Off For A Week!

Okay, this is the shortest post you’ll ever see here.

I have about half an hour to go pick up my girlfriend.

Even though we leave at 7:45 pm (it’s currently 4:31 pm) I don’t like to be running around to catch buses or planes when I’m traveling.

So… as I don’t have any time left whatsoever, let’s just jump to video here (it’s very short for obvious reasons too! lol)

The Goodbye Video

That’s it!

Speak Soon!

I’m obviously won’t be completely offline for a week since I finally decided to take a laptop with me.

I figured this one out when I was thinking what if I ran out of flipcam space? And well, I’m traveling with a little bit more things than what I expected but guess what?

I’m not packing many clothes!

I’m just taking a couple of pants (including the one I’m actually wearing) three shorts and some extra stuff like shirts, socks, boxers but that’s about it.

Hey… it worked in Europe, why shouldn’t it work in the USA after all? lol

Anyway, see you soon and I hope you have a fantastic weekend!


PS. This is my second attempt at going digital nomad btw.

Sergio Felix

Husband, Dad, Kindle Author, IT Pro, SEO & WordPress Consultant, Udemy Teacher, Half Marathoner and Guitar Player. I run Marketing With Sergio and several other online business projects.

24 thoughts to “Off For A Week!”

      1. Hey there – thanks for the latest video.

        That rots about you needing a passport to get beer. And a plain hotdog –

        Hope you had a safe flight to LV and hope it’s not too hot out there, kinda think it is from the weather I watched a bit ago.

        Looking forward to your next video and hope you have the best time ever and win lots of money :)


        1. Hey Linda, well I’m not leaving the hotel without my passport anymore and I have only been asked twice for an ID (on a mini market and before entering a rock bar).

          The weather is insanely HOT and there’s a LOT of walking so you definitely need to be in good shape if you want to get to visit many places.

          As for the money, I have lost a few dollars already but it has been so worth it so it’s okay!

          I’ll try to write an update soon but I definitely don’t have time at all, will see what I can do about it, take care Linda and speak soon! ;-)

          1. Hey Sergio,

            Thanks for the video update from Las Vegas.

            I know how it feels to do a lot of walking and maybe you should start using a shuttle bus or taxi. The bus would probably be cheaper. It will definitely save your feet :)

            So, your learning about IM out there – I consider that working, not I will be anxious to hear about it upon your return.

            Enjoy the rest of your time there!

            1. Hey Linda, well we bought 24 hour bus tickets which is basically a bus that goes all the way north and south on the main street (the strip) but the walking was still massive.

              I just found out it was the damn New Balance running shoes I brought here, I just bought some Asics yesterday (my personal choice for running shoes) and I think I can walk again! ;-)

              Thanks for stopping by and I’m learning about marketing in its purest form.

              I wouldn’t call it “working” when I wake up sipping a beer and go to bed doing the same haha just great times, speak soon Linda and thank you for your kind comment! ! ;-)

  1. Hey buddy!

    Hope you have a great trip! Nice to hear you’re able to take a vacation. I love your work my friend, but it’s time for you to have a break. ;)

    Safe travels brother, we’ll talk soon!

    All the best,

    1. Hey Keith my man,

      Thank you for the awesome comment and I remembered you yesterday as I saw some guys from the army in the hotel, so far, so GOOD, speak soon my man! ;-)

  2. Hi Sergio,
    You need to leave some extra room in the suitcase for all the clothes your girlfriend is bound to buy there.
    Have a good time. Don’t try to record “everything” that happens on your flipcam or you won’t have a g/f when you get back. lol.
    Hopefully it will be one holiday you never forget.

    1. Haha you’re right Pat, she will buy a lot of stuff I’m afraid.

      I already forgot to take the flipcam to the ballgame in Phoenix (bummer!) but I took a few pictures anyway and no, I won’t record everything! LOL

      It has been VERY interesting already, I’m dying to tell you all about it but I promised myself I wasn’t going to be spending any long time in the computer.

      Take care and thank you for stopping by Pat! ;-)

    1. Hey Jarkko, you’re right man.

      Although I don’t feel I brought that many things I could probably get rid of the handycam and cellphone and some boxers (wash them as I go) but it’s still going to get interesting since this is just day 1, still like 6 more to go.

      Take care and thanks for stopping by Jarkko! ;-)

  3. Hey Sergio

    I hope you’re having a great time. It’s always a good idea to take a break. Put your feet up my friend!

    I’m just back from 2 weeks in Ireland and have certainly recharged the batteries.

    If you run out of space in your luggage, you could always mail your clothes back to your home address!


    1. Hey Tim, thank you my man.

      I completely needed this break, I am so refreshed already business wise and can’t wait to sit and work on all my new ideas but I’ll save that for when I get back.

      Thanks for the recommendation on the luggage, that would be very useful if the USA didn’t charge so much to send stuff to Mexico, I have maintained my wallet strictly for wallet, beers and some betting and I bought a couple of things for my soon-to-be new appartment in Mexico.

      Take care and thank you for stopping by Tim, have a great start of week! ;-)

  4. Hi Sergio,

    I hope you’re having a wonderful time in the US. I haven’t been to Las Vegas and it’s been more than 10 years since I was in the US (so I am watching your every move to plan my next trip) :-)

  5. Watching your video,
    Get some good Walking Shoes! even “Tennis” or running shoes will fix the foot problem!

    Keep learning so you can Share when you get Back.
    Oh that Post Can You Succeed….still no results go read and you will see what I Mean!

    1. Just bought a new pair yesterday Cararta, the running shoes I was using were literally raping my feet and yeah, I will definitely share what I’m learning here, take care and thanks for stopping by, talk soon Cararta! ;-)

  6. Hi sergio – Hope you are having a wonderful time on your vacation in the US. Where are you now and how was Vegas…did you leave everything behind in Vegas :-)

    1. Hey Praveen,

      I’m back in my hometown in Mexico and yeah man, Vegas was an awesome trip and experience overall, I’ll write or maybe do a video about it it’s just that I’m very busy right now catching up with everything.

      Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend my friend! ;-)

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