Importance Of Having Your Own Domain Name

Hey what’s up?

I shouldn’t even be posting updates right now (I’m in the middle of writing sales copy) but man, I’m so happy I just had to do it.

But I will make this update very short too, I promise.

It’s basically aimed at people that do not own their own domain name.

First of all, I don’t care what your excuse for not having your domain is, you need to have your own domain name as in right now.

In case you were wondering, I own and actually many more domain names with my name on it so yes, I actually follow my own advice.

Importance Of Having Your Own Domain Name Video

Check out the video down below… I’m going to be an uncle today! ;-)

The website is but my brother in law hasn’t updated it much apart from including a custom logo but the website is supposed to share images and stuff from the new born baby so his family in Netherlands can check it out, now how cool is that?

What… You Don’t Have A Website Yet?

I already wrote a few awesome articles (videos included) showing you how to do it, just check them out here:

  1. How To Get Your Domain Name
  2. Get Your Hosting Account
  3. How To Link Your Domain To Your Hosting Account (DNS Update)
  4. How To Install WordPress
  5. How To Install FREE WordPress Themes
  6. How To Start Building Your List


There are a lot of new bloggers wasting their time, writing 5-7 hour blog posts and making absolute no revenue at all.

If you want to have an online diary then more power to you! (just remember you’re not that important…)

But if you actually want to make money online, I would take the advice given earlier and actually sign up to my upcoming Premium WordPress training.

It’s not going to be ridiculous expensive but it’s not going to be FREE either.

Signing up there will save you a few bucks though.

Cheers and I hope you get uncomfortable and be awesome today! ;-)


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  1. Hello Sergio, Hope all is fine.

    This is a great tip yet many people don’t do it. You should register your own domain so that when your brand gets bigger then people can find your name in google search rankings. It also feels more special to have your own domain.

    try for the .com aswell www. [YourName] .com

    After this you should get hosting, host a blog, put up some valuable content articles and link to affiliate products.

    5 TIPs.
    1) Use a reputationable domain company to register your domain.

    2) Use a .com domain.

    3) Use domain tools to check if your domain has been taken, such as:

    4) Try to avoid hyphenated names and numbers.

    5) If your domain name has been taken, then don’t panic. Be creative in your choice of words to make an alternative one.

    What if your domain name is taken? don’t panic, try some alternative words in it.

    eg, (addition word = ‘Tips’ ) (addition word = ‘Marketing’ ) (addition word = ‘The’ & ‘blog’ ) (addition word = ‘Blogging’ ‘With’ )

    There will always be an alternative name to use, you just have to be creative, there is always a solution.

    Matt Morgan

    1. Hello Matt,

      There’s a lot of things that come into play regarding domain names, organic SEO and search engine rankings.

      These are the top two searches for this site:

      1. “marketing with sergio” 31.02%
      2. “sergio felix” 15.43%

      This means a number of things…

      – People are already used to type “marketing with sergio” (which would lead to think there’s somewhat of an established brand already)

      – And people know my full name is “Sergio Felix” even though it’s not even present in the URL (proper use of On page SEO attributes like images, links, etc)

      Plus I always say “I’m Sergio Felix” on my videos, not just “Sergio”.

      So it looks like these are really minor details but they’re not.

      Getting your own domain name is one of the FIRST things everyone should do even if you’re not planning to make money online.

      Thanks for stopping by and giving some excellent tips as usual!

      PS. I don’t really like using words like “the” or “with” on my domain names, if I actually knew what I know now, I wouldn’t have registered at all.

      I think it does have a ring to it so is not something that bothers me. ;-)

    • Khaja Moin
    • April 18, 2013

    Hey Sergio,

    It was nice to see the background.Though I agree with you I saw few people making money with blogpost blogs anyway I don`t recommend it. as we never knew how they change URL structure.

    Hey mate even am planning to make videos for my blog am a bit nervous. Will let you know when am done.


    1. Hey Khaja,

      To be honest I wouldn’t buy a product from a blogspot site even if it was $1.

      For a person that doesn’t knows anything about domain names (someone who is not into marketing, developing, etc) I believe they would actually buy something there if the offer was compelling enough.

