Welcome to my internet marketing resources section!

On this page you will find some of the most important internet marketing tools and services I currently use on my online business.

Picking each one of these took a serious amount of time researching because I first had to test everything and then decide what the absolute best choice was amongst many other resources.

So to make things easier for you, I’ll just mention the most relevant tools and will be reviewing each and every one of them on the blog where you’ll be able to read about all the reasons I chose everything you see recommended on this page.

Domain Names

Namecheap is fast, reliable, affordable and the best of all, it updates your DNS’s quicker than any other companies I have tried in the past.

Hosting Accounts

Hostgator is the most secure and fastest hosting company I have ever tried. It has cpanel included, constantly add new services and their tech support is beyond incredible and available 24/7.

If you use discount code MARKETINGWITHSERGIO you can obtain 25% off your initial payment.

If you like to save money contact me if you have any questions prior to buying and I’ll be more than glad to help you out.

E-mail Marketing

Aweber is simply one of the highest deliverability e-mail marketing companies out there. It is not the cheapest, it is not the most expensive either. I would never settle for ‘good enough’ so if you want to be the best, go with the best.

Merchant Accounts

PayPal is one of the most popular solutions for linking your credit card to a secure merchant payment company. It is widely accepted as a payment option in the Internet Marketing Industry and it’s also free.

Having an account with them gives you the possibility to take payments directly from your site, simply a must have.

Internet Marketing Marketplaces

Clickbank is one of the most popular market places in the Internet Marketing field.

You can set an account with them for FREE and literally be selling products as an affiliate in literally just a few minutes.

If you are willing to sell your own products, Clickbank is a breeze to work with, since they will handle all your affiliate payments and refunds for you, another must have for anyone serious about Internet Marketing.

Internet Marketing Forums

The Warrior Forum is the biggest Internet Marketing Forum in the whole Internet.

You can ask questions, offer help, outsource work, get work, sell products, buy products at discounted prices, you name it. Millions have been made on the Warrior Forum and it has a whopping more than 10,000 unique visitors each and every day.

No wonder why it’s under the top 200 most visited sites on the whole Internet, did I say it is also FREE to join?

Free WordPress Themes

WordPress Free Themes is a repository inside for more than 1,470 different free themes (and still counting) that you can use for your blogs/sites.

You need to understand that these won’t work if you’re hosted on (the free platform).

Assuming that you already own a domain name and have a hosting account you can browse these WordPress Free Themes and choose one if you don’t feel like investing initially on a premium WordPress theme.

Premium WordPress Themes

Thesis this is the ultimate premium theme when it comes to SEO.

It is highly customizable and it can look as minimalist or as busy as you want. Just have in mind that you may need to hire a coder assuming you want to fully customize it to look out of this world.

You are able to design your own site with a drag-and-drop user interface and end up with very unique sites.

StudioPress Themes is a collection of WordPress themes that live under the Genesis WordPress platform.

These sites are designed to look good, rank high on the search engines and have a ton of great attributes and functionality.

If you plan to buy StudioPress Themes, make sure you pick the theme that suits your focus the best and if you’re in doubt, then I’d recommend you getting the package that contains them all. It is a wise investment on the long run if you’re planning to have many sites.

WooThemes are designed to look great without sacrificing any SEO or usability.

This is the kind of WordPress theme that you install and it looks just awesome right out of the box, no coding necessary.

They have a collection that goes above 100+ themes and still going strong.

Free WordPress Plugins

Free WordPress Plugins is the official WordPress site for getting FREE plugins.

The idea behind adding WordPress plugins is to extend your site’s functionality and there are literally plugins made for anything you can imagine.

As a recommendation, make sure you always backup your entire site before installing and applying new plugins as you can never be “too prepared” just in case something happens.

Premium WordPress Plugins

CommentLuv+ is a premium WordPress plugin that entices your readers to leave comments in order to get a link with great SEO weight back to their site.

It also has several other plugins built inside including the best anti spam plugin, most commonly known as the GASP plugin (Grow Anti Spam Plugin) and the plugin creator constantly adds new features to it.

Highly recommended plugin if you don’t want to spend all your time deciding what is spam and what is not, in your comments area.

Sales Pages, Squeeze Pages & Product Launches

Optimize Press is the absolute WordPress theme king of building sales pages, squeeze pages and product launches. His competitors quickly lost their battle since they were more expensive, not self hosted and you didn’t have total control like you do with Optimize Press.

This is widely known as the standard for product launches due to the intuitive platform and it is still the first choice for the big dogs of Internet Marketing.

If you’re already happy with your site’s theme, in order to use Optimize Press you’ll need to install it on its own domain or you can always create a subdomain and install a fresh copy there.

The new version allows to run it as a plugin so you get to keep the theme of your choice.

Membership Sites

WishList Member is one of the top leader industry standards when it comes to files protection and creating membership based sites.

It works with other top leading e-mail marketing companies including Aweber and WordPress themes including the famous Optimize Press making it one of the best solutions out there for creating membership sites as robust and good looking as possible.

Market & Keyword Research

Market Samurai is the best keyword research tool out there, enough said.

While many people say it is hard to understand, buggy, slow, etc., you have to understand that if you’re just using the Free Google Keyword Tool to conduct your research, then you’re seeing what the entire competition is seeing.

If you really want to keep your research apart from your competition, I recommend you get this tool and do research like you’re supposed to.

There are other tools (cheaper and more expensive than MS) and I have tested as many as I can and Market Samurai is still the tool that has given me more bang for the buck.

Also remember that if you do your keyword research wrong from the start, your entire business can be flawed and not give you the results you were expecting, it is as critical as that.

Any Doubts?

If you want to get any of these tools or services but have a doubt or a question before buying, please feel free to get in touch with me and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can, this of course, free of charge.

If you care enough to read and trust my recommendations, then I care enough to give you my time and tech support in return.

Cheers and to your continued success!

Sergio Felix