Traveling from Madrid to Barcelona on Renfe

First of all, I am writing this update from a train that has already reached at least 300km per hour, that’s scary or cool as hell!

Secondly, I have been laughing my ass off because my dad complains just about everything he can.

So far, he found the given earphones to be of very low quality which I agree with.

I offered him my iPod set but he refused to use it.

He has been offered wet towels a number of times already so he’s annoyed from that too LOL!

Has been complaining and mumbling about a couple of guys that have been talking non stop on their mobile phones saying these guys brought their damn work to the train haha!

(He also travels talking non stop but he hasn’t realized that yet.)

As my dad has very high levels of stress and anxiety, he just can’t stand still either.

Always has to be doing something

He flicks the newspaper, reads a sentence, then keeps a magazine in the front seat wire net, fixes his baseball hat, looks in the front, at the back, stares at the people crossing the wagon, then opens up a zipper in his jacket.

Fixes something, opens up his backpack, gets nothing out, zip it closed again, check out if our lugagge is still in place and he’s like that, every time we travel.

So far right now, we have an hour traveling and he has been reading the newspaper while being quiet (this is not very common).

Occasionally, he will pinch me in my arm so I record “viñedos”, landscapes and anything he might find worth recording outside through the window.

Until this point, I already have got used to this and it’s not that I really like it or dislike it, I am treasuring these moments as they happen instead!

I am so happy to be right here, I have this weird feeling of belonging right where I am.

It is a little bit undescriptible by words.

I haven’t told you anything about where I come from or where am I headed to yet (in my marketing endeavours) but I will attempt do so as time and posts pass by.

It’s not that I have an interesting life, I just want you to get to know me so we have that sort of virtual friendship going on.

My Grandmother

Just to give you a little tip of the iceberg, my grandmother Anastasia (RIP) was an amazing Spanish lady.

She used to live in a very small place called “Pipaona de Ocón” in La Rioja, Spain.

She was my last grand mother and family member to pass away.

She did so last year so I’m still a little bit confused about it.

She met my grandfather Anastasio (RIP) in Spain while my grandfather was studying here, many years ago.

Visiting Spain

Being in Spain for the first time in my life has opened a few strange thoughts in me.

I really never even thought I’d like Spain so much.

By law, we have rights up to 5 generations to acquire the spanish double nationality and the mexican government allows mexicans to have a double nationality as well.

That means that even if I never did anything about it, even my grand children are entitled to have the double nationality if they were born outside of Spain.

Only time will tell.

Zaragoza, Spain

Right now there’s an audio announcement that we’re arriving at Zaragoza and that we should remain on the train.

I don’t have a clue of how many stops are we going to have before arriving to Barcelona but so far the train has been very pleasant and comfortable!

Yep, so we stopped at Zaragoza, my dad just rushed to walk I don’t know where.

He’s going crazy about the guy speaking on the cell phone. LOL

I told you he can’t stand still for very long, didn’t I?

We finally started moving again, actually it was a very brief stop.

The Renfe tickets we bought are on the middle class which is “Preferente“.

And they were 176,50 euros each, not particularly cheap I guess.

I wanted to work with video editing but apparently there are no power outlets here and I just have enough power for an hour or so.

Let’s call this post a wrap right here as I don’t want to bore anyone.


My conclusion on traveling on the Renfe is that it may not be the cheapest thing but it is incredibly comfortable, the staff is super friendly and boy this thing can move fast!

Until next time!

PS. If you made it here, then I have to congratulate you!

I have a lot of pictures and videos to put in here but it is literally impossible for me to do so right now.

I can’t even explain why.

If you care to watch the pictures or the videos, just make sure to come back, I’m not a good photographer but at least you will get to know me a little bit better.

As a little hint, I have been posting a few pictures in Twitter and Facebook.

Take care and talk soon!


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    • Patrick Griffin
    • October 28, 2011

    Sergio, my friend, you constantly amaze me.
    From reading this post it is as if I am actually on the same train with you and your dad.
    You really are a natural story teller.
    And I think I may have a few things in common with your dad.
    Apart from the fact that I am very quiet and do not speak a lot then I have most of the other characteristics like not ever being able to be totally still and always wanting to do something, or move around, or play with something, or look at my phone messages for the 200th time.
    Yet another brilliant blog post.

