I finally did it.

I just finished building the new computer.

It is not a super computer but O.M.G. this PC could practically fly if it had wings.

Well… maybe not but still, is a pretty darn good computer.

And the best of all, is that I feel so happy that I can only laugh (in joy) at my situation right now but it wasn’t like that a few days ago.

The Computer Problem

There is always a time when you can only work as fast as your computer allows you to.

You open an application or save a project, even render a video production, all regular tasks for an Internet Marketer right?

Well if you have to wait for insane amounts of time for each of these common tasks to complete, then you can be potentially missing out a lot on your creativity/productivity times.

You may be even losing a bit more than just great ideas in the process.

All because of a slow computer.

My problem was a little bit bigger than that though. I was not only waiting for long periods… I couldn’t even record any videos on my computers.

It turns out that my main computer died on me about a month and a half ago or so (I don’t even want to remember that) and when I found out that I couldn’t do anything with my ’emergency desktop computer’ nor with the old macbook that I have, I started freaking out.

I was in a position where I actually needed to start creating my first products, shooting a lot of video and I had nothing to work with.

Why So Serious?

why so serious

I did not give up though.

I tried to make my videos work as hard as I could.

But I always ended up with choppy videos, playback always out of sync, the computer sometimes would freeze after basic video editing… It seriously started to feel like both of my computers had this evil plan against me.

…why so serious?

I wasn’t… not until I got massively frustrated from losing a very important video file.

The old macbook decided to reboot in the middle of a video renderization and needless to say, the video went to digital limboland and of course… I did not have the source file available anymore. (thanks Murphy’s Laws!)

It then, became a living nightmare and yes, I also got very serious about it.

It actually got so bad that I decided to quit trying to create a video-based product and then some more rage thoughts later, I snapped and decided I was not going to do anything at all until I had a decent computer to work with.

My stress levels went through the roof and I had to shift my focus to keep myself under control instead of trying to be actively creating content.

Rocking With The New Custom-Built Computer

And then everything changed…

Hell finally froze over and now we can all laugh about it (even uncontrollably if you please!)

I managed to get some extra cash and decided to invest on a new computer, it took me sometime to put all the pieces together (long story) but it is finally working now.

I won’t get technical about it (but you can ask me anything techie in the comments section if you need to!) but I based the new computer on a very expensive Mac, then decided to buy the best parts I could find (and afford) for each component and I built my own high-end PC.

This what I ended up with…


Computer Assembly Process

Here are a few pictures I took while building the computer. (nothing fancy, just a few fun shots)

New Computer Parts

Computer Assembling

Desktop Case Internals

GeForce GTX560 Video Card

Inside Desktop Case

Learning Genesis Framework

Crucial M4 Solid State Drive

SSD Mounting Bay

Computer Case Internals

Windows 7 64 bits Screenshot



As you can see, the machine is solid fast, stable, runs with beautiful smooth transitions and man, the sky’s the limit right now.

I haven’t said this but the blog was put on hold because I seriously couldn’t accept the fact that I couldn’t work properly.

Now I guess is time to get back to the lab and all I can say about this, is that I can’t believe I waited for so long to get a decent computer (oh yeah, lack of money… I almost forgot that detail… lol)

Also before I forget, tomorrow I’ll test drive a few other new electronic gadgets and if I have enough time I will publish something about it here on the blog.

I’ll try to beta test some video resources on the weekend and I’ll start raising the bar by a lot on each day starting next week.

Take care guys and gee… I don’t know exactly what is going to happen from now on but I’m sure it’s going to be BIG and we will all enjoy it!


PS. I ran on the treadmill yesterday (three days in a row now) feels amazing to be back.

Sergio Felix
Sergio Felix

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