Looking Back At Your 2012 Goals

Are you ready to publish your true statement of how well this year has been for you?

Did you accomplish everything you planned for or did you come in short at something?

From the moment I decided to dive in to Internet Marketing I was prepared for two basic scenarios:

  1. Failing miserably and
  2. Achieving massive success

I’m not sure why I never considered something in the middle but anyway, the important bit here is that making money online IS possible if you play your cards right.

For some, that means investing in yourself and/or in your business.

And for a few others that means doing massive hard work.

Just know that the possibilities are endless but then again, it involves taking action and not just any kind of action but smart, solid, action steps towards your goals.

These were my goals for 2012

1. Create my first information product outside the making money online niche.

I was going to create a video based training on the learning guitar niche and lack of confidence pulled the rug hard under my feet on this one.

Basically I started thinking I was going to need several good cameras for angles, more tripods, lightning, more guitar equipment, a better environment for recording and it just got so overwhelming.

I got to register the domain name, installed wordpress, I did make a study plan but I was just devastated as I didn’t have anything I mentioned previously and with the noisy environment in which I was currently living at the time, it was impossible to save this project from going downhill.

2. Create a membership site in the guitar training niche.

I never got to buy the membership plugin ($299) nor the security plugin ($199) plus having all the negative thinking I just had to ditch this project too.

Sometimes I was working so hard that I didn’t even feel like playing guitar at all, much less I was going to teach something I didn’t have time for.

3. Offer at least one product on the Warrior Forum as a WSO (warrior special offer).

I walked around in circles for so long on this one, the warrior forum basically scares the shit out of me.

I have seen so many heated threads not only for the marketers that release something there for the first time but for well seasoned marketers too.

I just talked myself out of it and decided I wasn’t going to release anything out there just like that without any previous experience first.

4. Publish at least one different product on these marketplaces: clickbank, ejunkie and paydotcom

The idea for this was that I wanted to get the hang out of these marketplaces and understand how did they work.

Unfortunately I didn’t get to create any product at all, much less release training on these places.

Now with the arrival of Amazon Kindle books, I’m looking forward to write several books, try JVZoo for information products on the training niche and I may get rid of PayDotCom since paying my own affiliates myself is not something I’m eager to do, I’d rather let a third party service take care of that.

5. Keep building my list of subscribers not aiming for a total number but for complete awesomeness with them

I never focused on building a huge list and never offered anything in return for an e-mail address since I can’t stand freebie seekers, the lesson here though, is that you shouldn’t reinvent the wheel.

If you offer nothing, it’s very difficult that somebody will actually use that opt-in form.

I still managed to get around 60 people to sign up and I have a very high retention percentage, which means people are genuinely interested in what I’m doing but I still think I need more exposure on this.

6. Stick to what works, get rid of what doesn’t

I got rid of plenty of things, I focused on making money with affiliate marketing for a while, then I tried a few offline models which threw great results with the only drawback that they required a lot of my own time in return.

Getting rid of bad habits is easier said than done, I learned how to be more focused, became more result oriented and more importantly, how to adapt in any given situation.

7. Build a few micro niche sites

I wrote about this a few ocassions, the guitar site, the offline wordpress consulting site, I tried to enter a few local offline niches as well (motels, politics and doctors) but with the experiences I had with some customers, I just decided to stop working offering services.

For now, it’s not worth my time since it’s the same as creating a job for myself and become a slave to my own business.

8. Start outsourcing what I don’t feel I can do better myself

I started outsourcing a few things to fiverr, some gigs were good, some others were insanely bad.

There was some more serious outsourcing with graphic designers, basically mini site graphics and caricatures.

Next time, I will outsource this again as soon as I have the project idea well mapped.

In my book, there’s no need to waste time on tasks like these.

9. Move out to an apartment which will become my office and recording studio as well

I’m already writing this from my new apartment which I got less than a month ago, it is also my office and recording studio.

Now the trick is going to be how am I going to pay for it since I have about five times more the expenses I had before and no steady income yet.

10. Travel around the world with my girlfriend before deciding to say goodbye to “not married” life

While this was the original plan, life threw me a few nasty curve balls that were way beyond my swing level so I had to improvise.

I’m getting married on November 2013 and the plan is to see the world after we get married for at least 6 months and up to an entire year (depending on how well am I doing).

After that trip, we’ll decide on a place to settle down and start a family or in other words, bring a mini-me (hopefully) to this world.

11. Changing the way I write and make everything a bit cleaner, also much shorter

I’m not sure if my writing got any better, it definitely got cleaner because my older posts look like a mess but they definitely didn’t get shorter.

I started writing longer and longer posts since I noticed many people were writing comments in return of a do-follow link.

