The Power Of Writing Your Goals Down On Paper

In case you don’t know who I am or what I’ve been doing lately, I was living at my parent’s house and I finally moved to my own place just a few days ago.

To make this update a bit more interesting, I recorded my first video from the new place.

I didn’t use background music, titles or anything fancy to make it prettier, it is basically a raw 6:41 minute uncut video of me showing the new place around and talking about my plans.

So without any further ado, let’s get on with it.

The New Apartment Video

The Actual Situation

I still haven’t solved the internet access (which is killing me) but at the same time it is helping me stay very productive with my offline tasks so it’s not that bad.

I was basically surviving on beers and potato chips with ranch dip but now I have water, some food (yes, food!) and even a fridge with some beers in it.

There is some furniture like two couches courtesy of my brother in law and sister, a backyard table and chairs and I have two working desktops now instead of one.

The office is starting to look pretty rad, I really can’t wait to finish hooking everything up (there’s a picture below).

The Upgrades: USB Microphone

I ordered a new microphone from Amazon (Yeti Silver) since I’m planning to do live one-on-one interviews very soon for the learning guitar niche and even though the Snowball does an amazing job I still wanted the extra punch.

Both the Yeti and the Snowball are from the same company Blue Microphones.

The Upgrades: Hand Held Video Camera

I also bought a second hand Kodaz Zi8 camera to make it easier for me to record videos outdoors using a lapel mic without having to use an external audio recorder and syncing the audio later.

The Upgrades: Indoor Studio Lights

I will be using these softbox lights for the videos that’ll need a green screen.

I still haven’t bought them yet but only because I don’t currently have a planned trip to the USA and they don’t ship this kind of equipment to Mexico, bummer if you ask me.

The Upgrades: Audio Mixer

Even though I’m a musician (guitar player & music composer) I don’t have a lot of musical equipment and I still lack a decent Audio Mixer.

I’m going to buy something that gets the job done like the Mackie ProFX12 (if you have better options than this I would love to hear them out).

The main idea is to have everything connected like guitars, FX, amps, speakers, microphones, video cameras, etc so if any idea comes out (a new business, a new song, a new post, anything) I can quickly enter the office and lay it down with style on a hard disk right on the spot.

The Power Of Writing Things Down

In case you never heard about this before, something magical happens whenever you write your goals down. I kept myself accountable with moving out on at least a couple of posts and a few videos but you can check this update here Las Vegas And What The Heck Have I Been Doing Lately

And this is a short excerpt from that update:

I’ll be back in Mexico in August so I’ll use that full month to get rid of general stuff, junk, etc; search for an apartment and finally sell my truck.

I’ll use the money from the car to pay for the apartment and services and if I play my cards right, that should be enough for at least a couple of months, maybe even three months.

And now it has happened, I’m already on the new apartment.

For this to work you have to write your goals down on paper.

Writing them on a computer keyboard (even if you print this out on paper) won’t work the same believe me, I’ve tried.

Of course that moving out to a new place hasn’t been easy for me, it has taken time, planning, headaches, fears, money, efforts and more problems that I can think of.

For example, I still haven’t figured out how am I going to pay the rent for January but instead of worrying about the “what if’s” I am laser focused now and working solely on my strengths.

Will I make it? I don’t know but I feel pretty confident.

My Plan B is to sell the truck, which will allow me to focus even more on my online work instead of being outside and it would give me at least about $4,000 which are pretty good to keep my head sane until I start making money strictly from selling information products.

Some Extra Pictures

I just took these pictures a few minutes ago to show you a little bit more of the apartment since I’ve made some changes the last two days.

Backyard Table
Where I’ve been working these days

The above picture is a backyard table with its chairs where I’ve been working on and that little christmas tree was a gift from my sister and my brother in law.

