you mentioned) but I’m changing that starting today.

      Thanks a lot for watching the video Mark and the great feedback as well, I really appreciate it!

    • Arto
    • June 20, 2012

    Hi Sergio!

    I didn’t go through the whole thing, but I would say there’s no need to be so critical of shooting the video. I think it’s pretty good! :)

    1. Reply

      Appreciate your honesty Arto.

      The critical side was about the situation I’m currently in, not about the video per se.

    • Patrick Griffin
    • June 20, 2012

    Hi Sergio,
    I listened to this video using headphones and the audio was good but without them the volume was a little low although the quality was fine.
    I would have to disagree with the comment that said the video should have been scripted. This was a video where you were talking about yourself and I think this would have sounded very odd indeed if you were reading such a thing from a script.

    In fact I tend to automatically lose interest when I notice that someone is talking to me from a prepared script. My view tends to be that if you have already gone to the trouble of writing it all down advance then why bother read it aloud to me? Just post it in the normal way and I will read it for myself.

    So here is what I really liked about the post.

    Because it was you talking naturally this is how I imagine you would speak if we were having a real conversation in person and because the title of this blog post is “Who the heck is Sergio Félix” then that is exactly how it should be.

    Great post – great video.


    1. Reply

      Hey Patrick,

      Thanks for the feedback man, I’ll check the audio myself as I want to know what kind of settings should I be using and not waste any precious time at a later time.

      I think you’re right, if I had scripted something I think it was going to be even more boring, I was thinking of throwing some background music but I decided to leave it raw, hence “no sugar coating”.

      I’m definitely WAY more fun when I’m not talking about problems such as living in my parent’s house, I can rest assure you that! ;-)

      Thanks for the awesome feedback Patrick and the time you took for watching the entire thing, I know it’s very long so I really appreciate your time and support my man.

      All the best and speak later! ;-)

    2. Reply

      Hello Patrick,

      You are absolutely right about the sound…it was the volume that was a problem for me almost an under the breath mumble at times…which accented the Painful STRESS of an unsure Sergio.

      As for a script…I didn’t mean a word for word transcript….just a list of what you want to talk about so it can help prevent some of those “Oh God, I’ve got 12 minutes left, what can I talk about now?” moments.
      It’s funny, Sergio covered mucho info but 10 hours later what I remember is the part where he got up and moved around the office detailing (showing off?) his equipment.
      Which proves what I read somewhere…to keep viewers interested change on the screen is necessary because it “wakes up and re targets interest”

      Kudos to Sergio

    • Kimberly Castleberry
    • June 20, 2012

    Sergio it takes a lot of class and brass to put yourself out here like this and you should be proud of that.

    I know it’s scary as hell though as there remains a lot of “don’t show your dirty laundry” in this industry (as with pretty much all others yet).

    It really struck me that you can have such a great low-key demeanor and are someone I’d love to hang out and have coffee/tea/cocoa, whatever with some time.

    I think you’re right that a video like this is going to be priceless not only for lulz but also for rapport building in the future… when others will be able to look at how far you’ve come and know that you were coming from a background that many face.

    The video was clear enough for its goal and met it nicely in my opinion. I agree it’s kinda disappointing you accidentally omitted some information that you may wish was in there later… but oh well!

    While Vicki, above, made some useful technical points that will apply to other videos, I actually feel that too much polish can destroy the value of a “get real” rapport builder video which is intended to be a little rough around the edges.

    I didn’t actually hear the F’word that she seems to have heard in there, but I can tell you that I’ve had absolutely no Google penalty for that. That’s just not the things, or severity, of what they are looking for in the “bad neighborhood” flags. Some of your audience however won’t like it… but some will resonate with it. That’s called creating polarization… and isn’t a bad thing if it’s authentic.

    I do agree however that you have a lovely smile (and at times, great eye contact) and I think that’s going to be blessing for you long term.

