Marc Milburn’s Online Wealth Blueprint

Okay fellas, let’s start with our first Internet Marketing review for this 2012.

Since I created the Marketing With Sergio blog, I have been writing about overcoming fear of recording videos

Sharing some experiences about everyday life, writing reviews about the physical tools that I use and some other topics.

However, the absolute MAIN reason behind this blog is to learn how to make money online and to share that knowledge with YOU, right here.

Now with that out of the way, the training I’m currently enrolled in, is called the Online Wealth Blueprint and inside are the exact steps I’m taking towards becoming a successful Internet Marketer on this very 2012.

Meet the Online Wealth Blueprint Creator

Marc Milburn is our guy.

In case you don’t know who Marc Milburn is,  he’s a very successful Internet Marketer from the UK and has recently released the Online Wealth Blueprint Coaching Course to his list.

I got on Marc’s list after buying Fast Profits Formula and fell in love with his way of teaching and explaining things.

As I write this post, not much is known about the Online Wealth Blueprint course (yet) since Marc hasn’t really used any campaigns to promote it yet.

I got lucky enough to be on a recent webinar along with James Francis and Marc Milburn, where I heard all the details about the training and as part of my own commitment to succeed on 2012, I decided to invest on my self education and bought my entrance ticket.

Online Wealth Blueprint Course Topics

online wealth blueprint contents

If you can’t see the image above for any weird reason, I wrote all the contents again just down below… although if you want the real reason it’s because I’m doing it for SEO purposes lol sorry! still friends? :)

These actually are just a FEW of the topics that this training covers:

How to get started, blogging, building your list, creating your own products, generating targeted traffic, administering your affiliates and getting joint ventures partners, the basics of sales pages, sale funnel strategies, understanding product launches and writing copy that closes the sale.


Basics of e-mail marketing, split testing your pages and tracking conversions, profiting with social media, how to flip sites, conducting webinars, creating membership based sites, outsourcing and hiring, automating your business, administering your customer support and much more.

Getting Started With The Online Wealth Blueprint Course

So, let’s assume you buy your way in, what should you expect after receiving your confirmation e-mail?

1. As soon as you get inside the training, the first thing you’ll see is a welcome video from Marc.

He will explain what he does offline/online to make a living, what you can expect out of the training course and gives you a tour of the whole site and how to get the most out of it.

2. After watching your welcome video, the next thing you have to do, is watch the three introductory training videos.

(this takes around an hour to do so but if you’re like me, you’ll spend 2 to 3 hours jotting down all the new gathered tips)

Marc addresses the myths about Internet Marketing, why changing perspectives is important, what you really should be focusing on, how to organize yourself to become more productive and gives a very cool explanation about why people spend money online.

3. After you have watched your welcome and introductory videos, you can start with module one which is laying the foundations and where you will actually start working right away.

Online Wealth Blueprint Course Review

I’ll tell you how I see this training from my No BS point of view and zero hype stance, ok?

The Webinar

I got on a live webinar with Marc, I liked everything that was offered on the call and even though I considered that the cost was a bit too steep for me, for the first time in my life I decided to invest in myself and got in.

The Payment

If I remember correctly, there was an offer of three payments and a one single payment where you’d be saving some money, I decided to not mess around and went all-in, on one single payment.

There was a problem with my bank and I couldn’t make the payment on the call, I told Marc about it and let him know that I’d pay on Monday at first hour in the morning and that I’d keep my word about it, he agreed and I paid on Monday and felt so happy about it, so HUGE thanks for that to Marc!

Getting Inside For The First Time

As soon as I got inside, I was impressed by the overall quality of the site, the written documents, the videos’ sound and quality (Marc is a professional voice-over artist in case you didn’t know that) and I instantly went over to devour my first training classes.

I knew that Marc over delivered with each and every one of his products and this training is NO exception.

Introductory Videos

I watched the welcome video (very entertaining 10+ min) then immediately went over to the introductory videos, where I learnt a LOT.

First Training Videos

You’re advised to start from zero and fresh, doesn’t matter that you already have e-mail, a site, etc, the recommendation is to start ALL OVER AGAIN.

I did not follow this recommendation 100% as there are still some things that I do my own way (if you’re just getting started, it is wise to do EXACTLY as Marc says though)

Training Modules

Right now there are 12 modules available (from a total of 24) and there are some secret bonus videos ready as well.

