Marketing Coaches or Magic Bullets?

So what are you catching up with?

Marketing coaches or magic bullets…

This is an open question to whoever wants to answer it.

What’s the “success formula” for Internet Marketing???

A Warrior Special Offer (WSO) so you can get some really FAST money?

I know it happens and it’s doable.

Give it all Away?

What about creating an amazing freebie course so you can give away the farm and expect to be a cool person for anyone who joins it?

Nurture relationships into hiring you as a 1 on 1 personal coach and then ask for big dollars afterwards?

You, the trainees, are ALL taught into creating great relationships.

Give tremendous value, give everything without expecting anything back, change someone’s life so what is it then in the end, what is the final goal?

Can anybody really say it?

I have seen way too many great people complain about this specific strategy.

Giving out all they have and then not earning one cent afterwards and considering bailing out because the Internet Marketing industry is “flawed” after a few years of just ups and downs.

Is it too hard to say:

“Create something that people need and then offer it to them so you can make some money and be happy to know you’ve helped someone?”

Is it too hard or maybe that’s not it?

Every single course I have taken ends up on the same scenario so… I know for sure there’s no “magic button” out there so why bother to sugar coat the reality?

Why not say “you have to be awesome at something, find your audience, figure out what they need, create a simple solution and become their new idol!”

What is the Secret?

So what is it then?

It’s definitely not…

  • micro niches
  • a great looking blog
  • great relationships
  • your list
  • your traffic
  • your intelligence
  • your products
  • your drive
  • your goals

Sorry to ask again but what the heck IS IT then?

Have you ever seen those Internet Marketing millionaires and their videos?

I’m not going to go with Steve Jobs, Bill Gates or even Mark Zuckerberg from Facebook… I mean OUR own industry leaders.

Do our leaders look like they are geniuses at all?

Because honestly, I don’t think so.

Or I may be missing something out, I don’t know.

Lifestyle Designers

Have you seen the latest trend?

All the lifestyle designers… feet up pointing to pools and open seas, eating oysters, having beers and a mac laptop sitting somewhere?

I mean, that’s great, I actually DIG all the show but so what do we do then as internet marketers?

Create a lifestyle of our own out of thin air and then entice others to do the same?

Seriously, we need to put ourselves out there and be the REAL THING.

I have seen many people say earning money online it’s the “easiest thing someone could ever do” and fuck it, that’s not the reality.

You have to work and you have to WORK A LOT.

Yet a lot of people “forget” to say this on their sales letters and just “think” that anyone should “get it” beforehand.

I won’t be talking about my professional studies but if I tell you I made more than 40K building just ONE website (which it’s a true story) I would be lying to your face.

Not telling I actually had to get a bachelor’s degree on Systems Engineering, then get certified on databases plus add more than 20 years of experience with computers and then maybe, just MAYBE you could do the same.

I could most definitely rewrite all this crap in order to make it achievable, put ALL the before and afterward pictures, say a LOT of things, sugar coat it and make it freaking IRRESISTIBLE and honestly, I could make a FORTUNE out of this if I wanted.

I can actually see the WHOLE sales letter right now with all the pictures and all the places I have been at.

But then again, I’m not on this (Internet Marketing thing) for the quick money so I would NEVER EVEN ATTEMPT to do something like that.

I could just tell you “if you can see it in your head, you can accomplish it!”.

Sorry but that’s also freaking bullshit.

You wouldn’t be able to do it and not because you’re not capable of doing it (there’s a big chance you are smarter than me) but because it did take all of those things to make it doable and to make it happen for me so it’s definitely not easy.

You would need to have everything I just told you, in place FIRST and only THEN you could probably create the opportunity to do it.

Of course I could just say “if you’re not new to databases and know a little bit of coding, you could DEFINITELY have 40K projects in no time under your arm”.

I wouldn’t even be able to SLEEP at night if I said something like that, yet people STILL DO IT.

What Skill Makes YOU Unique?

So let’s go again… WHAT IS IT?

Should I create a wordpress theme so I can sell it to people who use wordpress themes?

Maybe a podcast for people that like listening to podcasts?

What about a guide for tourists in Mexico?

I mean, the possibilities are ENDLESS.

I’m telling you all this because you may STILL be looking out for that magic button or maybe even worse, you may not be looking for anything at all…

Maybe you just want to be “READY”.

Maybe you already know you need a product of your own but you haven’t done anything.

