Learn How Offline Consulting Could Easily Lead You To 30K A Month Without An IT Degree

Just a few days ago I told you I was working with my first offline client.

This was a BIG trend just a few months ago and it’s still going on strong today.

Want to know why?

A lot of reasons but let’s just focus on the one thing that you and I have in common, our…

Internet Marketing Blogs

In case you didn’t know, Marketing With Sergio IS an internet marketing blog.

And here I promote the companies that I believe you really should use for your services like:

  • Domain registering
  • Hosting accounts
  • WordPress themes
  • Email marketing
  • Etc

You may be doing the same recommendations on your blog.

Maybe more, maybe less or maybe you don’t even have a resources page and are just cool like that.

Your Content Is Your Attraction Magnet

If I’m writing about how to create a subdomain name I’m going to attract people interested in website creation.

If I’m creating content about how to make money online with Clickbank reviews I’m going to get affiliate marketers interested.

If I’m telling you how to drive hordes of traffic to your sites using Pinterest for free I’m going to get bloggers reading on my site.

Can You Spot The Problem?

We’re attracting…

  • website developers
  • affiliate marketers
  • bloggers
  • internet marketers
  • etc

Nothing but the toughest and hardest market to sell stuff to.

Do you really believe that any of these kind of users gets out of bed thinking while stretching “Oh I’m so gonna buy some random stuff on some random blog today“.

It is VERY unlikely to happen.

Don’t Play With Balls, Play With Players

(Okay that sounded like it has some hidden double-meaning… but I swear it was a total coincidence)

If you’re trying to sell a WordPress theme to another blogger, that’s like trying to pitch a baseball to another baseball.

You need to find someone that swings their bat for your pitch like a motherf*cker in order to be able to play ball.

Instead of doing that soft selling crap to other bloggers while trying to look cool and indifferent, why don’t you DO SOMETHING ELSE INSTEAD?

Okay, So What Do I Do Then?

Go out there and offer a basic site for the people that actually WANT to pay for your services.

It’s as easy as creating a one-page sales letter that includes:

  • your e-mail
  • phone number
  • your name (doh)
  • what you can do for them (a basic WordPress site)
  • and any website they can look at (Please DON’T use your marketing blog)

Also tell them you can start working on a 50% upfront payment.

That’s IT.

Some Benefits And Not-So-Cool Stuff About Working With Offline Clients

The good stuff:

  1. Money is easy to get.
  2. Clients are everywhere and actually looking for you.
  3. Prospects upsell themselves, you don’t need to try to convince them of anything.
  4. No refunds.
  5. No crazy people on your inbox telling you how much of a big scammer you are.
  6. Relationship building.
  7. Real mouth to mouth networking and recommendations.
  8. Eager testimonials.
  9. Really, there’s so much good points that I’m just going to stop here.

The not so cool stuff:

  1. Not passive income.
  2. Tax returns.
  3. Your time is compromised.
  4. An on-site training could extend for a very long period.
  5. Having to adapt to their planned schedules.
  6. Dealing with many bosses at the same time.

Obviously, all of these bad points can be improved so they don’t suck so much.

The K.I.S.S. Packages

Right now I’m waiting for someone to bring me about $1,500.00 USD in cash (mexican currency) right now for one of these sites.

We didn’t even agree on $1,500.00… the initial offering was just $500.00

They upsold themselves. (Try doing that with your very first online client and let me know how you did)

This Is How I Did It

I created a K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Stupid) structure which consists of three packages.

For sake of simplicity, let’s just call them bronze, silver and gold.

1. Bronze Package ($500.00 USD)

WAY too basic but you can always add stuff (sections, social media, video, audio, etc) to it and pay for everything separate.

Think McDonald’s “Do you want french fries with that?“.

2. Silver Package. ($800.00 USD)

The no-brainer package, is not ridiculous cheap but it’s not expensive either.

Offers a LOT more than the bronze package and the sales structure is designed for this package to become our best seller.

It is also designed in a way that if you get the cheapest package and add everything for separate to form the silver package, is actually more expensive. (added value)

3. Gold Package ($1,500.00 USD)

This is basically the silver package on steroids and with extra features.

Includes access to the content management system (CMS) and their own server’s Control Panel.

A quick plan of action that fits their needs (unique sales proposition).

It’s the ONLY way you can have a hold of me in your office for a few hours for on-site training and/or consulting.

Includes one-on-one training on topics like updating and maintaining their site.

So as you can see, you get a LOT in return with that package.


I believe the costs are ridiculous cheap because I want to build a rock-solid foundation base of customers first.

But I have good news for you…

In Mexico is very hard to have competitive prices for these kind of services so if you’re based anywhere outside Mexico, I think you could do the same for a lot more money in return.

