Las Vegas And What The Heck Have I Been Doing Lately

I’m finally going to Las Vegas!

This is happening on this very same weekend and if you think I have enough time to write this update, you’re definitely wrong.

Time is the last thing I have so I created a video and just spoke away all that I have been doing in the past days.

Obviously is not quite all of it since I have done a lot more things but the ones I mention here are the most important ones.

The Video

Okay here’s the video and for all the blog hoppers and backlink seekers, it’s very long but fear not, I have also wrote a few things I discussed on video so you can still write something relevant to the post by skimming through the written content (see? I’m two steps ahead of you! lol)

A word of warning for those brave ones who are going to watch the video anyway… there’s a HUGE mess in my bedroom-office and honestly I have a gazillion things to do before picking everything up.

Bummer for the video bad quality, I forgot to set the right resolution but the audio is still decent (if you understand my pronunciation of course).

Earning More Money, Getting More In Debt

I wrote this update on twitter and facebook because even though the reason behind it was to be a bit funny, it’s definitely NOT funny to try to make more money and to get more in debt!

It just doesn’t make any sense but the real thing is that it has been happening a lot lately.

A few friends replied and here’s what Kris Mainieri had to say about it:

“A part you earn is yours to keep. Always pay yourself first at least 10% then figure out how to pay everyone else with what’s left. Live below your means. Enslave your coin and make it work for you, then enslave your coins children and make them produce. Then you can spend money on fun stuff, boy toys etc… I’ve learnt this the hard way in the past.” ~ Kris Mainieri

I never thought of using money to produce more money, I kept investing most of the earnings on more services, resources, trainings and getting more and more in debt so this is why reading that “simple” comment created a huge “aha moment”.

Hostgator Problem

I don’t even want to go through this one as I still can’t believe this happened to me.

Turns out I have a hosting reseller account with Hostgator (I have said this in the past I do not resell hosting, this is solely for offline clients and small projects I run with my brother in law).

With that out of the way, when you have a reseller account, you need to set a main domain name for it.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t use it for anything but you still need to have that main domain name for the reseller account and if you want, you can have your own private nameservers too (great branding for those that like to research you using whois tools).

Well it turns out, we bought a keyword rich domain name (hosting-based) for the reseller account and we selected a period of two years.

Hostgator did a freaking mess at the time of registering our domain name and to make a long story a short one, the domain got suspended, we weren’t aware of it, then redemption time was over and then a client phones me mad as hell because his site wasn’t online.

I quickly checked his site and it all looked good and after a little bit of research, uh oh… I was looking at a cached copy of his site and yes, his site was down.

After going back and forth for two days with hostgator via support tickets and online chats, then it hit me, the freaking domain was bought from someone in Illinois.

I’ll… be… damned.

For a second I was thinking of signing this dude’s e-mail address to every obscure site that I could think of but then I calmed down and it was no one’s fault but us.

We should have checked, we shouldn’t have assumed and well, to close this one, we lost that domain but that’s okay, we already moved on and are busy working on what matters.

Our nameservers are back to “normal” to a current site that we own and my client is no longer trying to kill me. (thank God)

Mike Filsaime’s Hedgehog And The Fox

I’m a student of Omar Martin and he recently granted us access to a site called The Seven Figure Code by Mike Filsaime.

Even though I know many people hate the big marketers, I tend to be very open about everything so I have zero problem with whoever I learn from.

I observe, learn whatever I can, create my own concept on the topic and move on.

So anyway, I started watching Mike’s videos and right on the first video he mentioned this thing about how a fox always has these many brilliant ideas to capture the hedgehog but none of them completely dominated and how the hedgehog is just amazing at doing ONE thing, which is curve into a ball and get all the splints pointing out.

The analogy to an easily distracted marketer is incredible!

Doing many things at once and not dominating any of them will never allow you to succeed no matter how great your ideas are.

The same goes for a laser focused marketer, who just has this one project, one thing that won’t let go until it’s completely dominated.

I have to plead guilty on this one (of being a “fox”) but guess what, I’m going to re-arrange every single thing I do online.

In fact, I already started and I’m already seeing the benefits!

Hey Ma, I’m On The Newspaper!

