I didn’t go jogging today.

I decided to take off this day from running to write this, give you an important message and work on my own stuff as well since I have no more spare time to waste.

I’m becoming really obsessed with habit developing because I strongly believe that’s what has been stopping me to be where I want to be at.

The first week of this year I didn’t do anything drastic about my health or habits but the second week I went jogging about five days in a row and rested for only two days.

Mind you, I cut off beer on weekdays too.

Then the third week I ran every morning except on the weekend… heck, I almost ran a half-marathon just 24 hours ago.

Again, almost no beer on this week either.

It has taken me literally just two weeks to drastically change my patterns, I’ve always been a morning person but for some reason I just couldn’t get up early.

Now I get up like a clock alarm, exactly at 6:00am and even though I feel tired from jogging, I have a lot more strength and a completely new “head” towards my challenges.

It’s a bit weird to feel tired and with lots of energy at the same time but that’s exactly how I feel.

Easy Video Suite E-mail Broadcast

When I say “I have a completely new head towards my challenges” what I really mean is that I have a new attitude.

I didn’t just get it, it was rolling with the punches on the entire past year that did it.

There was an opportunity yesterday about a video software offer that has been proven to be an industry-standard when it comes to video (Easy Video Suite) they had a three-split payment option and they said it was available only for Sunday 20th.

Easy Video Suite Payment Plan
Easy Video Suite Payment Plan

Turns out I just checked the sales page and it’s no longer there so it wasn’t fake scarcity, the offer is gone.

I didn’t want anyone on my list to lose out on this amazing offer, I was watching the NFL games with my girlfriend so I actually had to tell her to give me 20 minutes to send an important e-mail so I did it and it got a 32.6% open rate and a 2.3% CTR (click-through rate).

Easy Video Suite Welcome Screen
Easy Video Suite Welcome Screen

I was going to make an affiliate commission if anyone decided to jump in but what was really important here is that I wanted to help you more than anything else.

Oh and one person unsubscribed.

Not Everyone Is Going To Make It

When I had the first person unsubscribing from my list, I felt bad, I thought I failed that person.

With time I’ve learnt not to care about one people unsubscribing here and there, it just saves me the hassle to try to convince them why my advice is rock-solid and if they believe we’re not a good mix, then we can just split our paths and that’s perfectly fine now with me.

Let’s face it, as harsh as it may sound, not everyone is going to make it.

In fact, there’s a dreadful huge percentage of people that are not going to make it.

It doesn’t matter if I give them all the advice in the world, free access to programs, free consulting, etc, etc., many people are just not willing to go the distance.

Whenever you talk about investing money in you (knowledge) or your business (services) the tire kickers immediately start making up excuses.

By the way, there’s not a lecture coming your way, you have your very own problems and I have my own, I’m just showing you what I am doing to jump from the 97% of internet marketer failures to that 3% where the grass is apparently, greener.

A Blog Is Not A Business

I’m starting to get tired of explaining this.

The fact that you know how to put up a blog and write some content doesn’t mean that you’re going to make money online right away from it.

If we see this from the investing perspective, how much can a blog really cost?

Let’s go the lowest we possibly can and use round numbers so we have very easy math, yearly speaking:

  • Domain name $10
  • Hosting account $90
  • Autoresponder service $200

Every single of these services involves recurring payments, meaning you need to pay again for them after 12 months of service (you may even have to pay more for your autoresponder service if you have substantially more subscribers).

I don’t see any issue about starting a real online business for just $300 USD, that’s the minimum you need (I’m not going to go as detailed as you need to have a computer, equipment, an internet connection, etc) and with what I know now, I could possibly make money without having ANY of that -yes, you heard that right- but let’s not get out of topic here…

Basically it really depends on how are you planning to make money online, what kind of product would you be offering, is it physical, is it a downloadable, is it a service, is it software based, etc.

Those $300 I mentioned above will just get you the MINIMUM services to get you started but that’s in no way, all that you will require to make it happen.

Guess what? Investing $300 is just the tip of the iceberg.

Sure, you can get started with just your domain name and pay for hosting and your autoresponder on a monthly basis, make that about $30 a month but again, for some people that is still “a lot of money”.

