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Not Everyone Is Going To Make It

I didn’t go jogging today.

I decided to take off this day from running to write this, give you an important message and work on my own stuff as well since I have no more spare time to waste.

I’m becoming really obsessed with habit developing because I strongly believe that’s what has been stopping me to be where I want to be at.

The first week of this year I didn’t do anything drastic about my health or habits but the second week I went jogging about five days in a row and rested for only two days.

Mind you, I cut off beer on weekdays too.

Then the third week I ran every morning except on the weekend… heck, I almost ran a half-marathon just 24 hours ago.

Again, almost no beer on this week either.

It has taken me literally just two weeks to drastically change my patterns, I’ve always been a morning person but for some reason I just couldn’t get up early.

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6 Hours Self-Imposed Social Media Blackout

I just decided to make this little experiment today.

It consisted on turning off every social platform for six hours, starting at 7:00am up to 1:00pm

This included NOT checking twitter, facebook, e-mail or Skype, AT ALL and I also had my cellphone on
vibration mode.

The only thing I decided to digest as content was Gideon Shalwick’s video on How To Become Rich and Famous on YouTube (it’s more than one hour long btw)

I was passively listening to that while focusing on doing some other things since I didn’t want to lose one
whole hour, particularly not from this experiment.

So this is how it went, I woke up at 5:50am and then…

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