Let The Writing Begin

One “rule” of blogging is, you do not create content that is not evergreen.

For some time I actually believed this.

Until I realized the following:

Okay, I’m documenting my life, on a blog, on the internet.

Why the heck would I think the same way I did, let’s say… 10 years from now?

It just didn’t click.

So I decided to learn the rules first, to break them later.

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Why You Should Care About Branding If You Are An Internet Marketer

Hey I’m back!

I don’t know if you missed me or not since the latest post I wrote (productivity hack: the lockdown method) was published a month ago but I’m finally back and getting my creativity juices ready to flow!

There’s a lot that can happen in 30 days so instead of telling you all my adventures so far, I’ll give you the most important things that happened…

  • I got interviewed by Aweber and earned $50 for my time with them (great people!)
  • The Marketing With Sergio blog is going under some heavy changes (I’ll explain below)
  • I’m changing something regarding Affiliate Marketing on this blog…
  • I’m finally writing a short book with a “twist” to give away
  • Including a video campaign as a “freebie” for branding
  • Why you should pass the marketing funnel of death as soon as possible
  • And I also have a few extra things to write about so keep on reading!

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7 Tips To Connecting The Dots

Today I want to connect a few dots for you because this is something that is driving me INSANE already.

My disclaimer is that even though I know first hand I won’t stop this nonsense myself, a little contribution won’t hurt anyone and if it benefits at least ONE person, then my job has been done here.

If you are still working on fail mode, meaning you’re not earning anything online, haven’t sold anything, haven’t produced anything and still wondering why you’re not making any money yet, then this is EXACTLY for you.

I spent my last week watching real freaking long videos and I’m not talking about 15 or 20 minute long videos, I’m talking about massive more than two hours suck my entire life kind of long videos, but I learnt a lot from them.

I’ll just give you the raw information with all the filler text trimmed out.

Let’s dive in!

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