Thank God It’s Monday

Yay for Mondays!

I have Dan Miller’s book “No More Dreaded Mondays” but I haven’t read it yet.

Do you want to know why?

Because I have been working way too much lately.

Won’t get into details but the consequences of this are that I gained a lot of weight, I suddenly can’t sleep, I can’t seem to get anything done, I feel tired all the time and sometimes I even feel I can’t breathe.

It has become that bad (and embarrassing too).

Not Knowing When To Stop Working

The worst of all, is that even though I think I’m “working a lot” it is not showing off in the front end of anything I’m doing.

So I took a quick time out to look at myself from a different perspective and I think I may have found the problem (or the solution more likely).

Changing The Order Of The Factors Does Change The Product

When times are not right, I think I should just accept that and move on but being the stubborn mule that I am, I always try to make anything work even if it feels I’m on a hidden camera show (read Fail Rollercoaster and you’ll see why).

I’m still not sure what the order should be for important things like business, health, relationships, etc., but I think that health should definitely come at least on the first places right?

Well I left my health for last place a while ago and now my body has just started to raise red flags everywhere.

This is exactly the least that I needed right now but not all is lost.

There’s Light at the End of the Tunnel

I really don’t know what happened in me but I used to be a professional quitter not long ago (I mean some years, I’m not talking last week… lol).

I was that type of person that started a lot of things and never finished anything but somehow that just stopped happening.

Maybe I got sick on the inside, I really don’t know but I think I got tired of being me.

I’ll have to do some extra thinking on this but right now it is irrelevant, what it is relevant is that I took action today.

I stopped every single (marketing) thing that I had to do today and on the afternoon I decided to go for a run.

Endorphines… Where Were You?

I felt incredible.

I am feeling a bit sore right now (ran a lot more than I should) but I still feel fantastic.

I even recorded a video (I look like shit but it’s part of what I told you above)

March 19 Run Update

The Missing Link

Tomorrow I’m finally receiving the last missing link (a solid state hard drive) for the new computer and hopefully I’ll be installing everything by tomorrow at night.

If everything goes as planned (it never does) I predict to be able to do some test runs on the new computer on Wednesday and if I don’t fry anything (please Murphy Laws, let me LIVE a little!) then I’ll be able to do the first recordings for my first product…

So I am really speechless about this whole thing right now.

A lot more has happened in these past weeks (good things, bad things, everything) but right now THIS is the most important thing.

I am posting this update right now because my intentions are to publish something else tomorrow. I’ll get a little bit more active here so you can expect to see some changes or more publications these days.

Take care and speak soon!


PS. No call to action today (sorry for that, I need to take action myself)

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    • Patrick Griffin
    • March 19, 2012

    Hi Sergio,

    I think you have made the correct decision in taking time out to drop everything and get back to running so that you can get back to a decent level of fitness.

    I suspect that during the 70 minutes you were running you had time to see more clearly where you had been going wrong and how to put that right.

    Sometimes, and I know this from personal experience, it is not how long we work or the effort we put into working long hours that brings us the success in the projects we are working on.

    I can work incredibly hard and work really long hours and still manage to keep avoiding the things I know I need to do first before the rest of the things I have to do fall into place.

    Very often the sensible solution is just to stop everything, take yourself out of the routine which is not working and decide how to refocus to make things work the way you want them to.

    I think a key part of your blog post is this:

    “…being the stubborn mule that I am, I always try to make anything work.”

    I remember last year listening into some live list building training when the guest speaker said that many people spent vast chunks of their lives concentrating on trying to get good results from things which were not working too well in the first place.

    Instead he said it would be far better to let go of things which were not working well and concentrate instead on things which were working well.

    That for me was one of those lightbulb moments.

    I guess a good analogy for that would be to stop trying to make do with old and inefficient computers which don’t do the job required of them and build a custom-made computer which fits your needs precisely…but hang on that is what you have just done.

    Now spend enough time to focus on your health so that your working time is more productive and more efficient and your project should get back on track.

    Finally, even during days when your project may be falling behind schedule, also remember to take time to spend with your family and loved-ones because it is their help and support which will also get you through the hard times.

    I’ve rambled on a bit again here as usual!


    1. Reply

      Hey Patrick,

      You’re absolutely right! I do work a lot but somehow I always manage to leave the really important tasks for last and thus never doing them.

      I really liked your remark on that list building course and the analogy with the crappy computers.

