What I Learnt From My Trip To Mazatlan

Hello everyone, on this article I want to share a couple of things I learnt from my trip to Mazatlan last weekend.

In case you’re wondering why are you looking at some red package that looks like a condom on the left…

Let me tell you that those are the pills I have been taking these last days because I’m ill as hell right now.

I got back to Culiacan on Sunday but got MAD sick on Monday and on Tuesday and Wednesday I could barely breathe, couldn’t even talk at all.

I kept opening new Chrome tabs and forgetting why I opened them up in the first place, it was highly frustrating.

First thing I learnt from my trip to Mazatlan

You NEVER go into a jacuzzi in the open at 1:00 a.m. after a hard party (despite my age, I still do fun dumb things sometimes).

It was cold, windy and we were having some cold beers there.

So I ended up getting an insane cold from that not so brilliant idea, I’m barely feeling better today!

Second thing I learnt from my trip to Mazatlan

This one has to do with content creation and traffic building so let me explain this briefly to you.

I took my regular electronic gadgets with me, which included a flipcam, a digital camera and a kindle reading device.

The macbook was the only thing missing on the list, which I decided to leave at home since I wanted to take a break from the online world.

The plan for the trip was like this

  1. leave early to Mazatlan (friday)
  2. take advantage of the rest of the afternoon
  3. brisk walk in the night
  4. relax with a few beers at some quiet place
  5. go to bed early
  6. attend wedding next day (saturday)
  7. relax in the night
  8. get back to Culiacan on mid day (sunday)
  9. work my butt off on the night
  10. prepare to do some serious activities starting at 6:00 a.m. (monday)

What it actually happened

  1. got to Mazatlan late in the night (friday)
  2. had a quick walk around the place
  3. had some amazing hot chicken wings for dinner + vegetables + dip + beers
  4. went to bed early
  5. wedding started at church at 12:00 p.m. (saturday)
  6. wedding party started at 2:00 p.m.
  7. follow up party at 9:00 p.m. at some private club
  8. went to the hotel at 12:00 a.m. (sunday)
  9. jumped into jacuzzi at 1:00 a.m. and stood there for maybe an hour or so
  10. got back to Culiacan like planned
  11. managed to read on my kindle for three hours and shot a quick video *evil grin*
  12. woke up totally broke down (monday)

Content Creation and Traffic Building Lesson

While on the bus on my way back, there was this movie playing with audio in Spanish (I can’t stand american movies spoken in Spanish, just so you know) so I had to find something else to do.

My brother in law went to sleep before I even knew and my girlfriend was already gone too.

So there I was, eating nachos and coca cola (I still enjoy junk food from time to time) and figuring out what the heck to do.

I soon remembered the Kindle on my backpack so I immediately fired that baby up and scrolled on my previously saved PDFs.

Considering myself such an awful blogger, it didn’t take much to decide to pick Blog Profits Blueprint from Yaro Starak (Pro Blogger at http://entrepreneurs-journey.com)

Inside he defines the importance of having these content pillars which basically are the most amazing pages you can ever write on your blog, you know, those pages you want EVERYONE to read.

A Few Content Pillars Examples

  • How to’s
  • Resources
  • Technical Blueprints
  • List Articles
  • Etc

The other thing I noticed, was in the next topic How To Market Your Blog and it started like this:

“Once you have pillar content in place and you have plans to release a continuous stream of such content, the next step is to attract people and show them how amazing your content is.” -Yaro Starak

I almost choked on the nachos I was eating and then I couldn’t stop reading what it came after…

“…the effectiveness of commenting as a marketing tool is poor. They send a trickle of traffic at best.”

“Tactic: Write a 30-page free report and release it on your blog, then email other bloggers to let them know about it.” -Yaro Starak

What I learnt from this

1. You need to have content pillars in place before doing blog hopping as a traffic building technique.

2. Have a 30-page free report to giveaway on your blog.

To prove Starak’s point that this strategy works, you can download his free report at:

http://www.blogmastermind.com (you can thank me later Yaro! lol)

What I was doing wrong

LOTS of blog hopping (or commenting on other blogs in case you don’t understand that term) without having any content pillars on the site.

