6 Hours Self-Imposed Social Media Blackout

I just decided to make this little experiment today.

It consisted on turning off every social platform for six hours, starting at 7:00am up to 1:00pm

This included NOT checking twitter, facebook, e-mail or Skype, AT ALL and I also had my cellphone on
vibration mode.

The only thing I decided to digest as content was Gideon Shalwick’s video on How To Become Rich and Famous on YouTube (it’s more than one hour long btw)

I was passively listening to that while focusing on doing some other things since I didn’t want to lose one
whole hour, particularly not from this experiment.

So this is how it went, I woke up at 5:50am and then…

6:00am – 7:00am

  • Checked personal e-mails and then closed my e-mail inbox for good
  • Replied to comments on blog
  • Checked stats for yesterday’s visitors on Clicky

7:00am – 8:00am

  • Had breakfast
  • Logged in to a few Traffic Exchanges while I was still trying to wake myself up
  • Started playing with some text fonts on Adobe Fireworks
  • Started listening to Gideon Shalwick’s How To Become Rich and Famous on YouTube video
  • Closed all the browser tabs that I didn’t consider important

8:00am – 9:00am

  • Still listening to Gideon’s video
  • Searched for recent pictures on every hard drive I own (I need to organize this btw)
  • Compressed some pictures and moved them from one computer to another using DropBox
  • Found many downloaded books on subjects I’m not interested anymore and got rid of them
  • Still deciding on which font to create a very simple logo with (I refuse to outsource this)
  • Found a few flipcam videos I shot in Europe (pretty fun ones actually) marked this as a to-do list to upload them for another occasion
  • Took a short break and went for something to drink

9:00am – 10:00am

  • Finally finished listening to Gideon’s video.
  • I learnt something new about sales funnels and I did a rough sketch in order to teach it to you later
  • Wrote a quick comment on Gideon’s blog
  • Called the local computer store (I’m building a high performance computer and I need to change something on my initial requirements)
  • Updated this post on notepad with bullet points as idea reminders
  • Until this point, I feel very busy and I still haven’t done anything productive yet (false productivity sensation)
  • I have a craving to go check if I have any new comments, tweets, facebook updates or even personal e-mails but as I realize I have done NOTHING yet to move myself forward I just won’t do it and keep myself focused and accountable
  • Took a short break, erased a few non relevant things from my whiteboard and added new things there
  • Drew my sales funnel graphic on my secret ideas notebook

Sales Funnel Diagram

Sales Funnel Diagram on Notebook
(Please don’t lose your eye-sight, I’ll explain this in detail on another post)

10:00am – 11:00am

  • Installed new fonts
  • Did a lot of graphic work and testings
  • Got distracted creating a fun text-based logo

Marketing With Sergio Fun Colored Logo

Fun Text-Based Logo
(this is not a serious logo btw, I was just goofing around)

11:00am – 12:00pm

  • Did another test with colors.
  • It’s 11:20am and at this exact moment I just realized I STILL haven’t done anything so I’m focusing on finish something now and uploading it no matter what!
  • I just written that I won’t do anything else until I’m done doing the graphics I need for facebook, twitter, youtube, facebook timeline, blog header, blog sidebar, about me page, confirmation page, and an ebook cover
  • This work could be outsourced but since I don’t intend to ‘marry’ my brand to a design, I have to do this myself
  • I just had a ‘too much for my brain’ moment so I took a quick break here and went for a snack

Marketing With Sergio Color Test

Just testing out some colors on a Basic Design
(again, not a real logo)

12:00pm – 1:00pm

  • Picture for About me and Sidebar is done!
  • Twitter and Facebook have been updated with the same image as well
  • Gravatar was updated with the new black and white image too (the image you see on the comments)

Sergio Felix Black and White

The “New Look” on Social Media Channels

1:00pm – 2:00pm (extra time!)

  • Did some extensive work on a full graphic (this one took a loooong time to complete)

Sergio Felix Yeah Dude

Sergio Félix Yeah Dude!
This is just a fun test (LOL)

Hint: I think you can tell I’m preparing for some HUGE things very soon and guess what?

I’m doing it all by MYSELF.

