Share A Sale Affiliate Network And First Check Odissey

Important instructions for reading this post…

1. I really wanted to name this article like this:

Why You Should Join The Share A Sale Affiliate Network If You’re Serious About WordPress.

But the reality is that I spent all my day trying to cash a ShareASale check and it wasn’t pretty. (I ended up soaked in sweat even though I had a cold shower before going outside)

So I’m leaving that boring headline Share A Sale Affiliate Network And First Check Odissey instead which sounds more like what happened and…

2. I’ll be as brief as possible as an attention span experiment for you. (and because it makes me feel smart to say random stuff like that)

In fact, I’m going to start with the best part and finish with the boring part and see what happens.

The WIIFM Element

That weird looking acronym means “what’s in it for me?“.

And for addressing that, I made a quick video opening the check envelope (bo-ring!) and revealing how much I made (ok, that’s more… Me Gusta!)

It’s not one dollar in revenue but it’s not thousands either… so let’s check it out now, shall we?

Share A Sale First Check Video

Here’s my ridiculous master piece.

Click here to watch the Share A Sale First Check Video on YouTube

Note: I had to re-upload the video without the sound FX
as they somehow messed the screen feed… bummer!

So What Is The Share A Sale Affiliate Network Again?

Now that I (may) have your attention, Share A Sale is a real big affiliate network company.

They administer a lot of the best premium wordpress themes out there and you can also sell other type of services and even physical merchandise.

For now, I have been focusing only on promoting software services (wordpress themes) like Thesis, Studiopress, Premise and Headways.

But you can literally be an affiliate for dozens or even hundreds of different companies, products and services.

That’s your call.

How To Join The Share A Sale Affiliate Network

To join the ShareASale as an affiliate, all you have to do is create a free account here and then request to be an affiliate for the products or services that you’re interested in promoting.

Always remember to do your due diligence.

Read the terms of service, affiliate agreements, all the small print you can find out so you stay on the legal side of things and keep the record straight with the hand that feeds.

I agree that the last sentences were boring but you need to know all those bits if you’re taking the make money online thing seriously.

Click on the banner below to join SAS for FREE:

How To Request To Promote A Service On Share A Sale

This is very easy and really intuitive.

You look for the merchant you’re interested in, and then just request to promote.

I believe you need to give some general information on how are you planning to promote and what’s your main site.

I have never been declined from a company before but then again, I don’t have that much experience with them either.

Use common sense and I think everything will be alright for you.

And The Check Odissey?

Sorry that I lost interest in telling you all about my odissey trying to cash the check but I think it’s not important anymore.

I recently learnt that I should be writing for YOU and not about ME so this is my new improvement on the blog, right here, right now.


This is the most money I have earnt in one day as an affiliate marketer (check the video to know the amount)

The amount is not important what is important for me is that apparently I’m able to cash the checks. (I still haven’t, is a slow process)

Now the next step is to kick it up a notch and start promoting heavily now.

I didn’t focus much on telling you how to join (hence the name of the article) but if you’re interested I can possibly record a video on how to request to promote a new offer.

I can’t show you how to sign up for a new account though because I already have one account there.

If there’s anything I missed, please let me know in the comments.

Take care and speak soon!


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    • Joe Lampo
    • April 18, 2012

    That’s a good video, produced directed portrayed and edited by a budding actor surely on his way to Hollywood! Great job, Sergio! You have a flair for video prouctions!
    I have never heard of Share A Sale. Is it similar to Clickbank or Commission Junction?
    I will look into it, though, as I want to engage in Affiliate Marketing, too.

    Thanks for all the pieces of good info you turn up and post here. You do a great service to your readership. Chow for now!

    1. Reply

      Hey Joe (I love greeting you as you always remind me of Jimi Hendrix’s song),

      Share A Sale is in fact like Commission Junction’s direct competitor.

      I can’t say they are like Clickbank though because you can also sell physical products with SAS and CB focuses strictly on information products only.

      Thanks for the kinds comments and me, in Hollywood? Hmm… I don’t know, I didn’t do well in the music industry, perhaps the big screen was my thing? LOL

      Take care Joe and keep writing on your new blog! ;-)

    • Jens P. Berget
    • April 18, 2012

    Hi Sergio,

    I joined Share A Sale a while ago, but I haven’t promoted any of the offers yet, so I haven’t received a check yet. I’m still trying to figure out a monetizing strategy for my website. So far it’s been mostly clickbank sales.

    1. Reply

      Hey Jens,

      I also joined them a while ago and haven’t really promoted much from there since I’m always interested first if I can actually cash the earnings or not.

      Apparently I will be able to cash these out so I may be starting to promote them a lot harder now.

      CB sales are good, I still need to get a check from there as well, hope to make that happen really soon.

      As for SAS, I think that you’ll have to reactivate your account. They deactivate dormant accounts on a frequent basis.

    • Linda
    • April 18, 2012

    Hey – Congrats Sergio!!

    I haven’t used Share a Sale in YEARS!! When I first started affiliate marketing many moons ago the site wasn’t very popular and I wasn’t thrilled with it at all. But, I am sure it has improved tremendously, so I will have to go back and check it out again. I basically just use Linkshare and Commission Junction.

    Thanks for sharing the exciting news and hope you were able to get that check cashed!

    P.S – Your videos are looking great! Love the sound effects (I have no idea how to do that with the

    1. Reply

      LOL Linda… “many moons ago”.

      Linkshare… I haven’t checked them out yet, thanks for bringing them out and yeah, today I opened an account at some weird bank and apparently I may be able to cash that out.

      Unfortunately I just had to edit the video I uploaded here and remove the sound FX. They messed the screen flow and I wasn’t aware of that until I check the video from another place.

      To do that is the same as when you insert a call out, only for audio you first put the audio on your library and then drag and drop to your timeline.

      Speak soon and thanks for stopping by Linda, take care! ;-)

      PS. Your GA video was TOP NOTCH!

    • Daniel Sumner
    • April 19, 2012

    Hey Sergio,

    Well done man you have one more check than me from Share a Sale lol.

    I remember when I received my first one from Aweber, I now get them on a regular basis. I also remember my first 10c from Adsense too.

    I guess it’s the feeling of receiving money from your own efforts which you enjoy the most. For me that $50 check from Aweber was worth more to me than a whole months pay.
    Just wait man, it’s the first step to a larger income. It means you are doing it right.

    Tomorrow it will be $1000 :-D

    Well done.


    1. Reply

      Hey Dan,

      Man you are absolutely freaking right!

      Because it’s not about the amount, is about the result first.

      I know I will never forget the first time I actually earnt about $2.00 USD from a PTC site, I really couldn’t believe it lol

      As for now goes, I have received just small payments here and there, right now I just want to open the cash flow channels, see if I can actually cash these checks and then start doing the heavy lifting.

      Thanks for sharing the 10 cents Adsense story, I still have that one to complete on my internet marketer’s bucket list.

      Speak soon Dan! ;-)

    • Patrick Griffin
    • April 19, 2012

    Hey Sergio,
    I am sure you won’t mind me saying that this is a decidedly odd blog post. Well maybe more ‘quirky’ than odd but certainly it reflects your personality.
    Like I said before, I love the way you write.
    Far too many blogs do have good content but they are boring. Yours always has good content but is never boring.

    1. Reply

      Hey Pat,

      I had to Google ‘quirky’ and I found: unpredictable, unconventional, peculiar. LOL well.. I don’t know, I’m just… me. ;-)

      Glad that you liked the quirky article and that you love the way I write. Coming from you, that’s a huge compliment man, thank you!

      Speak soon Pat. ;-)

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