The modules are very detailed yet engaging, never boring.

Listening to Marc’s advice is like being guided right there with him and he has this amazing way with words and explaining himself.

I really wouldn’t believe if someone actually got lost or stuck but if this ever happened, there’s the forum right there and us to help! (yes, I’m that cool)

The Forum

Here we report our blog updates, publish our accomplishments at success-ville and basically we have sections for JVing, solo ads, business partnerships and we also have threads for each one of the modules and the secret bonuses as well.

The Skype Group Chat

We have a special group on Skype where we chat on a daily basis about recommendations, suggestions and whenever a doubt arises.

Marc is online most of the time and if he’s not, you can also leave comments there and as soon as he logs back on, will almost instantly reply, I find this amazing by the way.

Live Q&A (webinars)

These calls are bi-weekly held on Sundays, always recorded and also available for downloading.

I think that the true power of these calls resides in participating on them to ask as many questions as you can and interact with your training mentor (Marc).

I can tell you this because I have attended EVERY single call and wouldn’t miss a call for anything.


One of the students created something to sell on his first days and made some GOOD cash in return in just two days, you can find out more about this on the testimonials just down below.

Another student which had never made any money before, also got her first affiliate sale.


Marc has been very open since the beginning. He is aiming to create the best marketing training out there and he proves his word when he asks us about what ELSE do we need in order to get where we want to go.

He is continuously recording new stuff for us and we have a true back and forth communication with him.


His helpdesk response times are very fast and whenever I have needed to open a support ticket I get an answer before 24 hrs.

Online Wealth Blueprint Course Testimonials

Just for the record, these are REAL PEOPLE guys, fellow students of the coaching program which whom I talk to every day on Skype.

…probably the best educational and step by step content I’ve come across. -J.D.

…great coaching program. He explains the tricks of the trade very clearly and in a way that is easy to follow. -A.G.

…after just ONE month and ONE week, I made my first affiliate sale of a product. -S.F. (me!)

…I’m a bit of a coaching course junkie and without a doubt it is the most complete training and mentoring course I have taken. -S.H.

…easiest to follow and understand program out there. -K.P.

Within 48 hours of putting my first product online with Marc’s help, I made $1600 in sales, and built my first buyers list of 250 people. -M.A.

Online Wealth Blueprint Course In A Nutshell

Just to recap what you’ll get inside.

  • 24 x Video Training Modules
  • 12 x Bi-Monthly Q&A Webinars
  • Members’ Only Forum
  • Skype Coaching Group
  • Live Bi-weekly Training Calls (webinars)
  • Six-Figure Rolodex
  • Top Secret Bonuses
  • Direct Access to Marc Milburn (e-mail, chat, phone)

Top Secret Tip

I spoke to Marc just yesterday on our bi-weekly training call and the tuition fee is going up, WAY up.

Now I can’t speak on Marc’s behalf on this matter but as far as I know, he delivers what he promises (in other words, you won’t find any false scarcity B.S. here)

I don’t have a clue when he is going to raise the entrance fee, in case you’re interested on getting this and can afford the training, I’d recommend you get in NOW.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you later ok?

The Course’s FAQ

Required expertise

I would say that by the way the training materials are laid out, what is covered and how, I’m 100% sure that this training will literally take you by the hand and guide you step by step even if you are just getting started online TODAY.

Is this for Marketers, Bloggers, Motivational Speakers?

This is for anyone who is serious about creating their own online business and building it up, period.

Will it make you money right away?

That depends on how much do you really want it. If you are well organized, do your homework, take massive action and keep working hard at this, I can tell you that you DEFINITELY can make money with this training.

Is this a business in a box?

No, these are all the steps required to create an online business that you’ll have to build from scratch and that can be applied to any niche (although we focus on the Internet Marketing niche)

Final Words

There will always be people that either don’t want you (or anyone) to succeed and that sail through the web with the absolute most negative mindset you can ever think of.

A few months back I wrote on a social business platform a very detailed review of a program about Affiliate Marketing that I really like (and will write it here again)

And this was one of the responses I received as soon as I published it:

wrong marketing mindset poor dad

Do you believe this is the right mindset for an online entrepreneur?

