Ways To Make Money With WordPress Consulting $1500 USD Income Proof Inside

Hey there party people in da house!

I’m telling you… this internet income thing is getting real yo.

However, apathy is not going to lead us anywhere.

I asked you to leave some comments on my latest post…

You can read it here:Learn How Offline Consulting Could Easily Lead You To 30K A Month Without An IT Degree

And nobody but Patrick Griffin and Andrew Stark got interested in knowing more about making money with WordPress websites.

So instead of showing you exactly how I did it, I’ll show you my results instead.

Ways To Make Money With WordPress Consulting Video

I shot a quick video for you in which I’ll teach you a little bit about mexican money bills and hopefully this will get the ball rolling.

The whole situation is very funny to me because who the hell pays in cash these days?

But I’m certainly not complaining!

Last Words

I know that making WordPress websites may not be your thing.

It’s not the passive income dream either.

And good Lord…  it actually involves HARD WORK.

In my latest post I told you how to create a business that can get you $30K a month if done right.

That amount times 12, is $360,000.00 USD a year.

I totally get it if that doesn’t sounds cool enough to you.

Maybe you want millions or a 7-figure business, who knows?


As it goes for me, I’m going to keep doing this at least until I get a steady income.

Then maybe I’ll start doing some outsourcing.

Then maybe it will grow to a seven figure business.

And lastly, I may sell the company for millions.

Who knows right? ;-)


PS. There’s no call to action today. I’ll just go and prepare myself for a quick business consultation for later and I actually just got two new possible clients (extra $3,000.00 USD)

PPS. $1,500.00 + $3,000.00 + $95.40 = Possible earnings: $4,595.40 (in less than one week)

PPPS. Not bad.

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    • Daniel Sumner
    • April 20, 2012

    lol fifteen hundred dollars is right also so is one thousand five hundred.

    Anyway good job man. Most people dream of passive income, in reality passive income doesn’t drop in your lap it takes hard work an dedication to get there the passive part comes later. There is nothing passive about passive income.

    Most people would also love to work from home, which you seem well on your way to doing also well done once more.

    It looks cool when you hold all the money up like that. I wish I was paid in cold hard cash again. I could then hide it all from the tax man shhhhhh!

    Well done in creating another income stream sergio well done.


    1. Reply

      Hey Dan, thanks for the explanation and I think this should actually be a quote:

      “There is nothing passive about passive income.” ~ Dan Sumner

      I think EXACTLY the same.

      Really crazy that people think all they need to build passive income is create an affiliate link and throw that in front of people.

      It was weird to have all the money bills like that for me as well, I don’t even remember when was the last time I was actually paid in cash for something LOL

      Thanks for your support Dan and your encouragement words.

      I really need an extra kick in the rear from time to time and you surely have helped and contributed a lot in my success. Thank you! ;-)

      PS. You had me laughing my ass off with the “hide it all from the tax man” hahahaha

      • Patrick Griffin
      • April 20, 2012

      I have to agree with Sergio…

      “There is nothing passive about passive income.”

      That is a brilliant quote.

    • Patrick Griffin
    • April 20, 2012

    Hey Sergio,
    Nice work. Well done on getting the site built and in getting the money from the client.
    Do you have paper bills in Mexico?…the two smaller notes looked to be plastic.

    As for the $1,500 then I would always say that as one thousand five hundred dollars. However I have noticed that Americans favor breaking these sums down into units of one hundred and say fifteen hundred.

    To me this is quite confusing because I find that when someone says fifteen hundred this or twenty three hundred that I have to “convert” the number into the more logical units – one thousand five hundred or two thousand three hundred.

    Now go buy some beers and put the rest of the money in the bank. ;)


    1. Reply

      Hey Patrick “Sharp Eye” Griffin,

      You are 100% right man!

      $20s and $50s are plastic everything else ($100, $200, $500 and $1,000) are regular paper.

      I can’t remember what was the idea behind this but I think they were trying to emulate something from Europe. It didn’t work as planned so now we have plastic and paper bills. LOL

      I have never been able to understand the number thing with my neighbors from the USA and I actually remember that a system manager that I used to work with, got confused on a deal price over a call.

      He ended up getting an insane rebate on server equipment because he pronounced something that the sales rep understood completely off (it had to do with that way of saying quantities)

      I remember we laughed all day long about that. ;-)

      I definitely need some celebration beers but I will wait for that as I have a consultation for later today LOL

      Take care Patrick and thanks for supporting me as well. Have a great weekend! ;-)

  1. Reply

    Hi Sergio

    That’s truly awesome, and it shows that working for yourself pays the bills much. If the worst happens and the chemical industry in the UK does do down the toilet I would start going round small companies selling my ability to create a wordpress site and get them listed in google places, and basic keywords identified.

    The going rate for simple tasks like that is around the price of your gold package, so taking the time to learn some technical skills is a much better model to follow that being told to sell magic beans via an affiliate link.

    As others have said, enjoy the cold beer’s that this money will pay for.


    1. Reply

      Hey Andrew!

      Thanks man and I really think you could crush this too if you wanted! You have all the ideas down already.

