Authority Blog Profits: Behind The Scenes

authority blog profits

Not long ago I spoke to a very good marketing friend of mine who happens to know what clicks when you are about to release an information product. He has worked with Frank Kern before and he dropped a lot of wisdom bombs on me that day. To make a long story short, I told…

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Video Branding 101

video branding 101

Hey guys and girls! Since apparently no other marketers work on Sunday I thought about recording a video today just for you. It’s on branding with video and you definitely need to watch the video down below because it has a ton of value. If you have never done a video before, just take a…

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How To Avoid Post-It Notes Hell?

Post-it Notes Hell

Call me old school. But I absolutely love using post it notes as to-do reminders and a regular pen and tablet to write ideas down. Even though I have programs that do all of these faster… I still like to have things written down and not depend entirely on technology to keep myself organized.

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How Long To Start Making Money Online?

how long to start making money online

It’s been a while that I haven’t written anything here so here’s to breaking that gap! I have been doing some online and offline consulting lately and I have been getting new clients as well. Some of them are completely new to the marketing scene while some others are more like long term newbies and I’m…

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John Thornhill’s Partnership To Success

John Thornhill's Partnership to Success

John Thornhill is launching a coaching program in the next days and you definitely want to check it out. First let me tell you I’ve bought more than 10 different products from John and I have always made my investment back, not because of affiliate marketing but because of the awesome teachings of John. It’s…

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