I’ve just read the whole Steve Job’s biography and wow, that man surely was something!

In the hundreds of written reviews from that book, you’ll see all kind of remarks going from crazy to genius.

In my book that’s okay because he WAS a little bit crazy but geniuses are not regular people. They are different after all and Steve was definitely not a regular guy.

The book is an excellent read but if you’re not really interested in the history of computers you may not like it as much as I did and it’s LONG too.

The Power Of Simplicity

So why am I talking about Steve?

His simplicity.

He focused on making everything as simple as possible (in the engineering world, this is harder than doing the opposite).

The funny thing is that people normally tend to make everything as complicated as possible.

If you are going to do something, you don’t need to know ALL the possible ways to accomplish any specific task. You do not need to know ALL the consequences to every single part of the process either.

Well maybe if you’re building a spaceship you should but if you’re just getting started online, you definitely don’t need to know every single bit of the process.

Quick scenario for an analytical person

If you are a complete newbie to internet marketing and you are told to create a blog what are you going to do?

Probably question yourself why do you need a blog if you don’t even like writing?

Or why use a picture of yourself if you are not comfortable with that?

What happens if you can’t create videos at all or have home video stage fright?

And then the questioning goes forever and for this kind of people (the ones that need to know everything) is very difficult to get them started online.

You would even think that they do not want to succeed at all!

Scenario for an action taker

On the other hand, for a person that is not as analytical as the first one everything is easy.

Why? Because you just follow advice!

You’re told to create a blog with wordpress and you do it.

“Record a video.”

You record a video.

“Write an about me page.”

You write an about me page.

“Create a report.”

You create a report.

And so on it’s Simon Says all the way because you do not question advice!

Introducing David Walker

david walker
David Walker

I don’t know if you have heard of David Walker (walkered.com) before but in case you haven’t, he’s a young marketer from the UK.

Highly successful and recently created a WSO coaching that will be delivered for one full month.

The training started last week and the course is delivered via webinars.

If this is the first time you’re reading this blog, I have bought similar trainings from the Warrior Forum before, just like Dean Holland’s Quick Start Challenge.

I’m doing this since I want to create a live coaching myself (won’t tell you the topic though, that’s top secret!) and I need to know what is being sold, what the formats are and what quality level are we talking about.

Your .com Domain Name

One thing that dragged my attention from David, was that he didn’t own his .com domain name.

He used to have davidwalker.im and davidwalker.tv

“Now that’s odd”  was the first thought in my head.

After some heavy research I couldn’t find anything else from him but those two domain names and another one for a marketing blog.

So after being in two webinars with him I found out the answer… he was just late to the party.

Somebody else had registered his name already and he had to get clever and that’s how he got those two other domain names.

David is not the first one that goes through this, there are PLENTY of marketers that I know, from my man Patrick Griffin (patrickgriffinonline.com) all the way to marketing hot shots Ed Dale (eddale.co) and John Reese (johnreese.net)

Even if you aren’t thinking of having something related to marketing under your own name, you can have plenty of different cool things for it such as:

  • your family’s genealogy tree
  • a gallery of pictures
  • a diary
  • a curriculum vitae (if getting a job is your thing)
  • redirect it to your facebook account
  • redirect to your Amazon account if you’re an author
  • the possibilities are practically endless!

If your excuse to not have your own domain name is that you don’t know how to do it, you can learn how and even get great tips on this post How to register your first domain name

The Kardashian’s Style

the kardashians
The Kardashians

First of all, I really hope I don’t go to hell by writing the Kardashian’s last name on this blog but the thing is, David brought the topic on his webinar, not me.

Last week we had two webinars and on the second one, this stuff was brought up by David (I’m saying this again so you don’t blame me lol) and to my disbelief he actually started talking a LOT about their show (I was thinking “WTF IS THIS?”) but then David said the magic words…

“These people (The Kardashians) are using the  TV series as their marketing hub.”

I don’t have a good memory so I don’t remember who said this but they said they considered the show to be a 30 minute long tv ad commercial (I don’t watch TV but I do when I visit my girlfriend and she happens to LOVE that show).

They are always talking about brands and products and if you don’t believe me, well… I guess you can ask my girlfriend.

Marketing Central Hub

To make a long story short, the basic idea is that you use your blog as your marketing hub.

You don’t have to be writing all day long, you don’t need to be filling up your blog with promotions and this is where David had me…

“Do you want to be a blogger or do you want to make money online?”

I literally was as happy as The Double Rainbow Guy (YouTube video) when I heard David say that.

I have many friends with blogs complaining about money all day long but you don’t see “buy buttons” anywhere (a recommendation from UK Internet Marketer Dan Sumner).

So what are you guys thinking, that the magic affiliate fairy is going to find out your blog and just buy everything she needs from there?

You need to build trust, authority, nurture relationships, network, even build a community around you (if you can) because if you don’t have anything of that, then it is highly unlikely that you’re going to make any money at all solely from your blog.

Many marketers say that affiliate marketing is the easiest way to get started and I agree to a certain point since you:

  • don’t need a helpdesk
  • don’t need to provide support in any way
  • no need to deal with refunds
  • no need to create the product (update or maintain it)
  • and the list goes on and on…

Authority Blogs

However if you build a blog as an authority blog where the product is strongly related to YOU or better yet, YOUR knowledge IS the product, then you don’t need to come up almost begging for a little bit of attention in order to convince someone to buy something through your affiliate links on your blog.

Remember I told you about keeping things simple with Steve Jobs?

You can check out wakeupcloud.com for a great example of a simplistic (yet authority blog) that it never screams “BUY ME!” at you, yet it SELLS services, products and coaching and what’s even better, you can learn a LOT from Henri himself (Wake Up Cloud’s writer) for FREE just by subscribing to his blog.

That’s a great example of how to use a blog and monetize it properly.

Note: You don’t need to have 100 blogs all over the internet that aren’t making a difference.

Updates From Myself

I’m still creating the wordpress training and have recorded about 60 unedited videos so far.

There were many things I learnt from David (Walker) last week and two of those were about social media.

I opened my eyes so much that I’m considering of stripping some videos from my training… or leave them in but not make them part of the core training, maybe I’ll just call them “extras”.

As for finishing the training I’m building for you goes, I’m aiming to do that on this week and I’m already getting ready to make a few needed investments here and there.

I won’t tell you the details (yet) since I don’t want to get bombarded with requests or offers of any kind, I’m busy WORKING.


1. Keep things as simple as possible.

2. Join the warrior forum (it’s FREE and sooner or later you’ll need to check it out by yourself).

3. Register your domain name (FirstNameLastName.com) before someone else gets it.

4. You can check out what David Walker is creating here: www.davidwalker.im/coaching (not available anymore)

And if you want to leave me some feedback, there is the form to do so down below.

Take care and I hope you have a great start of week!


PS. Please don’t watch the Kardashians shows, read a book instead or better yet, get rid of your TV!

PPS. In case somebody questions the marketing of The Kardashians, having Kim Kardashian tweet something for you costs about $10K…

PPPS. Special kudos to David for saying a blog is NOT a business in one of his webinars, that definitely rocked.

Sergio Felix
Sergio Felix

Hi, I'm Sergio Felix, founder of Marketing With Sergio. I work full time as a digital marketing expert for the retail industry managing a team of experts in departments of SEO, SEM, front-end web development and conversion rate optimisation and in my spare time I love conducting offline digital marketing workshops and teaching other entrepreneurs how to build and maintain business oriented websites with WordPress. I'm highly passionate about blogging, writing, music, jogging, entrepreneurship and personal development.