      I even wrote about that not long ago…

      This is the exact text I published on 2012 Goals and Perspectives

      Stick to what works, get rid of what doesn’t

      Right now, if it was the old me, I would be pulling my hair trying to make these computers work at any costs but as you can see, I am not doing that at all. Slowly starting to learn when to let go and move on (finally!)

      I will look out more for my own health and of course, my family and loved ones (thank you for the advice) it is something that I normally take for granted and don’t realize I am really sunk in work while everyone else is just wondering when am I going to “come back” to be myself again.

      An amazing comment my friend, thank you for the great support and you know you can ramble all you want here!

      Speak soon and take care!

    • Linda
    • March 19, 2012

    You sound exactly like me, Sergio! I have been working all the time – so stressed, so tired and getting nothing done around the house or anything for ME!

    I am happy you posted this video because we all need reminders that your own LIFE and family come FIRST, business 2nd!! We forget that because we think that if we keep on chugging we will get where and what we want, when in reality I think it ends up hurting us in the long run. Been so darn tired, I keep wishing that I could just take a day and SLEEP or at least get off this damn computer, but then so afraid that my 6200 unread emails will run into 7000+ over night and OMG! Right? I am sure you understand!

    Anyway – I am so happy you were able to go out and run, but man that was a long run! I know you are a runner – just maybe take it easy next time and start a new routine of just going out every day and doing what you love!!

    I have aches and pains like you would not imagine – some pretty bad and I suppose I have to break down and see a doctor (ugh – I hate Life has thrown me some majorly big curve balls over the past several months – so many deaths and ugh – just constant sh*t – but, I guess a break won’t kill me, right?

    The weather here has been absolutely beautiful in the upper 70’s – feel guilty if I go outside during the day, but that might change very soon as I so need to get away from this damn computer!!!

    Anyway – I appreciate you taking the time out to let us know how you’ve been feeling.

    Good luck with that hard drive!
    P.S – no need to apologize for the way you look – I think you look GOOD :)

    1. Reply

      Hey Linda,

      Yeah apparently the first things to go when we’re trying to build an online business are our health and sometimes even our own relationships, that is sick (but so true too!)

      I’m going back to running as I really need to keep my energy levels high in order to work properly and I just realized that sitting in front of the computer the whole day long is not going to cut it for me.

      About aches and pains ouch… I also hate doctors but never wait too much to get checked, sometimes you can avoid really bad things by going on time! ;-)

      I’m happy that you mentioned the weather…

      I ran in a very comfortable temperature today. I don’t know if it has been like that all these days because I have been looking at computer monitors 24/7 so definitely go out and catch some fresh air, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.

      Thanks for the best wishes and the kind comments Linda (extra points for saying I look good! haha) I hope you get out of those annoying pains very soon and that you start getting some fresh air as well!

      Take care and speak soon ;-)

      PS. Jesus, those surely are a lot of e-mails… are you planning to read them all? LOL

      PPS. Great job with Barry’s video challenge, I can see you have a third video now, nice!

        • Linda
        • March 20, 2012

        About the emails – I always say one day, but it never to 6434 unread ones as of

        Actually my 4th and final video is now done! That was a fun challenge for me and I hope I can continue to keep making them. :)

        Enjoy your day and no more SODA!! I am not a soda drinker, just occasionally. Keep water at your desk instead :)


        1. Reply

          Hey Linda,

          Congratulations on completing your 4th video then and wow… I thought you were joking about the e-mails!

          Hope you can get those sorted out sometime and yeah lol, no more soda for me. Have a great day. :)

    • Sandy Halliday
    • March 20, 2012

    That’s not a good place to be Sergio but at least you have recognised the symptoms and the problem and are doing something about it. It’s so easy to fall into the downward spiral you are in and get stuck in it.

    With my nutritionist hat on I can tell you that stress hormones can cause you to put on weight. You don’t say anything about your eating habits but it is very important to make sure your diet is healthy and not full of sugar, caffeine and junk food which just compounds the problem.

    There is no doubt that we have to find a way to balance all the things in our lives but I believe that our health has to come first.

    Good luck with the new hard drive and I do hope you will feel much better soon. Keep up the exercise to help burn off those stress hormones but don’t overdo it!


    1. Reply

      Hey Sandy,

      I think I was a bit naive and thought nobody was going to notice… but yes, I have been eating really bad lately.