This is not important but I think it was cool to mention it, my girlfriend and I made it to the local newspaper haha!

sergio felix at chilis

We just got captured having dinner at a recently opened Chili’s restaurant in town and the only thing it makes it important is because it’s the only picture on our fourth anniversary.

Turning Bad Habits Into Great Habits

I have way too many bad habits but I’m working like a freaking maniac to change all of this.

I have stopped drinking every kind of sugar based drinks and honestly, sometimes I get anxious as hell BUT I have found that whenever I jog, I don’t have that problem anymore so that’s two things I’m doing right now.

No more soft drinks for me, just pure water and daily jogging.

Besides I was developing a very unsexy beer belly so it’s time to put a stop to this already.

The other improvement I’ve made, is that since I started with the crazyness about taking cold showers I haven’t stopped.

I think I have taken about two or three hot showers only because I was feeling terribly ill at the moment and couldn’t manage to stand cold water but apart from that, I have been a cold shower taker and even though I don’t love it, I certainly don’t hate them so much anymore.

Whenever I hesitate to get the cold shower running instead of the hot water, I just think about on how much am I cheating on myself and I ask myself if I really want it that much (become very succcessful online) and in that very second I open the cold shower and jump in.

No time for drama.

Vibram's Bikila LS

The last improvement I’m going to do, is I’m going to cut down a lot on beer and I’m getting one of those Vibram running shoes that make you look like an alien running around.

I’m pretty sure those will create some crazy funny stories to tell or at least a few awkward ones.

Improving My Mindset And Knowledge

I have way too many resources to learn from, unopened books to read, videos to watch, courses to go through, what I lack is time.

But even though I have all of that, you need to consider that having the resources doesn’t means that you will be very well taught.

Well I compiled a list of about 35-40 amazing books on mindset, marketing, sales copy, ideas, from a lot of very huge authors and I bought all the books that didn’t have a kindle edition.

Oddily enough, I wanted more the books that had a kindle edition (the ones that I didn’t buy) because I consider them to be better books but I can’t risk myself to buy the books that I want and not be able to read any of the rest of the books just because there’s not a kindle version available.

Maybe I’m not making much sense right now but then again, sometimes I have a complex way of thinking things out.

I’ll figure out how to get all the books sooner or later AND go through them.

I know it would have been very cool to tell you which titles they are but I don’t have that much time so I apologize for that.

Planning And Setting Milestones Down On Paper

Exactly what it says.

Right now my focus is to get out of Vegas alive and with enough money to come back as well.

I’ll be back in Mexico in August so I’ll use that full month to get rid of general stuff, junk, etc; search for an appartment and finally sell my truck.

I’ll use the money from the car to pay for the appartment and services and if I play my cards right, that should be enough for at least a couple of months, maybe even three months.

That’s enough time to try a few different things online so I won’t worry about it that much (besides I’m already sick of living in fear).

If I fail, then I always can just go with locals any time.

Apparently there’s a boom going on about incredible good looking websites right now and all I see is just big boxes, huge text and some javascript and ajax scripts.

If that makes a few thousands per project, I can definitely enter that market (hint!).

Project Las Vegas Closure

I wish I could give you a more detailed á la Pat Flynn report but I just can’t.

There were many things that got in the way, like being on detention for a day, spending the whole next day recovering my car, then a few more days mourning the passing of a close relative, add to that all the days that I had to think about what happened that day when I was pulled over, my current situation with my girlfriend, parents, I’m just not into creating a report for this.

vegas vacation money

All I can say is that I learned a very important thing working with offline clients and that is, sometimes you just have to be a little bit of an asshole.

Otherwise communication may not be adequate and you’ll end up losing time, efforts, money and sometimes even your head.

When a client schedules a meeting with you in their office and you get there on time and they are not there and make you wait for half an hour, that’s lack of respect.

Even worse when you offer a crazy super high value proposal and they tell you they don’t have any money yet they want you to work with them?

That shit is definitely not worth it folks.

Not worth my time, my smiles, my consideration, my friendliness, my anything.

That’s why I said that sometimes being a bit of an asshole is necessary to make a point.


I still need to do a lot of stuff but I still wanted to give you a heads up on what I have been doing lately.

Even though the post is mainly about me and what has been happening around here, there’s a lot of things you can learn if you paid attention to this update.

