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  1. Hi Sergio,
    I also use Hostgator and I agree with all the points you have made in this blog post.
    The guys they have doing support actually do seem to want to solve problems and when I have called them they have been able to sort out my problems pretty quickly.

    I don’t know how many people they have online for their live support at any one time but I do know that is is a lot.
    The last time I had to use support I was really frustrated to see a message which told me that I was number 120 in a queue to be dealt with. “120 people before me – that will take forever,” I thought…but I was wrong.

    I think it was like a ten minute hold in the end which is perfectly acceptable.

    Their cPanel interface is easy to use and you can even customize it to make it look like you want it to – but to be honest there is no need to make any changes there at all.

    There is one thing I have not been able to work out yet though and that is how to use FTP to upload files to Hostgator.


    1. Hey Pat,

      I normally use support whenever I have to roll out a full backup when creating a new site or just restoring a client’s site to a prior state and the tech department is impressively fast.

      The cPanel is indeed really easy to use and understand.

      Thank you for commenting and letting me know about your need to understand how FTP works within Hostgator, I’ll create a video for that this same week.

      Take care and speak soon! ;-)

    2. Patrick I don’t believe you can’t ftp to Host Gator!

      Oh well, if you can’t just go use file manager which is what I use most of the time.

      Quick and Easy!

      I love Host Gator, especially the live Chat! We are intimately acquainted.
      That is a Nice Discount Sergio…..
      I had a discount when I signed up….
      They let you use the discount for however long you sign up
      1 month
      1 year
      2 years
      so to really save buy as much as you can afford or need.
      Most of my domain names were bought at Go Daddy, but the
      last 4 were at NameCheap because they are cheaper…the privacy is much less
      expensive than at Go Daddy or Host Gator and the renewal on it is Great.

      Sergio, can you get the old font back?
      I mean the one you used when you were writing
      about the party?
      “What I learnt from my trip to Mazatlem” I miss it, flows better or something?
      Or will I be put in the dungeon for complaining?
      It was different and appealing not so out of the box that everybody has……..
      and you could still stick a picture of the beach or a piece of driftwood or that Pretty Girl in here once in awhile….miss that too.
      Plus…everybody go read my latest article and Leave a comment! I need Help..
      A Completely different look….Not sure I’m going to keep the Doctor!

      1. Hey Carolyn,

        Love it that you realized that Namecheap is way better than Godaddy and you’re right about the privacy cost, you can even get that for free on the first year for any new domain name.

        I was using Thesis with the prior font to this one, I’m still testing fonts and sizes, so far I like this one, is it harder to read for you? I’ll see what can I do about it and don’t worry, I don’t even have a dungeon LOL

        Thanks for stopping by and checking out the article Carolyn, hope you get sorted the YouTube problem soon! ;-)

  2. Hey Sergio,

    I don’t like to bash services either but I have to be honest with you here. I hate HostGator and I’ll share with you why.

    I signed up with a program over a year ago and they wouldn’t let me use my current hosting service, Bluehost, so I had to sign up with HostGator. Now I know this isn’t the norm but I couldn’t even install my blog and have it running properly. I called their service department and even the tech had no idea what the heck was going on and why it wasn’t working. We fought with it for almost two weeks. I mean I was just trying to install it and start working in it and it wouldn’t let me in the dashboard. I had no plug-ins installed, nothing.

    After two weeks of fighting with them I gave up and they refunded my money. Even the service guy had no clue what was going on so I’m sure like I said, this isn’t the norm but it sure put a bad taste in my mouth.

    Glad you’re happy with them like I know a lot of people are. My hosting service is Bluehost and I’ve been with them for three years now. I love them and can’t say enough good things about them. Just like you love HostGator.

    1. Hey Adrienne,

      That’s a very odd scenario you’re describing here.

      The only issue I had with them in the past, was that they were charging me for a hosting account I didn’t cancel in time (I didn’t know how to) so I ended up having two shared accounts and was charged twice.

      I went back and forth with them, the problem was quickly scalated and fixed on the same day.

      When a big problem arises, it doesn’t really take more than a few hours to get solved, no matter what kind of problem it is.

      As for the WordPress problem you had, there’s something that people often confuse here and it’s kind of a big deal:

      ==> Hosting techies are not wordpress experts.

      They don’t fix wordpress plugins or can find out if a blog is working like it is supposed to.

      That’s why sometimes people rant about how useless some hosting company is because “they couldn’t fix their blog”.

      Hostgator has cpanel (just as BlueHost) and inside this cPanel, they load different applications. Hostgator in this case, has Fantastico Deluxe and Quickinstall.

      That is two different one-click installation scripts, both including WordPress.

      A third solution would have been to install wordpress manually, it’s described in high detail in the Famous 5-step Install by WordPress.org

      It was cool to know that you got your money back and now are rocking with Bluehost.

      I’m sorry to hear that you had to go through such a bad experience with something that could have been easily fixed within minutes if the right person had looked at it.

      Thanks for sharing your experience with them and hope you have a great start of week Adrienne! ;-)

  3. The gator rocks my sock off.
    They have never let me or my site down.
    Super easy to install a new blog using Fantastico. Excellent features and if I run into something that I just can’t seem to figure out on my own a ring the bell and chat with an online help.
    They are fast and effective, they really know their shit.
    I’ll stick with it for sure!


    1. Hey Akos,

      Awesome insights and welcome to the blog man!

      You’re right in every single word you said, so happy that you’re a fan of these guys as well, thank you for stopping by and showcasing your great experiences with Hostgator.

      PS. Your blog and videos ROCK man, great job!!!

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