I finally received my gifts from Santa (a.k.a. my family) tons of love and had a few moments to think about what I’ve done and what the near future may bring to my life too.

There’s a LOT that is expected from me for this year and honestly I feel I couldn’t be more ready.

So are you ready to open your Christmas gifts already?

If yes, then what are you waiting for, let’s do it!

How To Record Your First Video Online For Internet Marketers

First of all, I’m releasing the Patrick Griffin Interview to the public (the FULL video is below).

The intention was to give away a PDF transcript and sell the video as an upsell but I just couldn’t do that.

The interview was part of an experiment that was being shared for FREE to the public and this material should remain FREE as well.

Warning: this video was part of the Video Review Challenge and I was DEAD SCARED when I was recording it.

I had no clue on how to introduce Patrick so I just talked and mumbled for around one and a half minute.

However, if you do manage to survive my introduction, the video provides amazing content as Patrick literally CRUSHED the interview (in a good way, of course!)

I felt nervous at times and a bit more secure at others, so it was a rollercoaster for me but I would do it AGAIN without any second thoughts.

This is my gift for my non-subscriber readers, hope you like it!

Video Interview


Video Recorded on Skype using Camtasia for Windows

Connect with Patrick Griffin (Internet Marketer & Journalist from the UK)

Somebody Made Her First Video Online

I wanted to include a very good friend of mine here (hope she doesn’t mind because I didn’t ask for permission) who recently recorded her first video online ever and even uploaded it to YouTube!

She’s a regular reader here and one of the many that has always encouraged me to keep doing what I’m doing.

Her name is Linda Bond and she writes at http://buildonlinebusinessesnow.com/blog/

You can watch Linda first video on Youtube here.

I hope you keep doing many more videos Linda and that this marks the start of a great Internet Marketer using video, you ROCK my friend! ;-)

Special Gifts ONLY For Marketing With Sergio Subscribers

For the people that have opted to received the FREE updates from the blog, you’re going to have two amazing extra gifts and your special instructions will be delivered right to your inbox.

I can’t say much about the gifts here because I’m planning to take them down after we enter the 2012.

If you’re wondering why would I want to remove a gift, specially when it’s a GREAT gift then here’s my answer:

I want to reward my long time subscribers with exclusivity gifts.

So I figured out that if someone has been for let’s say a month on my list and I released one different gift every two weeks, by the end of the month this subscriber would have two gifts right?

If someone subscribed on the third or fourth week of that same month, this new subscriber would only get access to one of those gifts, makes sense?

The cool thing about this procedure is that you’re receiving cool stuff that not everyone is going to be able to have and I want you to see for yourself the level of exclusivity you’ll receive when you opt-in to the blog updates.

SPECIAL NOTE: I am not saying I’m going to provide a gift every 15 days, this is just a scenario to illustrate my point!

Two Gifts For This Week

Get paid to take digital photos

Get Paid To Take Digital Photos

Micro niche product in making money with Digital Photography.

It’s good with updated information and it took me quite some time to pick this one.

It explains where can you go to sell your photos, for how much, etc.

Top 100 WordPress Plugins

This product dabbles with WordPress Plugins.

I could literally speak for DAYS about wordpress plugins and this product has them listed and ordered by type.Top 100 wordpress plugins

This can make you some GOOD money just by rebranding it.

(I did not touch the product by the way, you get it without any aff links)

There are PLENTY of features you can do with this as I provide everything needed:

Sell it as is, rebrand it, use the squeeze pages for list building, you can do literally anything you want with it.

Take Action

This is just a recommendation:

I’m NOT going to offer the same products again at another time and yes, I will keep track of what has been offered in the past, I’m that organized.

I have some amazing things planned to offer to my subscribers that will include giveaways, beta testing accounts for paid products, exclusive gifts and much more but I will dive deeper into this matter on its proper update.

For now, remember that we’re all on this together and by helping you, I’m helping myself too, so it’s a win-win situation! ;-)

Oh and before I forget, these two gifts are the very first gifts that are going to be delivered to my amazing subscribers so if you still haven’t signed to get the FREE blog updates, you’re still on time to not lose any of the offers!

How To Receive The FREE Offers

You’ll have to sign up to get the blog updates (look for a sign up form in the sidebar) then confirm your email address and basically, that’s it!

I take care of my subscriber’s emails like they were my own, so you’ll receive ZERO spam from me.

I hope you receive the 2012 with all your batteries recharged, energy at full and be ready to give it all on your marketing adventure, stay awesome my friend.

Thanks again for everything and hope to see you on the inside!


PS. If you’re already a subscriber, you don’t have to do anything, I’ll deliver these babies right into your inbox!

PPS. If you’re reading this article on 2012, the offers mentioned are NOT available anymore, you may get different gifts so thank you for your comprehension and interest!

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