    It was cool to get to hang out with the real you for a while and to feel like I was getting to catch up with a friend. Thanks for that :)

    1. Reply

      Hey Kimberly,

      It wasn’t easy, I spent a lot of time before actually hitting the Publish button and I couldn’t even get any decent sleep (woke up at 4:27am) by knowing I had made such video live for anyone to see.

      I think this is the exact opposite to those “fake it til you make it” stories so I wasn’t sure if it was going to just backfire on me or even hurt my credibility in some way.

      I didn’t use any foul language on the video, Vicki was referring to the “shit” word which was used twice on the post:

      “but making this public is the only way I actually make *shit* happen.”


      “Another thing you should know, is that I’m not aiming for guru *shit* level.”

      For now I’ve edited both parts out but I’m not going to keep the blog kid’s friendly for long.

      Loved your tip on creating polarization, I see that on every blog that has huge audiences.

      Thank you for such a wonderful and kind comment Kimberly, you’ve really just made my day!

      It would be awesome to catch up some day, take care and speak soon! ;-)

      PS. I’ll take the tip on the smiling part, thanks for the blushing haha!

    • Frank Moreno
    • June 20, 2012

    Hola Hombre ,
    Nice that you made the video , i don’t know how many QSC memeber they did actually . 18 min. long !!! wow man ! It’s way too long for me ( sorry ) but you are great to talk about yourself and i’m sure you are going to find a way to live the IM style you dream about .
    Somenthing i have for you : The money is in the list ( the old saying ) but Hey how did you get to QSC?
    Is somenthing we may consider to build a list …….
    Good luck
    Que te vaja bien hombre
    Frank Moreno

    1. Reply

      Hola Frank,

      The video was meant for the QS Challenge but I decided to put myself in it and be a bit different. It may not even be considered as a contestant video since it doesn’t have the required keywords in the title but I’m ok with that.

      Even though I love a little fun competition now and then, I’m not looking for freebies or prizes, I just need the motivation to get stuff done.

      Thanks for being honest up-front about not watching the video and good luck building your list, suerte! ;-)

  2. Reply

    Hi Sergio,
    Well my friend, I’m sure that was hard video to do but I can tell it was freeing also. I feel the same way about being told what to do by incompetent people. It really bugs me. I hope my current corporate job is my last and the online business takes off.

    I’m glad you did the video the way you did – informal vs scripted. It allowed us to get to know you and where you are coming from. There is a time and place for more professional scripted video when providing training or whatever, but in some cases it is better to speak from the heart. Now go get some sleep.


    1. Reply

      Hey Grant,

      Thank a lot for all the feedback man and I agree with you, sometimes it just has to be raw, this was definitely one of those times.

      The video was indeed hard and painful but liberating as well. I’m so happy that I published this since I feel like new and ready to start making a huge progress now.

      Thanks for stopping by and chiming in my man, I hope you are able to get your business going and in consequence be able to stop working with people that aren’t that worth it.

    • Tim
    • June 20, 2012


    Man you spilled the beans. LOL :) Feels good doesn’t it. I just did my very first video last night and its live on YouTube today. It’s much the same as what you have done. It was embarrassing and painful for me to do it. This definitely force me to leave my comfort zone. But once my family saw it and my mother un-knowingly to myself posted it on her Facebook wall, I got this warm fuzzy feeling like “yea I finally did something and faced my fears” type of thing. I think you did great, really. Love your blog by the way. Good work.

    1. Reply

      Hey Tim, yeah my man, I definitely did spill the beans!

      I also feel amazing now as you must surely know as well.

      I wish I could watch your video, you didn’t publish the video on your blog did you? Because I can’t find it over there.

      Anyway, thanks for stopping by Tim, I really appreciate your feedback, time and support and will be looking forward to make this happen for us, take care!

    • Chetz Togom
    • June 20, 2012

    Hey Sergio,
    I think you did AWESOME with the video. It’s not easy talking to a camera especially if you’re telling personal stuff to people.

    I love your video (I watched till the end ok) and I think you’ve shown your authenticity here.

    Like Dean said, just be yourselves and right now more people like reality shows. Be transparent.

