Okay, this is the shortest post you’ll ever see here.

I have about half an hour to go pick up my girlfriend.

Even though we leave at 7:45 pm (it’s currently 4:31 pm) I don’t like to be running around to catch buses or planes when I’m traveling.

So… as I don’t have any time left whatsoever, let’s just jump to video here (it’s very short for obvious reasons too! lol)

The Goodbye Video


That’s it!

Speak Soon!

I’m obviously won’t be completely offline for a week since I finally decided to take a laptop with me.

I figured this one out when I was thinking what if I ran out of flipcam space? And well, I’m traveling with a little bit more things than what I expected but guess what?

I’m not packing many clothes!

I’m just taking a couple of pants (including the one I’m actually wearing) three shorts and some extra stuff like shirts, socks, boxers but that’s about it.

Hey… it worked in Europe, why shouldn’t it work in the USA after all? lol

Anyway, see you soon and I hope you have a fantastic weekend!


PS. This is my second attempt at going digital nomad btw.

Sergio Felix
Sergio Felix

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