      The positive thing about free blogging platforms is that there is no investment required and you can practically start publishing stuff in just a few minutes.

      For people scared of writing and sharing who they are online, these free blogging platforms can be great for testing if blogging could be for you or not.

      I would still strongly advice against using a free blogging platform and go professional from day one.

      WordPress has been dumbed down so much these years that if a person can use a word editor then they practically know more than enough to use WordPress on their own domain name.

      Speaking of doing your first video, I would recommend you to watch this video: How To Record Your First Video In 3 Steps

      It’s a video I recorded for people that feel scared, shy or nervous about doing their first video online.

      It’s a bit long (10:35m) but it’s totally worth it.

      Good luck with it and thanks for stopping by man! ;-)

  2. Hi Sergio

    I have domains for the whole family, and my 16 year old step daughter wants to start learning about how to use it properly to set up some stuff.

    Getting the proper branding in place is so important, the only downside is that I get a lot of disappointed viewers to my website and a few interesting tweets as one of the other Andrew Stark’s in the world happens to be a gay porn star from Colorado.

    On the plus side at least I can’t get into any copyright trouble over this as I doubt if we’ll ever be in the same line of business.


    1. Hey Andrew, so you registered domains for the whole family? I think that’s pretty cool man!

      I didn’t know there was such an actor with your same name and I can only imagine what kind of tweets are you getting from that industry… LOL

      Just so you don’t feel bad about it, if you google “sergio felix” and check out the images in the results, there’s at least a dozen people with mugshots all over the place, including two dead bodies.

      That’s the biggest reason why I decided to register .net and .org and a few other extensions with my name (I was planning to upload a LOT of pictures and stuff on my name to override those results but I guess I didn’t care that much in the end)

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your experience with your domain name (I hope nobody decides to call himself “sergio felix” in such industry though!) ;-)

      PS. Don’t even worry about getting into copyright problems man, like you said, is not even the same market.

    • Kerry Russell
    • April 19, 2013

    Hey Sergio…

    First up, CONGRATULATIONS on the new family member :)

    Next up, I totally agree with you about having your own top level domain name. It’s one of the first things my good mentor taught me when I first got started.

    Gotta say, I had quite a bit of trouble getting my own .com name — it’s a popular one and almost all variations were taken.

    Just my luck, lol.

    I used for a few years but really thought it was a bit of a pain to remember for blog visitors.

    Anyways, I’ve now switched from my .com to a business brand as I also believe that having a good brand is a MUST as well.

    Good luck with the sales page my friend. I’m sure you’ll ROCK

    Kerry Russell

    1. Hey Kerry, thank you so much, the baby is just awesome!

      Now speaking about domains, I always recommend people to get their .com for their own name as soon as possible (even if they are going for a business brand) because of the posterior uses you can give to that domain.

      And it’s funny though, as soon as I suggest this there’s always somebody that will say is not comfortable to be “out there” or even worse, scared to be found by their name because they feel exposed.

      I guess it all depends on what people want to do online, it’s completely okay (and sometimes even better) to go under a brand name if we are not the actual main focus of our business (something I want to do soon).

      Your blog at had a LOT of interaction and plenty of great articles too (btw I love blogs that showcase personal experiences and not feel like boring articles taken straight out of equally boring books)

      Thanks a lot for stopping by and it’s really an honor for me to have you here Kerry! ;-)

      PS. I’ll be back as soon as possible in your academy, I just need to get this product launched already!

      PPS. Sales page is taking an eternity to finish but I’m almost done with it…

    • Heru Prasetyono
    • April 21, 2013

    I haven’t got my own domain name yet even though I am eager to. But today I want to focus on my blog I started last January. I think having my own damain name will be looking good.
    By the way I would like to congratulate you for being an uncle. This must be a happy moment to have your nephew or niece born.

  3. Hey Heru,

    A common use that lots of bloggers use for their personal domain names is they will redirect that to their business brand domain name, maybe you could do that with yours?

    I wouldn’t risk having my personal domain name snatched by someone else.

    Thank you man, it’s a gorgeous boy and I’m enjoying being an uncle so far, I actually just been asked to become his godfather! ;-)

    Hope you have an excellent weekend too, take care Heru.

