Internet Marketing Highs And Lows

Hello my friend.

It’s been a while I haven’t posted here…

But that’s only because I have been incredibly busy lately but I decided to put a stop to that and created a very cool video for you to watch today.

I also want to be brief because the video is a bit lenghty but I can rest assure you it’s good, not just good enough, like REAL GOOD.

So go ahead, hit that play button and let it rip!

Highs And Lows Video

Resources Mentioned On The Video




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Last Thoughts

Well there you have it.

I bet you have had your share of ups and lows in the past, am I right?

The next time you are not in the mood to be productive or get something done, always remind yourself that every single person you know online has failed at least once (and I bet they have failed a lot more, they are just not telling you that).

But most important, why do I know this?

Well, I get to see this every day inside of the 30+ different facebook groups I’m part of!

  • Some people can’t do videos.
  • Others say they can’t write anything.
  • A few say WordPress is too hard.
  • Others are way too happy downloading tons of digital information because “someday they are going to use it”.
  • Others are so overwhelmed they have literally no clue what to do next and are going back to square one on a constant basis.

The list just goes on and on!


Now guys seriously, if Internet Marketing was really that “easy” (as the gurus say it is) then absolutely everyone would be doing it.

I really can’t give you a cookie-cutter formula for success because I don’t even think something like that exists, because…

Our levels of:

  • passion
  • knowledge
  • experience
  • necessity
  • resources

And a ton of other things can be so incredibly different from one to another that it is literally impossible to say:

“Okay everybody listen up, I have finally found the formula!”.

What I can tell you though, is to never give up and if you aren’t getting the results you expect, then get help from someone who has done what you are after.

Just make sure it is not a hyped up offer and it is someone you can resonate with (if you need some recommendations just ask!).

So that is all for now, thank you for reading and watching the video!


PS. Btw if you need any WordPress help, then Authority Blog Profits is almost ready to be launched to the public!

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  1. Reply

    Hi Sergio,

    It’s not just you that’s busy, I also have only written one post in March…

    Actually the video I made was the last thing I did for my own business, the rest of my computer time has been taken up working for other people with fiverr gigs.

    I do have stuff written down, and with Easter coming up I’m wanting to get them done, although my wife has me down for redecorating the house.

    Anyway it’s good to get a shout out from you for my actions, and we can both move towards marketing high’s for the rest of the year.


    1. Reply

      Hey Andrew,

      It definitely looks like you are in for a treat this month then!

      And it’s the least I can do (give you some exposure here) after all, you did take action with that email I sent not long ago and I really appreciate that.

      I will still write those articles about how to properly reach someone online and how to connect with your audience better and I’ll give you the proper shout out and put your video in one of those two blog posts as well.

      Thanks again and have a great day my man!

  2. Reply

    Hi Sergio,

    I’ve been missing in action also.
    Have been working on my blogs…and other things.

    Missed you smiling face.

    Shout out when you get ready to launch!

    Interesting video…part laments by Job and part Anthony Robbins!
    (Bet you have to look up Job).


    1. Reply

      Hey Cararta,

      I’m almost done with the final details so the launch is happening in the following days.

      Thank you for stopping by and checking out the video!

    • Jeevan Jacob John
    • April 4, 2014

    Great point about highs and lows…I think more marketers need to share their failures (not only is this truth, but it also makes them more relate-able).

    Also great point about publicizing our goals (although I have read of recent studies saying that committing to your audience can have a negative effect).

    I have also been making a lot of excuses…and I need to do better (I do have a plan, now it’s all up to implementing the plan).

    I also have a great plan for the summer (lot of work though). Luckily, my internet connection will be limited, so I have nothing else to do :D

    Anyways, thank you for sharing this, Sergio :) Good luck to you.

    1. Reply

      Hey Jeevan,

      Absolutely man, to me the people that only open their mouth to talk about their highs or hits or whatever they (finally) done right, are shady marketers.

      Sounds like you have an actionable plan in place already so good luck with that, now all you have to do is follow through.

      Thanks for stopping by man and for the good wishes as well.

  3. Reply

    Hi Sergio,

    I saw your blog from your comment on Jeevan’s blog.