And not only that, I’m also telling you how I plan to do it too! ;-)

A Few Ideas I Could Use for Further Updates Just From Today’s Work

  • How To Find Great Fonts Online
  • How To Install a Font on Windows
  • How To Use DropBox
  • How To Use Traffic Exchanges The Right Way
  • How To Increase Your Productivity with Keyboard/Keyword Shortcuts
  • How To Track Analytics With Clicky
  • How To Create a Text-Based Logo On Adobe Fireworks
  • How To Upload a Video to YouTube
  • How To Add Captions to Videos using Camtasia
  • How To Keep Yourself Organized With a Whiteboard
  • How To Create a Vault of Ideas with a Physical Notebook
  • Sales Funnels 101
  • How To Use an OTO in your Sales Funnel
  • Understanding Upsells and Downsells in your Sales Funnel
  • Complete Step by Step Guide to Sales Funnels
  • Building the Ultimate Sales Funnel
  • How To Effectively Write a Blog Post Without Distractions
  • How To Skyrocket Your Productivity Times
  • How To Crop a Graphic on Adobe Fireworks
  • Understanding Graphic Optimizing for the Web
  • How To Add Great Shadows On Adobe Fireworks
  • How To Create a Header Graphic on Adobe Fireworks
  • How To Use Layers on Adobe Fireworks
  • Neat Graphic Tips Using Opacity on Adobe Fireworks
  • How To Apply Gradients To Text on Adobe Fireworks
  • How To Create a Great Facebook Fan Page Graphic
  • How To Create a Custom Background for Twitter
  • How to Create a Custom Background for YouTube
  • How to Create a Custom HTML About Me Box for your Blog’s Sidebar
  • How To Create an Ebook Cover

Whew! Quite a few right?

I’m not sure about this (yet) but I think  I could possibly create a few reports, ebooks and actual training courses on a few of these topics not only blog articles.

But let’s not get ahead of our time and focus on delivering amazingly good value first! ;-)


I realized that from every daily activity I do, I can create a lot of content but I want to create some step by step guide that’s easy to follow instead, so that’s going to be my next big task.

I still have some stuff to do for today, actually a LOT, things like:

  • Creating the Marketing With Sergio Facebook fan page graphic
  • Twitter background
  • Youtube background
  • Facebook timeline graphic
  • Blog header graphic
  • Blog sidebar
  • Update my e-mail newsletter confirmation page
  • And create an ebook cover

I have never done these kind of tasks before so I still need to find out how to do them (I think this is going to be interesting…)

The cool thing about all this, is that I focused so much the whole morning that I already have all the drive I need to finish these tasks TODAY.

I told you on my latest post I Quit! that I was going to teach you by taking action myself right here, so here’s your proof!

So I better be going but before that…

It’s YOUR Turn!

1. What have YOU done today to become more productive?

2. Have you had any Social Media lock downs in the past and what do you think about this whole experiment?

Take care guys, it was VERY fun to do this. I think I’m going to practice this a little bit more often.

Speak soon and be on the lookout, there are some big things coming up!




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    • Linda
    • February 1, 2012

    Way to go Sergio!! I enjoyed reading your tasks and in the end you came up with a great list of things you need to do. I might be able to help you with some things on that list – you know how to reach me :)

    LOVE the black and white photo of you :)

    Sounds like you still have a lot to do, but it should go relatively quick.

    I actually wrote down my goals for today before I went to bed last night and got 2 things done right away – but then got bummed because I can’t find an article I wrote a few months ago – ugh! I wanted to turn it into an eBook. Hoping it is here someplace, though.

    And I still have more writing to do – I got side tracked again earlier. So, that means more work tonight.

    But, I am happy I got some things accomplished today :)

    Anyway – thanks for sharing your day so far with us.

    Oh and loved your sales funnel – I can’t wait to see what it is you are working on.

    Enjoy the rest of your day, Sergio!

    1. Reply

      Hey Linda,

      Thanks for your offering and I’m glad you liked how my day went!

      Writing down your ideas and your to-do activities plays a big role in completing them.

      We just need to be careful in order to always try to achieve all of our goals no matter what, otherwise we risk ourselves to become comfortable underachieving and that’s a really bad thing to have.

      I’m glad you kept productive today and I’m pretty sure that if you can’t find that article you’re looking for, you can rewrite it and make it better.

      Take care and thank you again for your offer and support, I really appreciate it! ;-)

      PS. Get those Facebook Games under control ok? I know you CAN! :D

      PPS. Loved your comment about my new picture, THANK YOU!