I’m planning to shoot a lot of standing up videos from that place.

kitchen fridge
Abbey Road Beatles magnet on the fridge

What you really should be looking at on the kitchen picture, is that small fridge magnet. I bought that from a souvenir store in Las Vegas months ago and told my girlfriend it was going to be used on my new apartment (see what happens when you really picture things in advance?).

The trash bag between the sink and the stove holds nothing but empty beer cans, those were required for celebrating the upcoming changes.

The office
The office I’m currently building up

And if you have ever seen videos or pictures from where I used to work, my new office is twice the size, it will have a huge whiteboard, a monthly planner, a green screen, softboxes and a lot more useful gadgets.

Next Week Tasks

I still need to sort out the Internet service and finish building up the office room (which I’ll give it a nice manly name later).

Already decided a place for a huge whiteboard, a monthly planner and the green screen and I’m really excited about it, I’ll show this to you as soon as it’s done.

I’m also trying to finish a WordPress training which even though I stopped recording how-to videos for now, I still can record all the takes that require me talking to the camera and all the slides that I’ll need so the product is still going.

You can sign up as an early bird for Authority Blog Profits or you can click on the image down below.

Authority Blog Profits

Question For You

Q. Do you write down your goals on paper or do you keep them on your mind until you make them happen?

Let me know in the comments area.

Take care, thank you for reading and remember to never give up!

Here’s a sip of beer to your success, speak soon my dear friend,


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    • Chris Cole
    • December 2, 2012

    Hey Sergio, I only recently started writing my goals down for my online business. I have done this for years with my offline businesses, but it never occurred to me to do this for my online business … duh!

    Since I recently began writing my goals and tracking my progress I have made some wonderful advancements with my business, and moving it forward. In-fact, it also inspired me to write on my blog about my progress.

    1. Reply

      Hey Chris, that’s very cool to know my man.

      I only wrote stuff down whenever I needed a reminder and I never realized that I always did everything faster when I wrote it down on paper opposed to just having it in my head.

      Going to check out your progress too, thanks for stopping by man! ;-)

  1. Reply

    Lately I have been writing things down on real paper with a pen!
    It helps if I list what I must do today and finish it.
    Like one day last week, I reviewed a podcast on article writing,
    wrote two articles…submitted to ezine both are now Live….now that is accountability!
    Looks like you have made some progress at least there is now a Refrigerator!

    It is a temptation to Murphy to do what you did…
    Move and dismantle everything in the middle of a project!

    I’ll be holding my breath!
    P.S. Maybe shave if you can find your stuff!
    Does the apartment have a clothes closet? or do you have to buy a storage unit for
    your clothes…etc? In the US if a room doesn’t have a closet it can’t be called a bedroom…
    Good Luck and keep Working….you’ll get there….
    transportation? Bus, Walk, Bicycle?

    1. Reply

      Congratulations Cararta! That’s the whole point of writing your goals down, to take action upon them and not to just have dozens of post-it notes laying around everywhere.

      Both bedrooms have closets but I didn’t show them since they have nothing to do with the marketing side, which is what I’m showcasing on my videos and on my blog.

      I’m not worried about transportation at all, right now the SUV is more of a drag than it is of help.

      And the wordpress training will not be affected by this, I actually sorted out the internet today, I just need the tech guys to show up so I’m crossing my fingers they do it quick!

      Thanks for stopping by and keep writing your goals down on paper Cararta. ;-)

    • Matt Morgan
    • December 3, 2012

    Hello Sergio, hope you are doing well.

    Goals are noted on paper, and arranged in a sequential order for them to be carried out in.

    If I get ideas about my business then I jot them down paper as soon as I get them, so that I don’t forget them. Just one amazing idea can make a difference in your business model progress.

    Although sometimes goals can take longer to achieve, carry out the tasks in order to reach your goals, and you will get there.

    [5 TIPS for your goals]:
    1) Never give up on achieving your goals
    2) Write down realistic goals
    3) One huge goal can be made up of a series of mini goals, and sequences
    4) Just because the goal doesn’t work for somebody else, doesn’t mean it won’t work for you. Don’t be put off by that
    5) Put a tick around your goal on paper, when you have completed it, to view your success.