Don’t be that guy and do something good for yourself.

If you feel you are doing a great job right now and are happy with your achievements, then congratulations!

I know I wasn’t and I had to do something about it, hence why I joined Marc’s training.

Join The Online Wealth Blueprint Program

I am more than ready to make some money.

If you feel the same and would love to join me on this training, you can apply here to join the online wealth blueprint

Speak soon and see you on the inside! ;-)


PS. If you have any questions feel free to ask, ok? See ya!

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  1. Reply

    Great stuff Sergio I’m happy you are moving forward with your business with Marks Help. I have spoken with him and he seems like a cool guy. I’m sure our paths will cross more in the future.

    As far as negative people go, these guys just seem to be ‘know it all’ people who never really try anything long enough for it to work. Unfortunately the world is full of guys like this. I guess it adds to the balance of negative and positive people. Let them get on with it, I do give a damn what they think.

    Mark’s course looks very interesting indeed. Most marketing coaching courses can be very few and far between. I am a big believer in the delivery, and the way you put it across seems to be very good. It actually looks similar to the course I helped John Thornhill with a couple of years ago.

    Personally if you stick with a reputable marketing course from a good teacher and are prepared to work at it then, there is no reason why anyone can’t make it. Obviously there are barriers which you will need to overcome, but this is why you have a mentor in the first place, to help you overcome such hurdles.

    IM is the easiest business to get into and equally easy to be sold into, but very hard to make a complete success from if you don’t choose the right program and put the work into it.

    You have chosen well Sergio. Well done and great review.


    1. Reply

      Hey Dan,

      Great insights on Marc mate!

      In the beginning I hesitated a little bit when I first saw his red hair when I met him LOL but as soon as he started talking and explaining stuff, I knew I just HAD to learn from him.

      About the negative people, they are EVERYWHERE.

      I can understand that not succeeding can lead to frustration, anger, anxiety and many other strong (and mostly bad) feelings. This is what happens when you don’t have someone to maintain yourself accountable.

      We can’t deny that this industry is full of scams and people that are trying to get above you no matter what and make a quick buck out of people’s desperation.

      I think that’s the main reason why is SO damn important to have someone who can lead the way.

      I don’t know if I’m a haters attraction magnet but I keep finding people like this everywhere I go, maybe it is more common than what I thought.

      Basically what I do is try to figure out if they are actually trying to help or just messing around, if I see it’s a tire kicker or a hater, I immediately stop all my communications with the person and move on.

      I rather spend my time with someone who is really looking to succeed and not with the trolls.

      Thank you for your great comment and for adding more value to the review Dan.

      BIG PS.

      I bought John Thornhill’s Master Class and Multi Profit Monthly a few months ago but I didn’t have access to the whole materials at the time. Then I found Marc’s opportunity, joined him and stopped with JT’s trainings.

      I am constantly re-visiting the site and I will make some time to get through the whole thing.

      As a fun fact, I have no problem understanding John or Dave but whenever they start talking to each other, I get so damn lost LOL

      I need to get more used to their accent man!

      And last but not least, I noticed you were a forum moderator on John’s Inner Circle site, you never saw me there? I have 50+ posts there.

        • Patrick Griffin
        • January 17, 2012

        Hey Sergio,

        You wrote about ‘negative’ people: “I don’t know if I’m a haters attraction magnet but I keep finding people like this everywhere I go, maybe it is more common than what I thought.”

        Well I don’t think for one moment that you are a haters’ attraction magnet but what I do know is that when people start stepping forward like you are doing then two things seem to automatically happen.

        (i) You will build up a loyal following of people who like what you are doing, want to listen to your message, want to learn from your advice and who want to move forward as you move forward.

        (ii) You also manage to attract those people who are jealous that you are taking the action they themselves are either not taking or have failed to take in the past and they take out their frustrations by attacking you.

        I have seen this happen time and time again throughout the industry and I am sure it will continue to happen.

        You have set your own course for a very good reason and don’t let anyone deflect you from it.


        P.S. I am in the first category of people I have described in case you were wondering. ;)

        1. Reply

          Hey Pat,

          Thank you for your kind comment.

          Like you and Dan say, there are both sides to a coin, so if there’s good peeps out there, there should be negative ones as well.

