Digital Nomads and Minimalism

Amazing Location-Independent Business Owners

Whew, 2011 is gone at last. I finally made it back home from my quick getaway to Mazatlan, Mexico and have all my batteries recharged for 2012. Like I was mentioning in the past article Quick Tip to Keep Being Productive and Creative having these away moments from the routine, can help improving our creativity and the…

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Quick Tip to Keep Being Productive and Creative

being productive and creative

Hey what’s up? One thing I was concerned with when I first got started writing (blogging) was how to keep myself being creative. I recorded this quick video today just to show you how I maintain creativity right in place, hope you like it.

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What I Learnt From My Trip To Mazatlan

Hello everyone, on this article I want to share a couple of things I learnt from my trip to Mazatlan last weekend. In case you’re wondering why are you looking at some red package that looks like a condom on the left… Let me tell you that those are the pills I have been taking…

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Going To Mazatlan, Mexico

Mazatlan Seashore

Quick geographic and/or tourist mexican lesson for you guys! I live in Culiacan, Sinaloa Mexico. Culiacan is the capital city of Sinaloa and Mazatlan is a touristic city on Sinaloa as well. And well I’m going to a quick mini trip vacation in Mazatlan for the weekend and I won’t be around until next Monday. This is…

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