Then I was playing around recording really long videos and even telling my audience in advance that if they didn’t watch the entire video they should at least admit it and avoid an awkward moment with me in the comment thread.

Funny thing, many admitted they couldn’t watch the entire video for some reason (thank you for your honesty!) but some others did comment on the video when I perfectly knew they watched just a minute or two.

I played their game and pretended I didn’t know but…

To me, that is disrespectful and several times I thought about just closing the comment thread to avoid the hassles once and for all.

This is something that still remains on my head and I will certainly do something about it in the near future (January 2013).

12. Going from a concept idea to an actual site lightning fast!

I did this with a few offline clients and I even had to act with my clients to say stuff like “look, your site is going to take a while to complete so chill and let me keep up with the project’s schedule okay?”.

For some reason in my clients’ heads, if I create an amazing site in just a few days then it should be very cheap.

I have a few ideas that involve preselling my services and excluding my physical presence at any moment, even for collecting payments (if this works, I’ll create a training soon on this exact topic).

13. Creating a Getting Started section on the blog

I did get to create a Getting Started section on the blog, it sucks a little bit since it doesn’t have any graphics and to be honest it’s not compelling enough.

I will have to re-visit this point as soon as I have time for it.

2012 Summary

You win some, you lose some.

I still think it was a good year overall.

I got to visit Las Vegas for the first time in my life, I got engaged, I moved out to my own place and even though life seems like it’s going to have a go at me in the following days, I think I’m ready for it.

Sergio Felix in Las Vegas
Visiting Las Vegas
Sergio Felix Proposal In Vegas
The Proposal at Aria Hotel
Sergio Felix New Apartment
The New Apartment

Your Turn

Was your overall outcome positive or negative?

What was your biggest accomplishment on 2012?

What is going to be your primary goal for 2013?

Share in the comments area and speak soon!


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  1. Reply

    Hey Sergio…

    Congrats on the engagement!!

    I can’t say if after reading your post, you jumped lightyears ahead but find a place to live and work like you want to is a major accomplishment and certainly getting engaged is a major milestone. I can relat to all of your trials and errors and I can appreciate you “earning money” situation!!

    I have been tugging and pulling with this blogging thing foe a good solid 3 to 4 yearsmyself and I’m making very little headway. Money? What’s that? If I hear one more person tell me how many thousands of dollars a day they are making – I’ll spit! I have finally resolved that the money will come -some how and some day and stopped focusing on that.

    And finally…. I’m at the other end of the spectrum that you are in that anything highy to barely simple Techy Stuff scares the hell out of me and I definitely have a mental block between me and all technical stuff that goes along with building a web site ot making a blog produce an income! I have paid my dues to th the scammers and now I am trying to change my thinking and develope a new approach to this whole thing.

    And finally (again) I need to codense my writings! I enjoyed you post a lot!!


    P.S. I really like the creativity in the appearance of your site!

    1. Reply

      Haha Les, I completely understand your position about people bragging about how much money they are making so I like to keep it transparent here whether I’m doing good or not.

      Not focusing on money per se it’s a very wise decision so you can really focus on what matters and that’s what can you do for your prospect?

      Be it with a product of your own or an affiliate review you did, the main focus should be on the final result and not on how amazing a product can be.

      I don’t know if you’re aware of this but I’m about to finish a wordpress training (authorityblogprofits.com) that focuses entirely on this matter, having a great converting site while simplifying all the nerdy related tasks (I’m an IT guy so I’m supposed to know how to speak geek).

      The training has not been released to the public yet but I can assure you, it is everything I will say it is and then some more.

      Last but not least, I checked your site and I believe you have great posts there, you should really put a blog link in the menu or an archives menu so people can read about your experiences with the product you’re currently promoting.

      Thanks again for stopping by and leaving this amazing feedback Les! ;-)

      PS. I think your photography skills ROCK and just as a real life scenario: I would pay if you could teach me how to take those pictures (hint: there’s a product there!).

    2. Reply


      First thanks for replying to my comment. I found it interesting and you touched on a few points that I would like to discuss with you. I will send you an e-mail with my questions. Thanks again and hope your Christmas was fantastic!!

      And thanks for the comment on my photographt and the “Hint” as I was wondering how to use my number 1 passion along woth my other number one passion…Internet Marketing. Now you’ve got my creative juices going!!!

      Talk to you soon,

      1. Reply

        That’s awesome Les and I look forward to connect with you my friend!

        PS. Thanks for the health tip on your blog, I’m going to take that advice and run with it! (pun intended)

    • Matt Morgan
    • December 19, 2012

    Hey Sergio, how are you doing? I hope you are fine.

    It is important to have some goals for your marketing for the following years, so that you have some aims to work towards.
    Yet many people who are marketing don’t even have a single goal, except to “make as much money as the can”.