      • Rich
      • February 11, 2012

      Hey Sergio,

      It looks like you have your work cut out! I recently went through the same process and started drowning in the number of articles I wanted to write. An inspiring way to think of subject areas, but it’s important to prioritise them amongst what your readers want. :-)


      1. Reply

        Hey thanks Rich,

        I have been to your site and you have some very good content there.

        I wonder why you’re not getting more interaction with your readers or ranking higher on the search engines?

        Thanks for stepping in the conversation, speak soon! ;-)

  1. Reply

    Lol the first graphic looks like the Bay Watch logo.

    What have I done today? I created a new graphic to give away as a popup opt-in for my Aweber opt-in course (part 4). This way guys can use a custom graphic on their blog rather than the standard pop-up template. My graphic has incentive to sign-up for 3 eBook reports, which I also give away.

    I created a 15 minute HD video, edited it and uploaded it to Youtube explaining how to use the opt-in. This completed the series. I wrote the blog post, wrote my broadcast email and send it to my list.

    I checked my emails and logged onto the help desk for something.

    I wrote a couple of blog post ideas down, one for Friday which I intend to do on camera as I need to get back on track, and with product creation.

    I will finish off listening to Gary Vaynerchuck, then I think I will cal it a day.

    I am considering complete blackout next week as I need to get my product finished. I think I will work over the weekend to schedule all blog posts, so that leaves me with the full week to focus completely on product development.

    Your list looks extensive Sergio, I also use Fireworks. I’m a little rusty as I have not used it for a while. The sales funnels stuff looks interesting; I would like to see that.

    Do you feel you have been more productive today with a blackout or not?

    1. Reply

      Hey Dan,

      I think I have been a lot more productive than usual but to be honest, I got VERY distracted once I decided it was time to open all the social media channels again.

      I noticed that I can’t be 100% focused if I work on longer periods of time so I think I’m going to split these lockdowns throughout the day and see how that works.

      Again, these are just testings to find my sweet spot.

      I have been following your Aweber opt-in course and I have to say it is just an amazing freebie (I also downloaded the resources you provided, thanks!)

      I think that if I wanted to do all the things you just mentioned, I’d end up in three days! LOL You’re a productivity beast man!

      Thanks for sharing your day with us Dan.

      I really liked to see how much we are capable of accomplishing if we have the proper mindset and discipline to work towards a specific goal.

      Looking forward for those upcoming posts and hope you are feeling better now! (You sound better too) ;-)

      Speak soon!

      PS. I will create a video about the sales funnel I just saw, count on it!

      PPS. I LOLed at the Bay Watch comment haha I think I was thinking a little too much about California.

    • Sandy Halliday
    • February 2, 2012

    It’s looks as though you have been very productive Sergio although you mention several times that” I feel very busy and I still haven’t done anything productive yet” By the way, I like the new black and white picture. It has an air of authority about it.

    There are some days when I don’t do any social media at all as I am too busy trying to finish other things. I probably should do more and this was one of the things I put on my plan for 2012. I think you have to set yourself a time limit as to how long you spend on FB, Twitter & Google+.

    You have drawn up a great list of ideas for other posts and I think you might see a few people stealing them!

    What have I done today? I wrote a quick broadcasts for my IM list and wrote and sent out my newsletter for my detox list. I wrote and published a blog post on my detox blog. I also emailed my detox affiliates with a special affiliate link for a special promotion I am doing for my detox eBook. That was just this morning. Now I am going to check my alerts in Google reader to see if there is anything interesting I can post to my wall on my detox fan page or tweet about.

    This afternoon I will try to spin an article on a system I am trying out and will write a post about it soon. Then I have a webinar I have registerd to at 5pm about Warrior Special Offers.

    As you can see I also checked my emails and saw one from you letting me know about this post so here I am. Will be looking out for the one about Sales Funnels to see if I can learn something new.

    1. Reply

      Hey Sandy,

      It seems like you have been very busy AND productive as well, congrats my friend!

      I like your suggestion on setting time limit constraints for social media. I think this would be very handy when we’re not in the middle of creating something.

      Apart from that, I’m with the guys that have mentioned (here and on my prior post) to shut everything completely off in order to focus completely on your work.

      Thank you for your comment on my new gravatar, I like it a lot as well. ;-)

      And since you got interested on knowing more about the sales funnel I mentioned on the post, I’m definitely recording that one for you guys.

      It’s not complex or anything, just a simple way to look at a basic sales funnel with 2 upsells/2 downsells that’s all.