    1. Reply

      Thank you Patrick!

      Today we’re traveling by something called the “Train Hotel” from Renfe, the same company.

      This thing is supposed to have beds instead of seats and I really don’t know what to expect! LOL

      I did not know you were all that “jumpy” like my dad LOL funny stuff!

      Take care, I must book something in France right now ;-)

        • Patrick Griffin
        • October 29, 2011

        Well maybe not ‘jumpy’ as such…but I certainly find it difficult to sit still and do nothing on train or plane trips…and I get very annoyed at people who are constantly talking on their mobile phones :)

        1. Reply

          I also dislike people talking non stop on mobiles LOL

          My girlfriend never leaves her smart phone but thank God she mainly uses the chat thingy. Otherwise it’d drive me crazy very fast.

    • Joshua Dalton
    • October 29, 2011

    Sergio, I am so enjoying the travel diary and as Patrick commented you are a great story teller. I can visualise your journey so clearly.
    I’m sure your internet marketing story will be as awesome and I look forward to following that too.
    Enjoy Spain.

    1. Reply

      Hey Joshua,

      Thank you for your comment and interest!

      I will try to make my Internet story even better.

      Right now I just made it to France, still tired but I’m already planning my day today, expect a few pictures on this blog post and an update for later tonight, take care!

      PS. Spain was AWESOME!!! ;-)

    • Linda
    • November 2, 2011


    I hate trains of all kinds – I went on one of those fast moving ones when I was a kid and it was a motor train – where you put your car in one of those box trains I guess? Well, we went to get the car and it was DEAD!! It wouldn’t move – mind you I was young at the time and I was so upset we couldn’t go where we wanted to and had to sit in a stupid auto repair place for hours until they got it fixed. Ever since then for some reason trains and me do not like each other – not even the put-put

    That is funny with your dad – my dad would be sort of the same way – only he would be on his phone mimicking the guy…lol. Probably so bad that the guy would either get up and yell or move to another

    It’s cool that you had internet while on the train – didn’t think that was possible.

    I enjoyed reading this post and looking forward to your videos.


    1. Reply

      Hi Linda,

      Sorry to hear you had such a bad experience with trains.

      I have good and bad ones too! Actually, I traveled on some sort of “train hotel” thing from Barcelona to Paris and just wow… it was kind of a nightmare but I really laughed a lot about it.

      Will post everything as soon as I’m done organizing all my stuff. (there’s even a video I recorded inside that train LOL)

      Thank you for stopping by and sharing your train story, I liked it even if it was a bad experience, as I didn’t even know you could transport cars on trains (at least, not here in Mexico).

      And last but not least, sorry for the misunderstanding! I did not have internet on the train, I was writing offline, have a great day! ;-)

    • Sandy Halliday
    • November 3, 2011

    How I envy you going to all those exciting places in Spain. I hope I will get to see more of it one day. When my husband retires we want to spend more time in Spain. When we do we can see more of it.

    Have you tried giving your Dad some chamomile tea? Maybe it would calm him a little!

    Enjoy the rest of your travels.

    1. Reply

      Hi Sandy,

      I agree, Spain is simply amazing and so big and history-rich that it’s practically impossible to visit and watch everything in just a few days.

      I think that your thoughts on going to Spain for retirement are VERY good. I’d love to do the same when the time comes as well, it’s such a beautiful place.

      As for the tea, I haven’t tried that one yet but I will definitely look for it. Thanks for the recommendation!

      Dad actually says he does not get anxious and that I’m just “too exaggerated” LOL go figure!

      Thanks for stopping by Sandy, have a great weekend! ;-)

      PS. I’m finally back in Mexico trying to organize all my ‘material’ if I can call my pictures and bad videos like that… haha!

    • Rob White
    • November 8, 2011

    Hola Segio, mucho gusto a conocerte. Hablo Yo un poco de castellano ya que vivia en Chile por 10 años. Es bueno que viajes a España con tu Papa. ( no soy bueno con los acentos fijate)

    Que te vaya bien

    1. Reply

      Hey Rob,

      Amazing Spanish hermano!

      Thanks a lot for stopping by, hope to see you around here soon, que Dios te bendiga!

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