    Here are my 7 Tips for Goals
    1) Big goals can be broken down into smaller goals which can all work towards the main goal.
    2) Keep in mind Goals can take longer to achieve and complete than you first expect.
    3) Outsourcing simplifies things, and will make you reach your goals easier.
    4) Don’t be put of by others saying negative things towards your progress.
    5) Write down every idea that comes into your head, so that you don’t forget it.
    6) Create a list of tasks you are going to complete in 1 week, and tick them off when complete them.
    7) Goals and targets can also change along the process, you might do uturns to ideas, but that is part of the process.

    Matt Morgan

    1. Reply

      I’m doing great Morgan, thanks for asking man!

      I have to agree with you 200% not having a goal or something as vague as “make as much money as I can” is not going to lead that person anywhere.

      Thanks a lot for contributing to the post with that great list you shared here Matt, I’m pretty sure my readers will love it just as much as I did! ;-)

      Take care Matt and keep on rocking with your WSOs!

      PS. I loved point “número seven”.

  2. Reply

    Yeah I think you’ve done really well for yourself – there’s only so much one can do in a year. I know from myself we sometimes expect way too much of ourselves.

    I didn’t write goals like this at the start of they year, instead I wrote what habits I would like to have cultivated by the end of 2012 – I’ll post about that too neared the end of the year but in any case I already know I achieved almost all of them and overall 2012 was the best year of my life.

    1. Reply

      Hey Jarkko, that’s true man.

      I was a bit disappointed when I started going through my 2012 goals and saw I failed in many things but when I threw everything on the scale I still think the outcome was more positive than negative.

      Congratulations on achieving most of your goals and it’s interesting you focused on habits instead of goals, I may have to throw in a few bad habits I have and some good ones to acquire as well into my 2013 goals’ list.

      Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to share your experiences here Jarkko, I really appreciate it man!

    • Adrienne
    • December 19, 2012

    I appreciate your honesty Sergio in letting us know that some of what you had planned didn’t pan out for one reason or the other. Being scared to venture into new areas is frightful and I totally understand you there.

    Let’s see, how did I do this year. Well about half and half. I started down one path and then four months into the year got pulled into a new direction. Stayed steady there and then had to put everything on the back burner to help get my Mom ready for her big move that happened really quickly I might add. Then I get back into it only to find out everyone else bailed on me, again. So it was back to square one.

    Lessons learned I suppose that you can have things planned out the best you can but life doesn’t always take you in that particular direction. That’s okay because things have just presented themselves and I’m finally going for it this next year. Yeah, I’ll be writing about it in a couple of weeks myself so stay tuned.

    I think 2012 hasn’t been to shabby for you overall. Hey, you learned some tough lesson, you moved into your own place and you got engaged to a beautiful lady. Life’s pretty good Sergio! Congratulations.

    So let’s make next year a good one and get out of our comfort zones shall we? I will if you will.


    1. Reply

      Hola Adrienne! I think that we all have some hits and misses from time to time.

      The thing is, I used to get very sad when I failed and I normally didn’t know what to do when something didn’t go as planned.

      Now I’m a little more mature in that aspect and I think that I can adapt easily to situations that I didn’t see coming.

      Adrienne, the drive that you have to work for something you want, it’s really a thing we all should aim to get so I’m sure you’ll be doing some amazing things on this next year.

      There are more eyes on you that I can even imagine so it’s all up to you and playing your cards right!

      Thank you for your kind message, the great share here and you bet I’m going out of my comfort zone as much as possible this time so you’ll certainly have to do it as well, how does that sound?

      Take care and have an awesome Christmas Adrienne! ;-)

    • Khaja moin@blogging tips
    • December 19, 2012

    Hey Sergio,
    Seems 2012 was good for you. Though I planned many things to be accomplished I didn`t completed it. And I know the reason, I was not focusing on 1 thing but many at a time.
    And at the end of NOV 12, I decided to concentrate more on blog and just blog. Have to see how it goes.


    1. Reply

      Hey what’s up Khaja? It’s okay if you can’t complete all of your tasks on your list, the key is to take action and to correct that as soon as possible.

      I used to run many different things all at once and seriously, it’s a very dumb thing to do. Focus on just ONE task and don’t let go until it gets done.

      Only then, you can move to something else, otherwise you’ll spread your head too thin over everything, get overwhelmed and before you realize it, you won’t have anything completed at 100% and that’s a huge problem nobody likes to have.

      Great to see you are improving on this and looking forward to see your productivity rise, take care and thank you for stopping by Khaja! ;-)

      Ps. Thanks for connecting on Google+ as well!