Here’s Your Wake Up Call

Let’s talk some numbers so we can stop playing in a fairy tale…

  • Domain name $10
  • Studio Press Themes $350
  • Reseller Hosting Account $250
  • Autoresponder Service $200
  • Optimize Press $100
  • WishList Member $300
  • Easy Video Suite $400
  • Camtasia $300

That’s almost $2,000 already and I’m not even done with that list, it’s just mentioning the very basic services, there’s no software for call recording, skype numbers, audio optimizing, graphic design development, wordpress premium plugins.

And don’t even get me started on training (your knowledge on these tools) or do you really think that just by buying these services your work is done?

What I want you to see here is that next time somebody tells you that at the bare minimum you need a domain name and a hosting account, which you can get for a monthly rate of about just $9 a month, THINK AGAIN before thinking it’s “too much money”.

Are You Really An Entrepreneur?

The more I learn, the less patience I have.

For me, it’s fine to spend an entire FREE hour of my time with someone who really wants to get things done but what is not cool, is when people are just wasting my time.

I’m not giving any names out because these are REAL people but here’s a quick scenario:

Let’s say my cousin Juan suddenly changed his facebook profile into a real serious business profile so instead of using a picture of him wasted on beers with a party hat on, he now has a business picture, with him wearing a tie and his timeline cover is rocking with some marketing and services oriented graphics.

“All good” it’s the first thing that comes to mind.

Then he starts doing these pictures with quotes FB thing, saying how life is great, how amazing the weather is today, some business quotes, some pitches from time to time, some desperate “like this if you agree” actions, even some spamming to like his facebook profile and well, you get the idea, he’s into marketing for local businesses.

Even though I should be working in my own stuff and not even looking at offline marketing right now, I see potential for growth if I help him out, he could probably send me a few offline clients and we could probably split good earnings in some way so I call him out and tell him:

“Dude, you’re offering web consulting and you don’t even have a website, I can hook you up with something, what do you say?”

He asks how much is going to cost and I tell him nothing, just pay for the services (domain, hosting and autoresponder) and I’ll do the rest.

$29 a month was “too much” for him.

I didn’t lose my head only because I have seen this pattern repeating over and over since I got started online two years ago so I told him, okay I’ll let you know of an amazing offering for hosting and don’t pay for the autoresponder if you don’t want to, that’s completely up to you.

I waited for the black friday special for Hostgator told him that same day in the morning and he replied with something like this “dude, why in the heck do you tell me with such short notice, I don’t have $50 right now!”

After this event, I started thinking this may be the absolute definition of a tire kicker and here I am, wasting my time with him…

There was yet another offering from hostgator at a later time, I can’t remember if it was on Christmas or on New Year’s Eve but the thing is, I just mentioned the offer again just to see what would happen and I got this reply “I’ll worry about the website later, thanks”.

My advice on this matter is to not confuse what you really want and what you are doing to get it, if there’s a disconnection ANYWHERE then I’m sorry to tell you this but you’re just wasting your time online.

How To Stop Spinning Your Wheels

Let’s get back to habit creation.

Since 2012 me is already in the past and 2013 me is already making massive progress, I want to share with you how I finally stopped messing around and started getting things done.

When I was living in Mexico City and studying music, we used to have a saying there (which we adopted from our neighbor musician’s in the USA) and it was:

“There’s no money above the fifth fret”.

I joined that music academy being a progressive rock guitarist with a past on rock, metal, punk and other music genres so I used to play a LOT above that 5th fret, when we got lectured on why we should stop doing that and focus on sound, melody choice, rhythm, etc., instead of shredding arpeggios, crazy whammy bar tricks, insane tapping action and more circus based guitar tricks, we actually started playing good.

That music school (which has the same program of the famous Berklee College of Music in Boston) focused on contemporary music so I ended up playing jazz standards, bossanova, son montuno and many other things I never even listened before, I started becoming a real musician.

So what does this have to do with marketing, wordpress blogs and making money online?

Well, I had a bad habit and that thinking helped me get rid of it.

First things first, identify your problem and secondly, create a saying for it.

I use a software tool called RescueTime and the two major distractions I have identified are gmail and facebook.

So every single time I open a new tab with the intention of opening either of those, the first thing that comes to mind is:

“There’s no money inside gmail or facebook”

And then I immediately close it and go back to work.

Of course there is money to be made there but not when you just go to check your e-mail so you can open every single e-mail that you receive and be aware of every single facebook update from the hundreds of friends you possibly have.