    • Theodore Nwangene
    • April 23, 2013

    The benefit of having your own domain name cannot be over emphasise Sergio,
    A lot of articles has already been published on that regard, and I’m happy you also brought it up.

    most people don’t really understand the big difference between having a free domain and host and having your own registered domain and host.

    I’ve also seen many bloggers having their name as their domain name and I like it. Just like and many others. I will soon register also, what do you think?

    I’m also happy you own man.

    Thanks for sharing man.

    1. Hey Theodore,

      I really… REALLY liked the fact that you pointed out “a lot or articles have already been published on that regard” because quite honestly, everything has been said and done by now.

      That’s the #1 reason you need to (somehow) make yourself different from the rest or “stick out like a sore thumb” like Jon Olson loves to say!

      I think that owning your own personal domain name is a very wise decision although, you need to be aware that if your audience is not familiar with your name, you should make sure you use something people can remember.

      I know your own name from memory now but there’s no chance I would recall it straight from memory when we first met since “Nwangene” is not a last name I’m familiar with.

      Look at these examples:

      – John Chow
      – Ed Dale
      – John Reese

      What are the similarities?

      Just two syllables (when pronouncing them) and even though I wasn’t familiar with them, they are very easy to remember, get my point?

      I would STILL get the personal domain name with your full name as in TheodoreNwangene though.

      Thanks for stopping by Theodore, always a pleasure to see you around here! ;-)

  4. Hey Sergio

    Congratulations on the new arrival. An uncle, huh? Nice one!

    Sorry I’ve not stopped over for a while. I scaled things down for a few weeks but I’m nearly back up to speed now.

    I changed the tagline of my blog which seemed to really help me with focusing on writing and coming up with subjects to write about. A simple change but to me, it was a real relief!

    I don’t make a lot of money from blogging. Maybe it’s my online diary after all :-). I enjoy writing and am trying to finish off my free give away to get the list building going again.

    I used to have some PLR as a give away. It converted pretty well but it wasn’t mine. It didn’t sit very well with me.

    It’s really important to have your own domain name for sure. I wanted my name without the hyphen but that had already gone. Maybe I’ll buy it one day but it would just get redirected to my current domain because that’s what people know.

    1. Hey don’t worry Tim, you are here now aren’t you? ;-)

      I love the new tagline man (to be honest I can’t remember the old one but I really like the one you’re using right now)

      I used to have mixed feelings about this whole “blog about your journey” thing but right now it’s actually something I would recommend anyone to do.

      I have seen success stories start right from zero and I have seen them rise really high, not everyone followed the same “follow my IM journey” path but it’s definitely a common denominator.

      Alex Jeffreys did it, Chris Farrell did it, Dean Holland did it, it’s actually a proven system since people like to follow people AND their stories.

      Most bloggers today get it wrong though, they think they have to become skilled writers, graphic designers, social media experts, video marketers and all of that couldn’t be more far from the truth.

      You have to come out as YOU are, bring whatever you have and are currently going through to the table and share just that.

      Completely with your hits and misses, your small victories, your mistakes, people love that, that’s why all you can see on TV right now is based around “reality shows” (I stopped watching TV a while ago but I know that’s how it goes).

      Make it your online diary if you must man, just keep it balanced though, don’t fall into the “me, me, me” trap.

      Don’t feel bad about the PLR giveaway, if it was great quality PLR and adds value, then that’s all you need to know.

      If you can rewrite it and make it yours even better but it’s definitely not a must and just for the record, I wouldn’t have any problems buying something you rewrote because it’s still you even if you used a canvas for it.

      The cool thing about your domain name is that even though it has that hyphen, it’s still short and you write short URL slugs so it’s all good man, don’t worry too much about it either.

      Thanks for stopping by Tim, hope you’re having a great day and again, fantastic review on Mad Mimi.

      PS. John Thornhill and Omar Martin both couldn’t get their personal domain names in the beginning, now they just redirect stuff around their sites (they both managed to buy their domains at a later time)

  5. Sergio Felix
    Maintenance Mode

    Sergio Felix is currently undergoing scheduled maintenance.