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    • Roger Weavers
    • December 20, 2012

    Hi Sergio,

    Wow you had a lot of goals set this year. Sounds like you have achieved some good ones and I am sure that you have learnt a lot which will help you achieve more next year.
    I can sympathise with you, I have been working in the tech industry for years and have been running my online business full time for the last 5. I’m still trying to hit the big time. I too was going to set up a membership site this year with training videos etc etc, this got put on hold and I thought I would just start with an ebook which should have been finished months ago. One thing I did learn is exactly how much I still have to learn, especially about marketing. And things take longer than you think.
    Anyway, I wish you every success for 2013.

    1. Reply

      Hey Roger, five years online wow man, you really should know a few things already!

      There are some really interesting points on your comment as well, like simplifying from a membership site model to an information book.

      The way I like to see things is like this, if we already struggled so much with videos and a membership site, a book should be really easy to put together after going through that right? (at least in theory)

      Have to agree with you that we never stop learning and yes, things definitely take longer than expected, particularly true when we’re doing them for the first time!

      Thanks for stopping by and I wish you all the success in the world as well Roger, take care and merry christmas in advance! ;-)

  4. Reply

    Hi Sergio,

    Thank you for sharing your goals and your review. Wow, you have a whole bunch of goals!

    I have never met one person in life who has accomplished ALL his or her goals. Goals are there to keep us focus and accountable. Some people get stressed out when it comes towards to deadline of their goal. It does not have to be that way. There has to be a plan. When the plan does not work, REVIEW. As you mentioned, ‘stick to what works, get rid of what doesn’t’

    Wishing you a Great Goal-Getting Year for 2013!

    Viola The Business Mum

    1. Reply

      Hey Viola, that’s a very interesting point of view and it would certainly help to know in advance I may not be able to accomplish every single task I planned in advance.

      I’m in the current process of redefining my goals for long, mid and short term and this definitely helps!

      Thank you for stopping by and leaving this great feedback Viola, I wish 2013 is a great and highly productive year for you as well, take care! ;-)

  5. Reply

    Almost depressed me Sergio!
    I’m surprised about the guitar/music thing….thought you were working on it all this time…
    The rest is a somewhat expunged litany of addiction to the Shiny Button Syndrome,..to which I am also prone…not that you bought the membership software.but there is always……….hope eternal that something will magically work! (without all the grunt work!)
    The Engagement was a Very Positive Plus for you…you both look pleased a punch!

    What have I accomplished?
    Partially cleaned up Skipper Works Info, almost decent and developed a point of view about Blogging…..which I did not have in place before….actually had a very poor idea of what a blog was, what it was for and how to use it!
    Have some interaction there now, very satisfying to lure someone over for a comment…
    BUT what is interesting is that I now have more traffic at Sugar Control Diet com and higher page rank….possibly from my Ezine articles??? Oops…forgot about those dorpy videos…..but a video is a video etc…actually have about 10 diabetes videos wandering around!

    Did an experiment today on twitter with one of your videos….haven’t checked back to see how many views….but it better be more than 4!!!

    We will do better next year!
    I think I’ll set up my MAKEMOBILEMILLONS.COM and we can make it into a membership site…joint venture??? Name sounds good!
    Just throw profits theme on there…instant membership site!
    Wow, Facebook Is Already Making $3 Million A Day On Mobile Ads ..according to Mark Z.
    I know, head out of the clouds and back to real work…but I haven’t yet figured out
    how something great happens unless somebody Dreams!
    Happy New Year Ahead of time…. and think of me dragging my brain to meet my own challenge!!!

    1. Reply

      Hey Cararta, about the guitar training I never wrote about it after I published the project for the first time so no, I wasn’t actively working on it.

      Since I played for more than 15 years and actually dedicated about 10 years strictly to music, it’s something I don’t even have to study to teach it, I could write entire books on any subject (performance, improvising, sight reading, technique, theory, composition, etc) at any given time, I was THAT passionate about music but I already explained the reasons on this article on why I just couldn’t keep this project going.

      The engagement was great, Vegas was awesome and moving out has been a really huge shift in everything I’m doing right now.

      I think that you have had your share with wordpress blogs, I have already given you advice in many different ocassions and I will still be advicing the same: focus on only ONE of them and build your brand from there.

      Google doesn’t even cares about EMD’s anymore (exact match domain names) so it is really a waste of time and efforts to be trying to rank with .info or weird keyword based domain names.

      EZA is still good and I know you publish often there, I would keep doing that if I were you.

      About mobile stuff and what Mark does with Facebook, I could care less, I don’t like it, I hate cellphones myself and I think they are a nightmare to have in our lives so I’m not going into that niche anytime soon.

