Okay this is not my first marketing review per se… I have done interviews in the past, well only once to be more accurate.

I still remember how much I would freak out by the mere concept of having to record a video and on the same week I started doing my first videos I decided to go even further by asking my friend Patrick Griffin if he would like to help me out with an interview and he said yes!

You can check out that video interview on this post how to record your first video online (thanks Pat!).

My videos may still not be awesome but I’m not nervous at all anymore and the best part is that I come across exactly how I am in real life, no need to fake anything.

Do You Mind An Interview?

“Not nervous” was a true feeling until a few weeks ago my dear friend Daniel Sumner asked me if I would like an interview with him for his upcoming Blogger’s Roadmap training.

I was really excited about it since it’s the first time somebody actually asks ME for an interview so naturally I said “YES!”.

And then it hit me…

“Oh boy, what the heck did I just did?”

And then I started thinking a bit more…

“What if I screw up?”

Mixed feelings and crazy thoughts were blazing in my head every single day until Dan sent me an e-mail telling me we would have to re-schedule our appointment to get the interview done.

The first thing I thought about it was “I’m SAVED!”.

So to speed things up a little bit, Dan sent me another e-mail about two days ago asking if I would be ready for Tuesday (today) or next Thursday.

Now bear with me here, right now I’ve been reading Tim Ferriss book (Four-Hour Work Week) and it talks a lot about getting uncomfortable to make progress.

I didn’t “need” to read it because I have actually experienced this by myself right on this blog a number of times.

The book was just the amplificator so I hit the Reply button and this is exactly what I replied to Dan:

Hey Dan,

I’m definitely ready for the interview man.

I’m thinking the sooner the better so you don’t have to do last-minute stuff so let’s do it tomorrow (Tuesday) unless you have something else in mind.

So as you can see, instead of hiding behind my fears, I decided to put myself right in front of the “danger” so I could overcome the fear.

My First Interview Video

I made this quick video for you in which you can see a bit of what happened on our interview.

[youtuber youtube=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D2ETGqaCKIo’]


“Embrace being uncomfortable so that you can make real progress online.” Click to Tweet

The cool thing about that little blooper we had (apparently Audacity shut off right in the middle of the recording) is that it made me feel a lot more confident because of the first trial run we had so there you have it!


You see… I didn’t die doing the interview with Dan.

It definitely helped me get even more confidence in what I’m doing online and now I know the benefits from this when Dan’s training launches, are going to be huge.

None of this would have been possible if I didn’t face off my fears from the beginning and that’s why you should embrace being uncomfortable at all times to make real progress.

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Take care and talk to you soon on the next update!

Sergio “The Interview Defeater” Félix

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Sergio Felix
Sergio Felix

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