When Things Don’t Go As Planned…

Did I tell you I was going to start recording a lot more videos?

Oh yes I did, you can read that latest post here how to keep yourself accountable with social media

I even made it easy to subscribe to my YouTube Channel there, you just need to push a button, see? I think about you!

Anyway, today’s a quick update about what you can do when things don’t go as planned.

Started Jogging

In case you’re not aware I started jogging this past Monday, so today it was four days in a row waking up at 5:50am (talk about developing a great habit!) and going for an early run to get all the creativity juices going and getting a healthier body as well.

Two birds, one stone right?

And fair enough, everything was working wonderful today until I hit the 20 minute mark or so, I felt something weird in my foot sole, well it was excruciating PAIN to say it in fewer words.

I felt a little bit uncomfortable yesterday and I was doubftul about running today but since I actually woke up with a very good humor and the day was awesome, I thought why not?

I’ve been running for three straight days, maybe a light jog will do…

So I created this video that relates the rest of the story!

Video: When Things Don’t Go As Planned

[youtuber youtube=’https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=05rZ–cDb08′]

By the way, sorry that you can’t see my forehead for the 2nd part of the video.

That was entirely my fault on not double checking the camera angle.

Shift Your Mindset

It would have been pretty easy to say how shitty and unfortunate this event was and how my whole day went to hell just because of this but instead, I’m focusing on the positive side of things.

I could have, should have, blah, blah, boring!

Complaining, moaning and whining is not allowed anymore in my life, what’s done it’s done so I’ll just jump to the next thing that makes me happy.

Getting in touch with you, vlogging, writing, learning, developing my stuff, all this makes me happy so everything’s good!

Special Shout Out

I have to give it to my man Andrew Stark who wrote an excellent post yesterday in which he talks exactly about how a simple change can make you brilliant.

His video introduction is awesome by the way.


Time for you to shine my friend…

Do you still rage quit when something doesn’t go as planned and you get grumpy the rest of your day or what’s your plan to deal with stuff like this?

Take it away on the comment thread! ;-)


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    • Theodore Nwangene
    • May 9, 2013

    Hi Sergio,
    Habit they say is something we can develop, Napoleon said it all when he said that Success is a small amount of efforts repeated day in and day out and i can’t agree more.

    When you start a new thing, it will be getting tough in the first time but if you continue doing it, you’ll get used to it with time. That’s why they said that repetition is king. Now, i also formed the habit if waking up by 5:40 am everyday. I normally do most of my work at night and, even if i go to bed by 4:00 am, once it’s that 5:40 am, i must wake up :).

    Gush, do you know that I’ve never jogged before? Lol, i will have to start that soon.

    Thanks for sharing my man.

    BTW: I don’t know why i can no longer directly tweet my posts on twitter, its seeing it as spam. Just confused

    1. Reply

      Hey Theodore, that’s a great quote man and if you go my seven day video review challenge you’ll find out how I managed to get rid of fear of doing videos when I was getting started online.

      There’s never too late to start jogging and you can also take podcasts with you although I find it more relaxing to listen to music.

      Re: your website as spam… the problem is not within twitter, is because your site may have been flagged with malware/spam in Google.

      I would suggest you check out your site again to see there are no malicious files in there and then do a few google searches on how to request your site to get unflagged.

      Good luck and thanks for stopping by man! ;-)

        • Theodore Nwangene
        • May 9, 2013

        Thanks man,
        I’ve already checked my site on Google via a link that i got from twitter and, there was no malicious anything.

        My site is clean according to what i saw there.

        I will have to do the research.

    • Patrick Griffin
    • May 9, 2013

    Hi Sergio,
    Well it looks like you are getting up at about the time I am going to bed. I am most certainly a night person rather than a day person.

    This is a great post because I must admit that I do have a tendency to get super frustrated when things don’t go right…especially when things go wrong that are difficult for me to put right.

    I am now trying to concentrate on making sure I try and to the most major pain in the ass task before I do other things as I think this is an aid to creativity.

    I would love to say that, like you: “Complaining, moaning and whining is not allowed anymore in my life” but I am not at that stage yet.

    When things frustrate me I still like to complain and moan but I try to limit that for a short time only, so that I can move on and out move my focus to my agenda and not the agenda of others.

    P.S. I would love to say that I have started jogging but, in reality, I go to a local park where I limp and hobble around like an old man for 15 or 20 minutes before walking home looking like a candidate for the nearest emergency room.


    1. Reply

      Hey Pat, first of all congratulations on getting started walking man and we all had to start somewhere.

