Stop Learning And Start Implementing

I started writing this stop learning and start implementing article on last Friday.

Then I edited most of the things I had written by Saturday.

Then on Sunday I deleted everything I had on the previous days and started all over from scratch.

Now it’s Monday and I’m editing the document once again and want to get it ready for publishing today (of course if you’re reading this, it’s already published!)

So why exactly am I going through all these editing phases?

Well, because this is not an easy topic for me to talk about and let me explain why…

Marketing With Sergio’s Audience

The reason for creating the Marketing With Sergio blog was to keep me accountable with whatever I was doing online and share it with the world.

This brought the attention of people:

  • getting started online (zero income)
  • long-term newbies (some income but nothing worth mentioning)
  • already successful (figured out the income part and just looking to improve and scale it up)

What Are You Selling?

We can fine point the prior data to one question:

What are you selling?

This means only one thing…

Do you have a product to sell… YES or NO?

If you’re an Internet Marketer (or call yourself one) that means you either use the internet in some way to sell something (online/offline) or you market something on the internet.

This is just two different terms: Internet Marketing or Marketing Online respectively.

Learning is Good but When is it Enough?

When you’re getting started online, you need to learn how to do things, I totally get that.

And learning is good as long as you understand that it is just a tiny part of the equation to become successful online.

What you DON’T want to do is being in learning mode forever because that will get you nowhere and I believe this is the exact point where terms like:

  • information overload
  • analysis paralysis
  • long-term newbie

And many other alike terms are created.

I have found that many people (including myself) wait until they have learned a ton of things to start implementing what they already know.

So to answer the question above, you need to learn enough to get started and (if needed) be able to figure out the rest with your own experience.

Learning from doing is way better than just learning from mere theory.

Importance of Implementation

I used to think that watching training videos was taking action because after all I was barely learning the basics so I did feel like I was doing my homework too.

Little I knew, that watching a video is just like attending a class in school.

You do your homework when you apply what you learned in class and this is no different for an Internet Marketing training course.

I still remember that it took me several months to find out the perfect autoresponder for me.

When I finally bought the service, it took an extra couple of months to send the first broadcast and a few more days to get my first subscriber.

That’s crazy!

And I’m not even counting all the previous months in which I was focusing on getting the perfect wordpress theme, the perfect hosting account, the perfect domain name, etc, etc.

Does this sounds like a smart move to you?

I hope not, because that’s a very huge mistake I did but I got what I wanted in the end…

Hands-on experience.

So with what I know now, I could probably get a friend of mine that knows NOTHING about Internet Marketing and have him/her fully set-up in just one day with something like this:

  • the right domain name (according to specific needs)
  • domain name linked to own server account
  • freebie and e-mail funnel in place
  • e-mail campaign follow up sequence
  • a full blown up site ready to start publishing articles
  • interlinked social media accounts
  • strategy for increasing traffic and leveraging time

And of course a few hours explaining what we are after, what’s the main objective and what the milestones to complete would be for the short, mid-term and long-term plans.

How’s that for speed of implementation?


Let’s sum up a bit of what we’ve talked so far…

You are either:

  • getting started,
  • making a bit of money online or
  • figured internet marketing already


  • have a product/service to sell or
  • don’t have anything to sell (maybe you’re into affiliate marketing)

You need to…

  • stop learning and
  • start implementing

So How Do You Stop Learning and Start Implementing?

Chances are, you already have too much information to learn from.

Just pick the program that you liked the most and follow it all the way from the start to the end and IMPLEMENT as you go.

As I like to prove I walk the talk, I’ll start with a wordpress course and then scale up from there so keep your eyes open if this is something that could interest you.

I don’t think I have found THE perfect training course (yet) on Internet Marketing but I have recommended a few trainings from very respected marketers throughout the blog (I’ll create a special section with trainings I have taken and link to it from here).

For my mid-term goal, I’ll come up with something that gets the best out of ALL the trainings I have taken part of and even improve my offer where these trainings lacked content.

But first things first, I need to get a little hands-on experience on marketplaces and selling my stuff so I’ll focus on that for now.


So there you have it, I hope you understand the importance of implementing what you learn and you actually DO something about it.

Take care and have an awesome start of week my friend, speak soon!


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    • Sorina Dascalu
    • August 13, 2012

    Sergio, your “Stop learning, Start implementing” is the famous “Take action” every IM-er hears/read about. ;)
    I’m also one of those desperate to learn more and more, but some time ago I realized that learning can really get messy if is not associated with implementing what is learned. If I don’t implement then not only may learning was in vain, but also I will not know what I need to learn next.

    For me is not quite “Stop” learning, I prefer the idea of “Pause” learning. But implementing is a must!
    Those who don’t implement can’t call themselves Internet Marketers, they should call themselves “internet marketing students”

    1. Reply

      Hey Sorina, I think we are always learning something new (successful or not) but still, implementing what you’ve just learned is like the “failing forward” concept:

      Either you get it right from the start (or not ) and the important thing is that it happens fast so you grow fast as well and it helps keeping up with momentum.

      I don’t have anything against learning and I make sure I learn something new every single day but if we focus on implementing something new every day (taking action like you said) the changes are massive!

