The millionaire warrior coaching is a training created by Internet Marketer Michael Cheney.

An important thing to know, it’s that it will be only available from July 3rd to July 10th.

And what I’m offering to you here, is an unbiased review of the whole training course and what you can expect to get out from it.

I do have an affiliate link for this but you should know that I would NEVER promote something to you if I don’t believe on it 100%.

So before my review, first things, first:

What Training Programs Am I Following?

I’m following quite a few but here’s the deal:

Several e-mails are starting to hit my inbox asking me if I’m following any specific training for this blog.

And the truth is, I’m part of many coaching programs but I’m creating my own path.

It may not be the best path but that’s what I’m doing here.

It’s really difficult for me to recommend one of them for you since I don’t know what your current level of knowledge is or what your situation is.

See, I don’t promote just because the sake of a commission, I want you to succeed as well.

So instead of keeping them a secret to you, I decided to cover a few different programs which I’m part of and review them so you can decide which one is better for you and I wanted to start with the Millionaire Warrior Coaching which has just launched today as I said above. 

Millionaire Warrior Coaching Review

You should know that this is the first training I participate on from Michael Cheney.

According to Michael, this used to be sold at $4000 in the past but I don’t really understand this since the training looks new to me, it even talks about Pinterest but oh well.

If I had bought this at $4K I definitely would have expected more but if I had paid about $497 from it, I would be very happy with what I’ve got in return.

Right now, this is being sold at $27 but the price will definitely go up after July 10th (or so I think since Michael teaches you to NEVER use fake scarcity so I guess we will find out very soon!).

I already wrote a very long review on the warrior forum, if you want to check that out you can do so here.

Millionaire Warrior Coaching Welcome + First Steps

As soon as you get inside, you’ll see five modules.

A link to a special VIP-only Facebook Group.

millionaire warrior coaching first steps

And a FREE bonus video which according to Michael, you will LOVE.

michael cheney from newbie to millionaire

Let me talk a little bit more about this video in particular…

At 32 minutes and 34 seconds it’s LONG but as soon as I started watching, I just couldn’t stop it.

There’s NO green screen, NO special FX, NO sugar coat, it’s just Michael and his camera and he will takes you some places that you are going to find rather amusing.

I wasn’t aware that Michael had such a great sense of humor either as this video made me laugh, cringe, think about my current situation and it actually changed the conception I had from him from unreachable (and maybe not so friendly) to AMAZING DUDE and would love to hang out with someday!

This is a secret… he will actually WALK to his old J.O.B. location and he will show you what he had to endure, including his own appartment and yeah, he gets VERY personal on this video. I highly recommend you to watch this first than anything else!

Millionaire Warrior Coaching Modules

All of them have an Introduction Video and an Extra Money Makers section in the end.

These Extra Money Makers bits are fantastic pieces of information, sometimes books, sometimes audios, sometimes videos and sometimes great offers.

Module 1: Cash Finder

millionaire warrior coaching cash finder

This will allow you to understand where the money is at.

How to find your ideal customer, recommendations for five great niches (I already have an amazing idea from this).

And in the end you get a book written by Michael -which I’ve read already- and it’s pure, massive, awesome content.

Module 2: Fast Cash Formula

Ever heard about sales formulas?

What about sales funnels, upsells, downsells, everything you can think on this subject.

millionaire warrior coaching fast cash formula

Relax… if you think this is boring or that you may already know this, think again.

Michael explains in very high detail all the key elements that these sections must have and also teaches some killer strategies for each topic.

If that’s not enough, you will also learn the secrets behind tweaking, measuring, testing and improving every optimizable piece in your sales funnel.

The money makers section includes an audio on developing strategies for wealth (highly recommended) and a 33 minute video on Michael talking about Casinos.

DO WATCH the videos and listen to the audios though! They have a lot of valuable content inside, besides the Casino video was very entertaining to watch.

Module 3: Product Factory

This one is about product creation.

How to create great audio recordings, videos, books, all about graphics and their role in Internet Marketing and membership sites.

millionaire warrior coaching product factory

In the final section there’s the Manuscript of Truth... At first I thought WTF is this?

It turns out to be a scanned real manuscript from Michael (and a very cool one to read) and there are a couple of great offers but I won’t say anything on them, you can check them out yourself.

Module 4: Sales Machine

In case you haven’t noticed by now, English is not my first language and (thank God) Michael doesn’t actually talks about the boring side of copywriting, this is all about understanding the power of words and in a very real scenario approach.

As soon as I started with this section, I just couldn’t believe it… every successful page has the elements Michael is mentioning here.

millionaire warrior coaching sales machine

You’ll find a copywriting crash course, information on headlines, cash creating components on a story, pain points, scarcity, what to do, what not to do, secrets behind the guarantees… I actually think this is the best module in the whole training.

But wait, there’s even more…

The final section offers two books, one on written copy and another one that talks about the psychology of selling and even though it sounds like a boring subject, it’s not, you’ll get hooked on these two.

Module 5: Traffic Attractor

You would think that I may know a thing or two about driving traffic when I obtained Page Rank 1 and went under 80K on Alexa in less than a few months but I still learned a few things from this module.

I won’t mention these elements because I don’t want you to think you already know them.

millionaire warrior coaching traffic attractor

There’s methods that everybody knows like video marketing, article marketing, using directories but there are a few new methods that are proving to be new strategies and working ones.

Side note: I believe more in the power of Affiliate Traffic but that’s just my own opinion.

The last thing to mention is about the One-Time Offer which is not a real OTO as you can upgrade once you’re inside but anyway, this is some sort of Fight Club thing so I can’t really talk about it.

You’ll have to check it out yourself if interested!

Millionaire Warrior Coaching Video

Okay so here we go!


Blooper: I forgot to set the format video to HD so I got a very shitty looking video this time lolz I’ll try to remember next time!

Buy Millionaire Warrior Coaching Here

I like to keep things as transparent as possible so here it goes…

I will make a commission if you decide to buy this coaching using my buy button below.

I think I have given you enough information to know if this is something that would benefit you or not.

If you’re ready to buy, here’s your buy button.

buy millionaire warrior coaching

If you grabbed this, then good luck with your training and remember that just watching videos and reading the books WON’T put money on your bank account.

You need to HUSTLE and work hard to make it happen for you!

Conclusion and Disclaimer

I don’t work for Michael and I’m not associated with him in ANY WAY.

Actually I have never met him personally and I have just exchanged a few messages on Facebook with him in the past weeks.

If you’re thinking this may be a paid review or something sneaky, think again.

I’m the proud owner of a Bachelor Science Degree on Systems Engineering and you couldn’t buy a biased opinion from me for any amount in the world and yes, you can try it (you’ll be surprised) ;-)

So I hope this helps you make an informed decision and it is up to you if this sounds like something you would like to check out or not.

At $27 USD I think you’re getting quite a lot in return if you want to ask me anything about it, just let me know in the comments area and if you are not comfortable to ask me there just use my contact form here and I’ll get back to you ASAP.



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