      I did enjoy the cold ones, thanks for stopping by and speak soon! ;-)

      PS. I really like the header on your site, don’t know if I already told you that.

    • Cararta
    • April 21, 2012

    Hmmmm knew you were Smart and would work it out!

    I’ve been busy with Family so haven’t worked a lot lately. First chance I got to come see what you are doing….

    Real Cash in hand always improves Mood and Attitude!

    Guess I’d better line up for a consultation! Have a problem with how the videos appear on this site….can’t figure it out there are two on every post!

    1. Reply

      Hey Carolyn,

      Can’t agree with you any more. Real cash in my hands does feel good, now the trick is to make that happen more often right?

      For embedding your videos I use a plugin called ‘Youtuber’, never had a problem with that, just search for it from inside your WP dashboard and check it out.

      Me, smart? Haha Naah I’m actually dumb enough to think I can actually make a living online… but I LOVE it, thank you! ;-)

    • Jens P. Berget
    • April 23, 2012

    Hi Sergio,

    That’s awesome. Yes, internet marketing is real. But, like you said, it involves hard work. We need to hustle every single day. And we need to focus to get to where the money is. From looking at your video, it looks like you’re doing everything right :)

    Congratulations, and keep sharing.

    1. Reply

      Hey Jens,

      Yeah man, I think we all struggle at one time or another. No wonder why many seasoned marketers recommend to keep going and never throw the towel, it definitely has its rewards.

      Thanks for stopping by and supporting me on G+ man, I really appreciate it, speak soon! ;-)

    • Linda
    • April 23, 2012

    CONGRATULATIONS, Sergio! That’s pretty awesome and wow that sure is quite the stack of bills there..lol.

    Thanks for converting Pesos into dollars. I’ve never seen a Pesos before, so this was really interesting for me :) Seems almost like if you subtract a zero from those bills, it equals just slightly the same in US dollars, huh? So if you were to come to the US with those Pesos to convert to USD then you wouldn’t get quite the same amount of money? Or would you? I get confused about stuff like that…lol

    Anyways, seems like a profitable business to start. Something I really need to think about.

    Oh and one more question – did you build a blog for your customer or a regular site using WP platform?


    1. Reply

      LOL Thank you Linda!

      They looked cool didn’t they? ;-)

      This is the current USD value against pesos mexicanos: [1.00 USD = 13.1883 MXN]

      So if I say I’m getting paid $1,500 USD it’s actually $19,782.45 MXN it’s not more or less money, that’s just the conversion.

      To give you an idea, you can buy a Corona six-pack for about 65 pesos (that’s about five bucks) and that’s also the reason why americans go crazy as soon as they realize the cost of beer here lol

      However, if I want to buy an iPad or a Macbook Pro in Mexico (any electronics in general) you have to pay a looooot more money than you guys do in the USA.

      That’s why it is very smart to live down here but buy your stuff up there. (although I’m seriously considering moving either to US or Canada very soon)

      About the site for my client, it’s just a premium wordpress theme set up to look as a website. It has absolutely nothing fancy.

      I was planning to reveal all of it in the following updates but since I think nobody got really interested I am thinking of changing the subject and maybe jump to more advanced subjects now.

      Thanks for stepping in, I do have already set prices for each and every task and I think you can get a great idea on how much to charge yourself.

      I will write about it in the week, speak soon Linda! ;-)

    • Adrienne
    • April 24, 2012

    Hey Sergio,

    Okay, now that’s just too darn cool. I haven’t read your other post but will do that too. Sorry, been somewhat preoccupied as you learned yesterday which is why I haven’t been by lately.

    Heck yeah, I’d love to learn how you did all of that.

    Some time back I offered my services for those who didn’t want to take the time to learn how to create their own blog. I would install their blog through their hosting service, set up whatever free theme they wanted, input their first post (they had to write), install their widgets, install their opt-in box and create their About Me page for $65. Guess what! Not one person was interested. Can you even believe that?

    So yeah, I would love to learn how you even got companies interested and what type of site you created for them. My other question would be, why would they go with an unknown? I’m no computer genius that’s for sure but I can certainly create a blog for you with all the bells and whistles.

    So I’ll see you here in a bit.


    1. Reply

      Hey Adrienne,

      Well that was a really COOL service you were offering. Too bad nobody actually took you on that offer, I know they would have gained a lot in return!

      To answer your first question, I just created a small site, built three awesome packages and people just started asking how could they work with us (my brother in law is my partner on this, so this is a partnered project).

      And for the second question, the answer is price.

      i really hate to talk about my backgrounds, experience, credentials, etc., and I can rest assure you that if I decided to showcase all of that on the site, nobody would even ask how much do we charge for a basic site.

      But coming up as real passionate guys for computers, blogging, creating sites and still learning everyday, being transparent and instead of going the “contact me for further details” thing, we just say something like:

      “this is what we have, this is how we do it, this is what you do to hire us.” (á la Frank Kern)

      Nothing else.

      I’m so glad you got interested on this and I think I will return to keep writing about what I’m doing.

      Thanks for stopping by Adrienne and I’m really happy that I can see you slowly getting back on track again and with a very nice mood! ;-)

      PS. And yeah, YOU can do this too!!!

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