          I will most definitely keep moving forward as I’m determined to make this happen on THIS year.

          Thank you for reminding me on which side you are haha just kidding mate, I know you’re on the good fellas side, take care! ;-)

      • Martin
      • January 17, 2012

      That is right Dan. It is easier to sell into the business but very difficult to be called successful. It needs a lot of work

    • Martin
    • January 17, 2012

    Hey Sergio. This is great to hear that finally you are out to teach IM. Reading from the time you were writing about personal stuff, I believe you have gained some experience that you can share with all of us. I will really love to read what you have to read in subsequent posts.

    Great job Sergio

    1. Reply

      Hey Martin,

      Well I’m not exactly teaching yet, just sharing what I’ve been learning online lately and hoping I can help people achieve their goals faster.

      I do think I have more experience today but I’ll let people decide that!

      Thanks for stopping by and let me know if you had all your wordpress themes and SEO doubts answered on my e-mail, take care and good luck with your new blog ;-)

  2. Reply

    Progress! Sergio has something Visible for Sale!

    Don’t know where all that self-doubt comes in.

    A hint. about making recordings.
    I have always been Petrified to speak in front of a group, but solved it partially…

    You write like a fiend…so write out what you are going to say or ask if you are interviewing and recording your mentor (hint), then find some of those 4×6 cards and make an outline.

    Finally Practice, into a recorder using the cards..more than once…it’s like being an actor on a stage be prepared!.
    I have every confidence you can do this, you do everything else so well.

    I really appreciate the suggestions I have received from you…that is Teaching… if I will just bone up on Learning!

    1. Reply

      Hey Carolyn,

      Something to buy, yes, but sadly many won’t buy anything.

      And what’s even worse is that there will be a minority of those buyers, that actually go through the training.

      And from those who go through the training, even a smaller minority will take action and not many will succeed.

      It’s part of the game, in the end all I can see is that some really want to do something, some others don’t.

      Thank your for your video recording tips!

    • Tony Sanford
    • January 19, 2012

    Great going with the blog, I totally agree that the course is awesome, its also great to have someone else to be accountable to and the skype room is a godsend!

    1. Reply

      Hey Tony,

      Totally cool to see you around here man and I agree completely that Marc’s Skype Group is just amazing, have learned a LOT just from the skype group it’s almost surreal.

      Take care and good luck with your first product man, looking forward to it! ;-)

    • Linda
    • January 21, 2012

    I have to be honest – I never heard of this guy before. But, I am happy you decided to take a course, as it will help you get to where you want to go. I think that in general, they (marketing courses) run pretty much the same. So, with that being said you should be able to get where you want to be with the correct guidance.

    I hope that over the next several months you will be able to get your money’s worth and get to where you desire to be.

    Please keep us posted to let us know you things are going.


    1. Reply

      Hey Linda,

      Yeah, I guess it happens! Marc is an Alex Jeffreys’ best students who is quickly reaching high status in the Internet Marketing world.

      I guess I should of have included a picture from him right? LOL

      Anyway my main problem with Internet Marketers and their IM trainings has always been that everyone seems to have their own very personal version of step by step maps in order to succeed online.

      After studying so much, I can finally say it is time to do my own thing, hence why I chose to enroll myself in my last IM course and my last blogging course.

      There will be zero investments in receiving more coaching and it’s going to be a total taking action frenziness from now on.

      I’ll keep you posted on this, thanks for stopping by and leaving me your thoughts on general IM training.

    • Jens P. Berget
    • January 25, 2012

    Hi Sergio,

    The course looks awesome. I have bought so many courses over the years, and what I’ve experienced is that the most important part of the courses are usually the support. We learn a lot as we go thought the course, and when we learn a lot, we end up with many questions. And it’s the questions we have that really makes us learn. So, this is right up my alley… but, at the moment I’m focusing all my efforts to finish writing my novel :)

    Awesome review.

    1. Reply

      Hey Jens,

      You are right mate. I have found that I sometimes learn more in the forums and on the Q&A’s, than on the actual training.

      It is wise to not try to grab as much as we can or information overload can strike without us even noticing!

      Thank you and I wish you GREAT success with your novel. I already know it’ll be a hit from the bits I’ve read, speak soon Jens! ;-)

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