      All the best and have a great day, thank you for stopping by and sharing your thoughts! ;-)

      PS. Don’t mind at all people stealing ideas from here, in fact, I’d be pleased to know about it!

    • Patrick Griffin
    • February 2, 2012

    Hi Sergio,

    I like this blog more and more each time I visit it.

    Your new header is fantastic and your content is always fascinating.

    I am amazed at how much you managed to pack into your day …and still find time to produce a brilliant blog post.

    I wish I was half as productive.


    1. Reply

      Hey Patrick,

      Thank you for your awesome comment my man and I love that you like the new header!

      I’m testing a few more ‘strategies’ to be as productive as I can (without going nuts of course) I will let you guys know about it as soon as I have an absolute conclusion on this.

      Take care and speak soon bro!

    • Adrienne
    • February 2, 2012

    Hey Sergio,

    Sounds like that was a little hard for you to do. Shutting off everything else while you actually get some work done. I know how addicting some sites can be but you definitely need to get that work done.

    Now I like the little logos you did. I like the second one better even if you were just playing around. Good job… I also meant to tell you that I like the new photo too. Nice and I need a new one so bad. I just have to take the time to have someone shoot some for me. I’ll have to put that on my to do list soon. Maybe when this weather finally clears up.

    So how productive was I today? Not very I’m afraid. I wanted to shoot some videos of me for some ads I’m doing but the weather has been so horrible here that I’ve had nothing but bad hair days lately. Yes, although I work at home and am inside all day I still have to take my dog outside four to five times a day and when it’s raining, frizzville USA man. It’s not a pretty site, trust me.

    I did get five new ads created today, I’m running a campaign that goes with my capture pages that I have already created so they are done at least but I need to shoot that darn video. I don’t know when I’m going to be able to get these done since they are calling for rain for yet another ten days straight. But this is Texas and the weathermen are usually wrong a lot. Keeping my fingers crossed.

    So for today I did create five more ads, I wrote three autoresponder messages and I have the topic of my next blog post plus I responded to all the comments on my blog and have visited twenty more today. I know, I need to get that video shot. Maybe I can do it on Saturday and just ask my neighbor to take my dog out. That will work.

    Great post Sergio and you have been so very productive. I’m jealous..

    1. Reply

      Hey Adrienne,

      A ‘little hard’? Wow you’re too kind! I was going insane haha but the good thing is that I just learned that I have a social media problem to sort out here, I’m definitely going to do something about it.

      Thank you for your comment on the logos, I like straight light colors on logos and the more simple, the better, I was just wondering if I could create some fancy graphic like the ones used on headers for info products but I’ll leave that to the designers.

      Thank you for your feedback on the new avatar, I really like it too ;-)

      Frizzville USA LOL I really can’t imagine that weather, I have two fans on right now, it has been really HOT these days for me.

      You created five ads today, wrote three autoresponder e-mails, have the next blog post topic ready, answered all comments and visited 20 sites and you say you take your dog 4 or 5 times a day and still, you say ‘not very productive’?

      Holy mother of God, I wish I was THAT unproductive myself!

      Don’t be too hard on you just because you need to record that video, I think that’s an amazing day but then again, you are a productive super star! I wish I could focus like that myself.

      Thanks a lot for stepping in and sharing your amazing day Adrienne.

      I still need to get a lot of things done and after reading more about your ‘unproductive’ day I feel embarrased from my achievements. haha

      Take care and speak soon! ;-)

      PS. Great post on WordPress Blogs setup!

      PPS. Do you want me to edit one of your e-mails so you have 2 comments under the same name or are you comfortable having one comment with one distinct e-mail address? I don’t really mind actually lol

        • Adrienne
        • February 2, 2012

        That was an unproductive day for me because although I enjoy commenting I really need to get these videos done. I actually have a few I’m going to be doing and testing for my squeeze pages.

        It’s been almost 80 here too Sergio so it’s been hot and humid, yuck! Horrible combination and although we really do need the rain, I’m sick of it already.

        Glad you liked my post, I sure hope it helps some people.

        Not sure what you’re talking about editing one of my emails? Maybe it’s just been a long day, who knows. I do like to stick with the same email address because it’s attached to my blog. Did that answer that question?

        Hey, I’ll chat with you again soon okay!

