Using A Second Monitor With Your Main Computer

I’m seriously considering to quit blogging for good to focus on product creation.

But today I was thinking how can I teach you about WordPress, themes and customization when I don’t have a blog?

That would be a valid point but still, for a lot of my projects I’ll be using WordPress so I still would be good in that area but honestly, I think I can still keep this blog and just update it about once a week.

That number will decrease with time to maybe once every 15 days or even once a month, I’m not sure yet.

But I promise I will share the most ridiculous amazing information EVER on the internet.

Not because I’m that good but because I believe that sharing with you an actual way to make money would be far better instead of teaching you all the small details about blogging.

With that said, I recorded a quick video yesterday and I want to show you what you can do in case you have a spare monitor and a video card with two video outputs.

Second Monitor With Your Main Computer Video

I was using this for a webinar with John Thornhill yesterday but you should know by now that whenever you’re on a webinar, you should get rid of all distractions.

If the webinar sucks, then maybe you CAN do other things or even close it, it’s common sense.

A few Great Uses For Using An Extra Monitor

These are a few of things I normally do, but you can use this as you need.

  • Video playback (when I need to learn something)
  • Webinars (pay attention when you’re on these!)
  • Written How To’s (easier to follow up without leaving my coding screen)
  • Gaming (been a while since I stopped gaming but this would be an AWESOME feature for gaming)
  • Live TV (I don’t watch TV but I do watch soccer matches from time to time)
  • Video Editing
  • Tele Prompter (I have never used a Tele prompter before and I’m terrible speaking on camera but I still want to learn that technique, still haven’t made any experiments yet)

Well there you go, hope this was fun!

Speak to you guys very soon and well, I think I need to start writing an awesome book for you right now, take care and hasta luego!


PS. The two blogs you can see on the background were Steve Scott and David Risley.

Those two guys are DA BOMB, you really should check them out.

Sergio Felix

Husband, Dad, Kindle Author, IT Pro, SEO & WordPress Consultant, Udemy Teacher, Half Marathoner and Guitar Player. I run Marketing With Sergio and several other online business projects.

20 thoughts to “Using A Second Monitor With Your Main Computer”

  1. You always have great information Bruddah Sergio Felix…I am going to have to try using my extra monitor like you mentioned. Ooh-Rah…motiv8 the mind & cre8 a gr8 day!!

  2. Hi Sergio,

    I used to use two monitors all the time, but lately I’ve been using one. That’s because I feel more focused when I’m only looking at one screen, and I’m a lot more concentrated. Not sure why, but it’s just a feeling I guess :)

    1. Hey Jens,

      Well I normally get anxious if I’m working with just one screen as I’m used to work with at least two computers at the same time.

      What I’m learning here is that I could probably get rid of one computer and I still wouldn’t feel limited to one screen.

      You’re right about being more focused when using only one screen, less distractions. ;-)

  3. That’s pretty neat. I honestly don’t have the room for such a thing, although one time when my new computer took a nasty dump, I got my laptop in here and used both screens – it was wild. But, in reality, there just isn’t the space. But, can be very effective if you do have the room.

    Loved the video :)

    1. Hey Linda,

      Well like I suggested in the article, this comes in handy if you have a 2nd monitor and a video card with two outputs. I think I should have recommended having space for it too! LOL

      Glad you liked the video, have a great Sunday Linda! ;-)

  4. Sergio, your videos keeps getting better and better.

    Using 2 monitors is a great idea. I have 3 monitors in my house but I’ve been only using one. I stay more focused when I use one monitor, so I don’t think I’m going to use another one anytime soon :).

    Thanks for sharing your insights, buddy.


    1. Hey Dev, It all comes down to what activity you’re performing.

      Not long ago, I was flown to a big university in Guadalajara (UdeG).

      I basically was there to understand how they had a big project setup because I was supposed to replicate the same thing but in a much smaller scale.

      When I entered the systems room, my jaw literally dropped.

      They had a huge elevated wall of monitors displaying all sort of numbers for their databases and their production systems plus at least three monitor screens on every single desktop, it was unreal.

      I certainly can’t imagine those guys working with just one screen but as you pointed out, if you’re performing ONE task, then by all means using one monitor is perfectly fine and even recommended.

      Thank you for your kind comments on the videos, it’s been a long way! LOL

      Take care and have a great Sunday man ;-)

  5. I also decided giving up on two posts a week schedule (right, I am on 1 post per week). But, my reason was different: I joined in with Devesh for BlogPrenuers as a regular author, so I would have to spend more time with it. Anyways, I appreciate your decision about posting at least a month, Sergio :)

    The video is awesome (and great quality too). My professor from my tech class uses this idea to separate laptop screen into two – his work and class lectures. I did notice the two blogs (and I did recognize Steve’s at once, but didn’t recognize the second one until I read your post foot note).

    Anyways, awesome post (and video) Sergio!

    Jeevan Jacob John

    1. Hey Jeevan,

      Yeah man, it’s definitely a time-related issue more than anything else and I do understand you on limiting your post frequency to one per week (I actually think that’s a pretty good number).

      Thank you for your feedback on the video, it really means a lot.

      Like I told Dev, it has been a long way because I struggled so much with my first videos so that’s a big compliment you guys are making here, I really appreciate that.

      Glad you were able to recognize Steve’s blog, he’s such a great IMer and friend.

      And David is highly knowledgeable with IT related stuff as that’s his professional background, another great blog to read.

      Take care and enjoy your Sunday Jeevan! ;-)

      PS. Good luck with your new project with Dev, I know you guys are going to CRUSH IT!

  6. Hi Sergio!
    Nice, not so nervous!
    Hint…next time Mute or lower John so we can hear….can’t ever get him that loud on my computer anyway!

    No extra monitors or Tvs to hook up, so I’m out of luck, but often wondered how “they” did that anyway.

    Now tell me how to get rid of a home page on a theme , can’t find it to put something on it, can’t delete it….plays hide and seek….Think it will be easier to clean house and start over!

    1. Hey Carolyn,

      Yeah John was a bit loud as I use a PA system lol and I’m glad you are noticing I’m finally more comfortable on video.

      About the site you’re playing hide n’ seek with your home page, send me the login details and I’ll be glad to take a look at it for you. ;-)

  7. very interesting post that you have shared with us, i enjoy using two screens, i find it so much easier than using one screen and having all your tabs open it gets to busy. i enjoyed your post thanks for sharing it with us.

  8. Hey Sergio,
    Right now, as you may already know, I do most of my work from a rather small laptop…having a two or even three monitors set up is what I really want to have…and one day I will have it that way.


    1. Hey Pat,

      You’ve just gave me a simple idea for a blog post with your comment, maybe everyone already knows how to do it but I won’t assume anything and it actually is a very cool thing to do.

      Thanks man!

      PS. I know you will have as many monitors as you need man, it’s only a matter of time. ;-)

      1. I have no idea what you could be talking about…so write the blog post. I am intrigued already. P.

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