My First Marketing Interview

my first video interview

Okay this is not my first marketing review per se… I have done interviews in the past, well only once to be more accurate. I still remember how much I would freak out by the mere concept of having to record a video and on the same week I started doing my first videos I…

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The Power Of Simplicity

the power of simplicity

I’ve just read the whole Steve Job’s biography and wow, that man surely was something! In the hundreds of written reviews from that book, you’ll see all kind of remarks going from crazy to genius. In my book that’s okay because he WAS a little bit crazy but geniuses are not regular people. They are…

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Leadership Beyond The Quotes

leadership beyond the quotes

Ahhh…¬†Leadership Beyond The Quotes finally, the sequel is in my hands! Before telling you what this is about, I want to tell you a very quick story (don’t worry, it’s brief and highly related). I don’t know why but it seems like every single time I’m about to start creating my first product, something shady…

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Motivation Beyond The Quotes

beyond the quotes

Being motivated and in the right state of mind can definitely take you places. We all start our weeks really pumped and eager to do a lot of great things. Our facebook timeline is spinning super fast with all those motivational quotes and you think you’re going to be left out if you don’t do…

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How To Create Your First Video: Patrick Griffin Interview

Patrick Griffin Interview - Recording Your First Video

Creating your first video shouldn’t be that hard or as bad as you may think. But have you ever heard the term “practice what you preach” before? Well, I have and I also happen to understand it quite well. How can anyone teach something if they’re not doing it themselves first, it doesn’t makes any…

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