Maybe you want to tell the world you’re an expert at something but you aren’t still quite “prepared” yet.

Well I have some news for you… whatever you are thinking of, an “internet guru” is not going to do it for you.

Actually, they are NOT going to do ANYTHING at all for you.

They may push you around or give you some reality checks (if you have a decent coach) but that’s about it.

Either you swim or you sink.

I can probably (and I really mean this) shut down this blog right now, put a services page instead and charge at least a couple of hundred dollars just for doing some tweakings to wordpress sites.

Then I could probably also say, if you want a blog review… or whatever extra work you need on your blog, that can also be done but expect to invest an extra couple hundreds.

That’s about $400, one client.

I have already made $1,500 from just ONE client, you can check it out here.

And… I seriously think I wouldn’t come short in clients.

I would only need about 10 clients a month to have a very decent income ($180,000 a year plus living in Mexico is cheap) and I could create a few extra sites that showcased a few things I am very good at as well.

I’m not going to do this (yet) but what happens to the people that don’t have ANY of these skills and want to make some money online?

“Get PLR.”

“Rewrite stuff.”

“Get a pen name and publish under that.”

“Interview experts then sell the recordings.”


That’s ALL the advice you can give to someone who is getting started?

Be yourself, share the stuff you like, create relationships, do what you love, be great, yeah, I love all of that.

I’m just wondering what a desperate person would think of this advice?

Any marketer would say “if you can’t make it happen, just get a freaking job”.

Or some others would say “either you’re IN or you’re OUT, if you don’t think you can do this, then it may not be for you”.

I’m down for all those answers.

I’m not a businessman but I’m not afraid to try new stuff out.

Nor I’m afraid to recognize when I suck at something either.

I could actually challenge ANYONE and you can rest assured if I fail, I wouldn’t fail without giving it all I’ve got first.

Yet I still see people without determination, without goals and having “coaches” all over the place that are blindly leading others to nowhere and benefiting from their initial start up costs.

My Own Screw Up

Many years ago, I happened to be a hot shot guitarist in the rock and metal genres.

I started at 17 and at that time there weren’t many people soloing or doing anything fancy (the internet was barely released and you couldn’t still hear or see any videos yet).

So fast forward, I’ve got my first student after a while, the kid was already on a successful band and he was absolutely psyched to have me as his personal guitar teacher.

I phoned the guy right before he made it to my house and asked him to bring a six-pack of beer, in my head I thought that was very cool since I was in a hardcore metal band and the store was on the way anyway.

Needless to say, I never heard of that kid again after our first and only encounter.

And I can probably say he most likely thinks I’m a pathetic alcoholic loser right now who couldn’t even skip asking for a six pack when in my head, I thought I was going to be his super awesome guitar teacher just like Ozzy’s guitarist Zakk Wylde (the reference is because I NEVER saw him sober).

You win some, you lose some and I know I totally blew that one but I learned from it so have you ever had a revelation like this before?

I instantly knew I could keep making money like that (it was super easy after all) but I immediately realized I didn’t want to be THAT kind of person so I changed my ways.

Your Time to Shine

So again… this is my open question to you:

If you are making money online, what’s the “success formula” you preach with your students and why?

If you have any success stories under your wing, this has to be a VERY EASY question to answer and I seriously welcome all the feedback I can get on this.

Remember that this is just a CONSTRUCTIVE RANT and I’m publishing it so the people that still don’t have a clear defined goal on what to do when they are getting started, can have an extra light on their path to success.

So bring it on my Internet Marketing friends and let’s help some people out! ;-)


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    • Daniel Sumner
    • August 29, 2012

    Hey Sergio,

    I guess I have been through a lot of the above ranging from free stuff, blogging and trying a lot of other methods you mentioned to make money. One thing stands out for me which you can do to all of these if you put enough work into them, and that’s create products around them showing people how to succeed or at least start a foot hold in that business.

    My focus at the moment is product creation, and not to sound to blunt, it is to make money, build my list and make more money from promotions and higher priced tickets.

    I made over 30k from my last launch, which is small compared to some marketers, but it was a great incentive to create more products and that is what I will be doing. Working hard and creating products. also staying in touch with my list by way of my blog. It’s not rocket science Sergio :-)

    Thanks man.

    1. Reply

      Hey Dan, you hit the nail on the head with the -product creation- bit man and you are quite a great role model to follow in order to be successful!

