There was a lot of response on the prior article on how to choose your best wordpress theme so thank you everyone for commenting and engaging on the conversation.

If you want the quick answer on why I moved from Thesis to Genesis, is because I want to learn how the framework works in order to code my own themes and for my clients as well.

Nothing else.

I still love Thesis and I intend to keep using both of the frameworks as I need it but I’ll be using Genesis on the Marketing With Sergio blog.

If you want the long post version, then keep on reading…

Thesis Framework (DIY Themes)

I paid for the Thesis developer’s license ($164) but they also offer a single site license for $87 (with options to upgrade to developer’s for $77).

The developer’s license means that you can install Thesis on as many sites as you want as long as they are yours and you can also buy licenses for clients at a discounted fee.

Thesis does not offers skins (child themes) themselves but there are many third party companies that develop custom child themes for Thesis.

I have seen free skins for Thesis on the web but I never used any of those so I don’t know how good or bad they are.

In my own experiences with Thesis, I believe the framework is fast loading, has amazing SEO properties and looks really neat outside the box. 

Many people claim that all Thesis sites look alike, and I kind of agree but that would be the same case if you didn’t customize anything with any other theme or framework, so that’s not a valid point.

You can change a lot of properties like header, width, columns, fonts, colors and much more stuff right from the dashboard without touching a single piece of code.

If you want to get even more creative, as in moving stuff around, displaying boxes differently, then you have to dabble with code, no escape from that.

Genesis Framework (StudioPress)

The Genesis framework is only $59.95 and it includes the Genesis Theme with it.

There’s an option to buy the Pro Plus package for a one time payment of $349.95 (this is the option I bought).

The Pro Plus package ($349.95) includes unlimited everything (support, updates,  websites and every single theme they build in the future) and access to more than 45+ premium themes already built (and growing) for the Genesis framework.

I still haven’t dabbled that much with the Genesis framework but so far I’m very happy with all the possibilities of the child themes and the customizations.

Can’t say much about SEO yet (I have only been using it for a week or so) but as far as I understand, it has robust SEO properties as well.

I haven’t been able to play around much with the code either but I still haven’t seen any easy options for changing the site’s width or colors or anything like that.

I’m guessing I will have to dive in for a little code editing but that shouldn’t represent a problem with all of their support forums and resources on how to edit their child themes.

The Marketing With Sergio site feels a lot more responsive in loading times, I think it does look way more elegant (although this has nothing to do with frameworks) and so far I am very pleased with it, generally speaking.

How I’m Planning To Use Both Frameworks


Thesis is a beast to rank sites.

I did a lot of blog hopping but I don’t take full credit for my current SEO.

Thesis definitely helped in getting my site under 100k on Alexa in just about two months or even less.

I plan to use it for niche based sites and trainings as well.

I love that I can just change backgrounds, colors and widths in just seconds and everything falls into place perfectly nice.


I intend to use Genesis as my main theme developing platform.

The child themes look sexy without much editing and I can show the available themes as a portfolio for clients.

I recently bought Premise 2.0 which is a plugin for WordPress (also from the Genesis developers) that allows you to create landing pages and add a lot of functionality to pages meant to be monetized.

The latest addition for Premise 2.0 is that they’re including a membership integration and product download protection along many other features.

Just knowing that I’ll have the full power of Genesis + Premise all under one roof makes me want to stop writing this article and start working on my new projects already.

I’m planning to take Genesis to the next level and hopefully, my business with it.

Check Out The Frameworks Here

If you want to buy Thesis, you can do so here (affiliate link):

buy thesis framework

If you want to buy Genesis, you can do so here (affiliate link):

buy genesis framework

Check Out Premise 2.0

If you want to buy Premise, you can do so here as well (affiliate link):

buy premise for WordPress


Like the saying… “if it ain’t broken, don’t fix it.”

If you’re happy with your current theme, then stay with it and keep on working on growing your business.

I know I’ll keep using both frameworks and I may even buy more themes in the future.

My plans include going back to technical stuff like PHP, MySQL Databases and Javascript so it’s only logic to take these decisions right now.

For you, as a last word of recommendation, Genesis offers a few free themes and free child themes that you can use even if you own just the genesis framework ($59.95)

Honestly, some of them look even better than some of the premium themes but that’s just my opinion.

You may only need to invest on the framework and build up from there maybe?

Your call, but if you need help, you know you can ask me anything you want. ;-)

Thank you for reading and speak soon!




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