I am proud of finally overcoming my fears to recording myself on video but I don’t think I could point you out to a post here and tell you “this is the most amazing post I have ever written”.

Do you understand what I mean? I don’t have any content pillars yet!

As for the written report recommendation goes…

I am currently giving away a video interview that was meant to be sold in the beginning but as it was part of my overcoming fear of recording your first video experiment, I wasn’t comfortable selling it afterwards.

My plan of action

  • Write a few content pillars
  • Write a free report
  • Announce free report on the sidebar
  • Work a little bit on the blogs’ looks

Some Social Media Fun!

This was a video I took inside the bus, it was pretty hilarious to me too lol

To be fair and square with my brother in law and my girlfriend, here they are again but this time they are looking GOOD!

May Sergio FelixMy girlfriend and I

Sergio Felix and Ron MulderMe and my brother in law & business partner, Ron Mulder

Wedding Party PicWith the newly weds at the wedding party

Malecon in Mazatlan

Malecón in Mazatlán

But wait a second… Why show only the good side?

Here’s the aftermath!


On our way to eat some seafood YEAH!

So I have learnt my lesson…

Next time I’m jumping into a jacuzzi, I’m choosing one that is INDOORS!!

And my question for YOU is…

Have you written your content pillars already?

Take care and thank you very much for commenting on the blog, you definitely rock!


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    • Patrick Griffin
    • December 15, 2011

    Hi Sergio,
    Wow what a fascinating post.
    Firstly I hope you recover soon.
    Secondly is it jumping in the jacuzzi which led to you becoming ill or have I misunderstood?
    Thirdly I have just realized I don’t have any of those wow-factor pillar articles on my blog so I had better work on that.
    Fourthly I wish I had not started this silly numbering system a the start of every sentence but it would look silly if I stopped now so I am stuck with it.
    Fifthly at least I have started giving away a free report of my own at long last.
    And finally that video which is playing on the coach journey sounds super boring…no wonder you were looking for other things to do besides watch it.
    Take care Sergio.

    1. Reply

      Hi Patrick,

      Sorry that I wasn’t clear on the post, I just updated the article so hopefully is a bit more understandable now.

      I got a cold from being in an outdoors jacuzzi with a cold temperature outside as well

      (I can’t believe I got sick from that and I didn’t get sick from wearing just a shirt to the Eiffel tower when nobody else was dressed like that)

      The funny thing is I NEVER get sick but when I do, I feel like I’m going to die!

      I thought your numbering system was cool ;-)

      Good job on your report, I already checked that out and it is GREAT!

      The video on the bus was insanely boring man, I wanted to kill myself for not carrying a set of earphones.

      Take care Patrick and thanks for your support man, now go work on those content pillars! ;-)

    • Linda
    • December 15, 2011

    I think I have a lot of how-to’s…I love to write them.

    Sorry you got so sick after that jacuzzi, but it sounded like a BLAST! You’re my type of guy – hahahaha!

    Thanks for sharing your story and the pictures – great looking bunch of guys and gals.

    Hope you feel better REAL SOON!

    1. Reply

      Hey Linda, glad you liked it!

      How-To’s are one of the best ways to show people you can provide genuine value and actually help them so get everything you got out there!

      About the jacuzzi event, I think I’d do it again (sometimes I think I’m not wired properly LOL)

      Thank you very much for the laugh (and making me blush)

      Everyone on the picture are close friends, there were many more but I didn’t want to fill the blog with pictures either.

      Take care and speak soon!

      PS. I’m feeling a little bit better but I’m still sneezing and drinking pills and cough syrup :| *poker face*

  1. Reply

    Thanks for the visit!..What are content pillars? If you were brave enough to have scouted around on Works you would have found a page where I explained that I was doing John T. course and this site was an experiment (not been following directions). Should have seen it a month ago! I really like your Marketing with Sergio have gotten so I hate those sites that are prefab out of the box, comments closed and nothing human about them: Sites that all you can do is go ring around the rosey…Oh yeah, haven’t done my WSO….bought the course still sitting in storage…After I finish course I’m taking now will go there! C.

