Hello everyone, on this article I want to share a couple of things I learnt from my trip to Mazatlan last weekend.

In case you’re wondering why are you looking at some red package that looks like a condom on the left…

Let me tell you that those are the pills I have been taking these last days because I’m ill as hell right now.

I got back to Culiacan on Sunday but got MAD sick on Monday and on Tuesday and Wednesday I could barely breathe, couldn’t even talk at all.

I kept opening new Chrome tabs and forgetting why I opened them up in the first place, it was highly frustrating.

First thing I learnt from my trip to Mazatlan

You NEVER go into a jacuzzi in the open at 1:00 a.m. after a hard party (despite my age, I still do fun dumb things sometimes).

It was cold, windy and we were having some cold beers there.

So I ended up getting an insane cold from that not so brilliant idea, I’m barely feeling better today!

Second thing I learnt from my trip to Mazatlan

This one has to do with content creation and traffic building so let me explain this briefly to you.

I took my regular electronic gadgets with me, which included a flipcam, a digital camera and a kindle reading device.

The macbook was the only thing missing on the list, which I decided to leave at home since I wanted to take a break from the online world.

The plan for the trip was like this

  1. leave early to Mazatlan (friday)
  2. take advantage of the rest of the afternoon
  3. brisk walk in the night
  4. relax with a few beers at some quiet place
  5. go to bed early
  6. attend wedding next day (saturday)
  7. relax in the night
  8. get back to Culiacan on mid day (sunday)
  9. work my butt off on the night
  10. prepare to do some serious activities starting at 6:00 a.m. (monday)

What it actually happened

  1. got to Mazatlan late in the night (friday)
  2. had a quick walk around the place
  3. had some amazing hot chicken wings for dinner + vegetables + dip + beers
  4. went to bed early
  5. wedding started at church at 12:00 p.m. (saturday)
  6. wedding party started at 2:00 p.m.
  7. follow up party at 9:00 p.m. at some private club
  8. went to the hotel at 12:00 a.m. (sunday)
  9. jumped into jacuzzi at 1:00 a.m. and stood there for maybe an hour or so
  10. got back to Culiacan like planned
  11. managed to read on my kindle for three hours and shot a quick video *evil grin*
  12. woke up totally broke down (monday)

Content Creation and Traffic Building Lesson

While on the bus on my way back, there was this movie playing with audio in Spanish (I can’t stand american movies spoken in Spanish, just so you know) so I had to find something else to do.

My brother in law went to sleep before I even knew and my girlfriend was already gone too.

So there I was, eating nachos and coca cola (I still enjoy junk food from time to time) and figuring out what the heck to do.

I soon remembered the Kindle on my backpack so I immediately fired that baby up and scrolled on my previously saved PDFs.

Considering myself such an awful blogger, it didn’t take much to decide to pick Blog Profits Blueprint from Yaro Starak (Pro Blogger at http://entrepreneurs-journey.com)

Inside he defines the importance of having these content pillars which basically are the most amazing pages you can ever write on your blog, you know, those pages you want EVERYONE to read.

A Few Content Pillars Examples

  • How to’s
  • Resources
  • Technical Blueprints
  • List Articles
  • Etc

The other thing I noticed, was in the next topic How To Market Your Blog and it started like this:

“Once you have pillar content in place and you have plans to release a continuous stream of such content, the next step is to attract people and show them how amazing your content is.” -Yaro Starak

I almost choked on the nachos I was eating and then I couldn’t stop reading what it came after…

“…the effectiveness of commenting as a marketing tool is poor. They send a trickle of traffic at best.”

“Tactic: Write a 30-page free report and release it on your blog, then email other bloggers to let them know about it.” -Yaro Starak

What I learnt from this

1. You need to have content pillars in place before doing blog hopping as a traffic building technique.

2. Have a 30-page free report to giveaway on your blog.

To prove Starak’s point that this strategy works, you can download his free report at:

http://www.blogmastermind.com (you can thank me later Yaro! lol)

What I was doing wrong

LOTS of blog hopping (or commenting on other blogs in case you don’t understand that term) without having any content pillars on the site.

I am proud of finally overcoming my fears to recording myself on video but I don’t think I could point you out to a post here and tell you “this is the most amazing post I have ever written”.

Do you understand what I mean? I don’t have any content pillars yet!

As for the written report recommendation goes…

I am currently giving away a video interview that was meant to be sold in the beginning but as it was part of my overcoming fear of recording your first video experiment, I wasn’t comfortable selling it afterwards.

My plan of action

  • Write a few content pillars
  • Write a free report
  • Announce free report on the sidebar
  • Work a little bit on the blogs’ looks

Some Social Media Fun!

This was a video I took inside the bus, it was pretty hilarious to me too lol


To be fair and square with my brother in law and my girlfriend, here they are again but this time they are looking GOOD!

May Sergio FelixMy girlfriend and I

Sergio Felix and Ron MulderMe and my brother in law & business partner, Ron Mulder

Wedding Party PicWith the newly weds at the wedding party

Malecon in Mazatlan

Malecón in Mazatlán

But wait a second… Why show only the good side?

Here’s the aftermath!


On our way to eat some seafood YEAH!

So I have learnt my lesson…

Next time I’m jumping into a jacuzzi, I’m choosing one that is INDOORS!!

And my question for YOU is…

Have you written your content pillars already?

Take care and thank you very much for commenting on the blog, you definitely rock!


Sergio Felix
Sergio Felix

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