Hey everyone,

Glad to have you here for this amazing summary post.

I’m going to try to be very brief with this insight because I already wrote a LOT about this experiment.

I don’t think you want to read the whole shenanigans I practically spew into my computer. So let’s cut the chase and jump in already.

Who is behind Marketing With Sergio?

  • My name’s Sergio Felix
  • I have been studying Internet Marketing for over a year now
  • I’ve never spoke on video before
  • Never used any type of video editing software
  • I was frustrated for not being able to speak on camera
  • And I did not make ONE. SINGLE. VIDEO… EVER in all this time!!

I followed many professionals advice but to no avail since my fear was simply bigger than my drive.

So not too long ago (a few weeks actually) I had this idea of doing something on my own that not only would force me to record myself on camera but to also leave me ashamed in case I actually failed.

If you want to know how it all started you can read more here:

7-Day Video Review Challenge

Interesting Points

  • I got featured on Patrick Griffin’s Blog (Journalist & Internet Marketer from the UK)
  • I got featured on Justin Ledvina’s Blog (CEO at TimTech LLC)
  • The feedback and support received was amazing!
  • I made one sale on Amazon (thanks Mr. Justin Ledvina!)
  • The subscribing rate went up even though I’m only offering MWS blog updates
  • MWS stands for Marketing With Sergio (in case you still haven’t figured that one out on my e-mails)

Do Not Miss These Special Links

Patrick Griffin‘s article: Sergio Felix: “Seven Days To Overcome My Crippling Dread of Making Videos”

Justin Ledvina‘s Vlog: Inspired to vlog more often by who?

Review that made one sale from Amazon: [7-day VRC] Day 02: USB Blue Snowball Microphone Review

My Youtube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/itsergiofelix

First Video I Uploaded (not from the challenge)

I shot this video in front of a mirror because somehow it made me feel more secure,
I was aware of my weird hand movements at all times but I focused on doing that
rather focusing on my panic of being recording LOL

The Rubik Cube Video

I did this video as I felt everything prior this one was super bad and thought about doing
something I felt comfortable with, so that’s where this idea came from and I actually did
not feel uncomfortable at all (at least not that I can remember)

The Happy Video (Graduation Day!)

The closing video, I was happy as I was about to celebrate my birthday, had already
something planned for the night and it was my graduation day, I mean,
how would ANYONE get nervous from that?

Video Response From Patrick Griffin

Check out Patrick Griffin’s Blog here:

Today’s Special Video Part 1 (3 days after graduation day)

Today’s Special Video Part 2

What I Learnt & Some Benefits

  • Creating videos are way faster than writing articles
  • Expressing an idea is a lot easier
  • People connect with you faster
  • I now can use ScreenFlow and Camtasia (although pretty amateur still)
  • I know I can possibly create squeeze pages, capture pages, video on sales pages
  • Video creation is actually FUN!
  • There’s a whole new world for me in YouTube as many people are saying “Hi” over there already
  • I’m 100% sure that I can (for the first time in my Internet Marketing career) create a membership training site for stuff that I completely dominate like guitar playing.
  • Really… do you need me to keep going? LOL

My Barriers

I know it is easier said than done but I also had so many challenges to overcome:

  • English is not my first language (I bet you didn’t know LMAO just kidding!)
  • I had the distractions of parrots, mosquitos, dogs, people yelling, router’s falling from tables, getting tongue tangled, etc, etc.
  • Did not have a strategy for this
  • Never took classes on public speaking or anything like that
  • I used to shake a LOT whenever I had to make presentations in school
  • And maaany more…

A Few Recommendations

  • Practice just a few lines first like saying your name and welcoming someone to your site, and pretend there’s a camera pointing at you
  • Talk at your imaginary camera even if your husband/wife thinks you went crazy with IM already and do that a few times a day
  • If you think you’re going to die when you actually push the record button, stop the recording and stay right there until if fades away, I found out that the fear fades with time. If it comes back when you try again, do the same thing, over and over, believe me IT WORKS (we actually get tired of being afraid!)
  • If you stop your video because you screwed one word, do NOT stop it, just keep going at it… (unless you faint of course) if you stop your videos for one messed word, believe me, you’re not going to get much done
  • If you actually manage to record something, do NOT watch it right away, upload it to YouTube instead and get off your computer (do NOT delete it!) come back later and share it to the world!
  • I’m a very perceptive person and I noticed ALL my errors, when I asked a few friends, they noticed all the HUGE mistakes by they missed a LOT of things I thought there were all over the place so don’t be a perfectionist, just get it DONE!
  • More to come, stay put!

My Final Closure

I don’t know exactly where I saw this phrase in a long sentence not too long ago (100% sure it was online though) but I got it completely TATTOED in my mind.

It said:

Make it OK to Fail.

Since then, I haven’t been able to get rid of it so I wrote it on my whiteboard.

As I know that I never finish anything that I start (because I’m too freaking perfectionist) whenever I felt I couldn’t do the damn recording thing, I looked at that upper right corner in my whiteboard, read that phrase and thought, well what the hell, if I fail, I FAIL!!!

If you combine that “Make it OK to Fail!” phrase, with “If you’re going to Fail, Fail NOW!

Then YOU, my fellow Internet Marketing friend, are going to be UNSTOPPABLE!!!

I really can’t do more for you right now or I’d have to be recording the video myself for you.

So go get in front of that camera and use it!

The record button will be your friend in no time!! ;-)

Thank You For All The Support!

A super big fat THANK YOU goes out to all the people that commented, encouraged me, sent me emails, bought from these reviews,  subscribed to the blog and offered me your never ending support.

I thank you all because I surely would have quit the challenge without your help and I don’t know what I would be doing right now, I was starting to think that maybe this Internet Marketing thing perhaps wasn’t for me.

I’d like to think I was clearly mistaken…


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Sergio Felix
Sergio Felix

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