    Matt Morgan

    1. Reply

      I couldn’t agree any more with you Matt, it takes only one amazing idea to change everything in your business.

      Thanks for the cool break down on goal achieving, the part that I like the most is whenever I get to mark an activity as completed, it makes you feel productive and pumped to get more stuff done.

      Thanks again for stopping by Matt, hope you have a great start of week too my man! ;-)

    • Patrick Griffin
    • December 3, 2012

    Hi Sergio,
    That looks like a great apartment and I can tell you will be really productive from there.
    It is great that you have been making plans these past few months to make 2013 a great year for you and others should do the same.
    Those who actually wait until the new year starts to make plans soon find that it is already March with a third of the year gone before they really get started.
    Keep going strong.

    1. Reply

      Thank you Patrick, I’ve already done a LOT it just doesn’t shows in blog posts. ;-)

      And isn’t it funny when people wait for the new year’s eve to make a positive change in their lives and then they find out it’s already March and they haven’t even started?

      What I like to do is having a KICKSTART against the new year’s eve so starting early, makes me feel I have an advantage and by getting rid of that weird mindset “new year, new life” I’m no longer afffected by time.

      I do the same with weekdays, instead of saying “Okay this next Monday I’m starting this…” I pick any day and try to start BEFORE Monday comes so I have that “extra” advantage, even if it’s only on my head.

      Or maybe I’m just crazy LOL

      Thanks for your feedback Patrick and sharing the content on twitter, really appreciate it man! ;-)

    • Khaja moin
    • December 3, 2012

    Yes I do write it points which I think important.
    Normally I`d like to jot it on a paper or a book which I maintain for this. But when am not a home, I note it on Google docs.

    Once I complete the task will delete or strike it off.

    1. Reply

      Hey Khaja, don’t you just LOVE striking tasks off? I certainly do!

      Thanks for stopping by man ;-)

  2. Reply

    Hi Sergio,

    I write goals for the week in a desk diary that sits open in front of me as I work. I put my long term IM goals in a table in a Word document I use for planning.

    If I’m not reaching my goals due to procrastination or some other lame reason I put them on my blog or mention them in Facebook so that I feel more accountability. Sometimes this can seem daunting so another way to do this is running an account of what you are achieving over several blog posts, just as you are doing. If you stop achieving people will soon notice, so that keeps you on track.

    I also try to include an indication of when a goal is to be achieved or how long it will take to complete a task needed to reach the goal.

    1. Reply

      Hey David, you’ve just hit the nail on the head man, if you share your tasks with your audience then people actually notice if you’re failing to keep yourself accountable.

      Setting a time constraint to goals is something I definitely NEED to start doing ASAP otherwise you can procrastinate even if you think you’re not doing it (already been there).

      Thanks for chiming in and sharing those great tips David!

    • Theodore Nwangene
    • December 3, 2012

    A bold step indeed Sergio,
    I’m really that you’re now a man, i never consider anyone staying with his parents as a full man. Ones you stay alone that’s when you’ll experience what life is all about. I’ve been staying alone for about 4 years now, although its not easy as sometimes there will be no food, sometimes, there will lots of them but it will difficult for you to make a choice on the one you will eat which often cause me some headache. But its all experience.

    Prior to your question, I’ve been a victim of this not writing my plans/goals down on paper even up to this very moment, but i will start doing that now because i know its a good thing.

    A nice apartment you have here by the way.

    Congrats and good luck mate.

    1. Reply

      Hey Theodore, I know exactly what you mean man.

      Even though I moved out from my parent’s place at just 20 years old, life had something prepared for me that I wasn’t counting in with (failing at pursuing a dream profession), one thing led to another and I ended up back with them.

