Dean Holland

Quick Start Challenge Overview

A bit hard to digest this one but the Quick Start Challenge is finally over (a newer version just re-opened here!) Even though there won’t be any tears of joy I have to tell you that I learned quite a lot from it and I wish it lasted a bit longer. If you’ve read my […]

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Dean Holland’s QSC Week 2 + Blogging Tips

For anyone coming back to the site and not knowing what I have been doing lately, I am basically working on three things. These include: Creating my first full blown information product on blogging Building wordpress sites for offline clients Participating on Dean Holland’s Quick Start Challenge (review) Well as you may know by now, I […]

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Dean Holland’s Quick Start Challenge

Dean Holland’s Quick Start Challenge is a course designed to get you up and running with Internet Marketing in just 4 weeks. It was developed by Dean Holland (a successful Alex Jeffreys’ student) and the course was recently launched just a few days ago. But before jumping on anything else, first let me tell you a […]

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