Finally, the seven link challenge is here!

I was invited to participate on this seven link challenge by two different internet marketers.

Dan Sumner and Linda Bond.

What is the Seven Link Challenge

The main goal of this is to unite bloggers from the whole blogosphere and create some sort of a bank with great blog posts that may have not seen the light in quite some time while making it fun and viral at the same time.

What are the Rules for the Seven Link Challenge

  1. Get nominated by another blogger
  2. Publish your 7 links (1 link per category)

Categories for the Seven Link Challenge

  1. Your most beautiful post
  2. Your most popular post
  3. Your most controversial post
  4. Your most helpful post
  5. A post whose success surprised you
  6. A post you feel didn’t get the attention it deserved
  7. The post that you are most proud of

If you want to check out the source, here it is where it all got started The 7 Link Challenge Rules

Reasons to Participate

In case you’re wondering what the heck am I talking about with posts that nobody sees, picture the following scenario:

You start up a blog, then write several posts for some time, after a while (or after many blog posts to be more accurate) your first articles start getting buried under your newer content.

There are plenty of ways to rescue these older posts by:

  • Using categories and tags
  • Creating menus out of your categories
  • Using featured posts
  • Using a page with links to amazing posts
  • Adding a widget with popular posts
  • Etc, etc.

The point is, whatever you do, there are going to be posts that may be great and difficult to find for your readers (assuming you write lots of great content of course).

And even if you don’t have that problem (I’m a GREAT example as I just have 24 posts published here so far) this is a great opportunity to make your blog stand out and go a bit viral.

The Invitational Chain Reaction

This worked out something like this:

Me <- Dan Sumner <- Randy Smith <- Kathy Dobson <- Barry Wells <- Adrienne Smith

Me <- Linda Bond <- Kathy Dobson <- Barry Wells <- Adrienne Smith <- Steve Scott

I happen to know at least three of these Internet Marketers (or bloggers) besides Linda and Dan.

And if you guessed if I’m going to be heading over to these other people’s blogs, then you guessed right my friend!

That’s the power of going VIRAL.

My 7 Link Challenge Posts

Hint: You can hover over the links to see what kind of post is inside.

1. Most beautiful post I’m not sure if I would use the word beautiful to describe this post because it was basically a no BS recap of what I did or failed to do on 2011 and what my plans are for 2012.

However, it did trigger plenty of comments which included bits like these:

“…in my mind you’re already a super star.”

“…I love the way you address the whole issue of positive mindset.”

“…I see you as a real go getter.”

“…very inspiring.”

“…reading about your list of goals for the coming year made me excited again for my own goals.”

“…you have a gift for writing.”

“…you have really inspired me and blew me away with your goals for 2012.”

I was actually very surprised from the touching comments so thank you all!

2. Most popular post The most popular posts were the mentoring post and the 2012 goals and perspectives post.

However to include a different article here, I picked Going to Mazatlan, Mexico as it did get some buzz.

People were still fresh from the experience of the mentoring post LOL and I actually wanted to publish something not marketing related for the same reasons.

Basically there’s just a picture of my girlfriend and myself from a past vacation there and nothing else.

3. Most controversial post By far the most controversial no doubt about it.

The article touched a few nerves here and there, nobody likes when someone uses the words mentor, guru and I guess we’re about to ban “teacher” if we keep at this pace.

I knew this was going to happen in advance, that’s why I made it very clear throughout the whole post that there’s no need to have a mentor in order to succeed, it was worthless to mention that! lol

It was very fun to write and to record my first video while driving though.

4. Most helpful post This was a review for the USB Blue Snowball Microphone.

I believe it was one of the most helpful posts because even though it doesn’t has many comments, many people treasured that article.

Apparently having a great entry-level microphone is the least concern with Internet Marketers today.

I explain why this is the worse thing to do and this made some people buy the exact same microphone I’m currently using. (thanks guys!)

5. Post whose success surprised me This was barely my third post on this blog and I was having comments from really experienced bloggers not to mention the creator of CommentLuv himself, Mr. Andy Bailey.

It included a video I shot in Madrid, Spain about not being prepared for having so many different power adapters.

6. Post that I feel didn’t get the attention it deserved This was a first list building experiment I did on the blog.

It barely received comments and I think people were thinking that was the whole interview.

The post was edited a few times to make it clear the video being showcased there was just a teaser and I think people still didn’t react too well about it.

A call to action that did not work as expected to be honest.

7. Post I’m most proud of I’m very proud of this video because this was the first time I forced myself to die trying to record a video.

Even though I did record quite a lot of footage, I was literally dying through the whole process, so this is the most gutsy thing I have ever done on the blog so far (recording the video interview was very challenging too).

Involved Internet Marketer’s 7 Link Challenge Posts

You can get some inspiration by checking out what my friends did with their own 7 Link Challenge Participation just down below.

Whew… that took me some time as I had to hunt for the 7-Link Challenge post on some blogs but I already did it for you in case you want to check these wonderful people out.

Here are my 7 Link Challenge Nominees

click on the links to check out their 7 link articles

  • Jocelyn Jones (published!)
  • Sandy Halliday (published!)
  • Patrick Griffin (published!)
  • Justin Mazza (published!)
  • Jon Olson (notice sent)
  • Justin Ledvina (notice sent)

I’ll let these guys know about their nominations here although I don’t have a clue if they will participate or if they have been invited already to the challenge.

Post Edit: If you still haven’t been nominated please feel free to join us on the challenge anyway. Let me know and I’ll modify the nominees’ list to include you. I want everyone to participate on this!

Fun Fact Bonuses

Number one this post was supposed to be short and easy to do and it took HOURS to complete!

Number two I got my very first unsubscribe yesterday!

I thought I was going to feel sad or something but it just made me realize the following:

Not everyone is going to like me!

This, believe it or not, makes everything SO MUCH EASIER now, way easier.

Trying to stop aiming for perfection in everything you do is very hard (I’m obsessed with that)

Knowing first hand that you may not be liked by everyone, makes product creation a lot easier and not only that, but everything you do!

You’ll see if I’m wrong or if I’m right sooner than you think.

To the person who unsubscribed from the list… thank you!

To the rest who still remain on-board, THANK YOU!

Speak soon and take care. ;-)


Sergio Felix
Sergio Felix

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