        1. Reply

          Hey Adrienne,

          Yikes, hot and humid is exactly what the weather is like over here Adrienne, really unpleasant.

          I hope you do get some rain in the upcoming days (there’s still not rain season over here) and that you’re able to get those videos down anytime soon as well.

          Take care and by all means, let’s talk soon again!

          PS. Don’t worry about the e-mail bit, I already took care of it. ;-)

    • Jens P. Berget
    • February 2, 2012

    Hi Sergio,

    I’m having social media blackouts every day, I have (like you) discovered that you get a lot more done that way. But, I’m also feeling that I’m missing something, and that’s the relationship part with people, and learning from having conversations. On the other hand, I believe it’s important to set a schedule for when you’ll be on social media, and when you’ll be creating your own content/products. It’s close to impossible to do both at the same time.

    By the way, I’ve started to implement the pomodoro technique, so I’m currently working 25 minutes at a time, and that works great, I get a lot more done this way… but it seems that you get a lot done without this technique :)

    1. Reply

      Hey Jens,

      I couldn’t live without the social media part even if I wanted to, I love interacting with people and learning from others as well.

      I took a training course from Kris Mainieri not too long ago and he recommended using the Pomodoro technique to become as productive as possible and I also know that Steve Scott has some great articles on the same subject as well.

      I still haven’t used this technique myself but I’m getting ready to test it out.

      Marc Milburn suggested using a very practical free resource, an online stopwatch to work in small bursts of time again, for maximizing productivity.

      So I really don’t want to get crazy about productivity but I really need to improve mine.

      Will let you know how it worked out for me and thank you for reminding me about it.

      Take good care Jens and happy to see you around here again man, all the best! ;-)

      PS. Already finished your novel?

        • Jens P. Berget
        • February 3, 2012

        Yes, the novel is “finished”.. well, I’ll probably get more things to rewrite, but I’ll be sending it to the publisher next week :)

        1. Reply

          Hey Jens,

          That’s awesome to hear about man and you know I wish you all the best success with it!

          I’m definitely excited for you and to know how it goes, keep us posted ;-)

  2. Reply


    I think that a social media lockdown is a great idea. When I have a lot of writing to get done sometimes I even disconnect my internet. (I know…how could I…it is like disconnecting from the WORLD)

    But I find that without those small interruptions it is possible to really get so much more accomplished.

    Even just seeing a popup of a tweet or an email message (assuming you do not reply) can pull you out of the “zone” and hamper productivity.

    Disconnecting is surely not for ALL the time, but I think regular seperation from the distractors is a good thing.

    1. Reply

      Hey Steve,

      Disconnecting from the world haha well, I do remember that one time the power went out and all I had was my laptop on, I think those were the two most productive hours of my entire Internet Marketing life!

      You’re right about the small alert boxes, they do pull me off from what I’m doing even if I decide to ignore it.

      Sounds a bit extreme but I won’t completely discard it either.

      Thanks for jumping in on the conversation and hope you have an awesome weekend too, speak soon bro!


  3. Reply

    Hi Felix,

    I’ve been on a crusade….had to update all my WP sites, do the backup prior, some every plugin needed updating. No Twitter, No Facebook. Feels like I’m trying to ski uphill…I don’t think I like the Grubb work, but it has to be done.
    Learned a lesson, wrote a very nice post (I often just write in the post editor box,) hit a wrong key and it was gone. At least in the future use Notepad or something, anything better than what happened! Even a notebook and pen.
    Still thinking about your new Photo…Like that big SMILE on the Dude! But that is just me. Guess the new one is more determined and “I Mean Business.”……hmmmm

    Maybe you can have another Blog with the Bright Logo and the Big Smile and be Felix at the Beach, only thing there wouldn’t be a laptop, a sexy broad, A Porche or Ferrari or even a little 80 ft.Yacht, Just a Happy looking guy with big black shoes! Yeah Dude!

    1. Reply

      Hey Carolyn,

      The good things about certain actitivities is that you only need to do them once, it’s great to see that when you need to get some serious work done, you also shut all the social media channels off.

      About losing a blog article, I think it has happened to all of us. I used to write always in the WP editor, now I just use a simple notepad (.txt) and constantly save my file. When I think it has all the basics I just upload that, apply format and either publish or schedule and that’s it!