    Please try back again soon.

    Sorry for the inconvenience.

    as bad as me Sergio

    Index of /


    Apache Server at Port 80

    1. Hey Cararta,

      It’s not “bad” at all, that site it’s not meant to be online. ;-)

      I own about 20 different domain names (many with my full name on) and so far MarketingWithSergio is the only live site right now.

    • Jon
    • April 23, 2013

    I wish I had registered my name years ago, unfortunately the one I want is gone and being used.

    Congrats on being an uncle…but why is your brother in law sharing via a website…no facebook in the Netherlands? ;)

    1. Hey Jon, well first of all, welcome to my site man and thanks, being an uncle is a new experience for me.

      And to answer your question yeah, they do have Facebook in the Netherlands but I believe many of my brother in law’s relatives are not actually IN Facebook so it’s easier for them to just visit a website to catch up instead.

      I just visited your site, loved the transparency on your about me page and the overall look too.

      Congratulations also on becoming a father AND for figuring out how to actually make money online man, great income reports there.

      Thanks for stopping by and hope to see you around again! ;-)

      Ps. If your name is JonHaver then is available.

  6. I own my domain name. Having one is so essential when it comes to maximize our online content and authority. Short and practical video.

    1. Hey Dan, couldn’t agree any more man.

      The problem comes with people thinking why would they want or need a personal domain name, only to realize how useful it is at a later time when it’s already too late for them.

      Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend! ;-)

    • Dave E Wilkes
    • April 28, 2013

    Hi Uncle Sergio

    What another great post and when you made a pinkie promise I just knew it would be short.

    But even short can be full of info when it is from you, my friend.

    Which brings me to a questionable point, because I don’t have my site.

    The real reason, which I have never told anyone before, is that I don’t think I would get my money’s worth from it, being the age I am already.

    I think it must be my Yorkshire roots coming out (even though I was actually born in Lancashire) England.

    Yes, people from Yorkshire can be really careful with their money.

    Anyway, I’m off to ponder on the age someone needs to be before it isn’t worth investing in their future any more….
    … any suggestions would be gratefully received!

    All the best – and enjoy being an uncle (children are great – especially when you can hand them back to their parents when you have had enough of them (joke)

    Although I’m sure you will be wonderful with children.

    I can just see you having at least ten of them – if not more….

    1. Hey Dave,

      “Uncle Sergio” haha I like the sound to it, thanks.

      Before anything else, having a business brand based domain name, is equally important and you already have that one down Dave so that’s good.

      Now on the personal domain issue, I’ll give you two different answers each from a different perspective because I think it is important to really define this.

      Before we go there though, let me ask you something first:

      What exactly do you tell a friend you do for a living?

      I don’t know if all your income comes from your massage services but the reason I ask you this, is I would hate to know you play guitar, chess, cycle and enjoy walking out in the neighbourhood with your family, friends and dog and I can’t really connect with you because your main site is based on health services.

      Do you get my point?

      To me, that’s the description of a really fun person to whom I would definitely love to hang out with but since there’s this barrier in between where we have to keep it professional and within the health topic, it really does get tricky.

      We have connected here because even though this site is a marketing blog, I talk openly about my highs and lows, it’s the story of my internet marketing journey in a nutshell.

      However if this was, let’s say a “learn how to play guitar with Sergio” kind of site, I wouldn’t be able to write the personal posts that I write here and if that was the only site I had online, we would have never connected on the level that we have done here.

      I consider you my friend already because I see you here often and that wouldn’t have been possible if both of us only had specific niche based sites because there’s simply no room to talk about our personal things.

      Know what I mean now?

      Let’s jump already to the answers based on your response…

      1. Business related:

      Your personal site can be whatever you want it to be, it can be your online diary, your family picture gallery, pictures from the places you normally cycle on, it can be anything really.

      Bloggers get this wrong most of the times, they think they all have to become technical writers in order to have a successful blog online and that couldn’t be more far from the truth.

      I honestly get bored out of my mind reading those kind of blogs when I have to reciprocate a comment.