I also know that this may not be for everyone and it certainly doesn’t meets the passive income dream that many are looking for…

But… if you look at it this way, working for just a few consulting hours a day, for 5 golden clients a week… Actually, let’s look at some numbers.

We’re talking about (projected earnings):

  • 1 week: $7,500.00 USD
  • 2 weeks: $15,000.00 USD
  • 3 weeks: $22,500.00 USD
  • 1 month: $30,000.00 USD

How does $30K A MONTH sounds now for a few hours where you are branding yourself as an:

  1. expert
  2. speaker
  3. trainer and
  4. go-to person for small sites creation in your town

Not that bad right?

Even if you just got yourself ONE golden site a week…

That would mean a monthly income of (at least) $6,000.00 USD and four clients willing to keep paying you for more consultation services and recommending you to others as well.

And if you absolutely sucked at selling and just got one sorry ass bronze deal a month, we’re talking about $500 USD a month.

I hate to burst people’s bubbles but that’s still a lot more than what they normally do on their first year in internet marketing.

For some others, they don’t even do that on their second or third year.

Follow Up

From the top of my head, these are some of the topics you would be interested in learning:

  • Required tools
  • Minimum investment to get started
  • How to create your offline sales page
  • What to show them on your selling site
  • How to write a unique sales proposition for your prospect’s business
  • Where to find potential clients
  • Niche based consulting services
  • Suggest me a topic?

Your Turn

Well it’s still my turn technically… sorry for that.

If you are interested in knowing more about this and how you can do this too, I’m willing to share more details about this in the next updates but I want something in return…

I want YOU to let me know what you think about this on the comments area.

Even if you’re not interested in doing it yourself. I really need that feedback guys so thanks in advance and speak soon!


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    • Patrick Griffin
    • April 19, 2012

    Hi Sergio,
    I guess for many what you are suggesting here sounds scary…dealing with strangers face-to-face, selling your services to them, meeting their needs and dealing with their problems.

    But as long as you have a solid foundation – ie that you really know how to deliver the service you are offering – then the rewards can be huge.

    I think we have all become used to how difficult it is to market to people online.

    I absolutely love your comment about soft selling to other bloggers while trying to look cool and indifferent. That is so true. I am glad you mentioned the relative ease of selling to people offline. It is something we should all think about more and I am really interested in discovering how you get on with this.

    After all who wants to pitch a baseball to another baseball. That makes no sense at all.


    1. Reply

      Hey Pat,

      That’s exactly what I’m looking for, the scary bits, what is actually stopping people from doing stuff like this (because I have a solution for that too!)

      But I still need to know EVERY detail, I hope more people can contribute to this so I can write a better follow up article for the next update.

      I love making no sense at all. I don’t even know where the heck do I come up with those ideas haha

      Thanks for stopping by and the great feedback Patrick, you really are very helpful around here. ;-)

      PS. I couldn’t avoid laughing at the “That makes no sense at all” remark haha

  1. Reply

    The number of tradesmen (builders, plumbers, joiners) who just have a hotmail account on their van is amazingly high. If I had to earn money I would go out and sell them a website package all day long.

    I hear what you’re saying about it being time consuming, but effectively you’re working a JOB, but at least if you get a crap client you can sack them and move onto the next client.

    Great news that you’re using your skills well and getting paid for them.


    1. Reply

      Hey Andrew,

      That’s a great observation man (tradesmen promoting themselves with a free e-mail account) and it is exactly where I’m going with this article.

      I already have two keyword-based domain names registered but I’m treating this whole thing just as another income stream and not as my ‘main business’.

      Awesome comment and thank you for contributing to the article man, speak soon! ;-)

    • Daniel Sumner
    • April 20, 2012

    Hey Sergio,

    Just getting through all the red flags I have in my inbox and you’re up next lol

    Offline biz is an avenue I may go down eventually as I know there are massive profits in it. I have 3 friends who have all come to me to for help with their offline biz, because they have simply been burned by cheap ass so called web masters who think they know what they are doing.

    I have too much going on online to think about that yet, but I’m always avaiable to help out a friend.

    It’s great you are doing this Sergio and I feel guys would have no problem communicating with you. For one you know exactly what you are doing and that’s the main part.

    Have you tried targeting the richer people like dentists, private doctors whatever makes the big dollars? These guys are much more likely to part with investment money than guys who can’t quite afford it.

    Looks like you are on the right path mate. I will be coming to you for offline advice soon.



    1. Reply

      Hey Dan,

      I was refusing myself to do ANY kind of job, gig, project, deal, whatever it was called because I really hate the corporate life.

      However I need to sustain myself somehow as money is definitely not growing on trees and I decided to do the offline thing for a while and see what happened.