      Thank you for your feedback on the B&W picture. I’m aiming for some things that require having a more mature and serious look but that doesn’t means it has to be boring either, I still can smile! ;-)

      I loved your suggestion for the other site LOL

      I do have some interesting plans for a few different sites but I won’t get those projects started until I feel this one can sustain on its own.

      Thanks for stopping by and adding to the conversation, take care!

    • Cat Alexandra
    • February 7, 2012

    Hi Sergio,

    I’m impressed with how much you got done! Wow.

    This was an interesting process to follow!! I love how you walked us through some of these steps. I think it’s just evidence that when we get serious about what we’re doing, we can do SO MUCH with a bit of focus and attention to detail.

    You keep on rockin, brother! And by the way, loved the logo concepts! Great work!!

    Cat Alexandra

    1. Reply

      Hey Cat,

      Yeah, focusing for real can take us a LONG way as you can see here.

      I’m glad that you liked my graphic experiments haha thank you for stepping in and joining on the conversation too.

      Take care and have a great day! ;-)

  4. Reply

    I really think that Internet addiction is an actual thing. If I don’t check my email for a few hours I get a little ansy.

    Good on you for tearing yourself way from it all :-)

    1. Reply

      Hey Mike,

      Welcome to the club man, I am the same way but I think it is more the habit than anything else.

      If it makes me (or you) unproductive, I (and you) certainly need to stop checking it so many times a day.

      Thanks for stopping by and stepping in, also welcome to the blog, have a great day man!

      PS. You have a great looking site, congrats! ;-)

    • Barry Wells
    • February 8, 2012

    Hi Sergio,

    Wow mate that was some list of tasks you achieved there my friend. I’ve been on a distraction diet myself for some time now. Here I am at 5.30pm and I still haven’t got to twitter and that is normally 3rd on my list during the day and it only takes 30 minutes at the most each day.

    I have been over to Facebook today though but that was part of a mission i have set myself. One of my online friends has been getting a bad wrap on the Websites Of Trust site so I started a campaign to get all of my Facebook friends to counter act it by going and stating how trustworthy he is.

    What else have I done today: Made some corrections in my latest product and updated that. Then I updated all the Graphics on the sales, thank you and affiliate pages. Then I updated the pages on one of my give away gifts.

    Replied to all blog comments and returned the visits to their blogs.

    I like the graphics that you’ve been showing us here. I’d like to do more of them myself but find it very time consuming as I’m colour blind and what looks ok to me will not look as such to you ;)

    Keep up the great work rate Sergio,

    Take care,

    1. Reply

      Hey Barry,

      I know you’re one very focused marketer and I love that about you.

      About that campaign you’re currently participating on, there’s a service from Omar Martin called IMTrustworthy might be worth to check it out as it is specifically for those matters.

      They have both free and paid accounts.

      About all what you have done, wow mate, that was one hell of a productive day, I’m really shocked!

      Is “From Passion to Products” your newest product? Look very cool to me.

      I wish you all the best and I know you’re already making a huge difference in the IM industry.

      Keep setting the pace for us and let’s speak soon, deal?

      Cheers! ;-)

      PS. Thank you for the compliments on the graphics, I consider myself pretty sucky for that but I like to play around with graphics from time to time.

        • Barry Wells
        • February 9, 2012

        Hi Sergio,

        I’m already a member of IMTrustworthy, as is my friend Randy Smith. The WOT is an add on for Firefox and 2 people have been there and given him a bad report, which he doesn’t deserve. So I’m trying to counteract that by getting more good comments left than the bad ones ;)

        Yes From Passion To Products is my newest product. I want to start adding videos to it soon :)

        Talking of Videos Sergio, I have a video challenge coming up soon that’ll be right up your street ;) More on that in my next post….

        Yes I’m up for chatting mate, always good to chat ;)

        I see you’ve left a comment on my blog, I’ll reply shortly Sergio.


        1. Reply

          Hey Barry,

          I wasn’t aware you were already an IMTrustworthy member, that’s great!

          And about your mate’s problem with those two dishonest guys, I’m going to look more about it on Facebook (since I saw a few updates from you on that matter) and see if I can give my two cents for your buddy where he needs it.

          I have found out that many products which are offered as text only (ebooks) can have upsells for the same exact information but presented on videos too so I think you could just try that.

          A video challenge? Awesome, I’m all in and will certainly be ready for it when the time comes, just let me know.

          Have a great day Barry, it’s always nice to speak to you mate, cheers! ;-)

          PS. Thank you for the clever RT, you’re great!

