Testing Out Easy Video Suite

Okay this article is about my first testing with Easy Video Suite.

It’s pretty straight forward though, I need to start uploading my videos to my WordPress training ASAP and I have been procrastinating on this for a while now.

So one of the things I had to do to make this work was to install a WordPress plugin and add this video here:

There was a video here that was using the EVS WordPress plugin but it was slowing my site a lot and since this was only a test, I decided to remove the test video, sorry for that!

I still use EVS on all my paid programs though!


PS. I didn’t like that it took a LOT of time to upload but that could be my fault, I’ll do more testings tomorrow. ;-)

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    Hi Sergio,

    Good to see you’re still doing your running on a regular basis. I’ve recently started doing a 4 mile push each day and I’m feeling much better for it, but still need to lose more weight. Roll on the new basketball season :)

    I’ve recently been invited to join the team over at Marketing Miniclasses and have just started to get my teeth into Easy Video Suite. It’s great isn’t it, so easy to upload the videos and apply them online.

    I’m to get into all the bells and whistles of it but I can see that it’s a very powerful tool.

    All the best with your WordPress training program Sergio.

    Catch up soon mate,

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      Hey Barry, that’s fantastic news that you’re back to doing exercise man!

      And yeah, I saw you being part of the team with Mandy and Steve, good call.

      EVS certainly takes all the hassle from dealing directly with Amazon S3 and I’m on the same boat as you are.

      I’m still testing things out but it’s one of those must-have tools for anyone who is serious about marketing and using videos.

      Thanks for stopping by and the nice wishes man, damn wordpress training is turning into a nightmare already lol

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    I have EVP 2 what is the difference between that and Easy Video Suite? When I first heard about it, I thought it was just for using for salespages? Is that correct? I like your video it looks great.

    I am also a runner, but don’t run as much as I used to. Instead I now go to the gym 3 times per week.

    I need to get started on creating my product.

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      Hey Susan, unfortunately I never had the chance to use EVP myself because I waited for the EVS release so I can’t really tell you if there’s a huge difference or not to the prior versions.

      The idea behind EVP and EVS is that it will allow any person who is not a technical person, record and upload videos that look great and that are hosted on Amazon S3 saving you a ton of money and being reliable to always be online.

      Both programs (EVP and EVS) accomplish the same thing, I believe EVS has a lot more bells and whistles than EVP but like I said, I can’t really tell what is new because I never used EVP before.

      Thanks for stopping by and hope you start creating that product ASAP!

      PS. Always nice to connect with a fellow runner. ;-)

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    Hi Sergio.

    haven’t heard of EVS before, but it’s working like a charm on Mac and Win.

    Do you know that Sir Richard Branson says excercising is the best way to stay productive? I guess running is a good way to do that ;-)

    I switched to Nike+ training, shin splints started getting too intense. Hope you don’t get them, don’t run too much.

    All the best!

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      Hey Jan, thanks for that bro. I had a friend who created a video for me and the video was above the initial text on this post and wasn’t playing at all so I obviously was concerned about it.

      He was using Chrome which is the browser I personally use most of the time and I don’t have any problems on my own computer either.

      Thanks for stopping by and wow, you’re definitely a Richard Branson fan aren’t you? haha take care man! ;-)

    • Theodore Nwangene
    • August 1, 2013

    Hi Sergio,
    I’ve heard a lot about Easy Video Suite before, i think Mat Wolfe is a big fan of it but, I’ve not really tried it before.

    I will like to know of your experience with it man.

    Thanks for sharing.

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      Hey Theodore, no wonder why… Josh Bartlett (EVS creator) and Matt are close friends and actually Matt is the person who did all the video training inside EVS.

      I think I’ll do a review about EVS soon, if you ever decide to create trainings and use video, then this is a fantastic solution.

      Thanks for stopping by man and take care! ;-)

    • Carlie Hamilton
    • August 1, 2013

    Letting you know that it works on my Windows Phone just fine, which is great. :)

    Sergio, do you know the advantages of EVS over Wistia? That’s the other one I see around. I’m looking to reading your EVS review :)

    1. Reply

      Hey Carlie, that’s great news, thank you!

      I’ve never tried Wistia myself so I can’t really say, I’ve only seen that on David Siteman’s site but nowhere else.

