Hey, glad to see you around here again!

I’m really happy about all the positive feedback I received from the previous post on Digital Nomads and Minimalism

I enjoyed each and every one of the comments you guys wrote for me, thank you, you guys really rock!

About my DNA participation, I’d like to write a short bit from Sandy Halliday on the past comment thread…

“Nothing ventured, nothing gained”

I absolutely agree on this thought and I learned a lot from that past experience, I think I even put myself on at least Cody McKibben’s eyes so that is indeed a big gain alright!

But as we all know, the world keeps on turning and we must turn the page and get on with our journey (fail now, fail fast springs to mind)

There will always be more opportunities out there.

While Doing Business, Get Rejected… a LOT

So I was checking out these videos from Brendon Burchard and the Experts Academy today and in the end, there was this bonus video from Brian Tracy and he mentioned something about the 10% factor.

The 10% factor basically means that you can fail 9 out of 10 times and succeed at the tenth time.

Then he asked the audience, would you be willing to fail 9 times if you knew you were going to succeed at the 10th time?

The audience of course responded with a resonating YES!

So then he told this story about a company which used to reward the employees that failed the most when doing prospecting (or direct sales, I’m not sure about this).

The person who gets rejected the most, gets the prize!

So everyone was happy getting out there and knocking on doors, calling people on the phone and getting rejected like crazy.

They had to write down what they did and then present how many times they got rejected and why.

So the outcome of this was that the fear factor was NOT involved in the equation… can you see the power of this?

A lot of people fail to succeed online everyday because they are scared.

Whether is rejection, panic, change, self esteem, the reasons can be anything you can think of.

These people were not afraid to knock on doors, talk to strangers, calling people, and they weren’t scared of failure at all… in fact, they would laugh about it at the end of the day and they would almost compete with each other in order to see who got the reward!

Eventually, their confidence would start getting extremely good and in the end, they would get any result BUT rejection.

I think this is super BRILLIANT if you ask me.

So if you want to succeed at anything you want (more subscribers, more sales, higher EPCs, etc) go and do something about it and fail miserably but do it NOW.

“An idiot with a plan, is better than a genius without one.”

I’ll let you choose which one you want to be but pick wisely!

Alex Jeffreys

I just ended up reading several reports from Alex Jeffreys (that’s where I found the idiot/genius adage) and wow, the guy is crazy filled with stuff that actually tells it like it is.

In the insanely remote case that you don’t know who A.J. is, he’s a big Internet Marketer from the UK who a few years ago started from zero and now has acquired a very high authority in the Internet Marketing world.

I went to every single site I could find on him, checked out his replies in comments, his post threads on the Warrior Forum, his pictures and most important (to me) the REAL no BS story on how he got started.

I’m actually in shock by his achievements so far but he’s also in the top 5 best action taker students from Mike Filsaime himself.

In Mike’s own words…

“Alex was one of the most aggressive learners in the program, as well as one of the most active. Alex has shown to be one of the top 5 successful students I ever had the chance to mentor”.

I don’t want to spoil this for me so all I can leak you right now is that Alex came to this site and told me he liked what I wrote about and my goals.

alex jeffreys facebook

Is this freaking AMAZING or what?

If you want to know more about Alex Jeffreys, you can check him out at Marketing With You (not to you!)

How To Connect with the Right People

In order to make it BIG you need to be friends with the right people.

Sure you can start by not knowing anybody (that’s how we all started anyway right?) but it’s a huge difference to have a big known affiliate marketer promoting your stuff than having just a few unknown people promoting for you.

Same goes for bloggers and guest posts, get to post something on Copyblogger, Problogger, SmartPassiveIncome (and many others) and you’re practically set for stardom.

At least that’s what I learned from Jon Morrow (Associate Editor of Copyblogger) a couple of days ago.

If you are a hardcore blogger, you should know at least a few of the top dogs in that industry and the same goes for the hardcore affiliate, mlmer, joint venture broker, etc.

Now I tend to see the big Internet Marketers like rockstars.

It is the same feeling I had when I was into the music business and meeting ANY rock guitarist was like “holy shit man, I can’t believe this!”

Actually I have a very cool story about high-fiving Dimebag Darrell (RIP) from Pantera but I’ll tell you about that some other time.

Anyway, the adrenaline rush of being able to interact with these kind of guys is huge for me.

One of the best ways I have found to connect with the right people is by buying something from them.

If your favorite IMer doesn’t have a product yet, you can always buy something you need through his/her affiliate link but let them KNOW about it before doing it.

There’s a lot of people that I have befriended doing that and whenever I’m going to buy something, I first try to use an affiliate link from one of my friends or a new person I would like to meet.

This is a game of contribution, rewards, showing that you give a damn about others and honesty, this is what has worked WONDERS for me.

I have bought products and trainings in the past from marketers like Marc Milburn, Kris Mainieri, Alex Jeffreys, John Thornhill, Dave Nicholson, Lee McIntyre, Steve Scott, Anthony Aires and many others.

Why am I mentioning all these guys? Just for one reason, I speak to most of them and I’m planning to meet the ones I still haven’t, so this is a meeting and possibly partnering process, you never know.

I do the same for affiliate products or services, I try to find someone who is starting out like me and help him/her out by buying through their affiliate links.

It’s all about genuinely helping others and networking with the right peeps.

Give Amazing Value for FREE… but How Much, Everything?

Like I told you above, I recently finished reading everything I could find on Alex Jeffreys and he states he would have been making a lot more money today if he didn’t started chasing after the money in the beginning.

He realized that it was much more easier to give everything for free and then having people knowing about you, talking about you, trusting you and then finally, trying to find a way to pay you for your knowledge.

If you ask me, I think that is pretty RAD!

My only question for this is…

…how much free sharing is enough?

I am thinking in putting up a very detailed “Start Here” section on this site and writing a few reports, I just don’t know how much is enough.

What am I going to sell if I tell you EVERYTHING that I know? LOL

If you know, please help me in the comments.


1. If you venture yourself into something new and scary for you, whatever the outcome is (good or bad) check out whatever you did good and bad, learn from that and turn the page afterwards, keep yourself busy, constant motion is key my friend.

2. Embrace rejection like it was your lover, learn to live with it. If you hit rock bottom, there’s nowhere else to go but up!

3. Find your role models and learn from what they do, not only what per se, the how do they actually do it.

4. Plan your networking time. Do it smart. Seek the people that can help you out and the people that you can help out. There will always going to be someone above us and someone below us. Make sure you network with both entities.

Final Thought

I used to have a marketing blog in a domain called “iSeeSalesPeople.com” where I wrote about my journey with Internet Marketing.

If you can figure out that I absolutely HATED that everyone wanted to sell me stuff just from the domain name, then I succeeded, if not, well then it’s my bad.

The reason I’m mentioning it here is because I can’t stop thinking about what I read from A.J.’s reports about giving a lot for free and worrying about money later because I actually think that’s the only way to go.

I’m not interested in making 200 sales out of a launch product in one day and then get easily forgotten a week later and nobody opening my e-mails afterwards.

I’m still not sure about this but I may reopen the site and fill it with how to’s and that way I can practice a few business models before actually creating the products.

I’ll do some more brain storming about this and then I’ll let you know.

Take care and thanks for reading, speak soon.


PS. I think I need to use more images to keep people interested in reading the whole thing… can you please tell me your opinion on this matter? Thanks in advance!

Sergio Felix
Sergio Felix

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