      On the other hand, 30K is quite a LOT of money in Mexico.

      When you normally get one beer for about 3.5 € in the UK (in a supermarket) you can have a 12-pack of Coronas with that same amount here in Mexico. (this excerpt is going to be part of a post about the perceived value of money in the next days)

      I wanted to write a blog post on how I admire that you think of something and just do it. And then I have other friends who are just like you.

      That’s something I REALLY wish I could have myself… The Drive.

      Huge thanks for the feedback Dan, I always look forward to your comments and points of view! ;-)

  1. Reply

    Hi Sergio,

    I have to agree with Dan, until you realise that you need your own product all the rest is useless.

    The worst type of information products are the ones which sell a dream of cash coming in at the press of the send button. When you pick a coach or mentor it needs to be someone who has done what you want to achieve in a manner that you would like to achieve it.

    By this I mean it’s actually pretty easy to throw up an over hyped salespage which will hit all the right buttons for the constant stream of newbies who are desperate for success. You can then find affiliates who have the “churn & burn” mentality of constantly promoting this crap.

    As you say the trouble is that real people with ethics start to feel uncomfortable with this. It’s essentially the age old scam of selling a dream where in order to make money you have to find people who are newer / still daft enough to part with cash for a dream.

    If you want to become the “overnight success” invest several years learning the trade.


    1. Reply

      Hey Andrew, yeah man that’s exactly what I was trying to say on my post.

      Product creation has to be AT THE TOP of your to-do list for your first attempts at making money online.

      You also say something that is really starting to drive me crazy already…

      The marketers that aren’t aware (or maybe don’t care?) that they are taking money from people who can’t even pay their rent and that know in advance that their product or their latest affiliate promotion is not even good but comes with a juicy commission with it.

      I guess my actual problem is when a marketer builds trust with you and then promotes shit to you.

      That’s exactly my problem right there and I am starting to see a pattern here…

      I don’t know if marketers are starting to get desperate for money these days or just more greedy but more and more (used to be great) people are falling into my shit list lately.

      Thanks for the fantastic feedback Andrew, always welcomed here! ;-)

      PS. Got rid of my television a while ago, something I’m still proud of!

    • Patrick Griffin
    • August 29, 2012

    Hi Sergio,

    Another epic post from you my man.
    Andrew has already covered many of the points I wanted to cover so I won’t go over that ground again.

    Selling the dream is so common amongst marketers but people really end up buying a nightmare.
    I have fallen for this myself on more than one occasion.

    A favorite tactic seems to be the “look over my shoulder while I do ‘x'” kind of product, where the buyer can supposedly “copy the exact method that I used to pull in $10,000 a week.”

    If someone is hard up for cash then of course they are going to buy into something like that…but this dream rarely, if ever works.

    Your own example is perfect.
    You could easily do a “How I Earned $40K From A Single Website…And Now I want To Share My Secret With YOU” type of product.
    I guess that would sell well.

    You could go through the exact steps you did to put the site together but if the buyers don’t have the 20 years or so experience that you have then the process won’t work for them.
    That is one of my pet hates about many marketers.
    They always seem to leave out the one vital fact that you need to make the process work…and they do so because if they told the whole truth nobody would buy their products.

    One popular type of program that I saw a few years ago went along the lines of “How to set up a website from scratch and make your first sale within 24 hours.”
    So you buy a video of some guru or other demonstrating this at a live conference and of course he makes sales within 24 hours.
    But what you are not told is that this works if you already have a huge list of people to promote to…the beginner just coming in to marketing won’t have this ready made sales funnel in place.

    Great talking points in this post Sergio. A superb post.

    1. Reply

      Hey Patrick, I also fell a few times myself from marketers I trusted that didn’t say the “whole thing” on their sales pages.

      And I totally agree, if they did, then absolutely NOBODY would buy their programs.

      I still remember a girl that told me something like “this is very new and just after I sent out a small promotion it made me about n-dollars” I was “Okay, WOW, I WANT TO DO IT TOO!”

      Little I knew, she already had thousands of people on her list while I just had a blog that nobody visited.

      “Small” difference eh?

      Thanks for the epic comment Patrick and all the different scenarios, I’ve seen it all and that’s why sometimes I need to ventilate this kind of shit.