      I still remember not too long ago I couldn’t jog for five straight minutes without feeling I was going to faint! LOL

      It took me a while to get to the “no more bitching” zone that I’m currently at and it honestly would be very weird to watch someone fail miserably at something and seeing them smiling instead of being mad.

      To me it got pretty simple, every single thing that goes wrong is now one less step that I have to take for the success I’m after.

      Putting a time limit to feel frustrated is the start of building a better attitude towards these type of events so you’re spot on man.

      Thanks for stopping by and no, you won’t get to the emergency room by moving a bit in a park! haha ;-)

  1. Reply

    Hello Sergio, sorry about your pain, get better soon man.

    I liked the way in the video you introduced the jogging session in the car, then afterwards you switched to the new scenery in the video. These small changes make the video more interesting.

    Your blog has certainly become more engaging by including videos. It was already engaging before them, but now it has become even more !

    Sometimes you just have to have the urge to do that task, whether it is jogging, going for a walk, contacting a marketer, emailing your list, some other tasks.

    Yes it is true things don’t go to planned as always, so be prepared to take u-turns in your marketing plans as things can crop up from health, accidents, personal issues etc.

    When things crop up and you have to make a change then is important NOT to quit but instead take this new turn in the path and learn to adapt without getting grumpy and angry.
    Things don’t always go to how we expect, accept it and move on! Rather than staying in one stop.

    Great you have put your youtube channel link, you should place the other social book marking buttons so they appear on every blog post so that you can get even more exposure, and submit this blog to a list of blog directories to get even more visitors.

    Matt Morgan

    1. Reply

      Hey Matt,

      I’m really glad you are finding the videos more engaging. I mentioned before that I was going to start vlogging a lot more and I’m keeping my promise!

      “Accept and move on”, that’s it right there man.

      I’ll add the social media icons just right after I update their backgrounds and some key information and thanks for the blog syndication suggestion.

      Somebody already submitted one article to BizSugar and brought some visitors, not sure who it was but I’m still thankful for it!

      Thanks for stopping by Matt and speak soon man! ;-)

    • Carlie Hamilton
    • May 11, 2013

    I love running, but last december I was running waaay to much, and even though I loved it, my body said no. Unfortunatly I hurt my knee from over running!! It really stuffed up my routine. Then, just as I was getting back into exercise – I started biking for the lower impact, and my bike broke!!! Ahhhh!!

    Well, this weekend I ordered a new bike, and my knee now I can run on it but I like to take it easy for a while longer yet. I’m looking forward to my bike which will arrive next weekend.

    Things never seem to go to plan, but it is good to have a plan in the first place, I think. That way when you get derailed you don’t lose sight of what you set out to do.

    1. Reply

      Hey Carlie, it’s awesome to know you love running although I’m sorry to hear you injured your knee though.

      I guess going easy on the runs and a bit harder on the bike could certainly work for you!

      I’m looking forward to get a bike myself soon since I believe running on pavement all the time is starting to screw up my knees too and I really do need the cardio workouts.

      Without a plan, we wouldn’t know where we are heading to, even if we sometimes get derailed it still helps to know where’s point B. ;-)

      Thanks for stopping by Carlie and hope you can get back to pedaling soon!

    • Jens P. Berget
    • May 12, 2013

    It’s great that you’ve started jogging Sergio. Me too. I have joined the simple fitness habit by leo babauta and I received a bonus “guide to your first half marathon” and that’s what I’m currently doing. So, I am jogging 4 times a week now and I’ve never been in a better shape than I am right now :)

    When it comes to when things don’t go as planned, I usual keep it inside me and hustle to make it right. I usually don’t quit, no matter what, I just keep on going and going, but still, I keep it inside… :)

    1. Reply

      Hey Jens, those are fantastic news man, congrats!

      I am very similar to you in the point that I keep things inside.

      This usually is not an issue when I’m exercising regularly but it can become a massive productivity killer when I’m not doing anything apart from working my ass off.

      Thanks for stopping by and wow, training for a half marathon now? Congrats again man, can’t wait to see how that goes for you although I’m pretty sure it’ll go fantastic Jens!

      Have a great start of week and talk soon man ;-)

  2. Reply

    Hi Sergio

    I’ve been doing my own thing, not keeping tabs on you!

    That bandaged foot looks Ominous! Hmm…

    I like the changes in your video…makes life interesting.

    The addition of the slides and notes works!

    Is it a lot more work to do and are you using EVS?

    It is interesting that the 23 minutes later slide only displays for 2 seconds, yet it is
    enough to make the transition……neat.

