Are you ready to publish your true statement of how well this year has been for you?

Did you accomplish everything you planned for or did you come in short at something?

From the moment I decided to dive in to Internet Marketing I was prepared for two basic scenarios:

  1. Failing miserably and
  2. Achieving massive success

I’m not sure why I never considered something in the middle but anyway, the important bit here is that making money online IS possible if you play your cards right.

For some, that means investing in yourself and/or in your business.

And for a few others that means doing massive hard work.

Just know that the possibilities are endless but then again, it involves taking action and not just any kind of action but smart, solid, action steps towards your goals.

These were my goals for 2012

1. Create my first information product outside the making money online niche.

I was going to create a video based training on the learning guitar niche and lack of confidence pulled the rug hard under my feet on this one.

Basically I started thinking I was going to need several good cameras for angles, more tripods, lightning, more guitar equipment, a better environment for recording and it just got so overwhelming.

I got to register the domain name, installed wordpress, I did make a study plan but I was just devastated as I didn’t have anything I mentioned previously and with the noisy environment in which I was currently living at the time, it was impossible to save this project from going downhill.

2. Create a membership site in the guitar training niche.

I never got to buy the membership plugin ($299) nor the security plugin ($199) plus having all the negative thinking I just had to ditch this project too.

Sometimes I was working so hard that I didn’t even feel like playing guitar at all, much less I was going to teach something I didn’t have time for.

3. Offer at least one product on the Warrior Forum as a WSO (warrior special offer).

I walked around in circles for so long on this one, the warrior forum basically scares the shit out of me.

I have seen so many heated threads not only for the marketers that release something there for the first time but for well seasoned marketers too.

I just talked myself out of it and decided I wasn’t going to release anything out there just like that without any previous experience first.

4. Publish at least one different product on these marketplaces: clickbank, ejunkie and paydotcom

The idea for this was that I wanted to get the hang out of these marketplaces and understand how did they work.

Unfortunately I didn’t get to create any product at all, much less release training on these places.

Now with the arrival of Amazon Kindle books, I’m looking forward to write several books, try JVZoo for information products on the training niche and I may get rid of PayDotCom since paying my own affiliates myself is not something I’m eager to do, I’d rather let a third party service take care of that.

5. Keep building my list of subscribers not aiming for a total number but for complete awesomeness with them

I never focused on building a huge list and never offered anything in return for an e-mail address since I can’t stand freebie seekers, the lesson here though, is that you shouldn’t reinvent the wheel.

If you offer nothing, it’s very difficult that somebody will actually use that opt-in form.

I still managed to get around 60 people to sign up and I have a very high retention percentage, which means people are genuinely interested in what I’m doing but I still think I need more exposure on this.

6. Stick to what works, get rid of what doesn’t

I got rid of plenty of things, I focused on making money with affiliate marketing for a while, then I tried a few offline models which threw great results with the only drawback that they required a lot of my own time in return.

Getting rid of bad habits is easier said than done, I learned how to be more focused, became more result oriented and more importantly, how to adapt in any given situation.

7. Build a few micro niche sites

I wrote about this a few ocassions, the guitar site, the offline wordpress consulting site, I tried to enter a few local offline niches as well (motels, politics and doctors) but with the experiences I had with some customers, I just decided to stop working offering services.

For now, it’s not worth my time since it’s the same as creating a job for myself and become a slave to my own business.

8. Start outsourcing what I don’t feel I can do better myself

I started outsourcing a few things to fiverr, some gigs were good, some others were insanely bad.

There was some more serious outsourcing with graphic designers, basically mini site graphics and caricatures.

Next time, I will outsource this again as soon as I have the project idea well mapped.

In my book, there’s no need to waste time on tasks like these.

9. Move out to an apartment which will become my office and recording studio as well

I’m already writing this from my new apartment which I got less than a month ago, it is also my office and recording studio.

Now the trick is going to be how am I going to pay for it since I have about five times more the expenses I had before and no steady income yet.

10. Travel around the world with my girlfriend before deciding to say goodbye to “not married” life

While this was the original plan, life threw me a few nasty curve balls that were way beyond my swing level so I had to improvise.

I’m getting married on November 2013 and the plan is to see the world after we get married for at least 6 months and up to an entire year (depending on how well am I doing).

After that trip, we’ll decide on a place to settle down and start a family or in other words, bring a mini-me (hopefully) to this world.

11. Changing the way I write and make everything a bit cleaner, also much shorter

I’m not sure if my writing got any better, it definitely got cleaner because my older posts look like a mess but they definitely didn’t get shorter.

I started writing longer and longer posts since I noticed many people were writing comments in return of a do-follow link.

Then I was playing around recording really long videos and even telling my audience in advance that if they didn’t watch the entire video they should at least admit it and avoid an awkward moment with me in the comment thread.

Funny thing, many admitted they couldn’t watch the entire video for some reason (thank you for your honesty!) but some others did comment on the video when I perfectly knew they watched just a minute or two.

I played their game and pretended I didn’t know but…

To me, that is disrespectful and several times I thought about just closing the comment thread to avoid the hassles once and for all.

This is something that still remains on my head and I will certainly do something about it in the near future (January 2013).

12. Going from a concept idea to an actual site lightning fast!

I did this with a few offline clients and I even had to act with my clients to say stuff like “look, your site is going to take a while to complete so chill and let me keep up with the project’s schedule okay?”.

For some reason in my clients’ heads, if I create an amazing site in just a few days then it should be very cheap.

I have a few ideas that involve preselling my services and excluding my physical presence at any moment, even for collecting payments (if this works, I’ll create a training soon on this exact topic).

13. Creating a Getting Started section on the blog

I did get to create a Getting Started section on the blog, it sucks a little bit since it doesn’t have any graphics and to be honest it’s not compelling enough.

I will have to re-visit this point as soon as I have time for it.

2012 Summary

You win some, you lose some.

I still think it was a good year overall.

I got to visit Las Vegas for the first time in my life, I got engaged, I moved out to my own place and even though life seems like it’s going to have a go at me in the following days, I think I’m ready for it.

Sergio Felix in Las Vegas
Visiting Las Vegas
Sergio Felix Proposal In Vegas
The Proposal at Aria Hotel
Sergio Felix New Apartment
The New Apartment

Your Turn

Was your overall outcome positive or negative?

What was your biggest accomplishment on 2012?

What is going to be your primary goal for 2013?

Share in the comments area and speak soon!


Sergio Felix
Sergio Felix

Hi, I'm Sergio Felix, founder of Marketing With Sergio. I work full time as a digital marketing expert for the retail industry managing a team of experts in departments of SEO, SEM, front-end web development and conversion rate optimisation and in my spare time I love conducting offline digital marketing workshops and teaching other entrepreneurs how to build and maintain business oriented websites with WordPress. I'm highly passionate about blogging, writing, music, jogging, entrepreneurship and personal development.