What Would You Do Today If You Weren’t Afraid?

Okay guys, we’re going to do something a little bit different today.

First of all, I need your feedback here…

I just realized that whenever you are scared of doing something, if you do something scarier then you almost automatically are no longer scared of the first thing.

This won’t work if you are trying to overcome fears in different areas of course and here’s an example:

If you are afraid of sharks and you decide to jump with a parachute from a plane, it’s definitely not going to help you get rid of the fear of sharks, you get me?

But… (and it’s a big one) if you are scared of something like maybe recording videos on your video camera and posting them on youtube, you can do a video interview with a friend (hint) that will help you overcome the fear of doing interviews AND recording yourself on camera.

Two birds, one stone baby.

Why? Because it is a bigger and more difficult challenge itself!

Check Out The Video I Made For You

So what do you think?

Isn’t it funny that I got rid of some fears by a completely unrelated thing?


I don’t feel like praising anything today, if you can share your fears with me and I can help you in some way to get rid of them, hit me up in the comment thread.

If you are already unstoppable and fearless, then more power to you my friend but then I expect you to share your wisdom below as well, be like Yoda man, if you have it in you, share it with the world.

In the mean time, I’ll update this place again after this upcoming Saturday (wish me luck) and I’ll show you what a fearless mexican is capable of doing in just a few days with an unstoppable mindset.


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  1. Reply

    Oh my goodness….I get to be first…..

    Still working too hard Sergio….your Raccoon eyes are still shinning.

    Today is bill pay day for me so I couldn’t work on the computer
    sites, and because it SNOWED I can’t drive to town…..

    Hope you haven’t worked to hard and not posted enough to keep
    your friends from visiting….

    Do you have just a tiny bit of your program to share, or have I missed it because my mail box is overwhelmed? Made an error when looking for solo ads…think it will take a year to clean it out!
    Congratulations for the nose to the grindstone…know you have been slaving away.

    Question: Did all that concentrated work affect your enthusiasm for your New Job?

    Because posting on the blog can be enjoyable sometimes and not as mind wearing as working on a “product” and getting every last detail correct.

    For New Job I mean concentrating so hard on creating and setting up your new program…a lot of work, videos…planning…storing…graphics etc. I’m sure the list is endless!

    What I didn’t do was answer your question…

    I have got to set up one of my websites to store my PDFs or Videos etc. and also install a script to cloak affiliate links..ALL…have Cararta dot com think that would be a nice short one to use
    need to install a membership site? to do the downloads….hope it works!

    Next I need to figure out the menu on Skipper works as I do not like all those pages and posts streaming down the sidebar…
    Then get back to my list building and post on SW…cause I’ve been remiss there.
    Have fun editing!

    1. Reply

      Hey Cararta, yeah you get to be first this time and you got it right, I’ve been back to sleepless nights so I just earned my raccoon-ish eyes once again.

      The program is completed, I’m stuck with something else but solving it in the next days, I’ll let you know when it’s ready so you can take it for a spin!

      You are right that I have been working like a maniac with all the extra stuff for the upcoming product (hence the raccoon eyes) but I know I’m closer than ever to finally completing it.

      Posting on the blog is certainly easy and enjoyable, it was stressing before but I’m way past that now.

      I just say what I want when I want to, nothing to be stressed about!

      For videos you can use Vimeo Plus which costs about $60 a year (if you pay for the full year in advance) although if you start getting a LOT of traffic you may have to get the Pro version which is about $200 (not that much).

      Easy Video Suite has a lot more features including the possibility to store your videos inside Amazon S3 but it is a bit more expensive.

      E-Junkie is a pretty cheap platform that will let you store small files (such as PDFs) but if you really need videos and pdfs, then I believe your best bet is something like WishList Member and Amazon S3.

      Note: You can use the included player inside Optimize Press to use Amazon S3, you are not forced to use EVS at all.

      Actually now that I think of, you could have a really solid membership site just with Optimize Press, WishList Member and Vimeo.