      This time that won’t be possible since I’m getting married and I have bigger things prepared for myself than living with my parents LOL

      Living on your own it’s a whole experience of its own, the cleaning, being tidy (or not), staying productive, being organized to not slack around, earning money! and well, many other things which are what makes it interesting.

      Writing your goals down on paper it’s MAGICAL man, I really recommend you to try it out, set short achievable tasks so you can feel the momentum as soon as you can strike off a few tasks but also try to include one or two major tasks (the ones you never want to do and that are important).

      If you have any improvements then I did my homework with this post.

      Thank you for the best wishes my man, I really appreciate it! ;-)

  3. Reply

    Hi Sergio,
    Really liked your blog post.
    I too believe in the power of writing down your goals…this is one of the main principle of Think and Grow Rich. Have you read it?

    According to Napoleon Hill’s book, you must declare your desires and write them down.

    You must also read them every morning when you wake up and every night before you go to bed.

    You feed your conscious and sub conscious in this way to keep your goals foremost on your mind. Your mind then finds a way to make your goals reality.
    It is a powerful practice!
    Thanks for sharing your journey!

    1. Reply

      Hey Tonya, I have Think And Grow Rich on my Kindle but I still haven’t read it yet so thanks for the reminder, I’m pretty sure it must be really good.

      Thanks for contributing to the post and reading your goals every morning and every night might do the trick.

      I still remember I worked my ass off to graduate from engineering school and as I kept failing at finishing my thesis at some point, I decided to put a strong powerful message as my wallpaper so I couldn’t procrastinate or at least feel bad for not working on it.

      I have to say it worked like a charm! ;-)

    • Daniel Sumner
    • December 5, 2012

    Hey Sergio,

    Great new man cave! Love all the equipment man.

    Do I write everything down? Yes I have a diary, I write in i every week on a Monday, my tasks for the week. I kind of know here I’m at so I don’t really need to consult it after write my stuff down, but it’s there just in case. If I fail I’m in trouble with myself (shout at my self in the mirror). No I don’t should at myself, but I do have to finished my tasks.

    Glad you heading for your goals Sergio, well done man.


    1. Reply

      Hey Dan, that’s very cool that you have a diary man, I thought you only used Evernote and it doesn’t surprises me that you rarely need to look at the notebook to know what you need to do next, you’re very organized!

      Thanks for stopping by and checking out the new man cave, hopefully it’ll turn into a massive product creation machine very soon! ;-)

    • Adrienne
    • December 6, 2012

    Congratulations Sergio for getting the new place. You’ll have it looking like home in no time at all.

    The no internet would definitely be killing me but I have a feeling you’ll get that all figured out soon. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

    I’ve been writing down my goals for about three years now. It really helps me to keep things in perspective and know what I have to do in order to achieve what I’m setting out to accomplish. Man, it sure has helped.

    Thanks for the tour of the new place and hope to see you soon.


    1. Reply

      Hey Adrienne, so nice to see you here and wow, three years writing goals down? Now I know why you’re an over achiever!

      Thanks for watching my video, the apartment is way better now but I’m focusing more on building a rocking office which is almost done and I also sorted out the internet access today although I still need to fix the telephone line now and the wireless router.

      Speak soon Adrienne!

  4. Reply

    Love the crib. Even though I’ve been on my own for 8 years, it took me quite a few of those before I was completely independent from my parents. It’s a good feeling when you can cut the cord and be independent.

    When it comes to writing things down, I recently did an experiment. Instead of writing down my to do list on paper, I used my iPhone. Each day I got less and less done. Fortunately it only took me a week to realize what was going on. Back to writing things down on paper.

    I haven’t written down my goals for awhile. I will have to start doing that again. I have some pretty lofty goals for 2013, so I can use all the help I can get.

    1. Reply

      Thanks Kevin and I completely agree man, going solo has its advantages over living with our parents, for me it was just the natural next step to take, it was either saving money but not being able to work or struggle with money (at first) but also having the best working environment possible, I obviously chose the latter.