      Anyway, back to my initial question… when you normally tell a friend what kind of things you do for a living you are going to have people interested in either your massage services or on the things that you do (chess, playing guitar, cycling, walking your dog, etc)

      That’s when you would mention one of your two sites (the most appealing one).

      Not everyone is going to have a massage based website but what if a friend of yours, wants to know how to set up a website and you can help him out with that?

      You would get around $1 from the domain name, about $50 for the hosting and a recurring $5 or $6 for an autoresponder service just to keep it simple.

      That means you can probably get about $60 just from one person and you’re not selling them anything really, these are just affiliate commissions.

      Now, you don’t have to have a blog setup service in order to make this work, just write about the stuff that you love doing!

      So instead of just promoting a few books on Amazon, you can mention the kind of bicycles that you ride, tires, watches, helmets, chessboards, the guitars that you like the most, etc.

      So it’s no longer a boring marketing blog, is just a blog about Dave and what he loves doing with his life!

      (these are the principles of attraction-based marketing where you NEVER push anything, you let the people come to you)

      2. Mindset related:

      Since you are in the health niche industry, you already know how important is to have a healthy mind.

      You can’t be thinking “oh it’s too late for me” because you are only going to live once and it’s not too late for anyone actually, it’s only in your head.

      Just about 10 days ago, I literally spent about five days inside my apartment trying to get everything ready for my upcoming product and I didn’t put one foot on the street except to take out my trash.

      When I finally had to leave my apartment (visiting my girlfriend) the first thing I thought was “what the heck, I wasn’t even aware we had such an awesome weather right now!” so my resolution on that was that even if I feel I don’t have the time, I’m going to get back to jogging daily again because I just can’t afford to miss out on these things!

      If every single time I decide to relax with some beers and I spend about $20 on alcohol, do you think I would neglect having a domain that it’s only going to cost me $10 for a year and miss the opportunity to write my heart out and feel good about it?

      Not a single chance.

      My advice on this would be to get your personal domain name and be yourself there, you’ll find it is way more refreshing to finally be able to talk about anything you want, anytime you want.

      You don’t even have to tell your close friends about it, I never told any of my friends and I actually don’t even have readers from Mexico that I know of.

      A word of caution here though, I do encourage to talk about anything even when you’re down but don’t make it a down-er kind of blog either because nobody is going to be reading that.

      So there you have it Dave, this answer took me about an hour and two beers to put together and I’m only doing this because I care about you.

      Believe me, there’s ENOUGH time for anything man, you can become a YES man rigth after reading this, stop with the what if’s, just act and if anything fails, correct and keep going.

      Always remember that doing something, takes more work than doing nothing.

      Never allow yourself to be in that circle Dave.

      Thanks for the comment on being good with kids, I love children but not so much when they start crying out loud LOL

      Take care Dave and talk soon! ;-)

      PS. There’s no wrong or right decision to take after reading this so just internalize it and do whatever you feel is good for you.

    • Steven Stuart
    • April 28, 2013

    Hey Sergio,

    Congratulations on becoming an uncle, and with his own website already! Hope he’ll be the next generation of internet millionaire!

    I already own my name’s domain (.com), but I noticed in your reply to Andrew you said you also bought the .net, .org. etc. extensions. I have been thinking about buying those extensions for future use, since they’re available.

    If nothing else, it’ll keep anybody else from getting hold of them. It’ll definitely cut down on future confusion.

    Hey, buddy I signed up for your WordPress tutorial, looking forward to that, it sounds like fun. I certainly could learn more about that.

    Thanks, Sergio. – Steve

    1. Hey Steven, LOL I can see him doing that as soon as he understands computers!

      I believe that registering more domain name extensions is a wise choice for brand protection so if you are concerned in any way about it, then go for it my man.

      If you don’t have anything to put in the new domains, you can just redirect them all to your main site but there’s literally a TON of cool things to do with them, just try to think outside the box.

      In my case I actually have a different purpose for each of mine but I just don’t have enough time to keep up with everything I’m doing.

      Thanks for signing up man, I’m 100% sure you’ll love that, going to send a few updates in the upcoming days.

      Have a great start of week and thanks for stopping by Steven! ;-)

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