      Paying for these three resources is about $260 while paying just for the full EVS license is about $400.

      You are going to be able to fix your mess with the menu, pages and posts with my training as I explain throughly how to organize your site inside my Authority Blog Profits training, just be a little bit patient.

      Thanks for stopping by and hope some snow melts for tomorrow ;-)

    • Theodore Nwangene
    • March 1, 2013

    Thumbs up on this one my man,

    I believe that a fearless man is always a successful man. I love the title of this post too, you know why?

    That is one of my favorite question after reading Spencer Johnson’s book (Who Moved my Cheese?) He asked that same question on that book and ever since i read it many years ago, i always ask my self same question whenever i become nervous……..

    Question: What will i do if i weren’t afraid?
    Answer: I will take action and do what fear hate doing.

    I even asked someone same question in the comment section of my latest post. The issue is this….. If you wanna feel fabulous, do what you’ve been afraid of doing.

    Thanks for sharing this post my man.

    BTW: Will like it if you can tell me more about that your offline consulting.

    1. Reply

      Hey Theodore,

      I do remember reading that book in college, it was a fantastic read and I loved that thought of yours too: “a fearless man is always a successful man” I think it’s 100% true!

      I have a few posts about offline consulting I’ve done in the past, here’s a mini recap of those:

      First offline client
      Defining price points for wordpress consulting
      – Case Study: Project Las Vegas
      Case Study: $2K In One Weekend
      Good Communication, Written Contracts & Terms Of Service
      Case Study: $1,500 WordPress Consulting
      Consulting Project: 30K A Month Without An IT Degree

      Hope those help and if you have any specific questions about it, just let me know! ;-)

        • Theodore Nwangene
        • March 1, 2013

        Ok my man,
        Will definitely give them a read. Thanks and happy new month.

        Wishing you more productive days.

        BTW: How is the project going?

        1. Reply

          Still working on it ;-)

  2. Reply

    I’m always worried about the quality of my products, but with a refund rate of < 1% I don't know why – perhaps it's because I'm not a natural finisher.

    Hope that everything has gone well with the big day.


    1. Reply

      Hey Andrew, thanks man, I had a fantastic day although I’m completely messed up right now since I didn’t sleep on the party day and yesterday I didn’t get any rest either.

      You have a refund rate of less than 1%?

      Damn, that’s very cool man, congratulations and I wouldn’t even think of changing anything on my products if I had numbers like those!

      PS. I am loving what you’re doing on the ListNerds program and with EVS as well, you surely take massive action when it’s time to do some business man!

    • Steven Stuart
    • March 3, 2013

    Hey Sergio,

    Great video, man. Funny that you’re worried about your Mexican accent, cause one of the things in my mind that has kept me from jumping into making videos is I cringe when I hear my recorded voice.

    I’m from Tennessee, and I always feel that I sound like one of the Beverly Hillbillies with my southern accent.

    Is it true that you sound different to other people than you do to yourself? Maybe so. Hey, the Latin accent is working pretty good for Antonio Banderas and Sofia Vergara.

    Cool idea about finding something even scarier to put your mind at ease on the task at hand. Think I’ll try out your interview with a friend.

    Thanks, Sergio. – Steve .

    1. Reply

      Haha hey Steven, well that’s funny man!

      I know a lot of marketers absolutely hated their recorded voices on videos so it’s actually more common than you may think.

      I did this “overcoming fear of the video camera” experiment a little bit more than a year ago (late 2011) so my best recommendation is repetition.

      This is the post that started it all
      And this is the summary of that experiment

      You just do the same thing over and over and eventually you’ll just get tired of not liking your voice so it’ll become natural.

      Haha the Antonio Banderas bit had me rolling man but I guess you’re right, at least people won’t forget me that easily I guess. ;-)

      Thanks for stopping by and hope you jump to social media soon!

  3. Reply

    Hello Sergio,

    I stopped being afraid ages ago, and took mega actions, which is why I feel I am so successful!