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting Sorina.

      PS. I liked the pausing idea and good luck with the WF survey. ;-)

  1. Reply

    Hmm Guess the Code is
    Just Do It.

    1. Reply

      Hey Cararta, just like the Nike ad? Yeah, just do it!

      Thanks for stopping by! ;-)

    • Sandy Halliday
    • August 14, 2012

    Hey Sergio,
    I think part of the problem for some people is the fear of the internet technology. When I first started in Internet marketing WordPress was nothing like it is now. It was a challenge, to say the least, to get a WP blog set up. I also had trouble working out how to set up my autoresponder account. For someone new to computers it was a huge learning curve.

    Now, technology has moved on and a lot of these things are a lot simpler but for someone new to internet marketing I can see how it can put them off implementing stuff they have learned. They need someone to take them by the hand and show them the way. Taking a coaching course which showed me the way step-by-step was the best thing I ever did.

    1. Reply

      Hey Sandy, I wasn’t new to computers or complex software by the time I got started with Internet Marketing and I still struggled with a few tasks so this can be overwhelming to anyone.

      I do know what you mean that for some people techie stuff can be a huge turn off and that’s exactly what I want to showcase here, that a lot of things (including wordpress) are nothing like they used to be before (difficult) and so the rest of the stuff needed to do online marketing is a lot easier today than what it used to be before.

      Thanks for the great comment Sandy, I agree that signing to a coaching course is the way to go for the newcomers since the Internet can be overwhelming when we are first trying to understand how to get started online.

    • Jens P. Berget
    • August 14, 2012

    I absolutely agree. I believe that we should add time to whatever we do. I use time for every single task I do every day (job related), and I do the same with learning.

    For instance, instead of just learning until I feel I know enough, I set a time for how long I’ll be learning before I write or do a project. Adding time has helped a lot.

    Until I added time, I just kept going and going without actually implementing anything.

    1. Reply

      Hey Jens, that’s GREAT advice man.

      I just started doing that a few days ago and I have to say it’s the ultimate combination to get things done.

      I’m still using post-it notes and started placing days as deadlines for each task, then a few days ago I was still procrastinating at many times (I’m stubborn) so I added time deadlines to each activity.

      I haven’t figured out a “punishment” for myself in case I fail to complete a task but so far, I have done everything as I had planned.

      Maybe it’s one of those psychology things in which we can’t stand to not complete something, who knows but it works! ;-)

      Thanks for the awesome value you just shared man.

      PS. Great job on your blog revamp!

    • Patrick Griffin
    • August 14, 2012

    HI Sergio,
    I already know you are a great teacher and have a lot of useful information to impart to others.
    wait no longer until creating that first information product you start.

    1. Reply

      Hey Patrick, thank you man.

      Those words are always a bit hard to believe (not calling you a liar lol I’m normally not THAT confident about teaching stuff) but I’m really grateful to read that from you and yeah, I’m already creating stuff over here, thanks for all the support Pat! ;-)

    • Chetz Togom
    • August 20, 2012

    Hi Sergio!
    I had this problem before where I felt that I wasn’t good enough to create my own products and I need to learn more.

    Then I found out that people are selling stuff that I also know about that and sometimes I felt I actually know more but yet I’m broke and these people are making millions of dollars.

    Another thing is I wasn’t confident because I haven’t got a lot of money from online business so how could I teach people to do business online right?

    But there are other ways that you share with people so right now I started of by sharing cool stuff I found on the Internet and how to start a membership site which is not related to making money.

    Due to that realization that I suddenly came up with 4 products in 3 weeks! Hehehehe…

    I always remember what Dean said in one of his webinars, “To be an experience marketer, you have to experience it.” NOT to learn it only.

    So, looking forward to see your course soon bro!

    Best regards,

    1. Reply

      Hey Chetz, wow my man, four products in just three weeks, you are on FIRE!

      I agree completely with Dean Holland, I think that you have to experience this stuff to be able to actually believe what you currently are doing.

      Good luck with your sales and thank you for your support Chetz, I have taking it into account! ;-)

    • Mark Salmon
    • August 22, 2012

    Hi Sergio,

    I’m in product creation mode too. I’m on the cusp of launching my first WSO and I find that I keep on tweaking it to make it better. I need to set a deadline for launch and just get it done. I agree with the comments above about adding time to the equation as Parkinsons Law says that the the job will fit the time available – without a deadline, it never finishes!

    Just get it out there Sergio – how about publicly announcing your launch date? – that should set a fire going under your backside!



    1. Reply

      Hey Mark, you’re completely right on setting a launching date for your product because otherwise it’s an open-end project and you won’t ever feel in a hurry to get it done.

      In other words, if you never launch you’ll still feel okay about it. (I’ve been there, it’s not fun)

      Publicly announcing a launch date is actually a great idea and doing it that way is the easiest way (for me) to keep myself accountable.

      Thanks for the suggestion and hope you get that WSO going in no time! ;-)

      PS. Won’t set a launch date since I’m having a week off in Cuba in a few more days but I’ll be recording the videos this week and I’ll be updating the blog with my progress anyway.

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