      Normally I don’t crave for sugar and don’t eat sugary foods but I started having these insane sudden cravings for sugar.

      My quick “fix” was to drink coca cola since there is always some on the fridge but it went from a few sips to a few cans and then I ended up drinking about 4 daily litters of coca cola throughout the day.

      I really can’t explain how that even happened since I don’t like soft drinks that much (I’m blaming stress levels but I’m the one who drank the coca cola so I’m the one who can fix it)

      Anyway I’m already making some changes in my diet and will report how it goes on the week.

      Thanks for stepping in Sandy, I know this is your area of expertise and I certainly appreciate your tips.

      Take care, speak soon and thanks for the best wishes! ;-)

      PS. Still enjoying Spain? Amazing place to visit (maybe even live there right?) Have fun!!

    • Alice
    • March 20, 2012

    From what I’ve observed what you’re going through is a common phenomenon among ambitious people: We’re just so busy with our work and our “life” that we totally forget about the things that make all of this possible in the first place: Our bodies.

    Good for you that you’re starting to turn things around. And by sharing it you’ll even inspire other people to do the same. :)

    Good luck and have fun!

    1. Reply

      Hey Alice,

      I think you’re totally right about that.

      I kept repeating to myself “it’s only for a while” only to see it has been going like that for a year and a half already.

      I decided to publish this because I have seen other friends of mine get similar problems so my rough guess is that if somebody accepts this problem, maybe someone else will eventually identify if they have it or not and with some luck, be able to correct it.

      I’ll check out the people who inspire you and hope to talk soon again, take care and thank you for your nice comment! ;-)

      PS. Really cool course lessons so far Alice, I’m loving them!

  1. Reply

    How refreshing someone telling it like it is, good, bad or indifferent. You’re not alone in these struggles every single one of us goes them. Those who say they don’t, lie. Heck I fight with these same issues on a near daily basis.

    I’m a Christian so the order for me is God, Self, Family, Work, Fun.

    However I always seem to get it out of order and do Work, Work, Work, Work and whatever little time is left I work. When it happens in that order I end up broke, tired, annoyed, frustrated, tired and broke. None of the reasons I work.

    When I do things in the right order I get more of those things I seek from working. A happy family, a healthy mind, closer relationship with the Lord and strange as it may seem, more money.

    I’m not one to blow smoke up people’s rear ends or just say anything to make people feel better. You have all of the tools and skill sets to make a good living online. The only thing that will stop you from getting there is if you quit on yourself. I don’t think that about many people, most of them should pack it up and try something else this isn’t it.

    Find yourself a good mentor, it will help you pull everything together so you can start seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

    1. Reply

      Hey Justin,

      Very interesting approach. I normally leave self health and God for last (Catholic guy here).

      And I normally tend to avoid talking about subjects like politics, religion, sports, etc., here on this blog but I even started going to church these last weekends. Man, I haven’t done that in years.

      If it is helping or not, I don’t know but I certainly feel better with my surroundings and I have started to see a positive pattern in most of the things I’m doing so I’ll just keep going there (to church).

      Thank you for your really kind and encouraging words Justin.

      It is really uplifting for me and I know you hate writing so I appreciate a lot that you took the time to come here, check out what I have been doing lately and also give me your incredible feedback and recommendations.

      I do have a few mentors already but I have to say I haven’t really connected to anyone yet.

      Actually I have a story just for that today, I hope I can include that on today’s post.

      Take care and speak soon Justin! ;-)

      PS. Dang… you have some insane Photoshop skills man, nice job!!

  2. Reply

    Hi Sergio

    As you get older you realise that you need to respect yourself first, or no-one else will. If you’re massively overweight and dress like you’ve given up on life then chances are that even with the best idea in the world people won’t listen to you.

    When you feel good inside it shows in the work that you produce. The confidence of a new computer will shine through in your new product, and as others have said I look forward to the final results.


    1. Reply

      Hey Andrew,

      I couldn’t agree any more with you my friend. People can see right though us and if we’re not okay on the inside, it is going to show no matter how hard we try to cover it.

      I really hope the new computer brings what I was lacking and thank you for your vote of trust, it really means a lot man.

      Speak soon and take care! ;-)

      PS. Nice job on Barry’s video challenge. I have noticed you have been working on your blog’s looks, good job so far!

  3. Reply

    You are taking a big chance running for an hour when you have been sedentary for awhile especially with the comment about difficulty breathing……………..

