Motivation Beyond The Quotes

Being motivated and in the right state of mind can definitely take you places.

We all start our weeks really pumped and eager to do a lot of great things.

Our facebook timeline is spinning super fast with all those motivational quotes and you think you’re going to be left out if you don’t do something as well.

You may even drop a few favorite quotes yourself and hit the “like” button on a few quotes you like from others.

Nothing wrong with that, the only problem is…

Are you taking any action upon them?

If you aren’t, then the wisdom contained in those quotes are not going to do much for yourself.

Starting The Day On The Wrong Foot

So being pumped myself to start my day with a bang, I was planning to write about all the changes that I’m going to be making in the following days and keep myself accountable.

I looked up to my whiteboard only to see it’s completely FILLED with to-do tasks.

It is so over whelming that I practically did not know where to start.

I have incomplete sites everywhere, haven’t finished a report for this site, I’m still on the fence with a few services I need to buy, you get the idea.

Lulu Package On The Door

So a few minutes ago, the mail dude rang my doorbell, I went to answer and this is what I got in the mail…

Really cool huh?

Beyond The Quotes Book

This book was written by Patrick Griffin and Justin Ledvina who are really good friends of mine.

It is divided into 30 days and for each day, there’s a quote that is analyzed and commented on and the really cool part is that at the end they encourage you to take action on a very specific task.

I’m going to take the first one and share it with you here.

Do, Delegate or Delete

This one is about taking a decision over a bunch of activities and making up your mind about it.

Think about making MASSIVE progress towards one goal.

“In any moment of decision, the best thing you can do is the right thing, the next best thing you can do is the wrong thing, and the worst you can do is nothing”

Theodore Roosevelt.

Take for instance a regular to-do list (you do have at least one to-do list right?)

Mine is going to be about product creation so I have a ton of things to do just about now (I actually shouldn’t even be writing this post right now lol).

The things I can do right away, I’ll get to them as soon as I publish this post.

The things I can’t do, I’ll outsource somebody else to do them for me. (I’m not crazy about this part but let’s face it, I can’t do everything myself)

And the things that I won’t do nor I won’t delegate to others, I’ll simply get rid of them!

Doing this allows you to become a highly optimized action-taking machine.

Get The Book

You can get Beyond The Quotes for Kindle here.

Or you can order directly from Lulu to get the paperback version here.


The next time you find another quote on motivation, either on facebook or twitter, take a minute to really think about it and see how you can implement that into your every day life.

I can assure you, it will help you a LOT.

As for me and this book go, I will devour it ONE DAY at a time and I’ll apply it to my business so if you’re interested in what’s going to happen, come and check me out in 30 more days! ;-)

Also last (but definitely not least important) a huge THANK YOU to both Patrick and Justin for taking the time to write this AWESOME book and massive thanks to Patrick for the incredible gift.

You guys really ROCK and I know you are already part of my success.

Take care and speak soon as I have a product to create! ;-)


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    • Linda
    • May 28, 2012

    Well that is really cool that they have a book published. I recognize them both from seeing them on your blog.

    And good for you for taking action. I actually haven’t been around much lately, if you haven’t noticed – ha! But, I just cannot work with people constantly in and out of the house and pounding on all the walls. It should be coming to an end this week, I hope!! But, I have another job I might be working on before I really get back.

    I must say that I feel so lost again – taking so much time off really takes a toll on you. I have been mainly focusing on one of my other sites, but it seems to be more work than I originally planned for, but I gotta keep at it, as it is something I know will work :)

    And then there is this other site that I haven’t done a darn thing with that I think will really fly, so much to do………outsourcing I can’t financially do right now, so it’s all on me!

    Glad the book finally arrived and in one piece :)

    Have a great week Sergio and good luck with your goals!

    1. Reply

      Hey Linda,

      Don’t feel bad, I haven’t had any money for a really long time and I also had to literally learn how to do everything myself for the very same reason.

      When a business starts to grow a lot though, leverage is a word that can’t be ignored and with that comes the outsourcing bit.

      If right now doesn’t feels right for you, there will be a moment when it does so until then, just keep pushing forward and hustling.

      That’s something that every single one of us has to do at some point in our path.

      Take care and I hope those guys finish their work already so we can have you back on track very soon, take care and speak soon Linda.

      Thanks for stopping by! :-)

  1. Reply

    Here is the problem with your premise
    First did you see that last time I went to Justin’s house. He would not even let me in. Also did you have to go to anywhere to get your book no it was delivered to you. So why should I have to go get my book. It is not my fault that Justin does not like to leave his house. So I believe you still owe me a beer

    1. Reply

      Haha dude! You knew all the time you were NEVER going to get your copy didn’t you?