    If you’re the type who say the bad words, just say. If you don’t, then don’t say it.

    Have you watch Gary Vaynerchuk? I don’t know how many F words he uses in a single sentence but see how successful he is.

    It’s because he’s authentic and cares for people.

    I believe that we shouldn’t judge people by what they say, but what they do.

    I see a lot of people who swears do more for their community than those who seems that they’re holy.

    Great job man! Anyway, I also have that book Rules of Life and I also play the guitar, self-thought. Maybe one day, when we’re successful we can meet at a vacation place and jam!

    Talk again soon!


    1. Reply

      Yo Chetz, my man!

      It’s definitely very hard to talk about personal things on camera particularly when they’re not positive ones, indeed. Felt like I was on a damn support group.

      Gary Vaynerchuk, yeah completely know what you’re talking about. I normally throw a very occassional “bad word” here and then so I may have to loosen up a bit more in that aspect.

      So cool to see so many things in common, you’re my age (you look like 15 years younger than me) also an Engineer, Rules of Life, want to teach guitar, both on Dean’s program… man that’s a LOT of coincidence.

      Anyway, looking forward for that jam session (maybe we can do something in separate takes once we have more spare time) and keep in touch man.

      You’re a nice friend to have around, speak soon!

      PS. I stumbled into a blog of yours on Google, did you know that Cesar Millán (Dog Whisperer) is from the city I currently live in?

      PPS. Sorry for the loss of your grandparents too… I just recently lost the only one who was alive (my mother’s mom) and it still hits me from time to time.

        • Chetz Togom
        • June 22, 2012

        Thanks for the compliment man!
        Looking younger than my age has advantages and disadvantages.
        Most of the time, because I look younger, a lot of people don’t take me serious. When I told them I had 9 years experience in Industrial Engineering, the look on their face really epic face man!

        Yeah. I definitely looking forward to that jammin session man.
        I didn’t know Cesar Millan originally from there!!! He’s an inspiration.

        I’m sorry that you just lost your grandmother. I know it’s not easy looking someone in a family. Even after so many years, you’ll still miss them.
        But life goes on and what we can do is to do our best and make them proud.

        Talks to you soon!

        1. Reply

          Haha yeah it happened to me as well, not anymore though lol

          Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts, take care man. ;-)

    • Bibs
    • June 21, 2012

    Hi Sergio,

    Although the video is too long for me, I want to congratulate you for telling about your personal life. Your life is not really miserable compared to others so, you’re still blessed. :)
    You look a little bit tense and it shows that it was really unscripted. Maybe next time you’ll be more comfortable in front of the cam.
    I live in my mom’s house too. I want to move out but I know I’ll struggle financially. So here I am, living with my mom while saving my money as much as I can.
    I agree that music is great but not the industry. It’s tough to get in and find regular gigs. I would like to see you play an instrument though.
    s for internet marketing, at least you now have the advantage. You’re a techie guy and you have experience.
    Looking forward to hear your success story!


    1. Reply

      Hey Bibs,

      Yeah, it’s a very difficult thing to talk about, particularly when you already been “out there” for a little over a year and have many bloggers and marketers for friends.

      It’s like saying “Okay you thought I was doing okay, I’m not” so that’s why it came out like that. :-)

      Thanks for stopping by and your kind comment Bibs, I hope to see you as a success story very soon as well, take care and have a great day! ;-)

    • Jason
    • June 21, 2012

    It’s good you’re taking the right steps towards success.

    But man I don’t know how else to say it except bluntly… stop buying so much shit and actually produce something.

    I saw your other post on the people you spoke about and the courses you bought from them. That’s great but now it’s time to put it into action.

    Get through Dean Hollands course and build this blogging product you wrote about.

    Enough said.

    Get to work!

    1. Reply

      Hey Jason,

      Thanks for the reality check and kick in the butt my man, already started! ;-)

    • Thomas
    • June 21, 2012

    Truelly, IT expert going marketing. Your site says it all as your work is great.

    Keep in touch.