Take care and I’ll try to write something else before leaving as tomorrow’s my last day in Mexico, cheers!


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    • Sorina Dascalu
    • July 19, 2012

    If you are the fox why don’t you eat the 2 f***ing parrots?

    PS: Good luck and have fun in Vegas!

    1. Reply

      LMAO that’s a great suggestion Sorina!

      Thank you for stopping by and yeah, I’ll try to have fun over there. ;-)

      PS. Any recommendations… black or red?

        • Sorina Dascalu
        • July 20, 2012

        Why? Because I tried to put only “RED” in my comment first and WordPress didn’t let me, it said “error – try to put more letters blah blah”.
        If WordPress thinks RED is error then go with black, I would trust WordPress.

        1. Reply

          Hahaha really?

          Wow… black it is then (besides I like black more than I like red) thanks Sorina! ;-)

            • Sorina Dascalu
            • July 20, 2012

            Black has my affiliate link on it! ;) If you win more then 1 million dollars you can give me a 5% commission!

            1. Hah, consider it done! ;-)

    • Patrick Griffin
    • July 19, 2012

    Hi Sergio,
    Have a great time in Vegas – you deserve a good break man.
    Just reading this blog post has left me exhausted.
    When you come back then it will be time to focus on the main tasks you need to do and to forget about all the things you don’t need to do.
    Take care,

    1. Reply

      Thank you Patrick,

      I’ll make sure I keep myself accountable when I get back man, it’s all written down already, thanks for stopping by and take care! ;-)

    • Linda
    • July 19, 2012

    Hello my friend,

    The picture of you and your girlfriend is a really good one!

    I don’t know how reseller accounts work, I always in the past, just buy new domain and hosting accounts – I never really felt comfy with those reseller accounts, really sorry about what happened – I wouldn’t be very happy – in fact I have been finding stuff on my dad’s site that is not flying with me and people/companies so I don’t have a right – omg – they are so wrong! I have to tell you that I am SO SICK of the Internet, I mean in a REALLY big way! So, I am might go on you with your vacation, but not in reality…………wish I could meet you, though. Never been to LV, but maybe one day. Hope you have the time of your life and will be looking forward to anything you take videos of :)

    Oh and congrats on making that money – wow! I need to get with it :) You did great!!

    I have been with Mike Filsaime for awhile now and was going to promote his latest product, but I didn’t even look at it – you are right we need to focus on 1 thing and I still have a HARD time with it.

    Beer – I tried and OMG I couldn’t – maybe we can work on this together? I’ve only gone the opposite of what we talked about.

    I am excited to hear you are going to move out of Mexico!! Or at least out of your room, it is hot here too, but we don’t have an alternative due to the shitty windows that were put in – you think they would put in top of line…… pissed, they barely can hold a fan, let alone a window AC……….it’s been really bad here lately and I cannot make videos with fan on high speed…lol Or maybe just say the hell with it?

    Have a Great time in Phoenix and of course in Las Vegas – just don’t gamble all your money away – it can happen easily – keep yourself a budget when gambling!

    Talk to you when you get back!!
    P.S. – Good job on selling your book :)

    1. Reply

      Hey Linda, thank you for your kind comment on our picture.

      Whenever you want to understand the basics of what a reseller account does, check out the post I wrote here: Hostgator Reseller Accounts

      The cool thing about not being online the WHOLE time is that my hands are finally pain-free which reminds me that I should buy a couple of wrist bands to prevent that damn carpal tunnel from coming back.

      It’ll be my first time in Vegas (hopefully not the last one) and I’ll make sure I can record as much as I can over there and of course, share the videos here, I know it will be awesome!

      I have seen stuff from Mike before but never seen the 7th figure code, can’t say it’s incredible (yet) since I’ve only watched two videos so far (they are very long) but they have been highly valuable to me.

      I’m not quitting on beer but I’m definitely going to substitute a few beer cans with a few miles jogging. (this is another reason why I feel I need to start a more personal blog since these kind of things do not fit in here) I’m pretty sure you can do the same and keep yourself accountable with us!