    1. Reply

      Hey Cararta,

      Yes I know you are a JT’s student and not many people ended up happy from that training. ;-)

      Content pillars are basically amazing articles that you share on your blog which can help your readers out with something in particular. (I say so in the post and even posted examples in a list!)

      Many people are encouraged to publish their first WSO to get some fash cash flow going however, if not done properly it can backfire with very bad results.

      (not only losing money but also hurting your reputation)

      Take care and hope to see you around! ;-)

        • Cararta
        • December 17, 2011

        Thanks! was just skimming before so didn’t read all about Pillars… agree with the WSO thing…couldn’t sell a diabetic diet there anyway!

        by the way as a retired RN…colds come from germs…not getting cold…

        either wash your hands often or don’t touch your face (mouth-nose) after touching objects in public places.

        1. Reply

          Hey Cararta,

          Yeah, WSOs are pretty much useless in the Warrior Forum when they are NOT targeting the Internet Marketing niche.

          Thank you for your observation on the health issue.

          I did eat out while in Mazatlan and even though I’m very careful when it comes to eating in public places I got sick anyway, a friend who was with us got super sick for two days as well, so we definitely caught something, somewhere.

          The good news is that I’m feeling much better now!

          Take care and thank you for stopping by and commenting, really appreciate it! ;-)

  2. Reply

    You should try the North Sea in the middle of winter Sergio now that’s cold….I have swam in that a few times after a hard night partying and yes I caught cold too, so I can understand your symptoms. I have no sympathy :-D
     I have read Yaro’s report and He really gives some top class information. I do agree with Yaro from a certain point, but it’s getting those ‘other bloggers’ onboard with your free report? Blogging has become much more social since his report and blog hopping in my opinion although not critical really helps with engagement within the blogosphere. Tweet, Like and Share now play a massive part in blogging. You could break it down like this just like Patrick:
    Firstly – visit
    Secondly – comment (engage with constructive comments)
    Thirdly – Tweet, Like, Share
    Fourthly – Your followers are receptive and visit
    Fifthly –  Blog owner is receptive and hopefully Tweet, Like, Share your content (just like I did)
    Sixthly – engage new comments (new readers come back)
    Seventhly – provide more content (the cycle starts again) and you grow
    Paramount to this cycle is creating great content, its very rare people look past the post on the home page or stay much longer to look around your blog for long periods unless you interlink or tell them to do so.
    If you want to add a pillar article it would break down like this: Eighthly – Add pillar article but before you do so create a free report. Ninthly add your free report to the sidebar, welcome, about page etc. you can then add your pillar article to your auto responder so it doesn’t get lost in the archive of non visited blog posts, thus being wasted content.
    When you can inner link your posts and always try your best to create great content (not as easy as it sounds) and always reciprocate. When you are crushing it with killer content and hoards of traffic, you can be a little less engaging, but until then……
    Here is my pillar article:

    1. Reply

      Wow Dan,

      I’m a bit speechless here…

      If I had to give a prize to the best comment on the blog, this would definitely be the winner! ;-)

      Obviously I didn’t write everything that Yaro wrote, but it also had this inside:

      “focus a lot of comments on a certain few key blogs and use comments to form a relationship with high profile bloggers.”

      I honestly never follow advice to the T (I’m like a stubborn mule lol) so I wouldn’t try to draw the attention of ANY pro blogger actually, I don’t have the time for that.

      But I would definitely focus on the sites that bring me traffic which by the way, yours is one of the best sources of traffic I have right now (I know because I was just checking statistics a couple of hours ago) and keep nurturing my relationship and communication with those owners.

      The cycle you mention is exactly how it is supposed to be and that’s the main reason we all have social media icons on our sites (although I just have a small ‘tweet me’ button here -long story-).

