Namecheap is one of the best companies I know for registering domain names.

I have said so in the past and even though I have domains at other companies I’m happy to say I have most of my domains there now.

Today you are in for a great promotion but you have to be aware of one thing though…

This offer is super time sensitive.

It ends today July 16th at 12:59 PM Eastern Time so if you’re reading this, you have to act NOW!

September 20th Update: This offer already expired.

Domain Name $0.99 Promotion

First of all, let me explain you the standards on domain name costs.

Regular domain names (.com, .net, .org) are normally around $10 per year.

I’m going to teach you how to get a domain name for something like ONE dollar and no, I don’t mean a lousy .info domain name, I mean a .COM domain name (can be .net or .org too)!

I can’t get more detailed than what the title says: Namecheap $0.99 Domain Deal On Twitter

So let’s get on with it!

Steps To Obtain Your Coupon Code

Here are the quick steps to obtain your coupon code:

  1. If you already have a twitter account, you need to follow @namecheap
  2. You need to click on this link to get to the promotion page
  3. Grant access to Namecheap for your Twitter account (this is perfectly safe btw)
  4. Obtain your coupon code, copy and save it

Registering Your New Domain Name

I already wrote a detailed post here on: How To Get A New Domain Name Using Namecheap and you can watch the video down below as well.


Note: If you already know what domain name you want to register, skip to the 2:52 minute mark and don’t forget to apply your coupon code before actually paying!

Important: Do not try to “game” the system. This offer is valid only once and for one domain name. If you try to cheat you risk to lose your domain names and Namecheap is a great company to do business with so play your cards right.

I Already Have A Domain Name, Why Would I Need An Extra Domain Name?

This is one of those rare questions I just can’t answer for you but I can give you some reasons why I think you SHOULD get an extra domain name.

If you’re building an online business, you’re not only going to have one domain name but several domain names!

Normally every marketer has a marketing blog and something that is completely unrelated to marketing.

In my case I have (marketing blog) and I also own my site.

So if you have a review site, an origami site, a guitar playing site, whatever your niche is, you can brand your name right now with a first name + last name .com domain name.

If you started the other way, meaning you already have your first name + last name .com domain name, then you can aim for a niche site or a keyword-rich domain name.

Generic Domain Name Ideas

If you’re not into niche sites, you can take your own business one step further by providing services such as these generic names (these are just examples, come up with something that works for you!):


If these don’t sound appealing, then you can just get a domain name for your general support center, such as (I personally like the one with the “support” word but again, be creative!):


I hope you’re getting the idea, having the opportunity to get a brand new .com domain name for only one dollar is not something you see every day.

Super Important

You have to understand that this Namecheap offer was a promotion for retweeting the $0.99 deal on Twitter.

namecheap twitter offer

I retweeted that offer a few times and I already received my coupon code by following the steps above.

As I’m thinking you didn’t retweeted this offer, I have NO way to tell you if this offer will work for you or not.

I did a small test with an unrelated twitter account, followed the steps and I ended up with a new code so it might work for you even if you didn’t retweet the offer.

If it works, then great! And if it doesn’t, well that’s what you get for not paying attention to my tweets at


I don’t get any monetary retribution whatsoever out of this (except for the first link which is an affiliate link) and I have a million things to do right now since I’m leaving to Las Vegas next Friday.

I really hope you are able to see I’m doing this just to help YOU.

Take care peeps, have a great start of week and I hope this was good enough for you, cheers!


Sergio Felix
Sergio Felix

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