      You have to focus on what you know or are interested, you’re a retired nurse and you were doing just great with diabetes, don’t go chasing the new niche fad or else you’ll never build authority in any niche.

      The Profits Theme is not robust enough to what I need, no offense to Welly (the developer) but I need something that is more industry standard and I already told you I’m going with Optimize Press, WishList Member, Amazon S3 and EVP.

      These tools are a bit pricey but it’s what the big marketers use and I surely intend to become big too.

      Focus Cararta, Focus.

      You talk a lot about shiny object syndrome, follow your advice just as I follow my own advice on this site.

      I’ve never said this before (at least not in public) but I know so much about niche and market research that is laughable… where are my credentials to prove this knowledge if I don’t sell anything?

      Don’t fall on the same trap I did, focus on what you know and build from there, again… focus!

      Thanks for stopping by and I’m pretty sure 2013 will be your year Cararta, take care and thanks for sharing my video on your site, I really appreciate it! ;-)

  6. Reply

    Hey Sergio,
    Man, this gets you thinking, about the good & the bad stuff. I had plenty of goals this year. None were achieved because I still couldn’t completely focus & decide what niche I wanted to get into.
    I was still trying to get out of an abyss. After all, I am the “Info Overload King.”
    Now that we’re heading into 2013, I have big plans on getting back into selling on eBay, where I first started my online endeavor. That’s where my main focus will be.
    I wish you luck in achieving your goals, my friend!

    1. Reply

      Hey George, don’t be too hard on yourself either my man, I’m pretty sure you grew as a marketer since you’re well aware of where the flaws are now.

      Try to plan ahead and remember to make reachable goals and break them down as small as needed, don’t try to conquer the world in one go.

      Thanks for the nice wishes and I also hope you can get back on track for this upcoming 2013, all the best George! ;-)

    • Kevin Dahlberg
    • December 20, 2012

    Nice work on 2012 Sergio. You may have missed a few goals, but sounds like you had a very successful year.

    I personally started 2012 with the intent of making a living online. After 3 months I had to find a day job. That was both a success and a failure. I managed to double my income from the year before, but I was working 40+ hours a week in corporate America.

    By the November I managed to make my first dollar online. That was a huge step that took 18 months and a lot of trial and error.

    I have never been more excited for a new year than I am right now. It sounds like we are in the same boat there. Good luck on 2013. Hopefully we both can have an amazing year.

    1. Reply

      Hey Kevin, we certainly seem to be on the same boat my man!

      There’s a lot of things that I just can’t stand about having a “normal” job anymore and those are the earning limit cap and the required time to give in exchange but it also has its pros in which you won’t be worried for money because you know you’ll get your cut on payroll day.

      I’m not sure if you know this but I had to do several offline gigs (work) in order to maintain myself during the time I didn’t earn anything online so it’s nothing back as long as you still have a backup plan.

      Huge contratulations on achieving that first dollar, in theory, if you already know how to earn that $1, then you alraedy know how to make a lot more, just rinse and repeat!

      Thanks for the great wishes, for stopping by and sharing your 2012 experiences here, I’m pretty sure 2013 will bring many smiles to both of us, take care Kevin and speak soon! ;-)

  7. Reply

    Hey Sergio

    I think you had a pretty good year my friend and I’ve enjoyed coming along for the ride.

    Getting engaged is certainly a big thing in my book and November 2013 will be knocking on your door sooner than you think. I remember that feeling when my wife and I got engaged!

    Well, what have I achieved in 2012?

    Online not so much. I kept my blog going! Believe me that’s an achievement with looking after the kids. I also started an eBook but didn’t get very far.

    Offline, I’m fully into the stay at home dad thing. My cooking has improved. I’m more relaxed. I have more time to spend with the family. My wife got a promotion at work, we sold our flat and we moved onto the school campus. Now we live mortgage free, rent free and for the most part bill free. That’s pretty cool for 2012 I think!

    If I don’t speak to you before Sergio, have a great Christmas buddy!


    1. Reply

      Hey Tim, about getting engaged, it just feels like it was yesterday and now it’s only less than 11 months apart so YES, time is definitely flying!

      You’re living mortgage free, rent free and almost bill free? Tim, that’s a HUGE step forward man, congratulations!

      I have to step it up a notch on my cooking skills though, I’ve been surviving on tuna sandwiches and quesadillas since I moved out so thanks for the reminder and stopping by.

      I’m always around and won’t be leaving anywhere for Christmas or New Year’s Eve (at least not that I know of) but Merry Christmas in case we don’t speak again before the 25th and take good care Tim! ;-)

    • Mary Stephenson
    • December 21, 2012

    Hi Sergio

    Well you definitely had an ambitious schedule for yourself. Congratulations on the engagement.