    Fear is a illusion clouding around people’s head which prevents them to progress forward in their goals.

    Hiccups do occur in projects, which can hold things up, but don’t let these stop you.

    10 TIPS:

    -Don’t be afraid alot of fear is just in the head, and stops you from progressing but you actually can go far!

    -Make sure you have goals and targets, and work to them

    -If people say it doesn’t work then still try things for your self…as it work for you

    -Don’t listen to anybody who puts you down,

    -Anything is possible, just make sure you work hard and deliver your goals

    -If somebody puts you down, use this as an incentive to do better in your goals

    -Buy your mum and dad some things with some of your profits, which will show you have ‘made it’.

    -Eat healthily which can affect your mindset too. Healthier foods will cause you to think more clearly,

    -Drink plenty of water, which can clear your mind too.

    -share your ideas with other marketers which will boost your positvness, which can reduce you fear as it will encourage you.

    Keep going towards getting product out Sergio and hope you solve your things within the next days,

    oh and I am liking your bright green image of blog logo, it is nice and stands out.

    Matt Morgan

    1. Reply

      Hey Matt, I have to agree that fear is something that just lives inside our heads and I do know first hand that it can be a massive success blocker.

      Thanks for all the wonderful feedback and tips (I’m already doing most of your bullet points) and it’s nice to finally see you have a blog online man.

      Take care and thanks again for all the encouragement! ;-)

  4. Reply

    Hello Sergio Félix,

    Honestly for me I would stop procrastinating and take action on the coaching (Helping people grow a thriving community and becoming a online success) I want to start doing. I’m slowly overcoming my fears but it’s taken me longer than I wanted. Great video and thoughts!

    1. Reply

      Hey Dan,

      Seems like the world is missing quite a lot by not having your coaching available to them my man!

      I’m also overcoming my fears slowy (actually too damn slow if you ask me) but that’s the point of writing this article in the first place:

      – To identify what is getting in the way to huge success and get rid of it once and for all!

      I’ll try to come up with an update of some sort tomorrow, right now I’m still a wreck from the wedding proposal to my future inlaws.

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing what’s stopping you Dan, hope we can overcome these fears together already man, all the best and have a great start of week! ;-)

    • Dave E Wilkes
    • March 6, 2013

    Hi Sergio

    How did the big day go? I cannot see anyone in their right mind not wanting you in their family and so I’m sure everyone welcomed you big time and with open arms.

    As to what am I afraid of doing today?

    Well, if I had read your post yesterday I would have said it was getting into our septic tank and cleaning it out.

    We had a blockage somewhere and things weren’t working as they should have been doing (some of the joys of living in the Spanish countryside)

    But do you know? Now that it is done and sorted I’m not afraid of it happening again.

    The fear of getting stuck into a septic tank (pardon the pun) has become just another chore that sometimes needs doing.

    As for things I’m afraid of today, I am intending to do four videos and get everything lined up for a mini marketing campaign.

    And, as you can see, instead of getting it done I thought I would put it off a little longer and see what my friend Sergio was up to.

    You always make me feel good and so I think you have helped me already.

    So that is enough of my procrastination.

    If you want to help my fears Sergio, some advice on getting into multiple video making and getting them done quickly would be a big help to me.

    Keep strong my friend and don’t forget the update about that important Saturday when you asked for your girlfriends’ hand.

    Keep strong!

    1. Reply

      Hey what’s up Dave, first of all thanks for the big reply and secondly for that wonderful remark my friend, my future parents (or should I say “inlaws”?) were thrilled with the proposal!

      Reading about that septic tank made me laugh man, I think I would be terrified too of getting trapped there haha but repetition of the same task and doing something even scarier helps quite a lot in overcoming some of our fears.

      I think the video marketing campaign you want to do would be just fantastic for your site (I’m looking to do that myself but unfortunately I’m so sick right now I can’t barely be at the computer).