    • Gary Riding
    • February 10, 2012

    Hey Sergio,
    Wow, I got tired just reading your post, lol. I love it when I have a day to spend on the internet – something that is not always so easy with J.O.B. and family commitments. I did manage to get in a few hours and like yourself, I did kind wander away from the straight and narrow path, but I like the fact that you managed to turn those recreational hours into great ideas for future posts.
    The time I had today was largely spent on honing my email marketing skills and in particular, how to set up a good sales funnel and high-value email sequence for my growing list.
    Best of luck.


    1. Reply

      Hey Gary,

      Yeah it was a bit of a busy day and I certainly can understand how difficult is to find spare time to work on your online business when you already have your day full of other activities such as keeping up with a job and family.

      You know what they say… “the money’s in the list” (or in the relationships with that list) so I’m sure that creating and optimizing that high-value sequence will bring you better results.

      I am thinking of doing a quick video on sales funnels, I think this might help a few out there so thanks for reminding me of that.

      Thanks for stopping by Gary, speak soon and take care!

      PS. Glad that you have your blog up and running now ;-)

    • Sire
    • February 11, 2012

    It’s Sunday today Sergio and I’m just planning to take it easy, unless the wife decides to drag me out somewhere. ;)

    I’ve had a busy week this week at work, yesterday was really tiring, and so I just want to relax so I can get my energy up for the coming week. The Dairy manager is off on holidays for three weeks and they put me in charge…shock horror….. All I can say is the training I have received is minimal and I’ll have to run the joint by the seat of my pants. :)

    Anyway, even though you say you didn’t get much done it seems to me that you kept yourself pretty busy ;)

    1. Reply

      Hey Sire,

      So you’re in charge right now mate? I think you can never be “too prepared” right? I’m sure it’ll be a great experience in the end, even if it’s very hard to do or to keep up with.

      I have been trying to keep myself more productive than busy but you’re right, I’m proud of this day.

      Now I have to do this more often! haha

      Thanks for stopping by Sire and hope you had a great Sunday mate, speak soon ;-)

    • Mary Kathan
    • February 12, 2012

    Hey Sergio

    I watched Gideon Shalwick’s video that you mentioned in your post. It was awesome – thanks for the info about it.


    1. Reply

      Hey Mary,

      Glad you found it useful. I always learn a lot from Gideon’s videos, really a very knowledgeable, professional and great guy.

      Hope you have an amazing Sunday and thanks for stopping by, speak soon! ;-)

    • Barry Ranns
    • February 13, 2012

    Hi Sergio,
    What have I done today?
    Well, I have started on my ebook, and that is an ongoing piece until it is dead right.

    Otherwise I am a bit of a gonna, because I am gonna do this, and gonna do that, and then gonna do something else, but they often remain gonna’s.

    I have to focus more, I know and now that I have some monetary returns for my hard work, then that incentive to focus has shot up by 1000% (Is that possible?).

    So, my goal today is to get rid of dome of those gonna’s and get down to the grindstone,


    1. Reply

      Hey Barry,

      Love your idea of not becoming a ‘gonna’. Everyone can say they’re ‘gonna’ do a lot of things but do they actually DO them?

      This reminded me of those fighters (I love watching box) who talk a lot of stuff before the fights and then, you also have these fighters that say “I talk on the ring” and most of the times those are the winners in the end.

      I understand perfectly the motivational rush you can get when you start seeing some income results from direct efforts and yes, just keep working as keeping the momentum going on is key.

      Hope you have a great start of week and that you nail down all your activities for today.

      Speak soon and thanks for jumping in on the conversation Barry! ;-)

      PS. I’m digging your site’s background, so different from mine but it really looks good!

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  6. Reply

    I like the sound of that: “A Self-Imposed Social Media Blackout.”

    Honestly, you’re more productive that way. At least I know I am. Really, I think it boils down to finding a routine that works for you and being more disciplined about sticking to it. My routine isn’t going to work for everyone else and vice-versa. And that’s ok. Do what works for you, find hacks to be and keep yourself productive, and you’re good to go!

    1. Reply

      Hey Ricardo,

      Totally agree with you my man, what may work excellent for me, may not work for somebody else.

      But, social media IS distracting. Or at least to me, it is.

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your point of view, really liked it, take care! ;-)

      PS. Awesome review of that Balance Child Theme for StudioPress!

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