      Turns out that my experience is showing (I think) and people seem to actually like me a lot so who knows, I may actually be getting into this more serious.

      “Targeting the richer people”… you actually nailed it there!

      I’m currently working with a politician right now but I’m planning to offer my services for solopreneurs and public figures.

      The next step is the healthcare niche (medics, dentists, etc) and I also have plans for creating directories on other niches.

      I already have the whole thing down on paper, I just need to glue them together into one big project, rent an apartment and go crazy starting all these new sources of income.

      Thanks for stepping in Dan, looks like great minds think alike, have a great weekend! ;-)

      PS. I know a lot about these “webmasters” they’re making a lot of money and doing really lousy jobs. My plan is to get all of their clients! *evil grin*

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    • Linda
    • April 23, 2012

    Thanks for the insight on this, Sergio.

    I still have someone interested in social media type of thing but just wasn’t really sure where to start…well, I have an idea but the “what to charge for what” is what has been holding me back, plus TIME!!! And then teaching them everything since they have no clue!!

    I appreciate you breaking this down…looks like a workable plan, just need to figure out the exact how to’s or I think I just need time to think, which I won’t have for a very long time, unfortunately. Things are super crazy around here right now.

    Anyway, thanks again for this – off to your next post :)

    1. Reply

      Hey Linda,

      I have a plan for addressing how to teach them on using their sites. I want to create a special clients-only place where it has videos on how to do all the basics so I don’t have to go there myself.

      Providing them with a first one-time visit, adds a lot of value though but I’m currently deciding if I’m going to charge for live consulting and give them the free option for the videos and printable manuals so I can take myself off of the equation.

      It’s just basic stuff like uploading an image, a video, an audio file, publishing a new article, proper forwarding for their e-mail addresses, etc.

      Things are crazy everywhere don’t worry, I’m pretty sure you’ll figure something out! LOL

      Thanks for stopping by and there’s definitely a lot more to teach about this, glad you got interested, take care! ;-)

    • Adrienne
    • April 24, 2012

    Hey Sergio,

    I made it round to this one.

    So I have a copywriting friend who is making a killing working with offline corporations. Yes, an absolute killing because they all now realize that it’s important to bring their businesses online.

    She was telling me a couple weeks ago that she’s venturing now into creating blogs for them at a cost of $10K. I almost fell out of my chair. How could these companies pay that much when it doesn’t cost anything near that amount anymore. She said that’s what they have budgeted and they are more than happy to pay that amount. She actually hasn’t been able to convince them to come down on their price. They have that mentality that you pay for what you get.

    She’s now partnered with a WordPress expert who creates themes and they are going to start working together to build companies these sites.

    I wouldn’t enjoy the selling part of it or the training. I wouldn’t mind creating step-by-step videos to walk them through what’s needed. Your way does sound pretty simple though and I get your point. If you need to make some extra money and you know what you’re doing, why not!

    Hope you’ll continue with your sharing Sergio. Thanks for being so candid and I wish you the best of luck with this. I have no doubt you’ll be doing great in this area.


    1. Reply

      Hola Adrienne,

      Well that’s nice to know. Many people really aim for the cheapest thing and then ask for the best service in return, not quite logical.

      I really don’t mind selling services or training people because I love solving problems but I’m not crazy about it either.

      Already have a plan that will take care of those two points and I’m actually taking the online experience to the offline world.

      By offering a very small fee (about $50 USD) per client to friends, I have been able to build a HUGE buzz about our service, I’m just trying to figure out a way to automate as much as I can about it.

      I need to tell you I haven’t promoted the site in any way but due to its natural organic SEO, people are just stumbling into it.

      I’ll definitely write a little bit more about it and believe me, it is NOT difficult at all.

      Thanks for chiming in! ;-)

      PS. I bet your friend is going to earn even a LOT more, that’s what actually our combination is… A Computer Systems Engineer (me) and an e-Marketing Consultant (my brother in law).

      We’re not even showing degrees or anything, whoever has a site and can say “I made this myself” can do what we’re currently doing.

    • Jens P. Berget
    • April 24, 2012

    Hi Sergio,

    I believe what you did is fantastic, and it’s exactly what I have been looking for. I’m still struggling with how to price my services, and having three packages sounds awesome. This way the client can decide, but they’ll always want the most valuable package – that’s human nature :)

    Please share some more details.

    1. Reply

      Hey Jens,

      Well you and the rest of the guys just made my day!

      I thought nobody considered this good information so I was going to write about different topics but with these responses I do think I have enough material to create a more detailed article about it.

      Won’t say more about the price structure or the packages to include that on the post but thanks for stepping in and getting interested Jens, take care! ;-)

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