Did I tell you I was going to start recording a lot more videos?

Oh yes I did, you can read that latest post here how to keep yourself accountable with social media

I even made it easy to subscribe to my YouTube Channel there, you just need to push a button, see? I think about you!

Anyway, today’s a quick update about what you can do when things don’t go as planned.

Started Jogging

In case you’re not aware I started jogging this past Monday, so today it was four days in a row waking up at 5:50am (talk about developing a great habit!) and going for an early run to get all the creativity juices going and getting a healthier body as well.

Two birds, one stone right?

And fair enough, everything was working wonderful today until I hit the 20 minute mark or so, I felt something weird in my foot sole, well it was excruciating PAIN to say it in fewer words.

I felt a little bit uncomfortable yesterday and I was doubftul about running today but since I actually woke up with a very good humor and the day was awesome, I thought why not?

I’ve been running for three straight days, maybe a light jog will do…

So I created this video that relates the rest of the story!

Video: When Things Don’t Go As Planned

[youtuber youtube=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=05rZ–cDb08′]

By the way, sorry that you can’t see my forehead for the 2nd part of the video.

That was entirely my fault on not double checking the camera angle.

Shift Your Mindset

It would have been pretty easy to say how shitty and unfortunate this event was and how my whole day went to hell just because of this but instead, I’m focusing on the positive side of things.

I could have, should have, blah, blah, boring!

Complaining, moaning and whining is not allowed anymore in my life, what’s done it’s done so I’ll just jump to the next thing that makes me happy.

Getting in touch with you, vlogging, writing, learning, developing my stuff, all this makes me happy so everything’s good!

Special Shout Out

I have to give it to my man Andrew Stark who wrote an excellent post yesterday in which he talks exactly about how a simple change can make you brilliant.

His video introduction is awesome by the way.


Time for you to shine my friend…

Do you still rage quit when something doesn’t go as planned and you get grumpy the rest of your day or what’s your plan to deal with stuff like this?

Take it away on the comment thread! ;-)


Sergio Felix
Sergio Felix

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