    1. Reply

      Thanks Thomas, I really appreciate it. ;-)

    • Adrienne
    • June 21, 2012

    I’m thrilled you joined this training Sergio if this is the next step to where you want to go. You’re doing what’s required of you so bravo my friend.

    I actually appreciate your honesty in your video Sergio and to me, you’re always be a rock star. I love that music was something you really were passionate about and I know it’s hard to really “make it” in that career. As long as you were having a great time I think that’s what’s important right.

    So your accident kind of lead you here and although I hate hearing that, we’re glad you’re here. I wouldn’t have met you had you not ventured online.

    You’ve had your hands in a lot of things recently but I think you’re just trying to find your place. I hope that this particular course will help you with that. So don’t worry about “not making it” Sergio, you will because you’re determined.

    Thanks for showing us around your place.. My office is in my bedroom too so don’t feel so bad. Even if I were to make a million dollars fall into my lap tomorrow I woudn’t move. I love my little home and I’m very happy here.

    Good luck with this course Sergio and I look forward to you sharing with us what you’ve gotten out of it. That’s the way we learn too.

    To your success my friend…


    1. Reply

      Hey Adrienne,

      Dean Holland training is just a 4 week mini course, nothing else. The main trainings are with Marc Milburn and Omar Martin but I haven’t really talked about that here yet.

      If it wasn’t for that accident I would probably be still working as a freelancer and being miserable so I am more than happy that I almost broke a leg and got here. (I can walk normally now, I already ran a few half marathons after the accident)

      Finding my place, that’s exactly what I have been trying to do, I think I have found it but not yet, I’ll just create something to sell and then see where that takes me.

      Even though I am more than happy to live surrounded by computers I need my own place and outside of this city which every day I have to say thanks to God for not catching a bullet.

      I’m not crazy about physical belongings or huge houses either, if I ever achieve some great success I’m pretty sure my place will be small, cozy and awesome to hang out in! ;-)

      Take care Adrienne and a million thanks for always being around and supporting me, I highly appreciate that!

    • Nick
    • June 21, 2012

    Hi Sergio,

    Watched your video all the way through and only then did I realize I had just done that. You have a pleasant narrative style (even if you felt it was uncomfortable) and I enjoyed the natural feel of it. I didn’t see anything to be embarrased about and I am confident that everything you did that has led you to this point was done with completely good intentions. I think that such an honest, personal video will do much to help your followers get to know, like and trust you. I wish you all the very best and look forward to finding that you’ve been able to move to somewhere more in keeping with your deserved talent. Good luck and have fun tomorrow! :-)


    1. Reply

      Hey Nick,

      I loved every single bit on your comment man, you really rock my friend. THANK YOU for the amazing feedback! ;-)

    • Rich
    • June 23, 2012

    Hey Sergio,

    I came back to visit you for two reasons. First, I think I completed my task of viewing everyone’s blogs. I counted 138 of them. Also, since I noticed you were popping up on most of those sites, I figured you were on the way to doing the same. I found this site from a fellow member, Andy Lindsay, who kindly listed the blog roll on his site. I am not sure if he has all of them, but it will make it easier to knock them out. Here is his link:


    I wish I would have found this sooner. Would have saved me hours. By the way, I just put up a post on my findings from reviewing all of these sites. I think some will find it interesting.

    Take care,


    1. Reply

      Hey Rich, well congratulations on doing such a massive blog hopping achieving, definitely not an easy task my friend.

      I wrote many comments before finding Andy’s list but when I did, I decided to comment on every blog contained in his list and I’m finally done doing that and thanks for the link as well.

      I’ll check out your article in a moment and thank you for stopping by Rich. ;-)

  3. Reply

    Hi there Sergio
    Just checking you had a lovely time on 22nd….
    I was thinking of you :-)
    Enjoy your weekend too.

    1. Reply

      Had a fantastic day Kay, thank you for checking up on me and talk soon. ;-)

      PS. I saw that you already have an opt-in form in place, good job!