    I am happy when reading posts about Internet marketing, since I liked online business and marketing. Well, I believe that the internet marketing is not easy, a lot of knowledge and experience required, because a lot of tips and techniques on the internet marketing that comes from trial and error. If you want to succeed in Internet marketing, then you should have a passion on it, right?

    Thanks for sharing this post along with the video, Sergio.
    Nice share!


    1. Reply

      Hello Nanda,

      Having a passion for internet marketing is definitely a “must have”, without being stubborn enough and really believing that you can make it, it’s very likely that people will then fail.

      Thank you for stopping by and checking out the video!

  4. Reply

    Hiya Sergio, how are you doing? Hope all is well.

    You are really capturing the aspects of internet marketing such as passion, resources, experience etc.
    These elements are rarely talked about and many marketers are unaware of it, so it is great that you are showing your visitors that there is ‘more’ involved compared to just sitting at the desk on the computer.

    You have to prepare your mind mentally if you are planning to make it money in the internet marketing world.

    Internet marketing does have highs and lows as with all businesses. It is hard to predict trends but if you put your hard work, stay committed, provide huge value in your products, stand out from the crown etc, then you have the potential to make money online and to become a success just like you are Sergio!

    It is great to identify that you have not succeeded in something that you feel you could have done better. If you have identified this then It helps you to improve it next time, or lets you decide to take another different approach, which might provide better results.

    I hope you and your family is doing fine.

    Matt Morgan

    1. Reply

      Hey what’s up Matt,

      I’m doing fantastic brother, thanks for asking and for stopping by man, I kind of missed your feedback around here so seeing this made me smile, besides I agree 100% with all of your observations particularly the last one, if you can’t identify a problem, then how are you supposed to get better results and improve?

      Take care man and have a great day! ;-)

    • Guy Martin
    • April 19, 2014

    Hey Sergio,

    I like your style and congrats in getting married.

    One of the reasons I do not talk about the negative stuff is because I like to put my best foot forward.

    That’s not to say I wouldn’t, but the realities will only come out after a relationship has occurred.

    I already know you’re a man of conscience and you believe in doing the right thing.

    But as you know, not everybody feels that way.

    I have an ongoing problem with someone who’s got my site and I wrote a post about it called “Mean What You Say And Do What You Mean”.

    This has been a pain in my you-know-what and it goes to show what may sometimes happen when one does not deliver on a promise.

    Integrity is of the utmost importance so keep up the good work, Sergio!


    1. Reply

      Hey Guy,

      That’s okay brother, I don’t expect everyone to be like me, that’s exactly what makes life interesting that we are all different!

      Now about your personal problem, hit me up whenever you have the time for it and I will be more than happy to give you a helping hand brother.

      Nobody should go through any kind of pain when it comes to their websites so seriously, hit me up on Facebook, I just sent you a friend request over there.

      Cheers and thank you for stopping by.

      PS. Great job on your first talking head video man.

    • Bryan Mullennix
    • April 27, 2014

    Hey Sergio,

    I enjoyed your video! I agree that marketers who are willing to expose some of their failures seem more real than the “perfect every time guy”. Perfect every time is just too good to be true.

    As for products…When a new product comes across my screen that sounds interesting, I’ve started doing a quick search on the warrior forum to see if the product is worth it. What I’ve found is that a lot of times that “perfect, too good to be true” product is actually a fail. So there might be more than a few failures that could be shared :)


    1. Reply

      Hey Bryan, that was exactly my point man.

      I can’t stand it when other marketers only show you one side of the coin, that seems like shady marketing to me.

      I always do research whenever I’m going to buy a new product unless I absolutely love the marketer then I just go and buy it.

      If I have any questions and I know the marketer is an approachable one, then I try to ask the product creator directly.

      Thanks for watching the video and for stopping by Bryan, have a nice start of week too! ;-)

  5. Reply

    Hey Sergio,

    Glad to know you! Your one moving marketer (and nice guy)

    I didn’t see your vid above as it wouldn’t play for me, but know it’s on my end as I work through internet connect issues.

    Your transparency, I’m sure is welcomed from all, and as I’m a meticulous person…..I can tell your are as well. A deep thinker wouldn’t you say? ( it has it’s ups and downs :)

    Anyway, your authority blog site is looking meticulously fantastic, and I know the hours and energies that brought it to creation.

