Hey there party people in da house!

I’m telling you… this internet income thing is getting real yo.

However, apathy is not going to lead us anywhere.

I asked you to leave some comments on my latest post…

You can read it here:Learn How Offline Consulting Could Easily Lead You To 30K A Month Without An IT Degree

And nobody but Patrick Griffin and Andrew Stark got interested in knowing more about making money with WordPress websites.

So instead of showing you exactly how I did it, I’ll show you my results instead.

Ways To Make Money With WordPress Consulting Video

I shot a quick video for you in which I’ll teach you a little bit about mexican money bills and hopefully this will get the ball rolling.


The whole situation is very funny to me because who the hell pays in cash these days?

But I’m certainly not complaining!

Last Words

I know that making WordPress websites may not be your thing.

It’s not the passive income dream either.

And good Lord…  it actually involves HARD WORK.

In my latest post I told you how to create a business that can get you $30K a month if done right.

That amount times 12, is $360,000.00 USD a year.

I totally get it if that doesn’t sounds cool enough to you.

Maybe you want millions or a 7-figure business, who knows?


As it goes for me, I’m going to keep doing this at least until I get a steady income.

Then maybe I’ll start doing some outsourcing.

Then maybe it will grow to a seven figure business.

And lastly, I may sell the company for millions.

Who knows right? ;-)


PS. There’s no call to action today. I’ll just go and prepare myself for a quick business consultation for later and I actually just got two new possible clients (extra $3,000.00 USD)

PPS. $1,500.00 + $3,000.00 + $95.40 = Possible earnings: $4,595.40 (in less than one week)

PPPS. Not bad.

Sergio Felix
Sergio Felix

Hi, I'm Sergio Felix, founder of Marketing With Sergio. I work full time as a digital marketing expert for the retail industry managing a team of experts in departments of SEO, SEM, front-end web development and conversion rate optimisation and in my spare time I love conducting offline digital marketing workshops and teaching other entrepreneurs how to build and maintain business oriented websites with WordPress. I'm highly passionate about blogging, writing, music, jogging, entrepreneurship and personal development.