      The problem with people not getting past the first post or the home content is driving me insane but I know I will be able to put everything into place (or at least that’s my goal LOL).

      I’m actually looking for a way to correct this (and why I used categories to separate content)

      Creating great content being easy… yeah it is NOT! haha believe me, I have tried and I completely agree!

      I hate saying “I will” but I’m starting to focus on what I “think” it can be great content for my readers.

      The problem I have right now, is that either my readers are people who are amazing bloggers already or people who is still struggling all over the place.

      I was going to pull up a survey and just ask but this place is nowhere important yet as to have someone telling me what they need (or at least -again- that’s what I think!)

      The product I’m currently working on, is about blurring a little bit that weird separation line between Internet Marketer and Blogger.

      (I didn’t want to reveal this but what the hell, is not like it’s the idea of the year either)

      I keep seeing successful marketers with lousy mistakes in their sites and viceversa, amazing bloggers with lousy marketing mistakes on their blogs.

      I want to cover that ‘gap’.

      So hopefully this can kick start into creating some amazing content and hopefully, one thing will lead to another.

      I have so much to share but I focused on saying “hey, I’m a real person you know!” so I think that was mainly my excuse to not start teaching stuff already.

      I’m going to have to make a cup of coffee and check your article very slowly as it is HUGE man.

      Thanks again for your amazing feedback, your time, providing so much value to this post and mainly because you already got me excited to take the next step!

      Take care man!

      PS. I couldn’t avoid laughing at the bit of swimming in the “North Sea in the middle of winter” particularly after a hard night of partying! LOL Great minds think alike!

        • Joseph Lampo
        • December 25, 2011

        Hello, again, Sergio. Just a quick note here. Just read some of the comments on this posting, and with particular interest what you had to say about Yaro Starak’s “Pillars” as mentioned in his “Blueprint for Blogging” report, which I have read and will now look over again thanks to what you and Dan Sumner’s comments expounded upon.

        You should know that, in my opinion, I find that you have a great blog budding forth here. There is great potential here with the discourse by and between you and your followers, and fortunately you have an excellent accomplice in the likes of Dan Sumner, whose track record is one to certainly emulate.

        Enough of my blabbering for now. I don’t want to bore you. Thanks for the meaty Web 2.0 you have going here. It contains the spark of motivation to move forward and upward.
        Stay well.

        1. Reply

          Thank you Joseph,

          If a reader cares enough to read my articles and even leave a great comment, I have to care enough to reply to them in at least, the same way.

          It’s just my expression of gratitude towards their precious time invested here.

          Dan Sumner is a guy I recently met and I’m very happy about that friendship.

          He’s just the type of marketer I like:

          honest, raw, true, doesn’t feels remorse to say it like it is, he’s an overall great guy!

          Besides he has business relationships with other two guys I really like as well, John Thornhill and Dave Nicholson, so I expect I can keep learning a lot from him.

          Last but not least, you never bore me with your blabberings I treasure every comment I get and yours have their unique voice on the comment threads too.

          Thank you for sharing your thoughts, I was really happy reading them, take care! ;-)

          PS. You made me google for “budding”… so I learnt something new today, thank you!

          Budding.- Form of asexual reproduction in which a new organism grows on another one.

    • Jens P. Berget
    • December 18, 2011

    Hi Sergio,

    I’m sorry to hear about your cold, but to me it would be worth it. I’m in Norway and I would give my right leg to be in a jacuzzi outdoor right now :)

    You’re absolutely right about pillar content. I was a member of Yaro’s course when it first opened up a few years ago, and I learned a lot from him. I’m not good at creating pillar content, but I just keep focusing on writing my own unique content and adding some valuable marketing lessons to them (usually short). That seems to be working as well. But pillar articles will always be working.

    Hope you’re feeling better.

    1. Reply

      Hey Jens,

      I can’t even imagine how cold it is right now in Norway so you do have a point! lol

      Totally agree that pillar articles actually work like a charm, proof of that is that I always take a lot of time to check out sites like Viperchill, ThinkTraffic, SteveScottSite, Live-Your-Love and so many others just because they have these amazing content filled pages.