      About video hosting, I’ve only tried Vimeo and EVS.

      Vimeo is freaking awesome. It’s dead simple to use, it’s super affordable, it loads fast, the player is beautiful looking, you have complete control of where your videos show up, can embed social sharing buttons and even do a few other tricks with your videos.

      Their normal fee is about $59 a year which gives you the PLUS membership but you have to be careful with this one because you can’t use tv ads type of videos with this membership.

      You would need the Vimeo Pro and that’s about $199 a year.

      This is my second year with Vimeo Plus and I’ve been nothing but happy about it although I only use those videos for small traffic (special offers, welcome videos, etc).

      I wrote a little bit about Vimeo here: https://www.marketingwithsergio.com/password-protect-your-videos-using-vimeo/

      EVS does NOT come with a video hosting feature so you have to be careful not misunderstanding this, Wistia is actually a video hosting platform while with EVS you use Amazon S3 to host your videos.

      EVS just acts as the “middle guy” between your videos and Amazon, the real power in EVS is that you have a full bag of tricks to your disposal and the bandwidth you pay for is practically peanuts even if you have massive loads of traffic to them.

      My combination for my upcoming training will be Vimeo for a sales video page (if I do use one) and EVS + Amazon for all the backend videos.

      This is a bit extra but since I already mentioned a lot of my upcoming training, I will stick to Optimize Press 1.0 and WishList Member for my membership site since it’s practically already implemented now.

      Thanks for asking and hope this helps a bit, take care! ;-)

      PS. Will do that EVS review these days + OptimizePress ver 2.0 as well and even for Vimeo just for the sake of it.

        • Carlie Hamilton
        • August 1, 2013

        Thanks for the information, Sergio. As you can probably guess from my questions, I’ve been considering which service to go for in the future, as I want to have videos in my courses as well. I know and have used Vimeo, but that was a while ago and I didn’t even consider it as an option, but after having a good look at it, it may be a good fit.

        Actually, I have seen more people using wistia over EVS, which is why I asked. It may be that I hadn’t realised it, but I think the only person I was paying attention to who did is James Wedmore.

        I am also looking into lead player. I love the idea of being able to display an opt-in any time I want on my videos. I think I am going to go for leadpages for the front end, and I’m still not 100% decided for the back end.

        Have you purchased OptimizePress v2.0 then? I am not sure if I will just yet. I have to be a bit careful with what I am spending my money on, as it soooo quickly ads up.

        1. Reply

          Tell me about it, I’m about to max out my CCs but to be fair I’ve also been paying for a wedding at the same time so that scalated even quicker.

          I’m getting OP 2.0 this next Monday.

          James Wedmore is someone I really look up to when it comes to video marketing and I have seen some Wistia functions that are simply awesome for list building.

          To be honest I was considering to get LeadPages at one time or another but since I already have the tools I need, I’m just going to stick out with these for now.

          Please don’t take any of this lightly because all of these tools are a bit pricey.

          I paid $400 (aprox.) for EVS + $97 for the membership script, plus $97 for OP, plus $97 for graphic design and many other things I don’t even want to remember right now LOL

          Smart investing is KEY!

            • Carlie Hamilton
            • August 2, 2013

            I agree about smart investing. There is just too much cool stuff out there, and while it would be fun to have it all, the reality is that I wouldn’t use it all. So, I have to know what problems I have and find the solution to them. It’s crazy how quickly the small stuff adds up.

            1. Been there, done that, not fun! LOL

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    Hi Sergio,

    All seems to be well with the video, and it’s great to see you getting round to using your purchase.

    The screen capture part of EVS is the best thing ever, so much easier to upload instantly than camtasia ever was. I must save at least 15 minutes per video, and by using it you don’t have to worry about youtube rules and adverts appearing at the end.


    1. Reply

      Thank you Andrew and I didn’t start using EVS until recently since I was a bit stuck writing sales copy but I’m on that video phase now. Most videos have been uploaded (101 videos so far) a few others need to be re-done and others need to be edited but I’ll get there.

      I really loved the screen capture feature as well, the only thing I didn’t like of the software is that I can’t use my webcam because I’m on Vista 64 bit and this is not compatible, other than that it’s a must have tool!