      My advice would be the following one:

      If you already decided to do four videos for your campaign, make sure you spread similar value throughout them (i.e. don’t share something amazing on the first video and then something average on the second one)

      As to getting them done quickly, all I can recommend is planning the content ahead and having an adequate recording environment (as less interruptions as possible)

      Assuming you already have your content ready, I would dedicate at least a couple of hours to clearly define the goal of the campaign:

      – Why am I recording this? (provide value, branding, more leads or sales)
      – Where am I recording this? (be consistent with your message)
      – How am I recording this? (technical aspects)
      – What do I want people to do after watching each video? (continuity or call to action)

      My last recommendation would be to focus on getting just the first video right, the rest will come very easily once you do a great job with the first one so there’s no need to rehearse all the content prior to recording.

      The videos will have a more natural, conversational feeling so people don’t feel like they are watching an “ad”.

      Hope that helps and thanks a lot for stopping by!

      PS. I have been completely knocked out for three straight days now (fell incredibly sick) I’m starting to feel a bit better but my time on the computer is very limited as I write this for the same reasons.

    • Kabenlah Cudjoe
    • March 9, 2013

    This is one question which kept on pondering on my mind after seeing this post. I kept thinking over it but it appears there is not different I will do.

    I like being afraid and still take actions in spite of those fears.

    1. Reply

      You actually like being afraid? Wow… that’s a bit odd.

      Cops, military people and the like need to control their fear in order to take proper decisions even under heavy loads of stress but to actually *like* it? I don’t know.

      If you still take actions then I guess it’s okay so whatever works for you my man!

    • Kabie
    • March 11, 2013

    Fear! Fear! Is one great foe I admire a lot. As a poet, I write better in midst of fear.

    BTW- I hope you enjoy reading my poems.

    1. Reply

      Great insight Kabie and sorry but I don’t have time for reading poems when I’m trying to build a marketing business online.

      Anyway, all the best and thank you for stopping by! ;-)

    • Paul Henderson
    • March 11, 2013

    Hey Sergio,

    hey man that’s a great video and a terrific topic.

    The question is one that should cause us all to do some soul searching as I believe we all could do more if we weren’t afraid of something.

    For me, my one great fear is very simple. With my Product Creation – I’m just in the middle of creating my first Membership Site right now – I have a real fear that it will fail miserably. All the other guys seem much more Pro with theirs and I always think their content looks much better than mine. I’m not sure that’s the sort of fear you were talking about, – but it is my fear nonetheless.

    In a few short weeks, I’ll know whether it was successful or whether it flopped. But for now, there’s just uncertainty. And I hate it.

    On a different note, I gather the ‘announcement’ went well. Congratulations on acquiring another family to buy birthday, Christmas and everything else presents for – lol.

    All the best from down under buddy,


    1. Reply

      Hey Paul, this is a pretty common fear to have man because we’re exposed to other people’s products so we obviously tend to compare our own stuff to what we already know it’s out there.

      I’ve suffered a lot from this myself so my new motto is to just do it, if it flops then I’ll do it differently the next time but in no way I’m going to keep waiting because time is ticking and time is money too my friend!

      I promised an update right after the formal proposal but I got incredibly sick, what I was going to do the prior week, I’m doing it this week.

      An update coming later today and one that I recommend you don’t miss because it’s going to have a good kick in the ass for anyone that needs it! haha

      Thanks for stopping by Paul and good luck on your upcoming membership site, I’ll root for ya! ;-)

    • zora
    • March 22, 2013

    Hey Sergio,

    Your doing good a job by getting rid of your fears. I would keep some fears though like the one about sharks and skydiving without a parachute!

    Your videos are coming along nicely .Good luck talking and giving your speach.


    1. Reply

      Hey Zora, what’s up man?

      Yeah I would definitely keep those fears in place as well lol

      Thanks for your feedback on my videos, I’m really comfortable now but I’m not THAT comfortable when it comes to try to sell something, I’ll get around that sooner or later though.

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