    From one guitarist to another…… let me hear your music sometime :)

    Take care Sergio, and keep in touch!

    1. Reply

      Hey Steve, don’t worry about it man.

      The video was probably too long if it was going to be the very first video you ever watched from me anyway.

      I am indeed, a very transparent person, not sure if I’d be a “deep thinker” but I definitely put my 100% in everything I do and that includes this marketing blog too.

      Thank you for stopping by and it’s very cool that you’re a guitar player too, I have some stuff recorded online but it’s really old and it was kind of heavy music LOL

      I’ll show it to you one day if you’re still interested.

      Take care and have a great weekend Steve! ;-)

  6. Reply

    Hi Sergio,

    This is a really gut wrenching, honest and inspiring video! I find it very moving and your depth of knowledge and generosity with information has been incredible.

    It’s so true that highs and lows are part of the journey that is IM.
    At the moment, my high was writing my first blog post through the QSC group. The 2 years before, has definitely been low as I was lost and overwhelmed in the internet jungle.

    Thank you for your support in visiting my first post, it means a lot that you would take the time to visit a newbie like me. Just joined Dean’s iPro program, so about to take a steep learning curve!

    Look forward to your continued success in IM, we are lucky to have you!


    1. Reply

      Hello Aneeta, everyone has been up and down no matter how long they have been doing Internet Marketing or being an online entrepreneur.

      Like I said on my article the only difference is that some people won’t tell you about it but that doesn’t resonates with me, if I’m supposed to be transparent and tell it like it is, that’s exactly how I’m doing it.

      I’ve known people who have been doing this for 5 years and haven’t made one single dollar and I also happen to know a few ones that have made not only one but several thousands of dollars in just a few months.

      It all comes down to how hard, how serious and how driven are you decided to get in order to make it happen.

      Thanks again for your words and like I told you before, you’re in very good hands with Dean Holland, can’t wait to see you making that first $1 dollar!

    • Bart Nash
    • May 12, 2014

    Hey Sergio,

    You’re right Internet marketing has many ups and lows. I failed at every thing I did online until I decided to seek out a coach and mentor who pointed out the right and wrong things to do.

    I have a 180 day plan for my new/old site. The same plan I followed before that helped me achieve the level of success it received.

    To many marketers I think follow the wrong people and try to go for the quick easy money. Aint no such thing.

    Good quality content, doing what you say and associating with the right people and you have a fighting chance to succeed.

    It’s been 16 months since the last time I posted on your blog. Man your site has come alive my friend.

    Look forward to reading more of your posts and videos.

    As always, Make it a Great Day.

    1. Reply

      Hey Bart,

      Glad to see you back in this place man and I really love the crisp look of your site (and logo) gotta love that new Optimize Press 2.0 right? ;-)

      Anyway, I hope you start writing some articles soon…

      Remember that search engines are going to start crawling your site in just a couple of days and the last thing you want is having cached pages of your site in the search results.

      Take it easy man and hope to see you making even more progress very soon.

    • Stephen Hawkins
    • June 15, 2014

    Great video Sergio, Wasn’t long enough though. No really 20 mins or so is just fine for me. especially when you throw some valuable tips out there.

    All of what I am seeing in the world of late just seems to get me even more jacked up to do even more and get some stuff out there.

    I need to improve my blog posts first though. They smell bad. ha. Cheers again.

    1. Reply

      Hey what’s up Stephen, what you’re describing is called “momentum” and right now, you have to take advantage of it and roll with it!

      There will be times in which you may not feel that rush anymore but all you need to do is to keep going forward until you get a result; whether it’s a bad one or a good one but a result in the end so you can analyze if you did something wrong and how to fix it.

      I think your articles are fantastic, what you need to do now is to spread them out!

      Do some blog hopping (comment on other people’s blogs), start following people on twitter and interacting with them, RT their content, get familiar and put yourself in the spot of other people (start making a few “welcome” videos for your blog).

      That is going to help you a lot.

      Thanks for stopping by and we will be talking through the week man, take care! ;-)

      PS. Nice job on taking action by getting your gravatar image ready and your personal twitter account.

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