    • Jens P. Berget
    • June 24, 2012

    Hi Sergio,

    I didn’t get to finish watching the video today, I was kind of in a hurry and when I saw that it was more than 18 minutes long I decided that I had to watch it tomorrow. But, I have watch enough to say a few words that I believe that you are doing everything right, you are real and you are hustling, and it’s time to get personal and build strong relationships. This is what marketing is about.

    I’d love to see and hear more of your music, I listen to music every single day and every time I write, well not right now since I’ve been listening to you instead :)

    Keep doing what you’re doing right now and you’ll be earning more money than you thought was possible, I am sure of that.

    1. Reply

      Hey Jens, don’t worry for not watching this until the end, I know it is super long!

      But I still appreciate you gave me a few minutes my man.

      I just want you to know that I appreciate your support and I definitely look forward to share my music with you guys very soon.

      I have a very important post for tomorrow about offline marketing so you might want to come back as soon as it is published.

      Take care and speak soon my man, all the best and thank you for your kind comments! ;-)

    • Paul
    • June 24, 2012

    Hi Sergio,
    hey man that was a very brave attempt. I haven’t done mine yet but I am going to. Just had some other stuff to finish first. I didn’t watch all of the video, watched about 6 mins in total and flicked through it. I’m sorry – I have a lot of other stuff to do. But the sound was fine for me, even through speakers. I thought you were very brave laying it all on the line like that Sergio. Well done indeed.
    All the best,

    1. Reply

      Hey Paul, six minutes is better than nothing my friend so thank you for your time and no need to be sorry, I appreciate it!

      Feedback is always welcome here and too bad it took me too long to make a point, next time I’ll write it down.

      Thanks again and hope you have a great start of week! ;-)

  4. Reply

    Hi Sergio

    I only just managed to watch your video as my sound card malfunctioned but I finally got to see it. It took a thunder storm and a power cut to sort that out?! ;-)

    I loved the video mate. I really liked the fact that it wasn’t scripted. It made it really personal and I love your honesty!

    Keep up with the music. It’s so rewarding. I have a degree in Classical Music and never persued it after leaving university. One of my biggest regrets.

    Thanks for sharing.


    1. Reply

      Hey Tim, sorry to hear that your sound card failed my man but awesome that you managed to sort it out in the end!

      I was really mad at the music industry for so long because I literally felt I was giving my life away to it only to find out it was full of BS.

      A few years ago I decided to stop with the hate and look forward to other things, I stopped playing but it’s funny that you can’t be a musician one day and next day you’re not a musician anymore.

      Thank you for the kind comment and I find it very cool that you have such degree.

      My first formal studies were classical too but I only studied for about three years and then migrated to contemporary jazz/rock/pop and started playing other things.

      Oh man I could talk about music all day long lol thank you for stopping back and spending time on my site Tim, I really appreciate it and hope you have an awesome start of week, take care! ;-)

  5. Reply

    Hi Sergio,

    Kudos to you my friend. I’m still fighting the terror of doing videos, it can be quite intimidating. Specially if English is not your native language, which is my case (Brazilian).

    And to be 100% open about your life, another great accomplishment. It’s so much easier to just stay in our comfort zones (and accomplish nothing).

    I’m writing to let you know that I’ve watched the whole video and enjoyed it. I’ve experienced quite a few low points in my life, specially financially. You’ve got the right attitude, not being embarrassed of how things are at that current stage of your life. You know who you are and what you’re worth, and that is all that matters.

    I know for a fact that things will get better for you, just keep at it.

    Saludos desde Brasil! :)

    1. Reply

      Muito obrigado Rod!

      We have to get started somewhere bro and you’re going to need to do that sooner or later if you want to gain real trust with your readers.

      This video was indeed very hard to do for the chosen topic but hey, what doesn’t kills you makes you stronger so let’s go for it!

      Thanks again for the kind comments and for spending your precious time watching my video. I hope it empowers you to create your first video and if you do that, please let me know about it. I’ll be more than glad to check it out and support you in any way I can.

      Take care and speak soon my man! ;-)

      PS. You have a beautiful looking website, congratulations!

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