    A couple of thoughts to your post. If you don’t seem to get enough people wanting to watch a long video, why not do a few shorter ones with highlighting just one point each? I know I have delayed watching videos that are long due to other plans and maybe some people just can’t take the time and then they won’t get back to them later.

    If your offline clients think you should be cheaper because you didn’t take very long to do their project, maybe you could make them way longer and then they would see the value. People are strange like that!

    What have I accomplished…well like you, not as much as I had set out to do. But I have made more connections this year which is very positive. I have improved my writing skills. I have learned a tremendous amount this year and now wonder how much more do I need to know! The learning never ends I guess, but I am more focused and that is a good thing.

    Wishing you a happy Christmas

    1. Reply

      Hey Mary,

      Not all of my videos are tips-based, I do have a few videos in place that are well above the 20 minute mark and I know several persons have watched those entirely, I just can’t stand it when people lie about it in order to get a conversation going with me.

      About offline clients and their perception of what my work should be valued at, I’m not going to waste my time closing sales anymore, like I said in the post I do have a few ideas in place that will take care of that and yeah, they can definitely be strange like that! lol

      Seems like you got a good result out of 2012, connections are very important in this industry and I can tell you right away I wouldn’t be here anymore if it wasn’t for the amazing help and support I have been offered from fellow marketing friends.

      I believe that knowledge is power but without implementation it can also be useless, if you are more focused now than before, I’m pretty sure that your 2013 outcome will be much greater than 2012!

      Here’s to a merry Christmas and thanks for the great feedback Mary, I really appreciate it! ;-)

    • Carrie
    • December 22, 2012

    I didn’t achieve all of my goals this year.. However, I do have high hopes for 2013. Twenty thirteen is going to be one of the best years! I have a lot of new ideas and goals to accomplish. Wish me luck!

    I hope you accomplish all of your upcoming goals :)

    1. Reply

      Hey Carrie, well I hope you can achieve them on 2013, it’s never too late to start accomplishing!

      Good luck and all the best on this upcoming year, thanks for stopping by and your kind wishes Carrie! ;-)

    • Sapna
    • December 22, 2012

    Hi Sergio

    I think for me 2012 overall was fine, I started the blog. I got great Software project from FreeLancer and completed 34 projects successfully. Now in 2013 I want to complete 50 projects and keep on blogging consistently.
    Merry christmas and Happy New year to you.

    Thanks for sharing this great info.

    1. Reply

      Hello Sapna, 34 projects in just one year sounds amazing, congratulations!

      I wish you even more success on this 2013 and that you reach all of your goals ahead, merry Christmas Sapna!; -)

        • Sapna
        • December 25, 2012

        HI Sergio

        Thanks for that and Best of luck to you as well.


  8. Reply

    Hi Sergio,

    Congratulations on your engagement!

    And “Way To Go” on your other accomplishments and making changes!

    I can relate to walking around in circles on projects and working so hard and not getting anywhere. Distractions galore and not being focused early in the year, but things are starting to turn around for the better.

    I didn’t meet all my goals either but I’d say my overall outcome was very positive. I had a major breakthrough in understanding marketing better and I’m now connecting with others who have similar goals of achieving online success and that has been so much fun!

    My primary goal for next year will be to increase traffic to my blog so I can continue to expand my readership and connect with others who are interested in online success and achieving their dreams.

    It was a pleasure reading your post and reflection of the year. You have an amazing writing style!

    Keep moving onward and upward, success is yours!


    1. Reply

      Hello Donna, I’m happy that you were able to have a positive outcome out of this 2012 and I believe that your strategy on connecting with other people with similar goals is going to be great for you.

      Just as a quick note, remember that you should be worried about traffic when you have an offer in place for your visitors and not the other way around.

      Apart from that, your site looks amazing!

      Thank you for stopping by and I wish you all the best for this upcoming 2013! ;-)

    • Bonny Williams
    • December 25, 2012

    Your blog is nit, very nit in deed. I followed you from Dan Sumners’s blog, and boy! You guys are doing great stuff. Get in-touch with me if you get sometime.

    1. Reply

      Hello Bonny thank you for your great feedback man.

      And I have to say Dan Sumner is a great friend of mine and an awesome internet marketer, his stuff really rocks! ;-)

    • Sue Neal
    • December 26, 2012

    Hello Sergio,

    Just hopped over from Dan’s blog and I have so enjoyed reading this enlightening, inspiring post – I really admire you for having set yourself such challenging targets and now reviewing your progress with such brutal honesty.

    I didn’t have particularly clear goals for myself at the beginning of 2012, but I’ve set a few during the course of the year – some I’ve achieved, but in other areas I’ve never got off the runway.

