How To Install A Free WordPress Theme From Your Dashboard

Knowing how to install a WordPress theme is a MUST these days.

Bloggers are wising up, everyone is learning more about techie stuff and things are getting easier to do as we speak.

Literally, if you were able to install WordPress using Fantastico on your own, then installing a WordPress theme should be a LOT easier.

The problem that will arise here is how to choose your best WordPress theme?

Almost every single person I know in the Internet Marketing industry, has bought at LEAST one premium WordPress theme they didn’t like.

Particularly, their very first theme.

So if you want to avoid all the common newbie mistakes, read the article I have linked above on how to choose your best WordPress theme.

I explain everything about WordPress themes, frameworks, parent & child themes, etc; and you’ll need to understand that information first in order to be able to follow up on these videos.

If you are already familiar with these terms just keep on reading!

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