Product Creation And Authority Blogging

Since I’m already creating a full blown video training on wordpress, blogging, brand establishment and affiliate marketing, I didn’t even realize that now I don’t have any problem whatsoever creating a simpler product such like writing a book or a shorter video training to sell.

I talked about Authority Blog Profits maybe a couple of times before and how I got stuck on a few occasions, right now I’m not stuck but the training is so big that every single thing I have to do, takes a while to complete.

Here’s exactly where I am with the training:

  • 12 videos left to be edited
  • 2 extra videos to be recorded (one file got corrupted, another one lost its sound)
  • 3 powerpoint introduction videos to be recorded
  • 1 talking head sales video to be recorded
  • 1 special dfy video
  • 1 what’s next video

There are 111 working videos so far.

Authority Blog Profits MindMap
Authority Blog Profits MindMap

There are about 21 videos I still want to record for the training on:

  • wordpress hooks
  • landing pages
  • split testing
  • wp troubleshooting
  • website optimization
  • backing up and restoring your blog
  • and even an HTML primer!

You should know that I will be adding these videos at a later time or I’m never going to finish this project.

The product is going to be delivered via an Optimize Press site and setting it up for the first time has been quite a challenge and it took a lot of my time.

Security is going to be implemented via WishList Member and I’m sure this is going to take another big chunk of my time to learn how to configure the plugin and the access levels properly.

For video playback, I’m going to be using a combination of Amazon S3 for storage and Easy Video Suite and I’m sure there’s a learning curve for this as well.

Product Creation Scribblings
Product Creation Scribblings

I already started writing the sales copy but there’s quite a lot of things that need to be sorted out ASAP such as:

  • helpdesk
  • case studies
  • video renderization
  • power slides
  • step by step checklists
  • downloadables
  • legal pages
  • e-mail campaign
  • affiliate pages
  • bonus pages
  • promotion materials

As you can see there’s still quite a lot to go through but I’m not planning to do every single thing I just mentioned here or again, I’ll never finish this.

Projected Release Date And Activities

I wanted to release this on January 2013 no matter what and I only have ten days to do that.

So here’s what I’m going to do in a nutshell, I’m going to finish editing the videos and shoot whatever needs to be recorded today.

I’ll have the sales page ready for tonight as well. It won’t be a 20-page long sales page, it’ll be something nice and short, straight to the point letter and there will be plenty of time to tweak it later.

I want to sort out the legal pages already and start working on the promotion material but to be honest, I think that the proper renderization of the videos, learning how to use Amazon S3, Optimize Press and Easy Video Suite all at the same time is going to be quite a challenge not without mentioning the time it’ll take me to organize and upload everything.

So to not bore you to death here, I’m going to be very busy this week, I’m getting in touch with the Clickbank guys to know whatever I must know in advance and sort it out as quick as possible.

There’s not going to be a formal “launch” for this so I’m not going to bother contacting any JV’s or anything, I’m just going to release it silently to the public (there’s no time for that even if I wanted it).

Another thing you should know, is that I’m not going to promote this training in the beginning so if anyone decides to jump onboard as an affiliate, you’ll be able to get more commissions this way.

I’ll promote it myself only when I see that the stats are going down and not any sooner than that.

If you do go to the site right now, there’s an option to sign in as an early bird you’ll get a juicy discount that way.


Well there you have it.

2,700+ words on habit developing, dealing with tire kickers, developing the right mindset, blogging principles, basic entrepreneurship mentality, improving your productivity, what it really takes to create a big training and how to use your blog to keep yourself accountable, just like I’m doing right here.

Let me know in the comments area if you have been keeping up with your new year resolutions, plans, goals or whatever you said you were going to do in this 2013 and let’s keep each other accountable, all right?

I hope you have a very productive start of week, talk soon!


Sergio Felix
Sergio Felix

Hi, I'm Sergio Felix, founder of Marketing With Sergio. I work full time as a digital marketing expert for the retail industry managing a team of experts in departments of SEO, SEM, front-end web development and conversion rate optimisation and in my spare time I love conducting offline digital marketing workshops and teaching other entrepreneurs how to build and maintain business oriented websites with WordPress. I'm highly passionate about blogging, writing, music, jogging, entrepreneurship and personal development.