You’ve read right, there really isn’t.

When I say there’s no one size fits all to Internet Marketing Online what I really mean is that if somebody is telling you they have the RIGHT solution for you to become successful online…

Then my friend, somebody may be lying to your face.

That’s right.

While it is okay that everyone can market their own products as they want, I think it is way misleading to say that YOUR course is what people need to be successful with marketing on the internet.

Let me explain why.

Making Money Online With…

Just for the “making money online with” keyword I am receiving 9,680,000 results on Google.

making money online in google

Do you REALLY believe that some report, book, audio CDs or even a high paid training course is going to cover ALL the possible ways to earn money online with internet marketing?

I highly doubt it.

Three Quick Real Life Scenarios

1. Civil Engineering

If you go to civil engineering school, will you be able to build a bridge once you graduate?

In theory, yes.

But in reality? Well we don’t know unless you actually did learn what you needed in order to achieve something like building a bridge.

Graduating from civil engineering school doesn’t ensures that you can build a bridge.

2. Computer Systems Engineering

This is my case.

We started about 50 persons divided in two classrooms and our graduation class was about 20 engineers.

From those 20, about 10 actually have completed their thesis and obtained their IT degree.

From ALL those 50 persons that started the studies, I just know three cases that are actually working on computer related jobs.

One friend of mine is a very successful Java Arquitech, another one is a Perl Programmer and Linux enthusiast and the other one is me.

For the rest… they DO have jobs, just not computer related ones.

3. Internet Marketing

Exactly what we are doing here.

You can take courses on:

  • Professional Blogging
  • Product Creation
  • List Building
  • Website Development
  • WordPress Plugin Creation
  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Ad Campaigns
  • Etc, etc

There is a LOT to cover on each one of those bullet points and assuming you actually got everything on one place, does that ensures you’ll be able to be successful with anything online?


Unless of course, you put in the hard work and is something you actually enjoy doing (otherwise you’ll quit sooner or later and start from square one again).

There Is No One-Size-Fits-All Solution

If you thought I had THE solution for anything about making online for you, I’m sorry but I do not have such thing.

I don’t have it because I am aware that each of us as individuals, is different.

We all have differences in our:

  • interests
  • points of view
  • end goals
  • levels of comprehension
  • speed of understanding

Really, the list goes on and on so if I actually told you that I can create THE only marketing course you’ll ever need, for anything, I would be really full of shit.

Your task for this is to be aware yourself and apply some common sense.

How To Find Your Own Solution

To find your solution for this, I have a simple approach.

And before hand, you need to understand you don’t need to reinvent the wheel.

Just pick a few people you really connect with, that you love what they do and start reverse engineering everything they have done online.

While this doesn’t ensures you’re absolutely going to succeed, it will place you a lot closer than just buying some random course or training expecting to finally find the secret to online marketing.

Professional Blogger Scenario

Just to not be vague on any of my recommendations, let’s say you want to be a very successful professional blogger.

Instead of just name dropping here, let’s say you already pick the blogger you want to study from.

What I usually do, is I go back ALL the way to the very first post and start reading from there.

(if they don’t have a posts archive, start playing around with different values in the URL while on the pagination and with some patience, you’ll find your way to their first published post)

You’ll be AMAZED at how many of the professional bloggers started with zero comments on their articles.

You’ll be shocked from all the crap they have written before as well (not everything they touch is gold you know?).

You won’t believe that a blog that normally gets hundreds of retweets or facebook shares today, had less than 10 social media shares (if any) when they were getting started.

So start reading what they wrote about and how they did it.

You’ll see that articles go from ignored to certain spikes, which later will start building momentum.

These momentum spikes are triggered from guest posting on important places, launching a product, starting an affiliate campaign, it can be a lot of things and it’s your job to find out what they did and start replicating a few of the moves that became a hit.

Doing this is what I meant for reverse engineering. (not that you actually grabbed a piece of software and started hacking into it in reverse mode).

Custom Tailored Programs

This is a hybrid between getting help from a mentor and creating a plan for your particular case.

I have seen a lot of things online (that can rip you off) and I can tell you right off the bat, I haven’t seen more than ten different cases on custom tailored programs.

If you ever attempt to invest a large amount of money (these agreements are NEVER cheap) in order to work with someone that is going to help you and create a plan specifically for you, here’s one word of caution:

You have to absolutely trust this person BEFORE actually hiring him/her for them to help you.

There’s no shortcut for this or any justification.

Screw that thinking of just “going at it”. Never, ever confuse due diligence with instant action taking.

If you already have a relationship with this person and think of it as a friendship relation as well, then you’re safe.

But please, never throw your money at someone just because they have a successful blog or a great online product.

You never know what you’re going to get in return.

What I Can Offer To You

You may think that I’m using some obscure Sith* mind tricks on you so you start hiring me as your coach for some big bucks later.

Well that’s far from the truth.

What I want you to understand is that my reviews, recommendations, opinions and anything else I publish on this Marketing With Sergio blog is for one thing only:

To help you save as much money as possible while doing things right from the start.

It doesn’t matter if you are just starting to read about Internet Marketing and have never ever done anything yet or if you’re a seasoned Internet Marketer.

There’s ALWAYS new things that anyone can learn.

Why am I allowed to say this? Well I have been taking a lot of the bullets for you.

Been scammed, been ripped off, had lost money to really bad programs, have used businesses in a box (BIAB) kind of programs but I also have made some good money here and there.

I have been everywhere.

But let’s keep this straight… I don’t know everything.

Hence the tagline of the site: “Learning Internet Marketing Online”.

It means I’m learning on my own and from you as well when you leave me a comment that has value and teaches me something.

And I hope you’re learning from me too.

Your Turn

I think I have three different kind of readers here:

  • Seasoned Internet Marketers/Bloggers (just a few of these)
  • Long-Term newbies and people that are finally starting to take some action (many of these)
  • The curious readers that are still in studying mode but haven’t test anything yet (no idea on these)

So with that said…

Question: Have you ever bought a course that underdelivered in content while promising to be everything you needed to be successful?

Let me know in the comments area and thank you for reading! ;-)


Disclaimer: I am enrolled in several marketing courses and some of them, give even more than what they offer on the sales page, I absolutely LOVE them.

However, there are also many courses out there that promise to be everything you need and are nothing but pure shit. Those are the ones I want you to avoid.

PS. I’m publishing new stuff on Saturday and Sunday as well as I want to get things up to speed here.

star wars sith lords
Star Wars Sith Lords (The Bad Guys)

*Sith: Reference for the bad guys on Star Wars.

Sergio Felix
Sergio Felix

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