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment, I really appreciate it Jens! ;-)

      PS. I didn’t know you were a Yaro’s student, I’ve never taken a blogging course before, maybe I should! haha

      PPS. Thanks for the nice wishes, I’m almost 100% finally mate, take care and enjoy your weekend, hope the concert was cool!

    • Morris
    • December 18, 2011

    In a few short days I will find myself in an outdoor jacuzzi. However the temp will not be “95 and sunny’ but Norway weather just south of Canada.
    Be well Sergio.

    1. Reply

      Oh wow Morris,

      That sounds cold as ice haha hope you don’t get sick like I did, take care and thanks for coming by and leaving me a comment, I appreciate it!

      PS. Are you into databases or just promoting Oracle? I love databases! [Actually I’m a Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist on SQL 2005, like that actually meant anything haha]

    • Adrienne
    • December 21, 2011

    Yey, he lives!!! Bless your heart, getting so sick after such a fun weekend is never any fun. At least you had a good time or it sure looks like you did. Nice photos Sergio and I have already commented on your video. I think I would be putting the headphones on too! :-)

    Do I have the content pillars in place? I believe I do or if I don’t I better get Yaro’s book. I was offering a PDF some time back but recently changed my opt-in to a free webinar. I felt that it really provided more valuable learning tools for those who are still stuck on trying to figure out what they can offer their list. I mean we are here to help and teach right!

    Sergio, your blog rocks and I think that although Yaro definitely knows his stuff, building up an audience through blog commenting will help entice your readers to get what you have to offer once you release it. I mean if you do it the other way around and you haven’t build up that rapport with other bloggers yet then why would they opt-in to get what you have to offer? That’s just my thinking and of course, I’m nowhere along the lines of Yaro’s popularity but that’s what I’ve been taught as well. See, there we go getting mixed signals from different so called gurus. Yikes!!!

    Enjoyed the post and hope your week is going well. Here is wishing you a Very Merry Christmas Sergio! Happy New Year to you as well…


    1. Reply

      Hey Adrienne,

      Yes, I’m aliveeeee haha

      Yes the pictures were very welcomed on Facebook and I agree about the bus video, it was insanely boring!

      About the webinar you mentioned, I don’t think I have access to that or at least I don’t remember it, I think I’m going to have to take a good dive into my inbox and dig for it.

      Reading that my blog rocks coming from a blog hopping professional such like you, means a LOT Adrienne, thanks!

      I know there is still a lot of work to do but I’m happy that I’m making progress and some people are liking the small improvements.

      On the other hand, you’re totally right about Yaro’s.

      I think there IS a possible way to build rapport with other bloggers via blog commenting even without the content pillars in place because you are recognized (if you leave great comments that is) by other bloggers by being a constant visitor and a valuable one.

      By the time you finally start publishing amazing stuff, people either already love you or hate you, right? LOL

      Thank you very much for the great comment Adrienne and I hope you have a special Christmas night and an amazing New Year as well, I appreciate you, take care! ;-)

    • Martin
    • December 21, 2011

    Hey Sergio, great you loved the trip. As you promised, you have barred it all out about what happened on the trip. It is really cool to notice that you were taking notes to give us some lessons while you were still on the trip.

    Glad you were able to enjoy yourself over the weekend and the jacuzzi stuff is really not cool with me…I do it quite often…to relieve stress. It is not that dumb :d

    1. Reply

      Hey Martin,

      Thanks man, I always try to learn something new whenever I’m doing something out of my routine.

      To be honest, I’d jump right into the jacuzzi again under the same circumstances if I had a second opportunity lol

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting, have a great day! :-)

    • Sergio Acosta
    • January 28, 2012

    Hey Mate!!!

    Got any other pictures from the wedding? Let me know if I can drop by to get them.

    1. Reply

      Hey bro,

      Don’t worry I’ll send you a link with the compressed files! ;-)

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