      Thanks for stopping by man and hope your weekend has been productive and fun as well. ;-)

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    Hi Sergio,

    I’ve heard of Easy Video Suite before, but I haven’t personally tried it out yet. I’ve seen it on many membership sites and I will probably get it later on once I need it. Hope you can share your experiences with it, a review would be great later on :)

    For my site I use Lead Player, which is just awesome, but it just works with YouTube videos, maybe not as efficient for membership sites. I also consider getting Lead Pages, which I know David Siteman Garland and James Wedmore use a lot with great success. I’m going to do some research first, sometimes I tend to invest in things I don’t really need at the moment.

    Now I’m also going for a run, thanks for inspiring me ;)

    All the best,

    1. Reply

      Hey Navid, review is coming then!

      I usually pay a lot of attention to marketing tools and do all the research myself but sometimes if I can see a pattern like many other respected marketers using something in specific, then my question goes from “Should I get this too?” to “Why shouldn’t I use this?” instead.

      If I can’t find a strong reason NOT to use the program, then I do everything in my power to get it. (this was the same case with WishList Member, Optimize Press, Market Samurai, etc)

      Lead Player has great features as a list building tool, I love that bit and Lead Pages has been proving to be a highly powerful tool as well just like Carlie mentioned on her comment.

      Lead Pages is something I’d love to get in the near future but not right now.

      Thanks for sharing your experiences with this Navid and I’ll definitely do that review man, take care and hope that run went well! ;-)

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    Hi Sergio,

    The EVS is easy (somewhat) to use, best part for me was the setting up of Amazon
    for me.

    However, I did note in a discussion that if you upload videos from YouTube, you no longer get traffic statistics added to the video on YouTube, if they are viewed from your Amazon link.

    I guess the EVS upload becomes an independent video with the YouTube links disabled. Since I was uploading one of my own videos as an experiment, it didn’t matter to me.

    Don’t know if they have done a workaround or not…I’ve been busy battling with HG trying to keep my site online…still working….I was using to much CPU…still a few things to do!

    You have a couple more posts I’ve missed….have to come back when I have more time!


    1. Reply

      Hey Cararta, well I wouldn’t be too worried about YT traffic statistics since the whole purpose of EVS is to host your videos on AS3, have them protected and to manage all your videos from the same place while creating beautiful video players.

      You do have a lot of statistics inside EVS and even get suggestions on what to improve according to your viewer’s drop rate (when they stop watching the video).

      I know you can use YouTube videos with EVS for sure, but I didn’t know your traffic stats could probably be skewed by this so thanks for the update and sorry I can’t really give you an answer for that.

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your experience with EVS, have a great day! ;-)

      PS. Hope you are sorted now with HG and whenever possible, get rid of as many plugins as you can. Most times CPU hogs are started by poorly written plugins (even popular ones) so I would definitely start there.

    • Linda
    • August 5, 2013

    Great video Sergio…you cracked me up a few times – won’t mention which part – ha!

    But, I like the look of the video screen and congrats on using EVS. I have been putting videos for some of my other sites on Amazon just because it’s a lot cheaper and works well within wordpress. I struggled for a little bit trying to get the right plugin to use – but finally got it ;-)

    Anyway good luck with your running – I can imagine it would help to ease your mind and maybe even give you more ideas while you are out there. It’s amazing what you sometimes see that can actually produce something exciting.

    Talk to you soon!

    1. Reply

      Hey Linda, thank you for watching and yeah, using videos inside Amazon is not even difficult at all and there are many wordpress plugins that can play AS3 videos as well.

      I have identified three different activities that bring new ideas out of nowhere for me, those are: running, shaving and taking a shower. I know it sounds weird but hey, that’s how my brain works lol

      Thanks again for stopping by and keep us posted on your IM journey with Dean Holland!

    • Jens P. Berget
    • August 11, 2013

    I am running 3-4 days a week now, and I am feeling better than ever. I have also bought Easy Video Suite a few months ago, and I am planning to use it for some of my clients. But so far, I’ve only been doing some testing. It looks great!

    1. Reply

      Hey Jens, that’s good to hear my man.

      I was in the same boat with you, bought EVS and didn’t do much with it until now.

      It’s definitely a wonderful software, too bad I don’t have any time whatsoever to do a proper review on it, I’m focusing 100% on releasing my training (just taking a break right now).

      Thanks for stopping by and talk soon man!

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