      Oh and I’m not moving out of Mexico (yet) the first change is out of my parent’s house which will be happening in late August or early September (assuming I don’t go broke after Vegas lol) then if I start hitting my milestones I plan to move to Guadalajara starting on next year and if another plan goes as I have it on paper, I could be moving before 2013 to somewhere in California (this is something I still need to talk about and assuming that the world still exists!)

      For recording and noises, if you pay attention to any of my daylight videos, you’ll be able to hear birds, then parrots, sometimes cars, sometimes dogs and even sometimes people yelling. My fan also gets in the recordings so I normally have to turn it off and do the video quickly.

      I’m not planning to do anything fancy with my recordings but I certainly don’t want a freaking parrot or a dog barking when I need all your attention on me while explaining something.

      So yeah, I say just go for it with your videos and the fan and whatever else wants to show up on the recording.

      Thanks for stopping by and your awesome comment Linda, hope you have a great day weekend, take care! ;-)

      PS. I know sports betting in and out but I know zero about gambling, I’ll definitely hit the casinos but I’m not sure what the heck am I going to do there haha

    • Linda
    • July 20, 2012

    Oh yeah, you definitely need to rest your hands and get some wrist braces for yourself – for me it was just my right hand, which is my dominate hand, but if both hurts get 2.

    I don’t know much about betting on sports but I do know about gambling and best to stick to slot machines but you MUST keep a budget before you go in there cause you can easily blow it within a few hours….if you win say $200 and only spent a few dollars – great – WALK AWAY cause you will just keep playing that $200 and before you know it you are worse off than when you started – talking from experience here. I have not been to a casino in a few years cause it really is very addicting…just be careful!

    About the beer – personal blog or email works for me :)

    Hope your plans go accordingly and that you can move to California – I think anything outside of Mexico would be good for you.

    Have fun and thanks for the reply – have a good time and did I read right you won’t be coming back until AUGUST?? Wow, I am going to miss you :)


    1. Reply

      Hey Linda, I’m actually coming back a bit sooner, I said August for simplicity purposes and yeah, I definitely think California would be awesome too!

      Thanks for the sweet comment and the gambling recommendations! ;-)

    • Chetz Togom
    • July 20, 2012

    Hey Mr. Hedgehog! heheheh :)

    This is AWESOME! You’re going to VEGASSSSSSSSSS!!!
    Have fun there man! And thanks for sharing the info about Hedgehog and Fox. I’m also having problem in choosing one thing that I wanna be good at. Right now I think I wanna be really good at using “The Force” hehehehehe.

    I also got this Vibram shoes… but not the running type… more of a walking type and people kinda give me that weird look… but some brave enough to come and asked me about the shoes. :)

    Also congratulations on moving out of your parents’ house soon. I’m also plan to move out of my best friend’s house by October. I’m working to make some money for the deposit now.

    Take care bro and do update us with some pictures on Facebook!
    Have an awesome trip!!!

    Chetz Togom

    1. Reply

      Hey Chetz,

      How you doing man? Ahh you can never go wrong focusing on The Force!

      That’s very cool that you also use Vibram’s, I can’t wait to get to see how mine feel but I’m planning to start jogging on the treadmill first to get the hang of it and then maybe take it outside.

      Thank you for stopping by and yeah, moving out is a huge priority for me, hope your plan goes just as well and yeah, I’ll update with pictures maybe even a few videos.

      Take care Chetz and have a great weekend my man! ;-)

    • Karson Kraybill
    • July 20, 2012

    Wooo Vegas!

    I went to vegas last year and lost like $600 then on my last day stuck a $20 into a slot machine and won it all back haha. Have fun man.

    I need to quit drinking that soda pop too.

    By the way! You might find it cool that the 7 figure code is available free here:

    Look forward to seeing a tour of your new place!


    1. Reply

      Whoa Karson, that’s some really awesome luck right there!

      Even though I’m not of those people that go around preaching junk food is bad for your health (I eat a lot of fast food, beers and cola so how could I? haha) I still know that controlling the quantity and/or frequency, is a must man.

      Can’t wait to pack my stuff up and move on to my own place, I’ll give you guys the very first premiere tour of it as soon as it’s done, thank you for stopping by Karson, always looking forward to your feedback! ;-)

      PS. Very cool that you found that link to the 7th Figure Code, thanks for sharing it here man!

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