We just reached July 1st, 2013.

That only means we only have six months left to do whatever we said we were going to do in 2013.

I have so many things to share but I’ll just mention the most important bits.

I can say I learned a lot of things on this first half, then unlearned some others and if I could summarize the first half of 2013, I would say it has been quite an eye opener.

I’ve learned how to identify when I’m just messing around and when I’m actually doing real work.

That getting uncomfortable is not recommended but needed in order to keep growing and like Chicharito (Javier Hernández, Real Madrid football player) says in one of his latest tv ads:

“You have the “NO” guaranteed either if you try or not but if you do try, you have a lot to gain”

Explanation: He says that because he didn’t start one single professional football game until he was 21 years old, took him about 4-5 years to start his first game. So no matter how much you wish or desire something, if you don’t want it bad enough and act upon it, it just won’t happen.

You Can’t Help Everyone

It’s getting kind of exhausting to always try to motivate people to take action because if they are not ready to be committed to do something about their current situation, it doesn’t matter how hard you are willing to help them, they simply won’t take action in the end anyway and eventually you’ll get burnt out with them as well.

This has been one of the hardest lessons to learn and I always thought “I CAN help everyone out” but I can’t. I can only help those that want to be helped and no one else. It took me a while to finally understand this but I’m glad I finally did it and boy oh boy, I feel like I got rid of a huge weight out of my back.

2013 Goals: Accomplish The Most Important Goal First

I’m not going to keep repeating myself with the goals thing, to be honest I’m tired of dragging stuff that needed to be done last year.

There were a lot of goals that I didn’t meet in 2012 and I have another bunch of goals that I still haven’t met on 2013 but at least I do have a serious plan in place now and besides I actually have met a few 2013 goals already.

My recommendation is don’t try to do every single thing on the goals you decided for 2013, focus on the most important goal you have and just do that.

Don’t Be Afraid To Sell

This was another tough one to understand. I wasn’t afraid of selling but I always kept being too apologetic about everything I did online.

The reality of everything is that I’m here to make money.

You benefit from my expertise and in exchange you’ll save a lot of time and money and I’m willing to charge you for it, that’s it.

There is really no need to treat anyone like a child and offer so many guarantees and be all like “you’re the boss and I’m your servant” kind of stuff.

If other marketers need or have to do it that way, then more power to them but I’m not willing to take that route anymore.

Know your stuff and price accordingly.

Create Ridiculous Offers If You Need To

Just a few days ago it was my fifth anniversary so I made a ridiculous offer to my subscribers.

The idea was that for less than $10.80 USD you would get a premium wordpress theme ($70 USD), my personal manual wordpress installation ($497 USD) and customization that would end up in a total of $1,500 USD for an investment of less than $11 USD.

Needless to say, those $10.80 weren’t even for myself, they were for a domain name, an autoresponder and a hosting account for the first month for my subscribers.

I had a very rough time with my old list because people didn’t even click on my links anymore so I had to prove myself somebody out there actually cared about their current situation and considered this for what it really was: an insane deal.

Not many took it but a few did and a few others were interested and even though it took me an entire day to deal with some techie stuff to complete the sites, it was well worth it because I proved a point to myself.

If you actually create the right offers, people will react to them.

Establish Your Authority And Your Price

Don’t get me wrong on the point above, create ridiculous offers only to get the ball rolling but you definitely have to set a limit somewhere.

However, having clients will establish your authority and if you don’t have any authority right now, you do need to start from zero so really low offers would be the way here.

When you have established yourself as an authority in your niche, I’d rather charge premium prices over peanut prices any day.

My niches so far are website development and internet marketing in general, so let’s say I can charge $1,500 USD per site a month or… I could charge $97 per site and have 15 new clients each month (for the same amount) that all require my personal attention.

Can you even imagine doing the latter? Creating 15 sites so I can earn barely $1,500 usd but dealing with 15 different sites AND 15 different people?

That would be insane just use your common sense, this is no rocket science guys.

Note: Of course that if those 15 new clients were all premium clients ($1,500 each one) I would DEFINITELY love to go crazy creating their websites and dealing with the owners, who wouldn’t want to make $22,500 per month after all?

Create A Freebie To Start Building Your List ASAP

This is something I still see everywhere, a lot of marketers complaining of not making one single cent online and yet they aren’t building any lists yet.

Before you assume anything, I had this wrong from the start too.

I didn’t feel like an expert at anything so how could I teach anyone to do something I wasn’t an expert at myself?

Another thing is I felt “too proud” to use PLR (noooo how can I use an aid to create something? Never!) and have a starting point for creating either my freebie or my first product?

Let me tell you right away, that’s a really bad mindset to have in order to succeed online. Money loves speed, get yourself stuck on “perfection world” and you’ll never accomplish anything online.

Get rid of your ego, it happened to me, I’m not just assuming stuff here.

2013 Goals Video

[youtuber youtube=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ak6NsOKless’]

Video Response from Carlie Hamilton

I just received this video response from my friend Carlie Hamilton and wanted to show it to you here.

[youtuber youtube=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B9eyQO5bMjo’]

I think Carlie makes some great points and the fact that she took the time to make this video response makes me even happier so thank you Carlie! ;-)


I really can’t say “I’ve made it” but I definitely no longer struggle making money online.

If you are interested in making that first dollar or $50 or even $1,500 online I can definitely teach you how I have managed to do just that.

Just sign up to my seven day intensive marketing training plan and you’ll have a very solid overview on how it is done.

It is FREE and it could teach you a thing or two about making your first sale and stop messing around online.

Take care and I’ll talk to you soon, bye for now.


PS. There’s a lot of goals that need my attention for 2013 but instead of talking about them, I’m actually working on them, hope you’re doing the same!

Sergio Felix
Sergio Felix

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