      Also I wasn’t aware that Justin doesn’t opens the door for you anymore, only if I had known…

      Send me your Paypal address! ;-)

      PS. Thanks for stopping by man, even if it’s just to claim a bet. LOL

    • Patrick Griffin
    • May 31, 2012

    Hi Sergio,
    Many thanks for highlighting my first book here. I really appreciate that. When I saw on your video that the package looked like someone had been playing football with it, I was worried about what the contents would look like but, thankfully the book survived.

    I am also glad that the ‘Do, Delegate, Delete’ post was useful for you because I have been in exactly the same position with an absolutely massive list of things to do.

    Here is one problem I found with ‘to do’ lists. Obviously if you don’t use them at all then you never get the things you need to do done as there is nothing to focus on. However if you allow them to grow too large then the whiteboard (or wherever you write down this list) can look like you have an impossible mountain to climb.

    I know that when I have allowed this to happen in the past that I have just completely frozen up and decided to do nothing on my list at all…instead I would find other things to do to fill my time even though I knew that this was really wasting my time.

    Then I realized it was too foolish to simply avoid the subject, so I used the “Do, Delegate or Delete” technique to help me get back on track.

    You seem to have experienced a similar situation when you wrote:
    “I looked up to my whiteboard only to see it’s completely FILLED with to-do tasks.
    “It is so over whelming that I practically did not know where to start.”

    The great thing about ‘to do” lists is that they are not commandments. Just because something makes its way on there does not mean it has to be done no matter what. Lists are meant to be reviewed and if the review calls for the item to be deleted then don’t be afraid to hit that big red ‘nuke it” button.

    I am glad you are now back on track and I really look forward to seeing the products that you end up creating.


    1. Reply

      Hey Patrick,

      It was my pleasure to feature your book here and I also want to show my appreciation towards my awesome gift so thank you man, I really appreciate it and the book has been lietrally a gem for me.

      I think you are right about the to-do lists too man. It’s ridiculous but now I have a lot of SETS of to-do lists so clearly my focus is all over the place and I’m getting nowhere with this.

      Now don’t get me wrong, I do get things done but I would definitely make a lot more progress if I actually created my to-do lists and committed to go through them instead of just creating new ones and keep collecting them either on whiteboards, post-its or even virtual to-do apps.

      The cool thing is that I’m finally creating a product and the only recommendation I’ve got was “don’t get distracted”.

      I have been distracted several times but at least I can tell you I AM following and completing that to-do list, I will actually write a post about it or maybe even record a video because I don’t want to be losing any time on this.

      I don’t have a launch date or anything but time is money and I want to get this out already.

      Thanks for stopping by and thank you again for the book man, you really ROCK Patrick!

      Speak later and hope your day is going awesome already. ;-)

  2. Reply

    Hi Felix:
    LTNS…I am a great list builder…..Have found to my sorrow that if 1/2 of it gets done it is a success!

    Recently it is more on “activities for daily living” wonderful things like Laundry, Dishes, Clean the Shower etc. Rather than: update sites, write three articles, post three articles etc.
    I’m happy that you seem to have solved your direction problem and are going at it with a pickaxe and shovel.

    1. Reply

      Hey Carolyn, long time no see indeed until now, of course!

      I know how everyday life can make a huge impact on our daily work activities, I think that having a scheduled plan and following it to the T, works like a charm.

      Thanks for the continued support, I really appreciate it Carolyn, have a great day! ;-)

    • Kevin
    • June 14, 2012

    Hey Sergio,

    Very interesting article and useful too. I do like that “Do, Delegate, Delete” principle that you highlighted from the book. Have to try and put that in place myself ;-)

    Nice writing style you have there by the way. I’ll bookmark you and drop by again in 30 days…see how you’re getting on.

    Speak soon, Guy :-)

    1. Reply

      Hey Kevin,

      I’m really glad you liked the principle as well, it has been helping me a lot lately.

      Thank you for the kind comment on my writing style, that’s really humbling for me and always makes my day whenever I get this kind of feedback.

      Take care and thanks for stopping by Kevin.

      PS. I’ll make sure I’m a better person and entrepreneur after 30 days! ;-)

    • cedric jay
    • June 22, 2012

    do delegate delete – what simple and yet powerful words.
    Procrastination is a large part of our failure, have to agree. Don’t know where to start with so much to do.
    The book sounds very good indeed and glad it is moving you in the right direction.
    I think the entire business of Internet and Internet Marketing is a little like that.
    Hope you give some thought to a followup of this post in about 30 days and tell us all how it went.

    1. Reply

      Hey Cedric,

      Indeed, powerful words and I can tell you right now that if I lived strictly by those words, my business life would be so much easier.

      It’s less than a week to reach a month since I started reading Beyond The Quotes so that article might be published here maybe in a week or so, stay put and thank you for stopping by Cedric, take care! ;-)

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