Why You Should Care About Branding If You Are An Internet Marketer

branding star

Hey I’m back! I don’t know if you missed me or not since the latest post I wrote (productivity hack: the lockdown method) was published a month ago but I’m finally back and getting my creativity juices ready to flow! There’s a lot that can happen in 30 days so instead of telling you all…

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How To Install The Thesis WordPress Theme For The First Time Using cPanel

How To Install The Thesis Framework Using Cpanel

On this update I’m going to teach you how to install the Thesis WordPress Theme for the first time using cPanel. Normally people would use an FTP client to upload their themes to their servers but since I haven’t taught you how to use an FTP client yet, I decided to use cPanel instead. That…

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How To Change Your WordPress Theme

how to change your wordpress theme

On this quick post I want to show you how to change a wordpress theme. I have included a quick video in which I highlight some basic actions such as uploading and installing a new wordpress theme. And also how to switch or change your current wordpress themes as well. This update is part of…

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Moving From Thesis To Genesis

thesis to genesis wordpress

There was a lot of response on the prior article on how to choose your best wordpress theme so thank you everyone for commenting and engaging on the conversation. If you want the quick answer on why I moved from Thesis to Genesis, is because I want to learn how the framework works in order to code…

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How To Choose Your Best WordPress Theme

wordpress theme basics

I have been getting this question asked a lot lately from fellow marketers, bloggers and even friends. They all have one thing in common and that is, they all are interested in creating their first website on the Internet. The easiest way to do this is using WordPress and this leads us to the following……

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