I just decided to make this little experiment today.

It consisted on turning off every social platform for six hours, starting at 7:00am up to 1:00pm

This included NOT checking twitter, facebook, e-mail or Skype, AT ALL and I also had my cellphone on
vibration mode.

The only thing I decided to digest as content was Gideon Shalwick’s video on How To Become Rich and Famous on YouTube (it’s more than one hour long btw)

I was passively listening to that while focusing on doing some other things since I didn’t want to lose one
whole hour, particularly not from this experiment.

So this is how it went, I woke up at 5:50am and then…

6:00am – 7:00am

  • Checked personal e-mails and then closed my e-mail inbox for good
  • Replied to comments on blog
  • Checked stats for yesterday’s visitors on Clicky

7:00am – 8:00am

  • Had breakfast
  • Logged in to a few Traffic Exchanges while I was still trying to wake myself up
  • Started playing with some text fonts on Adobe Fireworks
  • Started listening to Gideon Shalwick’s How To Become Rich and Famous on YouTube video
  • Closed all the browser tabs that I didn’t consider important

8:00am – 9:00am

  • Still listening to Gideon’s video
  • Searched for recent pictures on every hard drive I own (I need to organize this btw)
  • Compressed some pictures and moved them from one computer to another using DropBox
  • Found many downloaded books on subjects I’m not interested anymore and got rid of them
  • Still deciding on which font to create a very simple logo with (I refuse to outsource this)
  • Found a few flipcam videos I shot in Europe (pretty fun ones actually) marked this as a to-do list to upload them for another occasion
  • Took a short break and went for something to drink

9:00am – 10:00am

  • Finally finished listening to Gideon’s video.
  • I learnt something new about sales funnels and I did a rough sketch in order to teach it to you later
  • Wrote a quick comment on Gideon’s blog
  • Called the local computer store (I’m building a high performance computer and I need to change something on my initial requirements)
  • Updated this post on notepad with bullet points as idea reminders
  • Until this point, I feel very busy and I still haven’t done anything productive yet (false productivity sensation)
  • I have a craving to go check if I have any new comments, tweets, facebook updates or even personal e-mails but as I realize I have done NOTHING yet to move myself forward I just won’t do it and keep myself focused and accountable
  • Took a short break, erased a few non relevant things from my whiteboard and added new things there
  • Drew my sales funnel graphic on my secret ideas notebook

Sales Funnel Diagram

Sales Funnel Diagram on Notebook
(Please don’t lose your eye-sight, I’ll explain this in detail on another post)

10:00am – 11:00am

  • Installed new fonts
  • Did a lot of graphic work and testings
  • Got distracted creating a fun text-based logo

Marketing With Sergio Fun Colored Logo

Fun Text-Based Logo
(this is not a serious logo btw, I was just goofing around)

11:00am – 12:00pm

  • Did another test with colors.
  • It’s 11:20am and at this exact moment I just realized I STILL haven’t done anything so I’m focusing on finish something now and uploading it no matter what!
  • I just written that I won’t do anything else until I’m done doing the graphics I need for facebook, twitter, youtube, facebook timeline, blog header, blog sidebar, about me page, confirmation page, and an ebook cover
  • This work could be outsourced but since I don’t intend to ‘marry’ my brand to a design, I have to do this myself
  • I just had a ‘too much for my brain’ moment so I took a quick break here and went for a snack

Marketing With Sergio Color Test

Just testing out some colors on a Basic Design
(again, not a real logo)

12:00pm – 1:00pm

  • Picture for About me and Sidebar is done!
  • Twitter and Facebook have been updated with the same image as well
  • Gravatar was updated with the new black and white image too (the image you see on the comments)

Sergio Felix Black and White

The “New Look” on Social Media Channels

1:00pm – 2:00pm (extra time!)

  • Did some extensive work on a full graphic (this one took a loooong time to complete)

Sergio Felix Yeah Dude

Sergio Félix Yeah Dude!
This is just a fun test (LOL)

Hint: I think you can tell I’m preparing for some HUGE things very soon and guess what?

I’m doing it all by MYSELF.

And not only that, I’m also telling you how I plan to do it too! ;-)

A Few Ideas I Could Use for Further Updates Just From Today’s Work

  • How To Find Great Fonts Online
  • How To Install a Font on Windows
  • How To Use DropBox
  • How To Use Traffic Exchanges The Right Way
  • How To Increase Your Productivity with Keyboard/Keyword Shortcuts
  • How To Track Analytics With Clicky
  • How To Create a Text-Based Logo On Adobe Fireworks
  • How To Upload a Video to YouTube
  • How To Add Captions to Videos using Camtasia
  • How To Keep Yourself Organized With a Whiteboard
  • How To Create a Vault of Ideas with a Physical Notebook
  • Sales Funnels 101
  • How To Use an OTO in your Sales Funnel
  • Understanding Upsells and Downsells in your Sales Funnel
  • Complete Step by Step Guide to Sales Funnels
  • Building the Ultimate Sales Funnel
  • How To Effectively Write a Blog Post Without Distractions
  • How To Skyrocket Your Productivity Times
  • How To Crop a Graphic on Adobe Fireworks
  • Understanding Graphic Optimizing for the Web
  • How To Add Great Shadows On Adobe Fireworks
  • How To Create a Header Graphic on Adobe Fireworks
  • How To Use Layers on Adobe Fireworks
  • Neat Graphic Tips Using Opacity on Adobe Fireworks
  • How To Apply Gradients To Text on Adobe Fireworks
  • How To Create a Great Facebook Fan Page Graphic
  • How To Create a Custom Background for Twitter
  • How to Create a Custom Background for YouTube
  • How to Create a Custom HTML About Me Box for your Blog’s Sidebar
  • How To Create an Ebook Cover

Whew! Quite a few right?

I’m not sure about this (yet) but I think  I could possibly create a few reports, ebooks and actual training courses on a few of these topics not only blog articles.

But let’s not get ahead of our time and focus on delivering amazingly good value first! ;-)


I realized that from every daily activity I do, I can create a lot of content but I want to create some step by step guide that’s easy to follow instead, so that’s going to be my next big task.

I still have some stuff to do for today, actually a LOT, things like:

  • Creating the Marketing With Sergio Facebook fan page graphic
  • Twitter background
  • Youtube background
  • Facebook timeline graphic
  • Blog header graphic
  • Blog sidebar
  • Update my e-mail newsletter confirmation page
  • And create an ebook cover

I have never done these kind of tasks before so I still need to find out how to do them (I think this is going to be interesting…)

The cool thing about all this, is that I focused so much the whole morning that I already have all the drive I need to finish these tasks TODAY.

I told you on my latest post I Quit! that I was going to teach you by taking action myself right here, so here’s your proof!

So I better be going but before that…

It’s YOUR Turn!

1. What have YOU done today to become more productive?

2. Have you had any Social Media lock downs in the past and what do you think about this whole experiment?

Take care guys, it was VERY fun to do this. I think I’m going to practice this a little bit more often.

Speak soon and be on the lookout, there are some big things coming up!




Sergio Felix
Sergio Felix

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