The past weeks have been enlightening to say the least and here’s a quick recap of what I have been doing…

I finished a training from David Walker’s called 30 Day Marketer.

It literally changed my overall perception of marketing blogs for good and I’m really grateful to have been part of that first generation as well.

You’ll see the changes around here very soon.

I also finished reading Tim Ferriss’ book, the famous Four Hour Work Week.

Even though I disagree with many aspects on the book, I also learned a ton of new things and I highly recommend you read it as long as you don’t consider it to be some kind of THE marketing Bible because it’s definitely not that.

This book is not just about traveling, working four hours per week or ‘hacking the system’ as many young entrepreneurs like to say these days…

It’s a very concise book filled with many different topics, great resources and it’s honestly highly entertaining and I think anyone interested in building an online business should learn a lot from it.

To continue with the books topic, I started reading a Jay Abraham book called Getting Everything You Can Out Of All You’ve Got which is changing my entrepreneurial mind by quite a lot.

I barely begun this book and I already learnt many things, it’s just THAT great.

Tip: If you sign up to Jay Abraham‘s website you can get his book “Getting everything you can out of all you’ve got” for FREE in pdf format.

And last but not least important, last night I was watching a very old video from Brian Tracy called Personal Time Management (the link is a VHS on Amazon, I’m clueless where you can get it in another format).

Anyway, you wouldn’t believe how many useful information nuggets this guy has, it was just one after another and you can actually see most of his tips being used in almost every modern book out there on business, success and time management topics of course.

Well Being IS Important

Anyway, what the heck does all this reading, training and video watching has to do with running a half marathon in just four weeks?

Turns out the only exercise I can do for my health is jogging since I no longer have friends who I can play soccer with, a few of them still play baseball but I don’t like it that much so I just run now.

And it all comes down to well being you know.

If you’re not feeling well, then you can’t function properly right?

That means you may not be able to plan your activities correctly, not follow through all your to-do tasks, starting to leave the important work for last and focusing on the easy things first and in the end, you’re not making any progress at all.

You MAY think you are actually being productive because you are still busy doing stuff but are those activities really the ones that you know are the most important ones business wise?

If you’re guilty of this, don’t worry…

I have been there myself but the idea here is to be able to detect this common and huge issue and address it as soon as possible.

That’s exactly what I learned yesterday from Brian Tracy.

Brian Tracy’s Teachings

Continuing with Brian Tracy’s teachings from yesterday, I created three specific goals in these areas:

  1. health
  2. business
  3. overall

Which turned into tasks, comes down to this:

  1. finish a half marathon in four weeks
  2. launch my wordpress training
  3. reach stable income

I’m not sure if you are able to spot a pattern here but in case you can’t see it, let me help you out…

You can’t reach stable income if you are not able to create products, do your affiliate marketing right or whatever your strategy to make money online is (required to be in action).

And you probably can’t do any of the above if you’re not feeling right (this is not a rule of course but in particular I can’t work properly if I’m feeling like shit) so what do you do to fix this?

You first start taking care of yourself.

Brian Tracy says you need to be able to plan the right way and I can’t really teach you that right now or this post would get pretty big but summarized it means you basically create a list of things you absolutely must do in order to reach a specific goal and don’t do anything else until you’re done with that very important task.

Running a Half Marathon in Just Four Weeks

So in my case, this is what I’m going to do…

I already planned a very specific training that will last for four weeks to run a half-marathon (actually the fourth week is race day -November 4th-) and the idea for this, is that if you are able to follow through, then there’s no reason you can’t follow through with business plans, see the connection now?

I’m not dieting at all, just eating right, trying to get more sleep (I normally sleep about five hours a day) and overall I’m cutting down on beers and focusing on getting the important things done (not “more things” per se).

Obviously, this doesn’t means that I’m just going to be training all day long and do nothing to make money online, I actually have a coaching call tomorrow but I’ll leave that for another occasion.

Day 01: Training Video (October 8th)

I recorded this video yesterday and right now I just want to get it done with today’s article so immediately after posting this I’m going to jump on the treadmill, then take a bath and then come back and work on a wordpress report for tomorrow.

In the meantime, here’s the video!

[youtuber youtube=’’]
Pretty sweaty right? LOL

Day 02: Training Video (October 9th)

Okay yesterday I didn’t feel bad running but it was just 35 minutes on the treadmill.

I ran 7 kms (4.4 miles) today and I do feel a bit hammered to be honest but it is what it is!

[youtuber youtube=’’]
I tried to record a bit of footage from the park but it’s pretty bad so I didn’t included it, I will try another day. ;-)

The Never Ending WordPress Training Course

If you have been on this blog before, maybe you already know I have been creating a wordpress course for months that has completely drained my brains out.

The wordpress course kept getting bigger and bigger and quite honestly, I’m starting to feel fed up on it so before I decide to throw it out the window and do something else, I’m going to focus on feeling better.

Getting more sleep, train for this race and try to deliver the wordpress training with the same joy and happiness which I started with in the first place.

I’m no longer worried about making it perfect though and in fact, the training is actually almost complete now but I really need a rest from this.

I don’t know if all internet marketers have created their first introduction videos with the most tired face possible on earth but right now I look exactly like a raccoon so you get the idea.

I want to recover my energy, be able to wake up and get out of bed happy to work and I definitely have been losing a bit of that lately.

So What’s YOUR Plan?

Let me know if you already have a plan for your next product release and how are you keeping focused and organized with your time management duties.

I already have plenty of things I’m doing but I wouldn’t mind some new ideas.

Speak soon!


PS. I don’t know what is going to happen with the half marathon… all I can say is that I’m going to do my best as I normally prepare MONTHS in advance for these things and I barely make it to the end so either I do things right this time or maybe you won’t see me again after November 4th lol… hope it’s the first one!

Sergio Felix
Sergio Felix

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