    My main achievement of the year has been to get my blog up and running – I feel I’ve laid some good foundations there, I have lots of high quality content, I’ve settled down into a weekly posting schedule and I’m attracting some regular visitors and comments, which is very rewarding. I’m getting to know some other bloggers through reciprocal commenting and enjoying that, although it’s very labour intensive and time consuming.

    My other big leaps have been into social media – I’ve set up a FB page linked to my blog and probably more importantly, I’ve started getting to grips with Twitter. I also do a bit on G+ and Pinterest, but TIME is my big bugbear – I’m still doing this on top of my day job, and there just aren’t enough hours in the day.

    Nearly forgot – I’ve published my blog on Amazon Kindle – don’t think anyone’s subscribed yet, but at least it’s up there and looking good!

    What haven’t I done? I haven’t started monetizing my site – I haven’t started building a list yet (still creating my give-away, as we speak!) and I haven’t started making videos – got the trial version of Camtasia, but just ran out of time. I also have a course on writing Kindle books that I’ve only had time to dip into.

    So – my main objectives for 2013 are to start building a list, monetizing my site with some affiliate programs and writing some eBooks, and I’d like to set up another site for book reviews, if I’ve time to fit this in. I also want to continue building on the progress I’ve made so far this year, by increasing traffic to my site and developing relationships with other bloggers.

    I realise I’ve rambled here a bit – looking back at the specific questions you’ve asked, my biggest achievement in 2012 has been building my blog, and my primary objective for next year is to start making some money from it.

    Thanks, again, for this great post, and many congratulations on your engagement – you look a very handsome couple!

    Wishing you happiness, success and lots of fun in 2013,


    1. Reply

      Wow, what an amazing first comment Sue!

      For someone who got started less than two years ago, you’ve really made a lot of progress with your online assets and I have to say I am impressed that you already have your blog ready to be bought on Amazon too.

      For list building, you can always start using your blog updates instead and build buzz until you create your first giveaway, there’s nothing wrong with that.

      I know there are a few screencast applications that are free but sorry that I can’t recommend any since I started using Camtasia for PC and Screenflow for Mac right from the beginning, maybe you can try out the software with a different e-mail address?

      I really like your 2013 goals, they are solid and they will bring strong ROI if you manage to deliver them on time (before 2014 of course).

      About traffic on blog hopping or commenting, it does take a lot of time but when done correctly, you can build very strong relationships that can bring you some massive income at a later time.

      Don’t do blog hopping just for the traffic, do it mostly because of the networking side to it. Every minute you spend doing it, it will be of great value at a later time, I know it because I’ve met incredible people and marketers with this strategy alone.

      I checked out your site (I always check my reader’s sites) and it seems like you have been doing everything right so congratulations for that and the best of luck for this upcoming 2013!

      Thanks again for the compliments and the really awesome comment Sue, it definitely had me smiling, talk soon. ;-)

    • Chadrack
    • December 27, 2012

    Hi Sergio,

    First, I must congratulate you on your engagement and plans for the marriage! Also I admire your courage to post these figures without trying to white wash anything. I noticed one thing in your write up however, and that is the use of the word that you simply talked yourself out of what you planned doing. I can see that re-occurring on several occasions. Don’t you think you should focus on getting that settled? To me that must be a problem. Most times we imagine things and then we do the self talk and before we know it what should have be done is left undone because we have succeeded in talking ourselves out of it!

    Yes, I must agree that you had a whole long list of “to do” things, but I can see that most of those could have been achieved if you had put in some enough push. Except if what you mentioned as life throwing some surprises was really big to effect you so much.

    Any way, on my part I did not really make a long list. My primary goal for the year was to at least triple the blog’s traffic and also build a decent list. The list I really did not do much about since I couldn’t come up with a bait good enough for that. But for the traffic I was really doing very well on that level. In fact, I thought I would surpass my goal but half way through the year I had a hosting problem and the blog went down for about a week. Re-installing the blog was like starting all over again. All the same the result as at now is not very bad. Right now, I putting up plans to make sure the coming year better utilized.

    1. Reply

      Hey Chadrack, thanks for the great feedback man.

      The most important life “surprise” was finding out that my dad is severely ill from cancer. I found about this on the fourth month in 2012 (April) and at the time it was a lot more difficult to deal with.

      I wrote a very short post about it here and now it’s part of the motivation I have to achieve massive success very soon, no excuses allowed no matter what.

      Sorry to hear about your issue with your blog and your hosting, hopefully that helped to create a more robust idea of what you’re writing for on your site.

      As a tip, if your monetization plan relies strongly on banner ads and affiliate marketing, I would strongly suggest you check out JohnChow.com and ShoeMoney.com

      Both are excellent professional bloggers that have earned millions just by leveraging traffic into affiliate marketing and banners through their sites.