      Otherwise I would be doing something else already. ;-)

    • Jens P. Berget
    • August 31, 2012

    Hey Sergio,

    I’ve discovered my secret, and so far it’s telling stories via my blog to get offline clients. That’s where the money is (for me). I have landed some big clients and it’s going great, but I’m not earning money directly from my website… but it’s going great because I am blogging.

    1. Reply

      Hey Jens, I would have NEVER guessed that one man, you get offline clients from your blog and story telling?

      I thought you only loved to write stories but heck, if that is actually getting you customers by all means, keep doing it man!

      In my case, offline clients are very easy to get since there’s almost no competition here (for microsites and web development) but the thing is, everyone needs a website but they “don’t have any money”.

      That’s the main reason I’m focusing on product creation these days. ;-)

    • Chetz Togom
    • August 31, 2012

    Yo bro! I can feel you man.

    I think after all these years, there are actually no secret of how to make money online. It’s just freaking HARD WORK and JUST DO IT.

    I mean don’t you just hate when you see those “gurus” making millions and they’re actually not that clever or have some out of this work talent.

    The problem with clever or intelligent people is they THINK TOO MUCH. That’s why you see “professionals” like engineers (that’d be us), architects, lawyers… most of them become slaves to business people (whom I believe don’t do as much thinking as the scientists or engineers).

    But all these business people make more money and happier than the so called “professionals”.

    The sad thing is in some culture like in Malaysia, the parents will so proud if their children become engineers, lawyers, doctors or some scientists. Yet most of those who are happier and make more money are NOT the professionals.

    Right now I really already burned the boat, I’m giving all I’ve got.

    I think a lot of us think too much and are not confident about ourselves and our products.

    But after buying a lot of products, I bet a few times you might have thought, “Shit, I can do better than this!”

    JUST DO IT. It doesn’t matter if you fail, create that product and sell it.

    Go for it bro!!!

    All the best!

    1. Reply

      Hey Chetz my man, you are right 100% about hard work and getting it done, absolutely no shortcuts!

      I agree with everything you say, in Mexico the situation is very similar regarding obtaining a university degree even if you end up being just another employee on a corp that doesn’t gives a shit about you.

      I don’t know how much more time this is going to take me but I won’t let this go past another month, enough is enough.

      Thanks for the EPIC feedback Chetz and wish you the best on your 30k challenge! ;-)

    • Brankica
    • September 6, 2012

    Haha, Sergio, this is awesome. I agree with you 500%. It is not easy. It is the hardest work I’ve ever done. My “work day” online is not 8 hrs like a day job, it is 18 hours. Well, not anymore, cause I cut down a lot but it was for months and months before.
    And every product you buy makes it seem so easy but it isn’t. My favorite example is all the guest posting products. So “here is how you can build a popular blog” yadda yadda…. Look, I can write a good post and a good introduction email and send a guest post BUT, if you can pop up so much good content you would be famous for your own blog and would not have to post elsewhere. Most of the bigger blogs won’t reply to emails no matter what. Worst thing, a lot of the guest posts published on some big blogs are crap anyway.
    So, yes, they can sell us theory but bottom line, we all know theory and sometimes it is hard to put it to work.
    Great post :)

    1. Reply

      Oh man, that’s a lot of agreement Brankica! haha

      But yeah, it’s definitely not easy. I love it that you say you have 18 hours work days because it’s exactly like that on my end.

      The difference is that we LOVE doing this so I’d rather work 18 hours (or even more if I could) on something that I own rather than working a regular job for someone else.

      I have never sent a guest post before for approval but I can imagine how hard it may be for big bloggers to go through hundreds of e-mails trying to find out what is actually worth and valuable for them.

      I agree that not because some content is published on an important blog is necessarily awesome, I have seen a lot of crap out there too.

      Loved your comment and support Brankica, also thanks for spreading the word on this article, it’s very much appreciated! ;-)

  2. Reply

    Hee hee. Seergio you always speak your mind – its refreshing!
    Product creation…. yep its the way to go. We all have skills, things we know about. Its not until we stop and think before we realise what a lot we can teach other people. Just helping my husband set up his blog showed me what alot I knew. I take it for granted now because I am so familiar with it. Lets not take for granted what we have learnt and share it with others.
    All the best

    1. Reply

      Exactly Kay, you get used to it (setting up a blog, maintaining it, etc) so it becomes second nature for you but it’s a complete mistery for someone who is not familiar with our topics.

      Thanks for chiming in and stopping by Kay, hope you’re doing great! ;-)

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