      There’s a LOT of apps for writing to-do lists, activities, goals, reminders but I’ve found that whenever I write stuff online, I’m not looking at it the whole time, I just see the items whenever I decide to open the task list and that doesn’t happens with a bunch of papers lying around everywhere.

      It can be post-it notes all over the monitor, a notebook, a whiteboard, a cork board, etc.

      The main idea is to be able to see that list at ALL times so if by any chance you start procrastinating at some point, you are more than aware that you should be working instead.

      The first times you’ll procrastinate even if you’re staring directly at your to-do list but then it’ll come a time when you actually say something like SCREW THIS I’M GOING TO GET SOME WORK DONE and actually go through that list.

      That’s why I don’t consider that having a huge evernote task list or any other online app or cellphone app for reminders works as well as actually handwriting ourselves on paper, whiteboard or any other thing where you actually use your handwriting.

      It’s great that you’ve recognized the flaw, next step is to actually take action to correct it so you’re already on your way Kevin, all the best and thanks for stopping by my man!

  5. Reply

    Hey Sergio

    The apartment’s looking pretty cool there my man! Love the beer can, that had to be done.

    I haven’t been writing stuff down, instead I’ve been using Astrid as a to do list and Workflowy to get things written down and out of my brain!

    There is no substitute for writing things down but if I did my daughter would more than likely come along and draw all over my list with crayons. So for now, keeping things online is safer and easier for me.

    Enjoy the new pad Sergio.

    1. Reply

      Haha I totally understand your situation Tim and I’ve always said “do whatever works for you” so if online to-do lists does the job, then just keep doing it that way!

      Thanks a lot for stopping by, the apartment is pretty much done so I may record a new quick tour of it very soon.

    • Sapna
    • December 12, 2012

    Hi Sergio

    I use to write goals when I was in job, it was more of excel routine.But now for the last 1 yr , its all in the mind which I think is wrong as it become difficult to remember each and every detail.
    I will again try to use excel for this purpose.

    Thanks for sharing this info.


    1. Reply

      Hey Sapna, I’m pretty sure that your productivity is going to improve if you do write your goals although I believe that if you write them down on paper is even more effective than just entering keys on an spreadsheet since you’re not looking at your goals the whole time.

    • Khaja moin
    • December 12, 2012

    Hey Sergio,

    Something is wrong with your blog. I see error before post starts.
    I`m sure it`s because you updated to WP 3.5. I wrote a post on it, yesterday. Just uninstall share bar and it will be fine.

    BTW nice post, I too love to write down on paper. I frequently do this.


    1. Reply

      Hey Khaja, thanks for letting me know I’ll deal with this issue tomorrow since I’m completely out right now.

      I’m checking out your post on the issue as well and thanks for stopping by my man! ;-)

    • Anthony
    • December 24, 2012

    Writing down goals definitely works magic. However, make sure that you are writing down what you really want and not things designed to please others. This technique can build you a prison just as easily as it can help you realize your dreams.

    1. Reply

      Definitely great advice Anthony, thank you for stopping by and checking out my article! ;-)

  6. Reply

    I think planning out and writing down goals is essential when it comes to accomplishing them. The last week of the year I make it a point to plan for the next year and write down my goals. It allows me to stay focused and on track the entire year(I also month check my goals and progress).

    I just found your blog and really like it. Looking forward to connecting with you and reading it more.

    1. Reply

      Hey Dan, I don’t think I know someone who is already successful and doesn’t plans the entire year out in advance or at least a huge portion of it.

      I’ve never done that before (planning the entire year) since I didn’t use deadlines in my goals (this is really bad planning by the way) but I’m going to change that for this 2013.

      I already have an old school agenda right by my keyboard’s side, I’ll brainstorm some goals and ideas and write all these down including deadlines.

      Hope 2013 is great for you and I wish you all the success in the world, take care and thank you for visiting my blog Dan, talk soon!

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