    For the record: Calories burned running vs walking…..Fast walking is King if walking at least 5 mph per hour….another benefit less stressful to joints.
    Fast walking in the surf ought to add even more calories burned…..Just a thought! Runners World has a great article with facts and figures but read to the end to find out the winner!

    Schedule time for yourself…Put it on your daily calendar and send yourself an email so you do that First.

    As for Church….if you check out the most successful people in the world a large percentage of them will be Regular Church goers….I think it is linked to being organized, prioritizing and living a disciplined life with attention to making commitments to self, family, church, community and keeping those commitments. In other words……they have a routine and a plan for living.

    The above does not eliminate the occasional glitch because Life is full of them. That’s why it is called Life. So when a “glitch” shows up make the most of it by fitting it into your life, Not letting it take over your life.


    1. Reply

      Hey Carolyn,

      I just love reading Runner’s World, in fact I planned my first half marathon with an app from them.

      You also make a great point about walking to avoid stress on the joints. Sometimes I can’t stand my knees but that eventually goes away as I start getting used to exercise.

      Unfortunately for me, walking doesn’t gives me the adrenaline I aim for.

      Great tips about religion too, like I told Justin (on the first comment) I plan to keep going there and see what happens.

      And finally I loved your thoughts on life’s glitches.

      Thank you for a great comment Carolyn, hope you have a great day and to speak soon!

      PS. I ran today and I couldn’t make one hour but I still managed to run ok for 45 minutes. ;-)

  4. Reply

    Dude you need a party!

    I have just had a full week from working to chill out and get to the gym. I also went to Belfast for St Patrick’s day with my wife and friends and had a great time. I feel revitalized (a little hung over) but I feel much better now.

    We all have good and bad times when we work. We can drain ourselves too much Sergio and it looks like you have done just that.

    Don’t forsake your heath for your work, it’s not worth it.

    Set yourself a goal this week. Lets say get your PC built, take an hour or two per day with this and relax the rest of your spare time. Go running, spend some time with your girlfriend, friends and family.

    Internet marketing will still be here next week!

    Oh, also don’t forget to have a beer :-D


    1. Reply

      Hey Dan,

      Haha a party, yes indeed!

      I know you were having an amazing time on last weekend and it’s good to know you’re back and revitalized now.

      And you’re right, I do think that I drained myself completely out this time.

      I’m trying to pace myself with everything as I write this. If I don’t manage to have a serene mind somehow, I won’t be able to do anything at all so thanks for the good vibes.

      I will follow your advice and relax for a bit even if that includes putting a lot less stress on myself.

      Thanks for chiming in and I really appreciate your recommendations Dan.

      PS. Belfast… Patrick (Griffin) lives there, maybe you guys were very near and were unaware of it! ;-)

      PPS. Will definitely take that beer this weekend, cheers!

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    • Jeevanjacobjohn
    • March 23, 2012


    I like your posts because you tend to connect your posts to your life experiences that you are going through. About working hard and working too little (procrastination) – both of these things are tiring activities – they take time and effort (well, I don’t know whether procrastination takes effort). And we need to take care of these things; we need to work hard and we need to procrastinate, because without work, there is no procrastination and without procrastination, there is no work :D

    Now to the health topic, that is something I need to take care of to (I spend about 8-9 per day on my laptop – blogging, doing college stuff – in my room, sitting in my chair). Every time I come upon a post on watching health and taking breaks, I decide to do stuff and take breaks. I do it for 1-2 times and then I forget it. But, nowadays (Thank God, it is Spring!), I have been spending 1 hour outside playing games and stuff – I guess that helps (but, I still need to take breaks while blogging, right?)

    I appreciate you sharing the information! Thanks!

    1. Reply

      Hey Jeevan,

      Well my brother I am just like you. Whenever I bump into a post that talks about health, the first thing that springs to me is “man I’m dying sitting on this chair” lol

      But yeah, I really suck at taking breaks but I’m working on it. I have been doing a lot of exercise lately and I feel energy that I haven’t felt in a really long time.

      I wish I could still go out and play sometimes but most of my friends are dealing with getting fat and raising their babies these days, I guess that’s life (for them at least).

      Anyway, thanks for reaching out here and sharing YOUR experiences Jeevan.

      Don’t be like me and remember to have fun from time to time and breaks from work, your body will thank you for it! ;-)

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