      Thanks again for visiting my site and leaving great constructive feedback Chadrack, comments like this are great reminders I need to update my About Me page just to not cause the wrong impression on my new visitors, take care and good luck on this 2013! ;-)

  9. Reply

    Hi Sergio
    I think you had an awesome 2012! You sorted out what work and what don’t and have now the chance to focus on what works for you!
    I had also an awesome 2012 – making a horde of new global friends, building sites, doing Social Media for clients and though it is still small clients I don’t beat myself up because I missed my goal of getting one big client. I’m sure it is in the charts and will happen soon!
    Have a wonderful 2013 by living each day to the fullest!

    1. Reply

      Hey Helena, seems like you were busy on 2012 that’s nice to know, congratulations!

      I hope 2013 brings even more clients, more achievements and of course, more joy for you and your loved ones, take care and thanks for stopping by! ;-)

      PS. Removing what doesn’t works has been as important as building new positive habits into my regular work schedule.

    • Patrick Griffin
    • December 31, 2012

    Hi Sergio,

    I just found this blog post of yours after reading the most recent one. I am on your list but maybe I don’t get emails any more when you update your blog.
    Firstly, make no mistake, you achieved a lot in 2012 – you actually achieved a huge amount so you should have no worries there.
    I have no problem either that you did not achieve all that you set out to do. This is because you set out to achieve an insane amount of stuff and there was no way that one person setting out in the online marketing world could ever hope to get it all done.

    Your desire for perfection is still a little troubling though…

    “Basically I started thinking I was going to need several good cameras for angles, more tripods, lightning, more guitar equipment, a better environment for recording and it just got so overwhelming.”

    Stop with this perfectionist shit already. You know it only holds you back and leads to getting nothing done.
    Several good cameras!!! It is not a Hollywood movie you are aiming for. Several new cameras for a learn guitar project is madness.

    But you have done amazingly well for this year and I know that your plans for the coming year are already well developed…so well done on all counts.

    What have I done.

    Well I have focused on writing and will continue with that for 2013. I have done one more thing too (any internet marketers should cover their eyes at this point) which should really help me focus.

    I rounded up every unused internet marketing product I could find on my hard drive, whether free or paid for, and nuked the lot of them. (I think I was also able to reclaim more than 15GB of hard disk space in the process!) I was only fooling myself by thinking “I will get round to doing something with this one day” so I removed the temptation from wasting my time on stuff I have no desire to use.

    Maybe some people will think this is mad but to me it makes sense.


    1. Reply

      Hey Pat, you’re not getting my e-mails anymore? Hmmm that’s odd but good stuff that you’re active on twitter and are able to catch up from there.

      Haha you’re right about the guitar training man, I got discouraged in the beginning of the year. Now I know it can be done with me just talking straight to the camera and probably using some images.

      Writing is your forté so it’s definitely a good choice to focus on that part.

      As for getting rid of all the digital junk I think you did the right thing, the less clutter we have (even on digital storage devices) the best we are able to think.

      I am doing the same (un-cluttering) but I still have a LOT of crap to decide if I should keep or not so you’re definitely way ahead of me on that but congratulations on taking that decision, I know it’s not an easy one particularly when we have paid for the products and they’re not cheap.

      Thanks for the awesome feedback as usual Pat, it really helps me stay in the loop, talk soon!

    • Dawn Kay
    • January 4, 2013

    Congratulations on getting engaged Sergio

    Wow, that was a big list of goals so good on you for achieving what you did.

    The guitar site sounds like a good one and if its something that you enjoy then even better so don’t rule it out completeley as its good to do something out of the im niche if you can.

    One thing that I have learned the hard way is if you try to make everything perfect then it holds you back and you don’t end up putting things out there.

    I suffer with this big time so am learning to let go (lol)

    My biggest achievement of 2012 was that I finally finished my first product (took wayyyy too much time than it should of) but it was my main goal for the year so I’m glad I got it done.

    Good luck with your goals for this year and I’m looking forward to hearing more about your blogging product.

    Take care


    1. Reply

      Hey Dawn, yeah I guess I had a few goals indeed lol

      I’m definitely going to undust the guitar project since it’s something I’ve been wanting to do for a while and you’re 100% right about not doing things to perfection, I got stuck literally for months trying to put out my first product so now I’m just letting go just as yourself and finally making progress! ;-)

      I think it’s awesome that you finally released your first product (which one is it?) and I just saw you have a few interviews on your site, I’m going to check them out later!

      Thank you for visiting my site and for your kind wishes on my engagement, I really appreciate it and hope that we can put out products faster in 2013 lol

      Take care and have a great weekend Dawn! ;-)

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