    Now, if you can make a video for me showing the cutting and dragging in and dropping, that will be interesting.

    I have this strange mind, do you insert the slides (don’t forget to show creating them!) first and then go back and cut out what you don’t want?

    This video seems simple at first look, but is isn’t…
    Just riding in the car with voice recorded (after first slide with music) …not a lot of different things, but
    then just voice until the next slide when background music begins again and continues with voice over background music to the end of the video..

    What kind of settings do you have to make to keep the music playing (in the background) while you are talking over it?

    Or is it simpler….record the videos, then insert background music as needed without obliterating the voice sound?

    Think I’d better start reading up on videos….cause mine I can either have voice over
    or music…..and since I don’t have a camera to record they are all desktop recorded with audio inserted from an mp3 file.or full voice over from beginning to end.

    Have Snagit 11 that I use to record desktop, but it has very few editing options….makes life interesting.

    Hope your foot injury doesn’t hang around….you might have to take up bicycling..even a stationary one….

    Good Luck!

    (another view from inside my head!)

    1. Reply

      Hey Cararta, I absolutely loved your comment!

      First of all, my foot is absolutely messed up, can’t be standing without it hurting bad so right now I’ve been sitting all day long after finishing my morning jog.

      I’ll be fine though! (or at least I hope so! lol)

      I’m not using EVS (yet) I already bought my copy when it first launched but I haven’t implemented anything, I had a few problems getting it to work with Vista and I decided to leave it alone until I have to upload all the material to the new site.

      For the video slides and transitions for the video, I used just a regular Flipcam to record both videos and then did all the editing inside Camtasia for PC, including adding the music track and controlling volumes with fade ins and fade outs.

      It’s actually a simple process once you get the hang out of it and it can be a bit time consuming depending on how fancy do you want to get but for videos like this one, you can edit and render in maybe 10 to 15 minutes.

      (On older computers the final renderization may take a bit longer although it also depends directly on resolution and lenght of the video)

      Snagit is actually made by TechSmith which happens to be the same company that created Camtasia.

      If you have a PC, I would recommend trying out Camtasia but if you’re on a Mac, then ScreenFlow would be a better solution.

      Note: There are free one-month trials for both systems.

      Hope this helps you out!

      And yeah, riding bicycles it’s actually a nice recommendation, I guess my age is finally starting to catch up with me.

      Thanks for watching the video and making such an elaborated comment Cararta! ;-)

      PS. I’ll see what I can do to showcase how I edit these kind of videos.

  3. Reply

    Hi Sergio,

    Catching up on blog posts, so I hope that a week later that foot of your’s is better.

    Must also thank you for linking back to my post, as by taking a positive action or thought you will end up with a better outcome most of the time.

    Did you notice how linking to my blog post made me link back?

    Going through the backlog in order, so I’ll be back later to talk about your post on the use of video for gaining trust.


    • Dave E Wilkes
    • May 30, 2013

    Hi Sergio, sorry for not getting to this blog in time to hope yoru foot gets better soon.

    Still, as they say, better late than never… although I’m not sure I really agree with that saying.

    In my running days I tried getting up mega early to get my running time in, but I found that i was starting to suffer from sleep deprivation (mind you, I wasn’t compensating by going to bed earlier) and all of that made me really grumpy.

    Now i get up at a not tooooo early time and get my exercise in that that seems to work best for me.

    I like the split time video – (mental note – must remember to do that in some of mine)

    And in answer to your Conclusion Question .- I did use to grumpy things out when something had gone wrong..

    and I am ashamed to admit that I sometimes took my grumpiness out on whoever was nearest.

    I’m glad to say that I’m not like that now.

    If something does go wrong I can usually just shrug it off and get on with something else, and if I find I am still carrying the annoyance with me I give myself a good talking to and then I’m fine.

    I’ve said this before, my friend…. that whenever I read what you are up to my spirits get lifted.

    Thank you for sharing.
    Keep on being yourself. You are an inspiration.

    1. Reply

      Hey Dave, nothing to be sorry about since I’m glad you still made it here man!

      I’m exactly like you, the fact that I start my day really early doesn’t mean I compensate by going to bed early as well.

      I do not get grumpy from doing this but I can get tired and lose interest quicker than usual though.

      I also believe your strategy of doing something else and/or giving yourself a good self talk is awesome, I normally brush off the negative stuff by running or by having some “me” time listening to music or being alone for a bit.

      Thank you for chiming in and the kind comments Dave, I love reading your feedback! ;-)

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